Maude Ch. 05

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Maud 5: Twinsets


If you like the feel of soft wool against your skin, and the idea of a mature lady ordering you about, to do things you wouldn’t otherwise dream of, then Maud could be for you. She was for me! Maud lived in the suburbs of a town in southern England, and all names in the stories have been changed to protect our identities.

This story follows Maud 1 – 4, and should ideally be read in the order written:

However, if you can’t wait, you need to know a little about Maud. She was in her late forties, I guessed, with greyish hair cut short, and was what you would call well built with a large frame and an ample bosom, hidden under the soft wool of her sweater. She always wore wool – either cardigans or sweaters, or both. She had brown eyes and a friendly, knowing smile. Her business card read: ‘Mrs M. Fowler’ in a blue script, with ‘Charity Donations’ in smaller letters under it. Then the address: ’34 Leaside Avenue, Newtown. Tel: 01453 654932′.

I met her friend Julie in Maud 3. She was also on her early forties, with short fair hair, and a ready smile. She was shorter than Maud and not so well built, but her bosom was nicely rounded all the same, and the wool clung tightly to the curves of her body.

I finally got initiated properly in Maud 4.

Now read on..

Somehow Maud’s parties and dreams seemed to go so well together. Did they really happen? Could I have done those things? And dressed up in a lady’s cardigan?

I went to the next party making sure I pinched myself at regular intervals. It was real after all. Maud had greeted me at the door, wearing a camel-coloured twinset in thin wool, with v-necked cardigan over a polo-neck sweater, all tightly pulled over her breasts. You could even see the bulges of her nipples. She also wore a brown knitted skirt – at least for a while. “Welcome, Mandy!” she’d smiled, “I’m sure you’ll like tonight’s party – we’ve got a twinset theme just as I promised, and another new guest for you to get to know!”

I’d gone up to change on my own, slipping on my pale pink polo neck over my generously padded breasts, carefully positioning my nipples, and admiring myself in the mirror on the wall. I’d bought new stretchy g-string panties in flesh colour, so pulled them up tight to hold my erection firmly upwards. Then I pulled on my favourite pink cardigan, in a thin lambswool, and buttoned it up to the neck. I showed off in front of the mirror, easing my cock hard and getting myself going a little. Then I pulled on my nylon stockings – hold-ups in flesh colour, that dug nicely into my thighs. Last I slipped on my white knitted skirt – it was just a boob-tube really, but did very well as a tight woolly skirt – and buckled my black belt on to hold it up and keep my tummy in. I wonder who the new guest is? And who else is here tonight? Would I be slipping inside Maud, or Faith again? Would Julie be after my shaft in her mouth?

I walked excitedly downstairs, towards the lounge where I could hear the sound of voices. I opened the door, and took in the view as everyone turned to look at me. Maud was on the right by the table, pouring drinks and looking divine in her too-tight brown twinset. Sandy was on the left, with a white chunky Arran-style twinset buttoned up to the neck, with no skirt at all, just the bulge of his white panties visible below the hem of his sweater. Julie was there behind him, this time in a dark blue twinset buttoned to the neck, and matching dark blue panties. She ran her hand through her short blonde hair, and flashed me a smile. And there was the new girl, making just five of us in all.

“Ah, welcome back!” said Maud, beaming at me. “Sorry Faith couldn’t make it tonight, but fortunately Gerald could. I don’t think you’ve actually met before have you? Well actually it’s Linda for tonight, not Gerald. And she likes to be prim and proper about her dress at all times, don’t you Linda?” Linda was wearing a fully buttoned baby blue classic crewneck cashmere cardigan and over that a matching soft yellow cashmere cardigan buttoned only at the top button, making a nice twin-coloured twinset. She had a tight pale blue knitted skirt, bulging a little at the front, I noticed, and she seemed to have stockings or tights on too. She was in her mid forties, a little shorter than me but taller than Sandy, with short wavy fair hair.

“Hello,” she said, “You must by Mandy! I’ve heard so much about you that I feel I know you already. And your Initiation Ceremony sounded so wonderful. I’m very sorry to have missed it, but Julie’s showed me all the photos – it looks to have been great fun!”

She came towards me, and reached out to shake my hand before pulling me towards her, kissing me on the cheek, and squeezing her arm around my waist.

“And you look divine in that pink too!” she whispered.

