Mike , Heather

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Heather and Mike are best friends. They spend all of their free time together. They do all the normal teenage activities. Mike is a college student, and Heather works to support her own apartment. But they find themselves spending all of their free time together. They love to go to the movies, bowling, and chilling out with friends at Heather’s apartment. Everyone seams to believe that they are more than friends, but they aren’t. However, they are very affectionate with each other, as many really great friends are.

Heather is known to date a few men at a time, but Mike always take priority in her life. Mike is always too busy working and going to school to think about having a girlfriend. Whenever Heather goes out with a new man, she tends to find herself comparing them to Mike. So far, nobody has measured up to him. It’s easy to see why though. Mike is a very attractive man. His brown hair is cut short with little bits of blonde streaks. His eyes are a deep chocolate brown. He does physical labor for work and it shows in his hard toned body. He has broad shoulders and strong arms and a hard stomach. He’s the kind of guy that women drool over.

Heather has extremely long thick auburn hair and deep blue eyes. Her lips are always a beautiful shade of deep red that men look at and instantly picture her giving them head. Her tits are a beautiful D cup. The kind that all men can’t help but look at. Together, Mike and Heather attract a lot of attention when they go out.

One night, Mike and Heather find themselves very poor and very alone in Heather’s apartment. This is rare considering that all of their friends are usually there. They decide to rent a few movies and spend a quiet night in. It’s a very rare occasion when they both have a day off. It just so happened that the next day they both were free of plans. This allowed them to stay up all night and watch their movies. Little did they know that they would see very little of those movies that night.

After returning from the video store, they grabbed a few drinks and sat on the cock, Mike with the remote in his hand. Heather put in the first movie, an action film…Mike’s choice. She then settled down on the couch Sinop Escort next to Mike, laying down with her head on his chest, his arm around her resting on her shoulder. This was how they always watched movies. Heather jumped up and went over to turn off the lights and then settled back into her spot to watch the movie.

Throughout the movie, Heather having the little attention span that she has, starts rubbing Mike’s stomach. Working her way under his tight white t-shirt and loving the way he squirms at her soft touch. She begins to giggle as she reaches up under his shirt and starts playing with is nipple. Pinching it lightly. She looks up at him and notices the funny look on his face. An expression she had never seen before, the look of sexual enjoyment. She quickly looks down and notices the huge throbbing hard on in his pants. Mike realizes that she sees it and can only offer an embarrassed smile. Heather, thinking quickly, leans up into him and presses her soft red lips to his. He is surprised at her action and is delayed in his return of the kiss. But soon they are kissing passionately. They’re tongues circles the others. Heather playfully bites Mike’s lower lip. This excites Mike even more, and he dares to cup his hand over Heather’s breast.

Heather moans at his touch. Mike, liking the reaction he received, starts to undo the buttons on Heather’s low cut sweater. He reveals a beautiful white lace bra, soon to be ruined by the animalistic way he rips it off her huge heaving tits. When her tits are exposed, he begins kneading one with his hand as he licks the nipple of the other. Slowly rolling his tongue around her hard nipple. Mike sucks as her chest swells beneath him. He bites at her nipple and Heather shudders with pleasure. He kisses and licks his way back up to Heather’s luscious lips.

As they continue to kiss, Heather undoes Mike’s zipper. She slowly slides off his pants and boxers to reveal a very hard, throbbing, wide, eight inch cock. She takes his huge dick into her hand and begins to stroke up and down slowly. Her free hand playing with his balls. Mike’s head rolls back with pleasure. SHe strokes harder and faster, but she doesn’t Sinop Escort Bayan want this to end quickly, so she stops. Mike looks at her in surprise. Then to his extreme pleasure, he watches her work her mouth down to his cock.

She begins by licking every inch of his dick. Flicking her tongue and blowing cool air on it. She strokes his dick as she licks his balls. Sucking on one and then the other. Mike enjoys watching and gently pulls Heather’s hair out of the way so that he can enjoy the view. Heather works her way back up, licking every inch of his shaft. She swirls her tongue around his swelling head. Mike moans with pleasure. She starts to take him into her mouth, a little at a time, barely sucking. Just enough for him to feel her warm mouth surrounding his sensitive cock. She sucks slowly.

Still playing with his balls with her free hand. As she works her way along his enormous cock, she sucks faster and faster, with more force. She can feel him about ready to explode his warm cum deep into her throat. So, she strokes as she sucks. He loves watching her beautiful lips work their way up and down his cock. But at this point his eyes are closed, his hands are running frantically through Heather’s hair. His hips are thrusting against her lips. And with a final loud moan, Heather feels his cum shoot into her mouth. She swallows it the best that she can, but some escapes her lips onto her face. Heather continues to suck gently as Mike lays back to relax. She lifts her head up and Mike wipes the cum off her chin and rubs it gently into her tits. Surprisingly, Mike’s huge erection doesn’t go down. It seems to get bigger.

Mike lays Heather down on the couch and kisses her again. She lifts up her skirt to reveal that she isn’t wearing any panties. She takes his hand and thrusts it between her legs. He runs his finger gently around her lips, teasing her. He starts rubbing at her swollen clit, making her back arch in desire. He inserts two of his fingers into her very tight pussy as he continues to rub her clit with his thumb.

The walls of her pussy contract around his fingers as they move in and out. Making her moan. She tells him to use another Escort Sinop finger. He is concerned about hurting her because she is so tight, but he realizes that he should stretch her out a little before thrusting his wide dick into her tiny hole. He fucks her with his fingers until he can feel her muscles contracting. Her hips pushing up against his hand. Her head rolling from side to side with pleasure. Her fingers clawing at his shoulders as she is brought to orgasm. She screams and her body relaxes. Her sweet juices all over Mike’s hand. She lifts his hand to her mouth to taste herself and licks his fingers clean. Then she kisses him so he can taste her too.

Mike’s cock is now throbbing again with desire for Heather. And she wants to feel his dick deep inside her. She gets down on her knees, bent over her couch. Mike slides in behind her. He has to work his way into her oh so tight pussy. As he slides himself fully in, Heather’s body shudders beneath him. He grabs onto her hips and starts pounding his huge cock in and out of her tight pussy. With one hand he grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her head back towards him. He uses the other to slap her ass. Heather pushes her ass against him as he thrusts himself so deep into her. She never felt pleasure so exquisite. She pushes herself into him as he thrusts into her, his balls smacking against her ass. She begins to feel her body start to tingle. She knows that she’s about to cum again. So she tells Mike to fuck her harder and he does. His dick nearly ripping her apart inside as drives his cock deep into her warm wet pussy.

Heather can do nothing but grab at the couch cushions. Clawing frantically as she begins to climax. She starts to scream. Mike gets so turned on by this that he thrusts faster as she continues to push into him. Heather feels all the muscles in her body contract and release and she lets out a scream. Mike realizes that she’s cumming again and he too can feel the pressure build up inside him. With one final deep thrust he shoots his warm cum deep into her now dripping pussy. Heather can feel it filling her. Mike thrusts in and out a few more times, enjoying Heather’s soft moans as he does so.

They lay back on the couch in their original position, naked now. Mike runs his hand through Heather’s soft hair as Heather runs her finger up and down his chest. It’s obvious to both of them now, that their friendship has reached a new level. It’s good to have friends like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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