Melissa Ch. 01

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I travel quite a bit for work, and on occasion, I’m fortunate enough to be accompanied by a beautiful colleague named Melissa. Melissa is stunning. She’s maybe five feet tall, very petite, and has 44DD breasts. I know that because she told me on a recent trip out of town. Her ass is spectacular, and I’ve secretly lusted after her for as long as I have worked here.

Melissa is a bit of a diva, but not overwhelmingly, or in an off-putting way. It’s cute, really. Like when we travel, we always have to stay in hotels with pools and hot tubs, she wants a big room, that kind of thing. She’s a bit of a princess, and I think that quirk attracts me to her even more. Another thing she likes to do is drink wine after a long day. Ok, so it’s after any day, really. It’s fun to wind down with her, but I’ve found that she gets really flirty and suggestive when she drinks, and I struggle with it because I don’t want to take advantage of her in that condition.

On this most recent trip, it was much of the same. We went to an outdoor bar to have a few drinks before going back to the hotel to plan work for the next day. Melissa had her wine, and I had a few margaritas, both of us quickly getting buzzed in short order. I had my shades on, which helped me undress Melissa with my eyes, and not be noticed and seeming pervy. Several attractive women came out to the patio once the live music started, and being a guy, I noticed. I mentioned to Melissa that I’d love to fuck one tall brunette who came out with her friends. She shot it down. Another woman came out, also attractive and especially fuckable. Again, Melissa shot it down. This went on for a while, and I finally asked her why she was shooting down every woman I would put my dick in.

“They’re not for you,” she told me.

“What do you mean by that?”

She explained, “they’re just one night stands. Floozies.”

“Ok,” I replied. “I’m not looking to get married, I just wanna get my dick wet, so a one night stand is ideal.”

“Ok, but still, they’re not for you. They aren’t your type.”

“Alright then, smarty pants, what’s my type.”

She looked at me and asked me to take off my sunglasses. She wanted to look into my eyes while she pretended to “discover” what my type was.

“You need someone who likes to have a good time, maybe late twenties, early thirties.”

“These ladies fit that. What else?”

“She should be shorter and petite, and should have perky breasts. I’d say you’re a blonde type, too. Your type would definitely have a tight little ass.”

I realized immediately that she was describing herself to me. I wrote it off as her intoxication, but still hung on every word and imagined what it would be like to get in her pants.

The band changed tunes, and she got distracted as it was one of her favorites. That didn’t inhibit her mood at all, though. As she sang along with the song, she stood from her seat across from me, and came around to my side. She was dancing seductively, and gestured towards my lap. I scooted back and Melissa sat on my lap. Not straddling me, but sideways with both of her legs hanging off of my right side. She put her arm around me, and pressed one of her perfect tits against my chest. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, and turned her attention back to the band. I was sort of uncomfortable, and my cock started to grow hard. I know she felt it, but she just sat there, letting me get hard against her perfect ass. In an effort to distract myself from this uncomfortable situation, I commented on another woman across the patio.

“Come on, she’s nothing like what I described, and she probably doesn’t even shave her pussy,” Melissa said.

“What, and you do,” I asked, not even expecting what her response was.

She hopped off my lap and stood next to me. She spread her legs, and gestured towards her own pussy with both hands in a “V” shape, and said, “Honey, this baby is waxed. Smooth as a baby’s behind.”

I about came. Seeing her there gesturing at her snatch, and talking about waxing it almost made me cum in my pants right then and there.

She then cupped her breasts in her hands, lifting them slightly. Her cleavage became enhanced, and wanted nothing more than to pull her top off and suck those titties. She continued her waxing statement by saying, “and these puppies. They’re one hundred percent real, and 44DD.”

I knew they were big, and often, women with tits that big only look good in a bra, and just go everywhere when they’re freed. I hoped that hers weren’t like that. I often watched her, and noticed very little jiggle when she walked. I was resigned to never seeing them, as I never expected that I would. I didn’t know how to respond, so I just said, “huh. gebze escort That’s good to know.”

