Memorable Trip

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I enter the bar you said you were going to. I notice it wasn’t overly crowded. I look around to look for you to no avail. I walk up to the bar and pay for a beer. I turn to face the crowd and lean back. Not much going on here, I think to myself. 3-4 pool tables in the back, tables and chairs scattered here and there – booths along the one wall. Not very many filled, I notice. Just your regular corner bar. Most of the activity was towards the back, where both men and women were playing pool, with one table in particular having the most. It was then I saw you through the crowd, what is she doing back there, I wonder. Not really talking with anyone, just moving around with a pool stick. I wait a while longer, every once in a while catching glimpses of you. I move down one wall to see if I can catch your eye. You look over in my direction, but never acknowledge me. It was then I noticed why most of the activity was back here. Most everyone was watching you! I moved to a spot where I could see you more clearly.

You were wearing a short, wrap-around skirt. Your top consisted of an open jacket over a tank top style shirt. As you moved, your jacket fell open and anyone who was looking could see your nipples very clearly. It was obvious you knew it, as they were very hard. I moved, sitting in a booth, to get a better view. I watched as you leaned up on one foot to make your shot. Your skirt rode up and clearly exposed the top of one stocking and the garter strap attached to it. Either you didn’t have any underwear on or were wearing a thong. I was hoping to find out. Laughter broke out, causing you to spin around and give one guy an evil look as shake your finger at him. You eventually smiled and had to set up your shot again. This went on for a while, you setting up your shots, bending over giving everyone a look down your shirt, seeing your hard nipples as they grazed across the front. Raising up on one leg (even when you didn’t need to) exposing your ass and stocking covered leg. You’d pull your jacket together at times, however, it didn’t really do any good – it didn’t have any buttons on it, it just hung open. It would separate, as you’d move – positioning yourself in line of your opponents shot – distracting him. How he made any shots amazed me. Eventually you won (again!). When the next player stepped forward to challenge you, you waved him off – much to his disappointment. You went to the back of the bar, I assume to use the restroom. Minutes later you returned – your jacket over your arm. Anyone who looked could see your breasts moving freely under your top. Your nipples – as hard as they were – were clearly visible, either from the chill you felt but more than likely from the excitement of everyone watching you. You walk up to the bar and order another wine. It’s not your first glass as I can tell you’ve had quite a few. The bartender doesn’t accept your payment – in return for the view you are giving him.

You turn and walk toward me – catching my eye. I stand up, nodding you to sit down as I walk to the restroom. As I return I see you sitting there, watching me walk back. Your jacket is lying on the table, next to your freshly filled glass. Somebody’s not feeling any pain tonight I think to myself as I slide in next to you. Our thighs touch as you scoot over slightly.

“I like your outfit’ I say.

You reply with a smile ‘I knew you would. It doesn’t cover too much, does it?”

I nod my head no as our lips meet. Your tongue sneaks it way over my lips as I sense the strong taste of wine on it. Mine meets yours as they dance across each other – toying together. We separate and you rest your head on my shoulder as my arm crosses behind you. I rub your right shoulder with my fingertips and feel you shiver from the sensation. My fingers stroke their way down your chest, up to your neck, which is totally exposed. My fingers come in contact with the strap of your top as I move it off your shoulder. Your hand drops to the inside of my thigh, gently massaging it, dragging your nails across the fabric. I ease the strap further down your arm, exposing the top part of your breast. I run my hands along the top of it watching your nipple harden even more. I ease my hand down into your top, cupping your nipple in my palm. You move to stop me and I don’t. Your hand moves closer to cup my now hard cock. I pull my arm from around you.

You look at me, confused…. I turn in my seat and face you. I slide my hand under your shirt cupping your breast, stroking your nipple with my thumb. Your eyes dart back and forth, watching the crowd – though you’re hidden by me, you can easily be seen by others. My other hand slides under your skirt up your thigh. I reach between your legs and gently stroke you across your panties. I quickly pull my hands away and tell you to remove them. You look at me, silenty asking no. I nod my head slowly. You know not to question me now. You wiggle and slide them down. I take them from you and set them on the table – on top of your jacket. I place my hand back on your thigh. You part your legs as it travels up to them. I can feel your heat – almost smell your essence as I cup your mound. I slowly drag a finger across your lips – moistening the tip. I reach your clit and circle it.

