Marsha Entertains Ch. 2

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Marsha served dinner. Bill lightened up slightly. I was afraid that he would bolt at any moment not knowing that I was aware of his tryst with Marsha earlier. We had not known each other for more than a month.

Below the table, Marsha’s bare feet kept busy up and down both Bill’s leg and mine. I was impressed at how well mannered she was above the table. But below, I was erect and cramped in my pants. She and I would look into each others eyes with want. She tried to make eye contact with Bill but he was curiously obsessed with the rolling of peas and corn about his plate. Conversation was slow and dessert was put on hold for later.

Marsha prefers to keep her small apartment smoke free. I excused myself from the table as Bill rose to use the bathroom. Marsha winked at me as I stepped outside for a cigarette, making sure the door did not latch.

Moments later I heard the bathroom door open and close. I knew it was Marsha entering. This was my opportunity to silently reenter the apartment. I could hear them talking. Bill was telling Marsha that I would walk in and hear them and then try to kill him for messing around with her. Marsha strayed from the subject.

“Never mind him dear.” she purred. “I see you are almost done pissing, let me wag off the last drops.” I could hear Bill moan. She was standing behind him, reaching around with both arms. One hand lightly cradled his cock which she gently rolled in her palm, paying special attention to tickle the underside of its head. Her other hand cupped his balls.

“Are my hands cold?” she asked. Bill did not answer. She explained how sexy she thought it was to hold a mans hard cock sticking through the fly of his pants. “I want to suck you off again right now.” She was panting. Bill was too. He now faced her and the sound of moaning was louder as they kissed. I heard the familiar sound of Marsha’s rhythmic gasp that meant she was thrusting her full tongue into his mouth as though it was a ravenous penis.

She related a dream to me once. She was with a woman and her tongue was a penis complete with the ability to ejaculate during orgasm. She fucked the woman with her tongue. The dream lover reciprocated with a dildo and clitoral licking. She said that she recalls this dream whenever she pumps her tongue in and out of my mouth.

Now, just beyond the thin bathroom door, she was thrusting a confused and aroused Bill as he worried and accepted her fantasy in his mouth.

Now momentary whispers. Bill almost shouted, “Peter knows?”

“This is his idea.” she replied. “I want two at once, he wants me to.” Bill saw the door knob twist. I peered in just as Marsha was descending to her knees.

She turned her head to look me in the eyes. She looked hot and possessed. Bill’s eyes were closed tightly. I looked back at Marsha kneeling on the bathroom floor. She still had Bill’s cock in one Ankara bayan escort hand with her other stuffed into his underwear. Her gaze shifted to my pants and then to the object in her hand. She took the head in her mouth and pulled back while sucking. Her action caused a sort of pop noise. She looked back at me, “He likes that a lot.” Bill’s eyes were open and he looked directly down at her. Then I saw him look at me. I was unzipping my pants.

His eyes did not move from my crotch. It was a strange sensation I was having, as though further teasing and arousing a woman and a man at the same time.

Marsha dropped Bill’s cock from her mouth. She moved towards me rapidly on her knees. I backed away out the open bathroom door. “Shit, what the fuck are you doing?” she cursed.

“I am leading you to more comfortable quarters.” I said, “You and your new found stud.”

Bill had not smiled since I left the apartment for needed groceries hours ago. Now he was beaming as he joined the parade of three. Me, walking backward with my engorged cock dangling. Marsha half walking on knees and crawling, cursing and laughing.

Bill, merrily removing all clothing and almost tripping while pulling off a sock as he tried to keep sight of Marsha’s inviting ass disappearing around the corner of the bed.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed. We piled into the bed. All lust stopped. Each of us must have been feeling the exact opposite of the other but in a strange triangular way.

In a way I pictured Marsha as the negotiator between two warring factions. But that was clearly not the case. Or, Marsha as the pool far below the crashing cascades of two separate rivers that meet here at this spot. A spot designed by glaciers and Gods eons ago. In my sight was only Marsha’s profiled face staring at the ceiling. She slowly turned her head and looked me in the eyes. She mouthed the words, “Thank you, I love you.” My heart swelled. She spoke to me again, this time aloud with words the Angels will surely study for all eternity.

“Peter? Are you thinking stupid again?” I had to laugh. This was no time for philosophizing.

She shuddered between our stretched-out bodies. My hands and Bill’s moved slowly and gently along her skin and across the silky fabric of the dress that she still wore. No one spoke. The only sound was our syncopated trio of breath and harmonious hand to skin and cloth stroking. Marsha knew this was all for her. She did not need to do anything but lay there and be ravished. She rolled slightly towards Bill and placed her leg over his. Her hand reached for me as she started to kiss his neck. She felt me rolling off of the bed. Her head turned to see me removing all the rest of my clothes and quickly returned to Bill’s muscled body. She drove her face into his shoulder as his hand disappeared between her legs. He inched slowly down the front Escort bayan Ankara of her body. His mouth fed hungrily on her breasts but did not linger for long. Marsha’s stomach seemed to fascinate him. He spoke in hushed and breathless words, “Before we are done with all this I want to cum against you here.” Marsha almost shrieked. Either because the thought of one of his orgasms was inspired by the feel of his cock rubbing on her stomach, or because he had just entered her vagina with two of his fingers. His other hand was firmly kneading her up raised ass cheek. I watched his progress with great excitement and interest. My own cock was solid. I did not need to stroke it but I could not resist.