She smiled and winked at me, then went back to her seat. We continued drinking, and ordered a few appetizers to soak up some of the booze. Unfortunately, we were too far gone already, and drunkenness had set in. It only got worse the longer we sat there. Finally, the sun started to set, and we came enough to our senses to know we had work to do tonight still. I was bummed, because I didn’t figure either of us would remember this night. When we got back to the hotel, we agreed to meet in the lobby in a few minutes. We just needed to change clothes, and take a leak or whatever, and then get to work. I went back to my room after helping her into hers. Once there, I undressed, and having had Melissa on my lap and talk suggestively to me had my cock still hard. I stripped completely naked and stepped into the shower, where I furiously beat my pud until I emptied my balls onto the shower floor. I thought about what it would be like to have Melissa wrap her tits around my cock, and let me fuck them until I came on her face. I thought about her smooth pussy, and how much I wanted to eat if before ravishing it with my cock. Oh, the things I would do to her body…

Regaining my composure, I quickly threw on some lounge pants, a t-shirt, and flip-flops, and went to meet Melissa. She was just stepping out of her room as I approached. Holy shit. She was dressed similarly to me. She had on gray, baggy lounge pants and flip-flops, but what stuck out the most was her shirt. It was a purple “V” neck t-shirt, and it was very obvious she was braless. I was in luck. Turns out her tits stay in place when she doesn’t wear a bra. Still very little jiggle, but a bit more than when they’re restrained. I wish I had worn underwear, as my cock grew rigid again.

“I’m sorry,” Melissa said, unprovoked.

“For what,” I inquired. “From where I’m standing, you have nothing to be sorry about.”

With no hesitation, she again cupped her breasts, squeezed them together, and lifted them. “These titties,” was her response. I just stood there, ogling her body. The V separated as high as she lifted those amazing orbs, and I could just see the edges of her areola. She dropped her tits, and headed down the hall towards the lobby. I followed closely behind her, watching her perfect ass. The thin fabric of her pants gave away that she was completely commando, much like myself.

Having no other place to really sit and work, we opted for the hotel bar. Melissa asked that I order another glass of wine for her, so I did, and got myself a beer to sip. We were cognizant enough to get through what needed to be done, but I kept getting distracted. I noticed that her nipples were extremely hard, and they pressed against her thin shirt, aching to be released. I imagined what it would be like to suck on them, and it certainly didn’t help the stiffness in my pants.

Finally done, I closed my laptop and looked at Melissa. She met my gaze, and we stared at each other briefly before she asked, “can we go to the hot tub?”

“Ok, sure,” I replied, eager to see what she brought as a bathing suit.

She didn’t disappoint. I was in the water already when she finally came in. I watched as she put down her phone and room key, then turned her back to me and pulled off her cover up. She was barely clad in a purple bikini. It was modest, but she was incredibly sexy. It held her body perfectly, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t have given to be that bikini. She sauntered into the hot tub, and walked up to me. She pushed my legs apart, and played between my legs. She slowly bobbed up and down, letting her perfect breasts make repeated contact with my aching cock.

“Mmmm…this is nice, isn’t it,” she seductively asked as she let her tits drag across my penis.

“Umm…yea. It’s…great,” I stammered.

She turned, and sat on my lap, and let my rigid pole rest neatly between her cheeks. She ground into me, and leaned back against me, letting her head rest on my shoulder. I brought my hands up to her waist, and my cock jumped at the sensation of her bare skin in my hands. I ran my hands up just below her breasts, then back down just to the top of her bikini bottoms.

Realizing this was about to get out of hand, I sort of flinched to let her know I needed to get up. “Let’s go cool off in the pool for a minute.”

She agreed, and took my hand and lead me to the pool. I thought that was odd, but let it go. I was enjoying touching her. Once in the pool, we dunked a few times. It feels great to soak in the hot water, then cool off in the pool. After a bit, Melissa swam up behind göztepe escort me, and climbed up on my back. I felt her tits press into my back as she wrapped her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck. She held her head just next to mine. No words were spoken as I slowly moved around the pool. God, I wanted to fuck her so bad right here in the pool. I was trying to be a gentleman, and not take advantage of an intoxicated woman. Still, the thought wouldn’t leave my mind.

