Match Play

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Jim had given me feed back on a previous story and we struck up an email correspondence. We found we had much in common: oral sex and golf. I had to make a business trip to Atlanta so we decided we would at least get together and play a round, and maybe get some golfing in too. The flight was pretty lousy and the meeting was worse, but now I had a day all to myself to relax.

Jim picked me up mid-morning at my hotel and we were off to the club. We hadn’t exchanged pics, but he was nicely handsome in that maturing man mode. Hair lightly peppered with gray, like mine. His features well defined and with a few lines of distinction. It was hard for me to keep my eyes off him as we drove. Thankfully I didn’t have to concentrate on driving!

We arrived with plenty of time to hit some balls before our tee-time. Good for me, as I hadn’t played in months. It also gave us time to discuss our wager.

“Medal play, 9 holes per round. That way there is a chance for both of us to win,” was Jim’s suggestion.

“Sounds good,” was my response as I shanked yet another drive off the practice range.

There were some other folks around us so we were careful not to discuss the exact nature of the stakes – a blowjob.

As we made our way to the first tee, I took a longer moment to admire my golfing/sex partner for the afternoon. He was tall and trim. Well groomed. Handsome without being either a jock or limp-wristed. You would never think of him as loving the taste of a good hard cock; then again I had heard the same said of me before too!

I watched as Jim teed up, admiring his tight round ass. (Too bad he doesn’t like it that way, I thought to myself.) His form was lovely to watch as he smoothly followed through and his ball went sailing straight down the fairway. After which it was my turn to tee off. Just like the practice range, I shanked one off to the right. I turned to see Jim adjusting his cock in his pants. This might be a long afternoon at golf, but I knew we would both enjoy the outcome.

By the fifth hole I was down three. I had to half the hole or I would lose the first round. Things looked bad until Jim bladed a wedge out of the trap and I got blind damn shithouse lucky to sink a 12-footer. Payback was the next hole, a par three over the water. I made a sacrifice to the water gods with my tee shot and conceded the hole and the round.

Between the sixth and seventh holes was a bathroom. We were well ahead Ankara escort of the group behind us and out of sight of the clubhouse. I glanced at Jim and arched my eyebrows. Was he ready to collect on the round? Without a word, he followed me into the men’s room and locked the door behind us. I fell to my knees as he unbuckled his pants and then he pulled his hardening cock out. It looked beautiful, hard and thick, filling his hand and he rubbed it against my lips. I licked the head, soft and slightly musky from our game. Jim grunted softly as my mouth closed over the head and I began to gently suck.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as my mouth slowly engulfed him all the way.

I stroked his spit-slick cock in my hand as I licked up and down his shaft. I took him slowly all the way down, then gently nibbled and suckled the head of his cock. His pre-cum was flowing into my mouth and I used my tongue on the underside of his cock to milk more out. I began to suck harder but still at a slow pace.

“Please,” he whispered. His voice trembling with need.

I stopped my movements and put his hands on the back of my head. He took the hint and began to fuck my face. His cock was now thick and throbbing. His head reached just into my throat and I had to be careful that he didn’t gag me. He held my head firmly in his palms and stroked his cock deeply into my mouth. Grunting and moaning his pace speeded up until his hips began to twitch and jerk in impending orgasm. I placed my hands on his tight ass and buried my nose in his pubes just as the first spurts hit my mouth.

The noises he made trying to be quiet as he unloaded in my mouth were almost funny. I just held him deep and sucked hard, drinking down his hot, sweet cum. I slowly back off his cock, feeling him twitch as I tongued the head. “Mmmmmmm, you taste good,” were my only words.

We finished the front nine and got a couple of beers in the clubhouse before heading to the back. I don’t know if I was playing a little better or if his knees were weak from his blowjob, but I managed to keep up with him through the first six holes on the back nine. We made a beer bet on the 16th which I promptly lost by sacrificing my second shot to the woods god. However, after buying us both a round, I managed to halve the 17th. He was one up with one to play. Did I want to concede?