Marsha never forgot that I was there. She looked at me constantly and even once asked me to jerk myself for her while Bill expertly dined on her wetness. He would gobble her for his own pleasure, then suddenly stop and tease her inner thighs with the tip of his tongue and teeth before attacking her clit with contact that looked like he was not even touching it. Again and again he did this, torturing her till she begged him to make her cum. He pulled up and to his knees. Her thighs were each held in one of his strong hands. As he changed his grip I could see the marks he left. His biceps flexed and his chest heaved as he looked down at her. His cock was aimed and loaded. He spoke to both of us at once. Hoarsely. “I need to put my cock in there now.” It was as though he was asking permission.

His hands moved away from her thighs but Marsha’s legs remained in the position like he still restrained her.

It had become quite dark. The shadows from outdoor lights were cast across us three in patterns subtle and mysterious. Marsha’s gaze was fixed on his. There was a want there that would be satisfied. I had not noticed in this light til now that her arms had shifted so one was underneath her body with fingers looping around and around her opening while her other hand ducked in a flirting motion through her sparse pubic hair to regions surrounding her clitoris. I was transfixed on her movements as was Bill as she was the only one moving, in this delicate territory between her thighs and in this room.

I know she did it to arouse Bill. She moved the hand that had been between and below her to the top to join the other. She dunked and swirled rapidly while her hips moved on the bed top. At one point she raised her hips, pointing her cunt directly at Bill’s penis while she shoved as many fingers of both hands inside herself as she could fit. Bill reached for her thighs one more time and she did not resist but grunted as he pushed her ass back to the bed. I saw the glint of her teeth. She turned her head again towards me and reached one hand’s drenched fingers at my waiting mouth. She placed the other in her own mouth and sucked it noisily. Bill brought his cock to her Bayan escort Ankara opening and started to move it with his hand about her opening, sometimes barely touching as though his cock had taken lessons from his tongue.

Marsha remained in that position the whole time that Bill fucked her. He massaged her breasts and teased her with his tongue for what seemed like hours before actually entering her. He dragged his erection up her stomach to her face but did not allow her to place it in her mouth. Bill wanted her to beg. Marsha begged. Dribbling with semen the whole time till he eventually began to enter her cunt. She stiffened. He felt her close and retracted with a puzzled look on his face.

“Bill, do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

“Yes, now!” he gasped.

“We want you to wear a condom.”

Bill chuckled, “Jesus Christ, give me one.”

Martha had been keeping close track of my arousal all the time Bill came close and watched him watch her, licking her, her tease of his erection and the times they paused exhausted. She looked at me. “Peter, get a rubber so I can get fucked by your friend, please?”

Rubber in hand I returned to the side of the bed that I had occupied while they played. Bill had a single finger in Marsha’s pussy. She groaned with anticipation. Bill slowly stroked himself with his free hand. Marsha reached for the condom in my hand. She opened the wrapper as she had done for me so many times and I knew that she would now place her mouth around Bill’s dick to pump it up full before stretching the latex over and down slowly to his base before guiding it with her two hands into herself. We had talked about this part of our fantasy. She loved to place the condom on my erection after sucking it. She said she liked to compare the flavor of my cock before and after and the way that my cum would spread like cake icing around the head. Only second favorite to the fantasy of tasting my cock after it plunged another woman’s pussy, whom she chose.

She had him now. Her mouth was slow and sexy without forcing. He seemed to have a limitless supply of spunk, like his balls were a factory that produced without bounds. Every time she let it slip free from her mouth there were more dribbles of cum dripping out yet his stiffness only seemed to increase. I had each of her nipples pinched between my fingers. I was unable to stop staring at Bill’s cock in Marsha’s mouth. A question nagged at me, “Shit, what is that like?”

I saw an intriguing look in her eyes. She stopped for only enough time to ask, “Would you like to try it?”

‘God no!” I was suddenly disoriented. I do not want to suck this mans cock, as attractive as he is. Though I was just as aroused as before if not more so.

Marsha let Bill fall from her mouth. She looked at me and I knew she wanted her pussy wrapped around his erection. “I want you to do something for me, baby.” She kissed me and once again I got a taste of Bill’s cum. She placed her mouth on my cock and grabbed my wrist. She put the condom in my hands. She stopped sucking just long enough to tell me. “I want to watch you put on his condom.”

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