“Well it’s good to meet you too,” I said, feeling at a slight disadvantage as he’d seen the photos of my Initiation before I had. And Kartal Sınırsız Escort there must have been some very explicit pictures, thinking about it.

The others smiled and said “Hi!” with Sandy coming over and kissing my cheek too, and then she squeezed me round the waist like Linda had. “Lovely pink!” she whispered, pinching my bottom gently but firmly.

“Well if we’re all into kissing and cuddling, I’m good for that too!” smiled Julie, coming over and kissing me fully on the lips, and pressing her body close in a tight hug.

“Yes, I told you!” she said to the others, as she broke the embrace and turned round, “She’s as stiff as a board already! And you’re going to love having him in your mouth, Linda, like Sandy did the other day. Plus she’s got that little fold of sensitive skin around her anus, remember me telling you? I can’t wait to see you two enjoying yourselves!”

As usual, Julie was into her over the top explicit talk, but mixing up the “he’s” and the “she’s”. Somehow they all knew more about me than I did them, and they’d seen the photos of my Initiation!

Maud came over with a drink. “I think Mandy’s quite capable of fending for herself, aren’t you, pet!” she smiled at me, kissing me and hugging me close to her hips. “Why don’t you tell him about your initiation, Linda? Or are you too shy?”

“Well, if I must,” replied Linda, flushing slightly. “It was last year, and I’d not been to any parties before hand. Maud had organised everything, of course, and there was Julie, Sandy, and Gill – who’s left now, thank goodness.”

“So tell him what went wrong..” giggled Julie.

“Well nothing went wrong, it was just that I came all over Gill … but its too embarrassing a story for now… “

“Go on, just tell him how it happened and we’ll let you off!” smiled Maud.

“Of course, Maud,” replied Linda, looked flushed again. “It was when we were doing that Worship circle thing, and it was at the stage where I was being sucked by everyone, which felt so lovely, but I just got carried away. When it got to Gill, well he just knelt in front of me then he just seemed to touch my cock, and I sort of exploded all over his face. There was cum everywhere, and I was just so embarrassed. It was over his face and in his hair and on his cardy too. Such a pretty purple angora knit, too. Then you made me lick it off, didn’t you Maud…”

“Well it was only what you deserved for cumming so quickly!” said Maud, smiling at the memory.

“Now I think we should just play a new little game I’ve invented. It’s called Bendover Girls and it’s very easy to play. It’s a bit like the Initiation Circle where we worship the cock or the quim, only this time we bend over in turns to show off our bottoms. Oh, and the rest of us line up to peek!”

She paused and looked around at us. “You can start, Julie because you always want to be first at these things and to show off to everyone. So just stand in the middle of the room, facing the far wall, with your legs about three feet apart. Then when we say ‘Bendover Girl’- you do!”

So flaunting herself a little, with the cheeky smile at being the centre of attention, Julie finished her drink, pulled her panties up tight, smoothed down her cardigan and walked into the centre of the room. “Right girls, after me…’Bendover Girl!” said Maud.

And we all repeated: “Bendover Girl!”

Julie leaned forward, showing off the tight panties over her beautifully rounded bottom, and with her legs so wide apart the soft swelling of her cunt was clear for us all to see.

“Right, now we can all have a little stroke of her, and she has to just let us do it! I’ll say when time’s up for everyone. Mandy as you’re still the new girl, you can go first.”

So I moved over towards Julie, who had moved round a bit to rest her hands on the arms of the chair. Wanting to savour my ten seconds of touching – or whatever the time limit was – I brushed my hands against the outside of her thighs, standing behind her as the others moved closer to watch. I stroked her skin up to her panties, then moved my fingers over the soft fabric, feeling her beautiful rounded cheeks beneath. I squeezed them a little, then followed the line between her bottom cheeks downwards, slipping my right hand down between her legs. She let out a low moan, so I stroked her some more, trying to feel the details of her bulging cunt through the thin panties. I expected Maud to say stop, but she didn’t so I kept up my fingering, with both hands now well between Julie’s legs, and my cock hardening rapidly again. God she felt gorgeous, and was letting me just feel her while everyone watched. I gently slipped a finger under her panties, and again she moaned, so I kept up my arousal of her, feeling her moist folds and then finding her clitoris. Then she moaned even more as I flicked and teased her, and saw out of the corner of my eye both Sandy and Linda carefully adjusting their erections. It was such Kartal Suriyeli Escort a treat to be doing the first fingering.

