Massaging My Niece Ch. 02

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The next few days were filled with sexual tension in the house. My pretty little niece was so affectionate and her behaviour made me feel so good about our close and personal bedtime ritual. Well, not exactly a ritual yet, but I certainly hoped it would become a regular routine that we enjoyed equally. I was leaving the next chapter up to her, so as not to push her too fast along this slippery, sexually charged slope.

It didn’t take her too long. It was at dinner, two days later that Amanda spoke up about having difficulty shaving her underarms and legs. She justified opening this topic, saying I had seen most of her naked body and perhaps I could help her a bit with shaving, as she was clumsy sometimes and was nervous about nicking her skin with the razor. She said every time she nicks herself with her razor, it stings like Hell. I responded by saying I could certainly help her with shaving any part of her body.

I asked if there was a particular area right now that needed shaving. Amanda looked down at her dinner plate and murmured that it was a rather private area that was in need of attention at the moment. I told her not to be embarrassed and that after dinner, I would be more than happy to shave her little pussy, that I would be very careful and she could lie back and relax and hopefully enjoy the experience. My sweet little niece beamed and thanked me profusely.

After the dinner dishes were cleared away, I suggested Amanda go to her room, get out of her school clothes and shower in preparation for my shaving her pussy. She giggled when I said “pussy.” I thought that was cute as I watched her bounce out of the living room and scamper up the stairs to her room. I thought maybe I should say that word more often or at least, refer to her pussy as often as I could without overdoing it.

While Amanda was in the shower, I collected my razor with a fresh blade in it, some hand towels, a can of shaving gel, baby powder, scented oil and a large bowl of cold water. Keeping the razor blade cool is helpful for a close shave. I set all this equipment up in my bedroom and spread a large bath towel on the bed. Soon after all this, Amanda padded into my room, wrapped in a big towel, looking sheepish and shy. I wanted to stop everything and take a picture of the look on her face, but of course, I couldn’t do anything except smile and ask her to sit on the edge of the bed for a moment.

I crouched down on my haunches in front of her and said, “OK, Sweety. I need you to pull up the towel a bit and spread your legs for me so I can see your pussy and think about the job at hand.” Amanda smiled, pulled the towel out from under her cute bum and spread her legs apart, leaning back on the bed for me. I leaned in and laid my hands on her thighs. Her pussy was just growing out with maybe two week’s growth of hair. I stared at it for what seemed like the longest time.

“Does it look OK to you, Uncle?” I looked up into her eyes and told her it was a beautiful pussy and her new growth of hair made her look so sexy and mature. I reached in and ran my fingers through the hair, pulling it and moving it around, so as to get an accurate assessment of how soft or wiry her pubic hair was after a shower. Amanda sighed and I could hear her breath quickening.

I asked her to lie Avrupalı porno back on the bed so I could get a better look at everything. She complied, lying back with her legs spread and dangling over the edge of the bed, her arms over her head and her eyes closed. What a sight to behold, this was! I stood up and pulled a chair over to the edge of the bed, between her legs. Sitting down, I leaned forward and laid both my hands on her pussy. I felt her pubic hair and riffled my fingers though it, running my finger tips along her vaginal lips, down to below her slit. I played this way for a few minutes, thinking of my shaving strategy and of course, admiring my niece’s swelling vaginal lips as they responded to my caresses. As Amanda’s eyes were still closed, I couldn’t resist leaning my head right down into her pubic hair with my nose getting tickled by the two week old growth. I inhaled deeply of that most intimate place. She smelled like soap and pussy juice all mingled into one. I thought I had been discreet in smelling my niece’s pussy, but as my nose pressed against her pubic mound, I heard her inhale sharply through her mouth. I looked up, but her eyes stayed closed. The little vixen!

I said quietly, “Amanda, sweetheart, I need to pull your legs up to your chest so I can see farther down between your legs.” She murmured, “OK.” I lifted her legs up and pushed them gently against the towel that covered her budding, teenaged chest. With her legs up like this, I could see her pussy and her ass in all their glory and I took advantage of the view, holding her ass cheeks apart so as to spread everything open for my inspection. There were some light hairs around her asshole.

“Amanda, baby. There are some light hairs right around your asshole. I could leave them there if you like or I could shave them away. Which would you prefer, my sweet?” My hot little niece thought for a moment and then responded with, ” Maybe you could look at me closely for a while longer and decide which is best. I like it when you look at me.” Being one always willing to please, I leaned in between her legs and looked closely at her anus. I used my index fingers to feel around the edge, stroking over the opening and around the sides. Then I leaned in so my nose was just barely touching her anus and I inhaled deeply. My God, I was in heaven! I was almost burying my face in my teenaged niece’s pussy and asshole and she was simply lying back on my bed with her eyes closed, asking for more.

I looked up and saw her mouth the words, “Oh, My God!” No sound came out and she kept her eyes closed. I sniffed again, more deeply this time. She smelled like soap, but what a sweet smell it was. I told her I might shave her asshole hairs so everything matched. She murmured “Mmm-Hmm.”

So, now it was time for me to snap out of my hypnotic state and get on with the job at hand. I laid her legs back down over the edge of the bed and sprayed some shaving gel all over her pussy hair. Massaging the gel for a moment brought up the white foam and I spread the foam into all the crevices of her vaginal area with special attention paid to her clitoris. She jumped every time my fingers went over her clit and I was careful to not rub too hard, but to gently circle around the spot over and over again.