Your eyes are closed as you gasp for breath. I slowly crook the finger inside of you – only to the first knuckle. You press your hips up – wanting me deeper. I comply as my thumb brushes your clit. I pull out slightly and tell you to play with your nipples. You look at me to hesitate to make sure – again, you sense that you should have complied immediately – my eyes tell you this. Your fingers brush across your nipples as I resume easing my finger in and out of you. I play with your clit with my thumb. I add another finger inside of you as I build speed, then another. Your top is looser now as I move to pull it off your chest, exposing you to anyone who would walk by. Your eyes are closed slightly as you gasp for breath. I move faster, faster. Alternating by stroking your clit and sliding three fingers in you. Your legs are spread further as I can tell you are quickly approaching an orgasm. I ask you if your ready to cum, you nod your head yes. I take your clit between my fingers and squeeze it ever so slightly. As I move to enter you again I can tell it won’t take long. Your body starts to shake as I thrust inside of you, you moan aloud ‘I’m cumming’ you say – a little too loud. Your body shakes uncontrollably as your orgasm rides through you. Finally your body relaxes. I pull my hand and clean my fingers off with my tongue. You grab it and slide one slowly in your mouth.

I look at you and say – ‘Do you think that will make up for your hesitation?’ You look at me not knowing how to respond. I grab your jacket and tell you to take off your shirt. Again, you hesitate. I look strongly into your eyes and you know you’ve done it by now. You quickly whip it over your head. I hand you the jacket but not the panties. Meet me outside in 15 minutes – as I quickly get up to leave. I can hear you moving around to put your jacket on as I walk to the door……

She Says. . .

I meet you outside the bar. I am clutching my jacket in front of me so that I am not completely exposed. I see you leaning against the wall, talking to some guy. You see me and wave me to come over. I hesitate, because of the stranger, but decide I am already in enough trouble, so I quickly approach you. You put your left arm around me and pull me close to you. You rub my shoulder, causing me to clutch the jacket tighter. With your right hand, you pull my hand away from jacket and curl me tighter against you, but still causing me to be slightly exposed whenever you shift position. The other guy glances down at me and smiles. You finish talking to him and he leaves.

You glance down at me, smiling. We walk around the corner of the building. It backs up to an industrial compound, so there is only scattered activity. I ask you where we are going.

You answer, “Right here, for now.”

I look up at you, trying to be completely compliant, but I can’t help but wonder what is going on. You lean against the building and I stand facing you. Your face is dark. You are looking me in the eyes as you slowly run your hands across my shoulders, pushing the jacket off. I don’t say a word, knowing that I am already in trouble. I look at you, my mind racing. What can I do? How can I make it up to him? I reach up and take your hand from my shoulder and pull it to my breast. Your hand is on top of my breast, as I cup it from underneath. No reaction from you. I take my other hand and cup your cock, still hard. The expression on your face does not change, as you look right into my eyes. I think to myself, what does he want? I lean in against you and raise my lips to yours. As they meet, you open your teeth slightly, biting my lower lip gently. I run my hands across your chest. down your stomach.. you are rock hard.

I can feel the bulge in your pants, contained only slightly by your briefs. I cup you in one hand and rub you with the other. I move my hands to your hips, and then to your ass, squeezing softly. I sink to my knees slowly as my hands again cup you. I am on a deserted street, topless, preparing to suck your cock. You continue to lean back, enjoying the show. I undo you belt deftly. Your jeans present a bit more of a challenge since you are so stiff. I can almost taste you now, before my mouth ever touches you. Your hands are on my shoulders. You lean over slightly and caress my breasts… I am shivering when I lick the head of your cock. The salty taste and the feel of you against my tongue make my nipples harden unbelievably. I push your legs apart slightly and then place my tongue at the sensitive spot at the base of your balls. I feel your hands return to and grip my shoulders. You taste so good to me… You seem so big, resting against my cheek as I take your balls one at a time into my mouth. I raise my hands up and lay them against your stomach. I can feel the muscle contract as my konya escort tongue plays with your balls.