“OK now, said Maud, smiling to her herself. We’ll have a short drinks break before we get too carried away, so fingers out Mandy – and up you get Julie.”

Julie stood up frowning as I moved over to get a drink, her aroma still on my fingers as I took the first gulp.

“Oh but that’s not fair, Maud.” said Julie, her face flushing slightly. “You could see I was getting going then, and you stopped just at the wrong time!”

“There, there, precious,” soothed Maud, “there’s plenty of time yet for Bendover Girls. And they do say that the greatest pleasure is in anticipation…”

We all finished our drinks, with looks passing between us. What would be the next step? “Well I think we can make Bendover Girls more interesting,” began Maud, “if we are all naked from the waist down. So come on girls, time for a stripping circle. Hold hands with whoever is next to you and let’s move to the middle of the room!”

So as I felt Linda grab my left hand, I offered my right hand to Maud who was standing next to me. On her right was Sandy, then Julie holding Linda’s other hand.

“Good, that was easy.” smiled Maud, looking round the circle, “This time we’ll strip to the right – and I’ll start, so you can all watch me strip Sandy. Now face me girl, hands behind your head, that’s right!”

Maud just got down on her knees in front of Sandy’s bulging panties, mostly still hidden under his cardigan. She stroked her hands over Sandy’s hips, then pulled her hands to the centre, highlighting the swelling of his balls and the base of his cock.

“These panties are much to tight for you, aren’t they Sandy?” she smiled, looking up at his face. Sandy nodded, eyes half closed. Maud’s hand reached up behind him and she drew her head towards Sandy’s groin, licking the erect shaft through the thin material. Then she carefully pulled the elastic waist band down at the back, over his bottom and hips, dragging his cock forwards as the panties came down.

“Just time for a little tease, I feel!” she said, pulling the stiff cock out with a firm hand, before pulling the panties to the floor. She kept her hand on his hard erection, pointing it straight forwards and forcing it harder still, before putting her mouth over the end and giving it a few good shafting movements. My cock was twitching too, revelling in the pleasuring of watching Maud at work.

Then she stood up. “Good girl, Sandy! – now it’s your turn on Julie.”

Sandy got down on his knees as Julie put her hands behind her head, her breasts looking gorgeous under the tight dark wool. Sandy wasted no time in just pulling her panties off, letting her step out of them. Then he moved his hands back to her mound, and started fingering her. I felt almost jealous – I’d been doing that only a few minutes before and wanted to have her for my own. He moved both hands up between her legs, and I could see from his movements that he’d got a finger up inside her, as Julie’s hips began to sway gently. She had only managed a few moans when Maud stopped her again.

“OK, that’s enough! Now it’s Linda please, Julie.”

With a sigh Julie brought her arms down as Sandy carefully pulled his hands back and stood up, his naked cock sticking out proudly from under his chunky cardie, the end peeking out as his foreskin pulled back.

Julie turned to face Linda, beaming at him, then kneeling down in front of him. Her hands stroked over his soft cardigans, enjoying the feel of the wool, then she moved lower, exploring under the cardies, looking for the waist-band or belt that held up his blue woolly skirt. Somehow she managed to rub very obviously over his growing manhood, showing off the ridge in the centre of his skirt. Then she pulled at the waist band, slipping the skirt down over his hips, revealing his tight white cotton panties, until the waistband caught against his erection. Julie placed one hand firmly over his cock, then slid the skirt down. Linda, hands behind her head, was just enjoying it all. So there he stood, yellow cardigan hanging open except for the top button, pale blue cardigan neatly done up, white panties tight with Julie’s hand holding his cock through the fabric. Julie smiled up at him, then quickly pulled down the panties, letting his cock come forwards towards her face. As she moved the panties down so she reached her head forwards and soon her blonde head was bobbing up and down on Linda’s stiff shaft. It looked delightful to watch Julie in action, her short, almost boy-like, hairstyle moving up and down so pleasantly, but all too soon for Linda – and for me – Maud ordered the next turn.

“Good girls again! so now it’s Mandy’s turn please Linda. It’s your chance to see her in the flesh!”

As Julie moved away from Linda I caught my first glimpse of his circumcised cock, shiny with Julie’s saliva. Then as he moved towards Kartal İranlı Escort me it kind of glistened in the light. god why was I watching it so much? What would he do to me?