We went back to the hot tub, and repeated the back and forth thing a few more times. We talked all the while. We’re great friends, and I couldn’t help but hope that someday, we would be friends with benefits. I was attracted to her the first time I met her, and my attraction grew as I spent more time with her at work, as well as outside of work. Finally, she admitted being tired, and that we should get to bed. I agreed, and off we went. I bid her goodnight as I made sure she was safely in her room. When her door closed, I headed to my room. I stripped naked, and crawled into bed. My buzz had long since left me, but I was exhausted, and passed out quickly after finding something on TV to put me to sleep.

Around 10:30, there was a knock at my door. I thought I was dreaming, so I brushed it off, and turned over. There was another knock. Still in a daze, I lay still and listened, unsure if it was in my head or not. Then it came again. Just a light tapping, but very clearly a knock on my door. Snapping out of my slumber, I quickly realized that whoever was there had been there for a minute, and must need something. Hundreds of scenarios seemed to run through my mind as I scrambled to find my pants and pull them back on. I got to the door as there was another knock. Happy that I hadn’t missed whoever it was, I peeked through the peep hole to see who the hell could be knocking this time of night. It was Melissa. She stood there in her robe, and she had what was first taken as a worried look on her face. Alarmed, I opened the door. Able to see her better now, I was convinced that she was worried about something.

“Hey,” I greeted. “What’s up? You ok?”

“Can we talk?”

Obviously, I was concerned with that. Nothing good ever comes when a conversation starts with that question. Standing in the door with my mouth open, unsure how to respond, Melissa let go of her robe. It fell open, revealing her nakedness to me. It didn’t reveal her breasts, but I could see that she was absolutely naked underneath. She stood there exposed, waiting for me to invite her inside.

Finally regaining consciousness, I hurriedly said, “yes, of course! Come in.”

When she took the first step, it was enough to allow her robe to fall away from her breasts, fully exposing her to me. Once she was inside my room, I peeked out into the hallway to see if anyone had seen what I just saw. As I turned to join Melissa in my room, I turned and saw that she had let the robe fall off of her body. It lay pooled at her bare feet. She just stared at me, and as the door closed, she leapt into my arms and kissed me. My arms immediately embraced her around her waist, and I eagerly kissed her back. My dreams were coming true. Hungrily we made out, our tongues searching each other out, and playing in each other’s mouths. Her taste was sweet like honey. She pulled me tightly in her arms, and pressed her hard nipples into my bare chest. My hands slid down to her bare ass, and I squeezed it as we continued to kiss. Slowly, she walked backwards towards my bed, never breaking our embrace.

Once she backed into my bed, she finally broke our embrace and said, “I want to fuck you.”

I just looked at her in utter disbelief. Did I really hear what I thought I heard? Did this hot woman just tell me she wants to fuck me? Under different circumstances, or had I been with someone I didn’t care about, I’d have immediately complied. This was Melissa, though. I care about her.

“Oh Melissa, I can’t,” I told her.

“What do you mean,” she asked. “Don’t you want me?”

“Oh my God, yes, I want you, but you’re drunk, and I can’t take advantage of you.”

“You’re sweet, but I’m completely sober, and I want this. I want you inside of me.”

I pondered it briefly, but trusting her completely, I took her at her word of sobriety. I watched as she sat on my bed, then lay back and spread her legs wide for me. I drooled as I looked at her perfectly smooth lips, moist with anticipation. She lay there, silently begging me to fuck her, her breasts pointing perfectly up. I was right. They don’t move a lot, and they definitely are real. They were perfect.