Video porno The shaving began without incident with my razor stroking up and down, all over her pussy. Every time I rinsed the razor in the cool water, my niece would gasp as the cool razor touched her skin again. I used the fingers of my left hand to pull her vaginal lips over in one direction and then the other, shaving in all the valleys. In no time, her pussy was clean of hair and it was time to shave between her buttocks.

“OK, Sweety. I need to turn over on the bed with your head on the mattress and your ass in the air. I’m going to need you spread wide apart for me to shave around your asshole.” My obedient little niece turned over, laying her head on the bed and raising her ass up under her knees which were spread wide for me.

“That’s a very erotic pose, my baby. Could you push your ass back towards me to open yourself a little more?” She did and what a sight she was with her ass straining towards my face. I sprayed some gel between her cheeks and rubbed it up and down along her ass crack as the gel turned white and foamy. Amanda seemed to be putty in my hands now. I felt I could do anything to her at this point, but I still wanted to be careful not to push my luck. After all, she was only 18 and still a young girl in some respects. A little sex kitten, but nevertheless.

I took my razor and carefully shaved the soft hairs from around her anus. Then I wiped the shaving cream off and inspected my work. I knew Amanda liked this part of the procedure, so I said,

“Now, Amanda, I need to look closely at your asshole to make sure I didn’t miss any spots.”

“You can look at my asshole any time you like. You might need to check once in a while to be sure I don’t get a shaving rash there. I get shaving rashes sometimes.”

I ran my fingers all over the crack and gently pushed my index finger into her anus. I was just checking for any shaving gel that might have been pushed in there inadvertently. I swiveled my finger in all directions and there didn’t seem to be any foam in her asshole, so I felt my examination was complete for this area. I asked her to turn over so I could check her pussy now.

As Amanda turned over onto her back, the bath towel that had been so carefully wrapped around her had been loosening with all these maneuverings. As she settled onto her back, the towel fell away exposing my niece’s pert little breasts. She didn’t bother to pull the towel over her now and instead, lay naked before me with her legs dangling over the edge of the bed. I sat and just stared at this vision of loveliness. She kept her eyes closed. I could hear her breathing and her chest was rising and falling with obvious excitement. As was mine!

“Thank you, Sweety. I’ll lean in now and look at your pussy and see how well I did with the shaving.”

“Are my legs spread open enough for you to see my pussy properly, Uncle?”

Hearing her talk about her pussy and asshole had me pretty much breathless now. I didn’t answer her last question, I just leaned in and sniffed her pussy lips, touching her outer lips with my nose and running my nose up and down her slit. I just couldn’t help myself.

“Uncle, are you sniffing my pussy?” She obviously wanted an exchange of dirty talk. I could handle that.

“Yes, Baby. I noticed that your vaginal lips were shiny and I wondered if you were releasing some lubricant. I wanted to sniff your pussy and see if I could tell. It smells wonderful, by the way. I can smell your pussy juice here. I think this shaving business has excited you a bit.”

She murmured that it certainly had. I felt all over her shaved pussy and couldn’t find any spots that needed more shaving, but I took my sweet time here. I ran my fingers all over the outer lips and along inside the slit, pulling the lips apart to see the inner lips and her opening. I felt I should check inside for any stray shaving foam so I slipped a finger up inside her pussy and rotated it all around, sliding in and out several times. There didn’t seem to be any foam in there, but my finger did get quite slippery from her lubricant. Amanda’s breathing was quick and ragged now.

With my finger still inside her, I laid down alongside my niece on the bed and with my face next to hers I told her I thought I had finished the shaving and there didn’t seem to be any foam in her pussy, judging from the look of my finger each time I pulled it out to check. She turned to me, opened her eyes and said that maybe I should check a few more times to be sure. She leaned towards me and kissed me tentatively on the cheek and then once quickly on the mouth.

She whispered, “Uncle, maybe you could check my pussy and asshole for hairs or foam one last time before you’re done.”

I withdrew my finger from her pussy and slid two fingers back up into that same hole, sliding in and out, checking my fingers for any signs of shaving foam. I was a diligent personal groomer. I leaned in again and sniffed her pussy, as I just couldn’t resist. Amy groaned quite audibly and I took that as a sign to perhaps go a step further. I stuck out my tongue and flicked it across her clit. Just once.

Amanda arched her body and blurted out, “Oh, My God!” With this, I got right down to business and licked her vagina deeply, thrusting my tongue into her tight little hole as deeply as I could. It tasted like heaven! Then, I reached under her legs, lifted them up so as to give myself better access to the whole area. I pushed her legs back over her torso and gaped at her pussy and asshole all spread open for me. I leaned in to her asshole and licked across the opening. Amanda groaned again. I thrust my tongue in her anus and pressed my mouth and face into the crack of her ass.

After an eternity, licking and eating my niece’s tight ass, I shifted up to her pussy and concentrated on bringing her to orgasm. I put my right index finger in her pussy, my right thumb in her asshole and licked and sucked her clitoris with my mouth. I kept my fingers deeply inserted while I licked and sucked her clit and as the pressure built, my sweet, formerly innocent niece had a long and intense orgasm. I watched her face as it happened. She squeezed her eyes shut, clenched her teeth and let out this long drawn out groan which ended with her pushing my head away from her pussy. She turned on her side and pulled her legs together and up into a fetal position. I still had my finger and thumb in her and she finally reached back and pushed me away there too.

I stood up, unfolded the quilt from the foot of my bed and laid it over her so she didn’t catch a chill. I leaned down and kissed her gently on her cheek. I thought she might like to fall asleep for a bit after that intense activity.

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