I curl my tongue around the base of your cock, delicately placing my teeth against it. I slide my lips along the shaft, my tongue caressing you as I do. As I move it slowly up and down the shaft I look up at you. You are watching me, the dark expression on your face remaining; your eyes look somewhat hooded. As my lips touch the head, you move your hands to my hair. I take a deep breath and then slowly exhale as I take you in my mouth. You can feel my warm breath on your cock just before my tongue touches it. I hear you gasp. I push you farther into my throat. I know you like being deep throated. And I enjoy doing it to you. Feeling you push your hips forward as your hand grips my hair, I have no doubt that you are enjoying this.

You hold my head tightly as a truck enters the street. I try to move, to cover myself, but you don’t let me. The truck driver honks the horn at us as he drives off. My face is burning. You tell me not to worry about the truck; they didn’t get anymore of a show than everyone else. I look up at you with my eyes open wide. You tell me that there is a crowd of 5-6 people on the lot about a block away enjoying the show. Now I do jump up and try to find my jacket to put it on. You have it in your hands. But instead of giving it to me, you take me by the arms and turn me around to face the crowd, who start to clap and cheer. I know that I am blushing furiously and am close to tears. You turn me back around and kiss me until I forget about my jacket. At the end of the kiss, you put your lips next to my ear and whisper how turned on you are. Your hands on my shoulders push me down to my knees again. You part my lips with the tip of your cock and plunge into my mouth. I open my eyes and realize that the street is very dark and quiet now. Our onlookers have left for the night. I hear you say that you are going to cum. I ready myself to receive it, but you pull out of my mouth. You squat and push my breasts together and pump your cock in and out of the cleavage. As you start to cum, I catch some of it with my tongue, but not all. I can feel some hit my face while you groan. My breasts are wet with it, my chin covered.

When you are finished, you kneel next to me and begin to wipe my face. What you wipe from chin is on your finger. You offer it to me and I open my mouth and take your finger deeply, cleaning it. You pull my panties out of your pocket and wipe the rest of it away.

My knees are weak as we walk back to the hotel. As we enter the hotel, the crowd in the lobby turns to look at us. You lead me to the elevator. When we step on, you tell the operator which floor we are on. You lean against me in the back of the elevator and kiss me deeply, feeling inside my jacket with your right hand, rolling my nipple between your thumb and forefinger. When the door opens, you put your arm around me and lead me out of the elevator. We walk to the room and you open the door and usher me inside.

You ask me if I would like to shower and I say yes. I start to walk to the bathroom, but you tell me to stop.

“I want you to undress right here,” you say.

“John,” I start to say, but realize that my hesitation already has me in trouble. You are sitting in a big chair, leaning back comfortably. I unsnap my stockings and push them down my legs, stepping out of them and my shoes at the same time. All that is left is my skirt and jacket. I untie the wrap skirt and undo the button and let it fall. I slide the jacket off my shoulders, pulling it around the front of me… You frown. I let it drop. You crook your finger, beckoning me to come to you. I walk over to your chair. I kneel before you as you sit up in the chair. Your voice is low and deep as you begin to talk. I know you are serious. You tell me that I have been very insubordinate tonight. I lower my chin. You say that you do give me a little credit because I did eventually comply with your wishes, but that hesitation is not acceptable. You put your hand under my chin and raise my eyes to yours. You ask me if I understand and I whisper yes. I feel your hand against my bottom and I tense. You tell me that I should relax.

You say, “I won’t do anything that doesn’t bring me some enjoyment, and if I enjoy it, you should be happy, right?”

I look up at you and say, “Yes, if you are enjoying it, then it makes me happy.” Your hand meets my bottom hard, causing me to jump, causing a tear to spring to my eyes. You kiss it away and tell me to go get my shower. But you want me back here, hair dried, completely ready for you in 20 minutes. I jump up and run off to the shower.

I quickly scrub down my body and wash my hair to get the cigarette smell out of it. The floral scent of the body scrub is much more appealing. I step out of the shower, put on a little makeup and blow-dry my hair. I step out of the bathroom in a robe with 2 minutes to spare. I am taken aback at the sight of another woman in the room.

I say, “Oh, let me get some clothes on.”