My body giving in, I dropped to my knees, halkalı escort and immediately went to work on her pretty pussy with my mouth. I covered it completely, and sucked gently as I snaked my tongue up inside of her steamy little snatch. I drank of her nectar, and teased her clit with my tongue. It was by far the best tasting pussy I had ever eaten. Her lips were so tight, I felt them pressing tightly around my tongue as I fucked her with it. She lay there whimpering and encouraging me to keep eating her delectable little treasure. Happy to oblige, I pulled her legs up over my shoulders, and licked her from taint to clit. I licked all around her pussy, making her extremely wet. Her cunt expelled its slippery fluids, and I eagerly consumed it all. Her legs clamped tightly around my head as she came. I felt her whole body tense as she rode out her orgasm. She started violently quivering as her body was wracked with bliss. I licked her all the way through it, until she finally relaxed.

I let her legs back down, and she rested her feet on the floor, but kept the gapped open wide. I planted light kissed up her puffy lips, and kissed my way up her body. I slid two fingers into her hungry hole when I finally reached her breasts.

“Suck my tits,” she demanded.

I did. Fingering her pussy, I leaned down and captured one of her perfect nipples in my mouth, and sucked. I pulled upwards and released, then sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I hungrily sucked her tits and ravished her pussy with my hand.

“Keep sucking my tits, but I need you inside me now. I need you in my pussy.”

Still sucking her amazing breasts, I abandoned her pussy, and quickly pushed my pants down as far as I could in that position. Using my feet, I pulled them off, and kicked them aside. My cock was literally drooling with anticipation to get inside of her. Never leaving her nipples, I lined up my penis with her honey hole, and slowly entered her. As soon as my head was inside, I stopped sucking her tits, and looked into her eyes. I watched as they closed, and her mouth opened. Her breathing stopped as I slowly stuffed my penis into her steamy cunt. I stopped for a second, about half way inside of her, and just looked at her. She was gorgeous. I looked at her face, contorted in erotic bliss, and dragged my eyes all the way down to where my cock was almost home.

“More, please,” she asked. “Please keep going.”

I didn’t need encouragement. I only stopped to admire her beauty. Not wanting to keep her waiting, I thrust into her all the way to the hilt. My balls came to rest against her perky little ass, and I held myself firmly planted inside of her hot tunnel. I began to feel little quivers again, which quickly turned into big ones as the feeling of my cock filling her fully caused her to cum again.

“Please fuck me,” she said, once she came down from her second orgasm.

I kissed her sweetly as I started fucking her. Slowly, I stuffed her pussy full, then slowly withdrew. Breaking our kiss, I again lifted her legs and supported them in my elbows. In this position, I was able to admire the full frontal of this naked beauty, and I could watch as her pussy eagerly devoured my cock. I used her legs as leverage, and drove myself deeper into her eager twat. Harder and faster, I fucked her sweet, tight pussy. Her breasts heaved with her breathing and my thrusts. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting to fuck this gorgeous woman, and I never wanted it to end. But it did.

“I want to feel you cum inside me,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry?”

Louder this time, she said, “cum inside me. I want you to cum in me.”

And that was all it took. Those words magically triggered my orgasm. I thrust as far into her as I could, and my cock started spewing forth its creamy goodness deep inside of her. I gave her a few more thrusts, injecting her womb with life-giving seed. Melissa held her breath the entire time I was pumping her pussy full of cum. Spent, I collapsed on top of her.

Her arms embraced me, and she said, “thank you. I needed that, and I’m glad it was with you.”

“Any time,” I joked.

“I’ll take you up on that,” she replied.

Taken aback, I looked at her face and could tell she was absolutely serious.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to sleep in the same bed with this gorgeous woman, I replied, “of course!”

I withdrew from her tight pussy, feeling her flex tightly as I pulled out. She quickly scrambled up into position, and climbed under the covers. When she turned, I got a view of her ass, and believe me, it’s absolutely amazing. I silently hoped she’d let me fuck it sometime.

Comfortable, she lifted the covers, and asked, “coming?”

I climbed in behind her, and reached over her to switch off the lamp. I nestled in behind her, my stick penis resting perfectly between her ass cheeks. She snuggled into me, and pulled my arm around her letting my hand rest on her breast. In short order, she was out, and I wasn’t far behind.

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