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Michelle’s pussy throbbed as she laid on the bed she’d just made, she did her best to keep her mind busy but her slender hands had minds of their own and lingered over her breasts. She lifted her striped blue shirt above her stomach first, and finally over the cream coloured bra she wore. Pushing the frame of the lacy bra above her small but full bosoms, she let it rest where it stopped, revealing her pink nipples that stood alert. She caressed herself as she let all kinds of carnal thoughts slip into her mind. She tugged and pulled, even twisting, her soft perky nipples. The dull ache in her pussy was calling to her, yearning to be touched. She reached to her denim jeans, and unbuttoned the only button and unzipped the bronze zip down. She removed the layer of clothing keeping her hands away from her own clitoris. Her hips rose and she slipped off what she did not want around her bountiful ass, kicking it to the end of the bed only to hear it drop onto the floor.

It had been a long time since she had last touched herself. She was so used to fooling around with her boyfriend and having him take the reigns of the fantasies they took part in under the sheets but he was long gone now..

Michelle brought her right hand to her black satin knickers while her left had returned from whence it came, and cupped her bosom.

Her eyes closed as she slipped her hand underneath the black fabric. She lingered over her shaven private canlı bahis place, trying not to let herself get wound up, wanting not to give in to this feeling, giving it a second thought..

But she could not help it

She was way past stopping herself

Her fingers reached her clitoris but she slid past this to her opening. The wetness suprised her, it was plentiful and sticky.

She dipped 2 fingers in the slippery wetness and started to rub her clitoris. Her breath began to pick up a pace as she start to rub faster and harder. Her clit was hot as the sharp feeling of pleasure rose through her groin into her stomach. She kept a pattern, alternating from direct touch to her clit, to over the hood. Back and forth, black and forth, only knowing she would come soon enough. She was breathless now, moans escaping only quietly here and there. The last 10 strokes she would only touch her clit directly to ensure a fufilling orgasm. Five, four, three, 2, 1! Her orgasm blasted through her entire body, her back arching as she erupted, her fingers still vigorously rubbing at her clit. Her deep moan filled the room and finaly she let go, allowing her body to rest, inhaling deeply and twitching uncontrollably.

Michelle’s mind was blown but she was not finished, she knew what she would do next. Her sticky fingers went back to her hard clitoris and began to rub once again.

Her thoughts this time would be more detailed, bahis siteleri using previous images she has seen through porn clips and her own experiences.

She imagined being fucked, by man who’s dick was abnormally larger than most. From deep penetration to oral sex, she imagined it all. Her wrist rotating clockwise, fingers on her clitoris rubbing furiously, her body’s temperature rose every second as did her knees exposing her swollen labia, shining from the sweet juices that had made tracks to the sheets that lay beneath her round ass. Her other hand playful touched her nipples now so erect even she was shocked at the hardness. Her touch was light which took her higher, making herself want more than this. Her chest was moving up and down, gasping for breath sometimes holding it. The feeling in her pussy was becoming all too much, her muscles contracted inside, pushing almost, her mind still thinking about being penetrated with a hot hard dick, girth so fat, length so long disappearing in her wet pussy.

While her left hand was no idle, laying above her stomach, her right hand went down further and her fingers dipped into the slippery pool in-between her legs and back to her clit. Yes! Was all she could think of, she was there, YES! she orgasmed harder than the first time, she squirted so hard, her muscles pushing out the piss from her bladder and her fingers still at her clit flicking against it, encouraging this feeling bahis şirketleri to last. Her voice escaping from underneath the bedroom door and even through the glass of the window. Her piss was shooting out like a fountain and then receded to short bursts til there was no more left to flee from her pink pussy as it was left to pulse so hard.

She was breathless now, but she wanted more.

There was one more thing to do.

She turned on her side, aware of her juice now all over her bottom, she reached over to the desk. Retrieving a blue vibrator from the wooden desk she went back to the position he was previously laying in.

All she want to feel was something inside her.

She inserted the vibrator inside her with ease, it size was 8 inches. Her pussy although wet, tightened around it and she let out a moan. She used it as a dildo first thrusting it inside her in rhythm beating against her engorged g-spot inside. It felt so good, she felt happy and relieved to feel this way again. Her body engaging in hot fast electrical shots hitting her every nerve in staccato, every time the toy was thrust inside her delicious pussy. She pushed the highest speed and began feeling the strong vibrations that gave her sensations that took her higher and higher. Once more her climax hit her in a way no one else could, it struck her from her clit shooting upwards and also downwards, she felt it all the way to her toes. She left out a soft moan this time, as she pulled out her vibrator in a swift motion.

She lay there tired but she was satisfied and happy.

Sleep soon crept up on her without her noticing and took her on a journey of rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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