But you tell me not to worry about it. The two of you are on opposite sides of the huge sofa and you pat the seat between you. I glance nervously back and forth at the two of you as I sit down. You introduce us. Her name is Gina, you tell me. I say something like it is nice to meet you… I offer everyone a drink. I know I need one, I think. You point to a bottle of Riesling on the table and the glass next to it. Just one. Just for me. I lean forward to get it and I feel your hand on my back, rubbing up and down. I drink the glass quickly and refill it before sitting back. You turn on the sofa, with your leg along the back and pull my back against your chest. As I drink the wine, you tell me that you have invited Gina to join us for the evening. I nod my head, sipping the wine. Gina runs her hand along my calf, causing me to jump. You tell me to lean my head back against you. I feel your hands on my breasts. I feel the robe opening. Gina’s hand is moving up my thigh. I look at you and ask you if you want this. You nod. I spread my legs open and lean back against you, trying to relax. I feel her breath against my mound as her hands are followed up my thigh with her tongue. I twist my head to kiss you, but you are watching what is going on. I kiss your chin. I can feel your cock through your pants against my back.

Gina’s tongue finally reaches its target. She licks my lips gently, parting them and flicks my clit. My head is swimming. You are whispering to me, telling me what you see, that you like watching this. Your hands are on my breasts, pinching them, caressing my breasts… Ahh, Gina’s tongue feels good, circling my clit as she places one finger inside me. You see my hands clench and ask me how it feels. I tell you it feels good. I am surprised to find my hands are in her hair pulling her closer. She takes my clit gently between her teeth, causing me to jump a little. You wrap your arms around me, closing my arms in yours. Your chin rests on my shoulder as you watch. You notice my breathing has changed, and you know that I am close to orgasm. I turn my face to you for a kiss as I begin to cum. You hold me as my body shakes. Gina is relentless with my clit. Finally, I begin to relax. You turn me to face you and kiss me deeply.

I wait then, expecting Gina to leave. But she doesn’t. You stand up and take me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom. Gina follows us. You sit at the head of the bed. Gina lays on her back, her head cradled by your lap. I look at you, confused for a second. When I realize what you want me to do, I hesitate only long enough to get my wine. I bring the glass and the bottle back, pour the last of it into the glass and swallow deeply…

I climb onto the bed next to you. I kiss you, you holding my face in your hands as I move into position. You tell me to relax… try to enjoy it. I look at Gina and try to smile. She knows I have never done this. She puts her hand on the back of my head and pulls me to her for a kiss. I am not comfortable with it, but I try. I relax a little when she whispers in my ear that she will help me get through it. I close my eyes and pretend I am kissing you. After the first kiss, I look up at you. Your mouth is open slightly. You whisper for me to play with her breasts. I think of what I like and try to do that, squeezing them firmly, licking the nipple, and sucking it into my mouth. You whisper encouragingly to me. You ask Gina if I am doing a good job. She moans that I am. You tell me spread her legs, to lie between them. I do. So nervous. I keep looking up at you. The expression on your face keeps me going. I close my eyes. I try to do what you do to me. Running my tongue along the slit. I stop and turn my head.

You say, “Honey, I really want to see this, but you don’t have to.”

I shake my head no. I can do this for you. More than anything, I am just worried about your perception of me.

As if on cue, you say, “I know you would do anything for me. You don’t know how much that means to me. Nothing I ever ask you to do would cause me to do anything but care for you more.”

I look at you and smile. Gina reaches down and brushes my cheek with her hand. I close my eyes and place my mouth against her. You can hear me as I suckle her clit, licking her. I place two fingers inside of her and you hear my hand moving back and forth. Her thighs are gripping my head. I squeeze my left hand under her back and find your cock. I cannot believe how hard you are. I squeeze you gently. You rub your hands across my shoulders and neck. Gina starts to breath a little more shallowly.

I raise up and say, “Turn about is fair play.”

I grip her legs and begin to lick her clit with everything I have. She starts to cum, but I don’t relent. Finally, when I know she has cum as much as she can, I stop. I sit up. Gina moves off of you and you take me in your arms. You kiss me hard, pulling me against you. I wrap my legs around your waist and hold you tight. It is apparent that you are in need of attention. I take Gina by the hand and lead her into the other room, telling you that we will be right back. In the living room of the suite, I tell her my game plan. I ask her to wait a few minutes before she joins us again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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