I put my hands behind my head as the others had, feeling myself very vulnerable yet growing harder and wishing I wasn’t, and watched as Linda moved round to stand in front of me, her soft yellow cardigan hanging loose, the blue one underneath straining at the buttons over her bosom, her cock stiffly throbbing as she walked. She moved very close till she stood with naked cock pushing against my white knitted skirt. Her cock was a good six inches and she must have been shaving too as she seemed almost hairless.

“Well hello!” she said, looking me in the eye. “So now I can see you for myself!” And with that she put her hands on my hips, enjoying the feel of the soft wool, and slid them gently up and down before stroking them towards the middle, where my cock was pushing forward hard against the wool. Then her fingers touched my cock and I squirmed with pleasure. She squeezed me firmly through the cloth, and her other hand stroked up at my balls. It felt exquisite but deranged at the same time, as her wool-covered breasts moved up and down with her breathing just inches in front of me. Then she reached for my belt, undid it and let it fall to the floor. She reached up to stroke my breasts, seeming to enjoy the bobbles of my nipples, then slid her hands down over my cardigan, to the skirt below. She just grabbed the wool and slid it down, showing off my very tight and revealing g-string with my cock throbbing hard inside it. As everyone watched intently, she knelt down in front of me and simply pulled the g-string to one side so my cock fell forwards, towards her face. She licked her lips, then pulled my g-string right off. Then kneeling back a little, she grabbed my cock in her right hand and gave me a good shafting movement, before pulling me forwards towards her open mouth. She squeezed hard and we both saw the little dribble on my end. She carefully licked it off, then put her lips over me, her tongue flicking along my shaft. Soon her wavy fair-haired head was bobbing up and down on me, just like Julie had on him. It felt so gorgeous, but so wrong at the same time, while the others just watched, taking it all in.

Then Maud’s voice cut in. “OK, girls, time’s up on that one. Let’s not forget the last one!” and she purposefully turned to face me, opening her legs and putting her hands behind her head. I was now well aroused, and feeling like taking things for myself. So remembering how Linda had stroked me, I just went straight for Maud’s breasts, stroking the soft mounds under the soft wool and feeling her nipples harden as I touched her. It was wonderful, and I felt my naked cock push against the soft wool of her skirt. I leaned down to suck at her left breast, licking the soft wool, whilst my left hand continued to stroke her other breast and my right hand slipped over her hip and down, pressing in between her legs. Then I knelt down, and slipped my hands up inside her woolly skirt, stroking up her inner thighs until I reached her warm moist body. I felt for her panties – but she had none one. So while no-one else could see, I thought I’d give her a good fingering. She was now moaning a little herself, so I flicked her clitoris gently, and rubbed her soft wet folds, before gently inserting a finger inside her. She moaned again, then coughed.

“You’re supposed to be undressing me, my girl, not making me cum!” she ordered, “Now get on with it…” I’d stopped for a moment, then gave her another good fingering, before pulling at her skirt from inside, and yanking it down. Luckily the elastic stretched over her hips, and there she was, soft brown twinset looking so genteel above the waist, and naked pink flesh below. I moved my head forward to lick her – I knew she’d like that – and she actually moved her legs wider apart to give me a better view. She was salty as ever, but gorgeous all the same as I licked and sucked her soft folds, fingering her with my right hand and squeezing her bottom with my left.

“OK, that must be time now, Maud!” It was Julie’s voice, and as I looked round I saw she’d been watching us both with her hands holding both Sandy and Linda’s stiff cocks as they stood beside her. Maud recovered her faculties, sighing deeply.

“Well good, now at last we are all naked from the waist down – and don’t we all look pretty, girls! Who’s for a drink?” We moved over to the drinks table, looking at each other, smiling in various states of arousal.

“I’m a bit warm now, so permission to unbutton, please Maud?” asked Julie. Maud nodded, so Julie unbuttoned her dark blue cardigan, opening it to reveal the tight thin round-neck sweater underneath, her nipples pressing forward keenly. Maud unbuttoned her cardigan too, showing off her tight brown polo neck sweater, and hard nipples too. So then Sandy and I unbuttoned our cardigans, letting them hang loose like the others, and stroking our breasts like they had. Linda alone remained primly as she was, with the soft yellow cashmere buttoned at the neck and the pale blue cardigan beneath stretched over her ample bosom. Her cock stuck out as proudly as mine. The bottle of wine didn’t last long.

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