Mid Week Role Play

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Mark and Sandy were what some might call an adventurous couple. Once or twice a week they would spice up their sex lives with some fantasy role play and tonight was Mark’s turn.

He logs onto his internet e-mail account from work and types a few lines to his wife Sandy outlining tonight’s role play. She is to drive to the Motor Inn Lodge precisely at 6pm and go to room 614, open the door and follow what ever instructions are given her.

Sandy reads the e-mail and licks her lips in anticipation of the nights events. She sends the reply acknowledging the instructions and the stage is set.

She pulls into the motel parking lot and scans the row of rooms for 614, soon realizing the room is among the row of rooms on the rear of the motel. She locks the car and walks around to the rear of motel locating the room and takes a deep breath as she reaches for the handle and slowly turns it.

The room is dark, illuminated only be the light of the bathroom, as she closes the door behind her.

“Lock the door.” a commanding voice speaks from the darkened room. She turns and locks the door as instructed and then hears footsteps approaching her and then feels his hands slowly running over her breasts and down her sides, patting her ass and feeling around is if being frisked by an arresting officer.

“Strip down to only your panties,” the voice instructs. She takes a deep breath and begins slowly removing her shirt and slacks, stepping out of them and sliding them aside as she unhooks the bra and allows her ample breasts to fall free.

She then feels his warm breath on her neck as his hands caress her bare breasts, teasing the nipples causing them to become erect from the stimulation they are receiving.

She feels his hands roam downward to her stomach as they trace the lining of her panties then stop suddenly.

“Remove your panties!” the voice says sternly, and she reaches down hooking her fingers in them sliding them down her lengthy legs. illegal bahis She steps out of them, kicking them aside as instructed. She now stands naked, facing the door of the darkened motel room.

“Spread your legs and put your hands against the door.” is the next command she hears, and she stretches her legs apart, while she leans forward with her arms to brace herself against the door as she is instructed.

There is a long, awkward pause before she feels him press against her body. He is clearly naked; she feels his hard cock sliding against her ass. A hand slips between her legs and begins rubbing her pussy, which is already damp from the anticipation of what was going to happen.

She utters a soft moan as his familiar hand probes and stimulates her pussy, then moves forward to tease the clit as her juices begin flowing freely. She feels his cock grow harder as it rubs the tender flesh of her ass cheeks and she wants it in her badly.

He next inserts two fingers into her pussy and begins fingering her as his thumb rubs the puckered nub of her tight asshole, sending a wave of pleasure soaring through her

“Fuck me,” she pleads, as her body trembles from the fingers now buried deep in her pussy and the stimulation being applied to her ass.

He works his fingers harder and faster in her pussy bringing her ever close to the edge.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” she moans in a voice that is heavy with lust, and she feels the eruption from deep inside her as her body trembles and shakes with a powerful orgasm.

He then walks her to the bed nearby, lying her face down he spreads her legs wide. She feels his hand rub along her pussy, soaking it in her juices, then feels his cock head, slick from those juices press against the tightness of her ass.

With one hand he spreads her ass cheeks wider, as he guides the cock head into the dark opening.

She clutches the sheet as she feels his hardness spread her ass slowly; filling her up illegal bahis siteleri as he inches his way inside her.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass!” she moans in delirious pleasure; closing her eyes to savor every sensation she is feeling.

He begins moving in and out of her tight ass, fucking it, while he slaps her ass cheeks on occasion, loving how it looks and feels.

He fucks her faster and harder, feeling his balls churning as they manufacture a thick load of cum that he will soon be shooting in his wife’s hot ass.

“Fuck me harder!” she cries, “Fill my ass with your hot cum baby.”

His cock plows in and out of her ass until he leans back and shoots a full load of hot cum into her tight ass. He feels his cum oozing around his swollen shaft and slowly begins pulling out. He watches the cum ooze out of it and slide down the puffy lips of her pussy, dripping onto the sheets beneath.

He slides up beside her, kissing her tenderly on the lips as she lies in the afterglow.

“How was it?” he asks, as he rubs her back tenderly.

“Mmmm, it was great baby,” she replies, as she lays her head against the pillow.

“Glad you liked it,” he replies. “I have another little surprise for you,” he whispers as he rubs her back.

She smiles in anticipation and watches him get up, wandering what he has in mind as she hears him rummaging around in the room behind her.

“Get on your knees!” he states, and she raises her eyes in a puzzled look.

“What?” she asks him in a questioning voice.

“Get on your knees!” he states firmly, and she slowly raises herself to where she is on her knees; her head leaning against the pillow, and her ass high in the air.

She then feels something being pressed against her asshole, and to her shock realizes it is a enema tube.

“God no!” she pleads, “not an enema!” She pleads for him to stop but it is too late.

She feels the tube slide into her and then the sinking feeling canlı bahis siteleri in the pit of her stomach as she feels the warm liquid flowing into her bowels, filling them up inch by inch.

She clutches the sheet again as she fills her bowels being filled to the max and the stretching sensation in her stomach.

Again, she pleads for him to stop, feeling she cant take much more.

“Take it all!” is his only reply, as he watches the bag empty its contents.

She squirms as she feels the gurgling inside her and fears she will not be able to hold its contents too long, and a moment of panic sets in.

He slowly pulls the hose out of her ass and she sighs as she makes a move to get up.

“Where do you think you are going?” he asks in a sinister tone; grabbing her arms and preventing her from moving.

“Mark, for god’s sake!” “let me go!” she pleads. “I have to use the bathroom!”

“First things first,” he answers, and lifts her face to his cock.

“Suck it clean.” “Then we will see about letting you go,” he remarks, and she gasps in horror.

“Mark, I am going to shit the bed!” “let me go right this instant!” she bellows.

He grabs her face and pulls it to his cock, telling her to relax and begins rubbing the cock along her lips.

Seeing she has little choice, she begins licking the head; fully aware that it had just been buried up her ass, and can clearly smell the musty smell of it.

As she takes his cock into her mouth, she is fully aware of the clamoring sensation in her stomach, yet she works feverishly to satisfy him before she loses complete control.

It seems like an eternity but he soon pulls his cock out of her mouth and inspects it, then walks her to the toilet, watching as she expels the contents in a powerful eruption.

Even though it is her husband, she blushes red as she shits uncontrollably for what seems like forever.

Afterwards he runs a hot shower and they shower together and he cleans her ass for her. They leave the room and drive to a nearby restaurant for a nice meal before heading home.

All the while she is planning on the next event, as it will be her turn. She smiles as she thinks of some well deserved revenge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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