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I met Michael in grad school. He was a lawyer taking evening classes with my favorite professor and I was immediately attracted to him. He was an intelligent man with a strong athletic build and blonde hair that fell just to his shoulders. At first I wasn’t sure if he was gay but he smiled when I looked at him and several times he held my gaze for several seconds. I was definitely interested.

We got to be close friends and one night he invited me out to dinner. We talked for a long time and finally he opened up.

“I’m really attracted to you,” he said quietly. I was flattered that such a handsome and intelligent man would say that to me. “You’re one of the most interesting men I’ve ever met and I love being with you. Would you come home with me and have a drink? I’d really like to get you know you better.”

“I’m very attracted to you too, Michael,” I said softly, looking onto his blue eyes. “You’re very sexy and I’d like to be with you. I’d love to come home with you.”

We drove to his condo holding hands all the way. I was very excited at having sex with Michael and by the time we got to his place we were both very turned on. We slowly undressed each other and Uzun porno he clearly wanted to take the lead. I had been both a bottom and a top depending on the moment but tonight I was very much in his hands.

I sighed as he ran his hands over my chest, which I’ve always enjoyed, and closed my eyes in pleasure as he pinched my nipples. He pinched them harder and the pain and pleasure gave me a strange thrill.

“You like that, do you, he asked, smiling at me.” “Yes,” I whispered. “Great, let me show you more.” He laid me down on his bed and brought out a pair of nipple clamps. I was a little nervous at first as he placed a clamp on my nipple. “Just tell me when to stop,” said with a smile. I did when the clamp was as tight as I could stand, and the thrill grew deeper. He put the other clamp on and I was in an ecstasy I never knew before.

Michael was completely in charge. He smiled as he ran his large, strong hands over my body as I touched him too. “I felt like you were very sensual, and I love the way you’re surrendering to me. It’s so nice meeting a man that wants to get in touch with himself. Let me show you more, honey. Just put yourself in Öğrenci porno my hands”

I nodded my head and he brought out a piece of Liberator gear that he slid under me. The end rested under the edge of my ass and my legs were spread out, waiting for his big, hard cock. He then strapped my wrists to the side and I was completely in his control.

I had never so completely surrendered myself to a man and my heart was pounding. Michael began slowly lubing my asshole as I squirmed at the feeling of his fingers sliding all the way in. Combined with the pain and pleasure of the nipple clamps I was completely enjoying this new sensation. “Now the final touch,” he said as he blindfolded me. “Give yourself to me completely,” he whispered.

“Yes,” I sighed as he began sliding his rock-hard cock into me. I could hear his heavy breathing as he eased into my aching asshole. I have always loved being fucked and I relaxed as I took him completely into me.

Michael ran his hands all over me as he began to fuck me harder and harder. I wrapped my legs around his body as he lubed my cock and stroked it slowly. I was so hard, so wanting to feel him cum in me. My pleasure grew as his big cock head shoved against my button.

“Oh yea, fuck me baby,” I cried. “Fuck me hard, fill me up.” I was totally into the moment, pain and pleasure controlling me as he sighed in pleasure, fucking me harder and harder. I could feel him ready to cum so I relaxed and let the pleasure take me and came powerfully all over my belly, my asshole tightening around his cock. He slid all the way in and cried as he filled me with his hot load. I could feel the spurts as he came and tightened my legs around him as he came.

He slowly released me from my bondage and we used a towel to clean up. I never felt so completely drained and at peace after sex. Michael was drained too and as I lay back he took me in his strong arms, kissing my mouth, my face and my chest. I ran my fingers over his hot body as I lay in total peace.

“I never had a man do that to me,” I whispered as I looked into his eyes and stroked his face. “I’m glad it was good for you, honey,” he whispered back. “I love that you completely took over,” I said, “I never surrendered like that before. I’ve never been so satisfied.”

“I’ve been looking for man like you for so long, baby,” he said, “a man so ready to please another man. I want to show you so much, and I know that you’re ready to explore your submissive side.”

“Well then,” I said, looking into his eyes,” let’s begin.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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