Meeting in the Park 01

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Alexis Fawx

It was a hot and humid saturday night.

Having nothing to do and feeling a bit horny I decided to visit a local stripper bar. After a while, some drinks and dances, I was out of money and had to return home, still feeling horny if not hornier than when I left.

I was then living in front of a beautiful park and I already noticed that some couples met there, late night during the weekends, and made love in some secluded spots. As it was a bit passed midnight and the weather was perfect for it, I decided to take a tour of the park just in case.

I went around, making sure that I was not missing any spot were they met, but unfornutaly there was no one. After completing my round I decided to sit on a bench were I would be able to see if someone entered the park and also were I could not be easily spotted.

I was smoking a cigarette when I noticed someone entering the park alone, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That person made the same round as I did and finished exactly were I was already sitting. It was a guy I already met in one of my friend’s party; we had shake hands and spoke a bit but nothing more.

He recognized me too and sat beside me, to my right. We spoke about the weather, this and that, he asked me for a cigarette and we smoke while talking about nothing.

Then the conversation turned to why we were here and we began talking about the couples we saw here in the park.

He began describing a couple he saw making love together the week before. A beautiful brunette with large breasts and a good looking male.

I had seen them before and the way he was describing them I could see it all, the two of them making love right in front of me.

I was becoming quite excited and a bit uncomfortable as my cock was pushing against my pants.

Then I noticed that he was slowly touching himself against his shorts and that Uzun porno the head of his cock was probing against his left thigh. He is still telling me what the couple were doing; the girl on all four while the guy was fucking her from behind, her ample breasts swinging with their movements.

From that moment all is becoming blurred, the image of that couple making love right in front of me is mixed with my vision of him caressing himself and the head of his cock showing; his voice as he is telling their action is now in a

background, filling my vision of that couple but not quite making it to my consciousness.

And then he stopped talking and looked at me intensely. I kind of woke up from a dream and I know he knows what I was looking at. I redden and feel shy, I want to look somewhere else. And I see him lower his shorts and see his cock jump free, fully erect. He then begins to masturbate himself.

May be because of the alcool I took earlier at the stripper bar, I decided to do the same and lower my pants and begin to touch and stroke myself too. We are there, the two of us side by side on a bench, masturbating ourselves in a

world of our own. It is then that he begins caressing me with his left hand. Without a word, I switched my right hand from my own cock to his and we begin masturbating each other.

I can feel the warmth of his cock in my hand, the cock of another man in my hand. I can also feel his hand on my own cock and the way he is stroking it; different from the way I do usually when I masturbate.

I then notice a pearl of precum on the tip of his cock. I bend over him and lick it. I want to do more but I’m stocked with my pants around my knees and it is difficult to move; so I get up and let them fall to my ankles. I am presently

standing right in front of him, my cock standing Öğrenci porno erect, and before I sit down I see him bend forward and lick the head of my cock.

I hesitated for may be one second, very excited but not sure if I should push my cock in his mouth or not, but already he is back on the bench and watches me. I sit down again besides him and completely remove my pants while he does the same. We are both very excited by now and I want to taste his cock again but he stops me and tell me we should move to a more secluded spot.

We hurry and walk behind some bushes where we won’t be seen, our pants in our hands, and immediately lie on the ground in front of each other and we immediately begin to stroke each other. We rapidly switch position and we are

now lying on our side in a 69 position. I now have his cock right in front of me and begin to touch and carress it, feeling his warmth, touching his testicles and his hardness in my hand. I move forward a bit and let my tongue explore first his balls and slowly I move along the length of his erect penis to the tip. I take a good look at it before opening my mouth and taking the head of his cock in my mouth.

I can feel him doing the same thing as I am doing; first his tongue exploring my balls and cock before playing around the head and his mouth finally engulfing my cock.

We are getting more and more excited and each time either one of us do something we like, we repeat it on the other.

We are now taking each other’s cock as deep in our mouth as we can; switching between fast sucking motions to slow licking movements. We are in a world of lust, trying to get each other more and more excited.

I know that if we continue I will cum soon but I want to give him more. I take his ass cheeks in both hands and try to take him even deeper in my mouth in a fast in and out movement. Our moans have transformed in deep groans of pleasure. I am in a dream, out of this world, where the only important thing is what I’m doing and what is happening right now.

I’m on the verge of cumming but I concentrate on his cock in my mouth. I can feel his cock getting even bigger, his ass cheeks tense in my hand and all his body becomes stiff as he yell and the first shot hit the back of my throat. Out of surprise, I lose my concentration and I too cum in his mouth while he continue shooting his sperm.

I almost gagged on his first shot and I backed my head a little; now his cock is filling my mouth with sperm and he is still cumming. I feel the surplus spilling out from the corners of my mouth when I move back and swallow. I take a last look at his cock, a last drip slowly sliding along the head that I lick before looking down between my legs. He too has some of my cum dripping on his chin.

We look at each other and then it feels like we wake up from a dream and take conscience of what had just happened.

We put our pants back on very fast and leave almost without a word. I immediately went to my house and took a shower. The grass stains were quickly gone but I continued to wash myself as if I could erase what had just happenend. I also brushed my teeth and gargle many times until the mouthwash was burning my mouth.

In the following days I began to think about it more and more. I could not deny that I was very excited when it happened and loved the experiment. I was not sure about my sexuality and feeling quite mixed up.

The following weekend it rained so I remained at home but the weekend after that I went out in the park and met the same guy again. This time nothing happened but we talked well into the night. It was a first for both of us and we

needed to talk about it. We both agreed that it was fun and we would love to do it again; we also agreed never to talk to anyone about it and also that if we met in a day to day circumstance, we would not talk about it, like nothing had never happened.

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