I was feeling pretty cocky at this point and I outdrove him for the first time on the 18th. The cart path Ankara escort bayan took us through the woods and out of sight for a few moments which we used to begin feeling each other up. I had already seen his cock, but he hadn’t even touched mine yet. He grinned lasciviously at me as he felt my cock throb in his hand. We had to stop the groping when we left the trees. He hit his second shot into the bunker on the right side of the hole and I hit a beauty of a two iron, my best shot all day, twelve feet from the pin. Who wanted to concede now?

Would you believe it, he chipped in from the sand! I had to sink this putt or I would lose this round and have to suck his cock again. Tough choice! My ball dribbled to a stop about six inches from the hole. I lost.

“Never up, never in” he smirked.

“Fucker!” I muttered.

He patted my ass as I bent over to retrieve my ball. ” I thought you didn’t want me that way?” I said, giving him a thoughtful glance.

“Oh, I don’t” he replied. “I’m just admiring my winnings.”

“Alright, alright,” I sighed, falsely righteous. “Your place or mine?”

“Mine will do” he said as we packed up our clubs and headed for the car.

The ride home was spent playing chicken with each others cock as we made our way around 285. We pulled into a lovely subdivision and finally into the garage of a modest, but handsome house. No postage stamp lots here nor cookie cutter condos. A quick Cook’s tour of the house, a scotch and water (hold the water, in mine, thanks!) and Jim ushered me into a guest bathroom.

“There are clean towels in the closet. When you’re done, join me out back in the jacuzzi.”

The hot shower felt good on my aching muscles and I took the opportunity to get a few strokes in on my cock as I fantasized about sucking another load out of my host. The steam and the scotch worked their magic and I oozed out of the bathroom and out onto the patio wrapped only in a towel. Jim was already in the jacuzzi and I admired his upper body above the water. Nice shoulders, hairy chest, strong arms glistening with water.

Jim laughed when he saw me and gestured behind him, “Privacy fence.” I dropped the towel.

I felt his eyes drink me in, aware of his appreciation of my body. He looked me over, but his eyes always returned to my cock, bouncing in front of me as I made my way to the jacuzzi.

We relaxed for several minutes quietly letting the jets work. I was Escort Ankara feeling flushed from the heat, the scotch and wanting to taste his cock again. I moved next to him and we began to stroke each other. We enjoyed this mutual masturbation for a while until I coaxed Jim to sit on the edge. I knelt on the bench and sucked his nipples while I played with his cock and balls. When I had him moaning and straining, I lowered my head and began to lick his cock. Up and down the shaft, teasing the head, nibbling gently on his balls. Finally, I took him in my mouth and slowly slurped up and down his length. My fingers rubbed and teased his balls while I sucked his cock deep and hard. I would take him deep in my throat and rub the ridge just under his balls making him moan out loud and his cock twitch in my mouth. I would work my my back to just the head and nibble and lick and suck until I felt his hips come up trying to fuck my mouth. I would take him deep again, hearing him moan and letting him press my face into his crotch with his hand.

I began to suck faster listening to his muttered “oh fuck… yess… godddd… yess suck me…. oh fuck that’s goood mmmmm god…. gonna …. gonna….”

And then he did, cum. I held the head of his cock in my mouth as he grunted deep and four or five spurts of warm, sweet cum gushed onto my tongue. I swallowed and sucked and took him deep and let him fuck my face again. Soon he collasped down next to me in the jacuzzi, spent.

We nursed the rest of our drinks and cuddled a little until he reached over and found my cock was still hard. “Come on,” he said, leading me by the cock into the house.

I barely had time to towel dry before he pushed me down on the guest bed and went to town on my cock. He sucked and licked me like a starving man. Nibbling up and down my shaft, tonguing my balls and then engulfing me in his mouth. I watched his head bobbing up and down my length, felt his tongue wriggling on the underside of my cock and my cum boiling in my balls. All too soon it seemed I was ready to blow. I began to rhythmically grunt as I felt it flow through me and then I exploded in his mouth. I think I shocked him with how much cum I had stored up because he stopped sucking and just held my cock in his mouth for a few moments until he could catch up. My hips began to jerk up and he was soon sucking me again, swallowing it all down and easing me back to earth.

We lay there for a little while catching our breath and too soon it was time to get back to our regular lives. He dropped me off at my hotel and we made plans for my next golfing visit to Atlanta. He says he has two friends who could join us and maybe even for golf!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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