Milk Duds Ch. 02

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After nearly three years my daughter returned home. She was just short of eight months pregnant and the baby she carried easily showed beneath her maternity top. She was also broke and without a husband. Even worse her boyfriend, the father of her baby, had deserted her only a couple of weeks earlier. He had called her fat and ugly and I found his statement hard to believe. Susan, my twenty-two year old daughter, couldn’t ever be considered ugly, not with her looks. As for fat, well, before becoming pregnant she couldn’t have weighed much over ninety pounds all nicely proportioned upon her very slender five foot seven inch frame. Now she tipped the scales at a whopping one hundred and ten pounds. Since my wife, her mother, had died some two years earlier, I was glad for the company of my daughter and the bringing back of a woman’s touch to my otherwise drab life.

“Oh, Daddy,” she sobbed into my chest when first coming home. “I thought Jeff was the one I could live my life with, have his children and together grow old.” She hugged me tightly pressing her body to mine.

“Shush, now little girl,” I said trying to sooth and comfort her. I wrapped my arms around her still slender body holding her tightly. “You’re home now and I’m sure everything will work out for the best. Has I ever let you down?”

“No, Daddy, and I’ll make sure you don’t regret my coming back home. I’ll keep your house just like Mom always did and fix your meals. All I ask for in return is a place to stay until the baby is born, then I’ll try and make other arraignments.”

“Nonsense,” I retorted. “You and my grandchild will be welcome in my home for as long as you both want. Now I’ll hear no more talk of you leaving again, well, at least not unless you find that right somebody with which to spend the rest of you life.” Even though we’d had our fair share of differences in the past I could no more turn her away than remove my now little used manhood. No, she and the baby would have a place to live for however long they wished.


Susan hadn’t been home with a week before she came to me with a request. At first I thought it odd, but settled on her request as being natural under the given circumstances.

“Daddy, would you be so kind as to rub this baby oil on my belly? The doctor says it will help keep my skin soft and reduce the possibility of ugly stretch marks after the baby is born.”

While I knew she could easily have done the task herself, how could I refuse the second love of my life, the first being her departed mother. She presented herself on the sofa lifting her maternity top up just below her blooming breasts to expose her swollen belly. I took the bottle and sat beside her filling the palm of my hand with the cool baby oil. Putting my hands together enough to warm the oil I placed them on her taught skin and felt the baby kicking. We both laughed as my hands suddenly jerked away before returning to her warm soft skin. While she could have done this task on her own, Susan and I had always shared an extremely close relationship with each other. Doing this seemed as natural as rubbing suntan lotion on her back in the summer. Besides, I suppose I should mention a certain attraction I’ve always felt for my only daughter.

“Mmmmm, Daddy your hands feel so nice,” Susan cooed as I began coating her with oil. “I’ve always loved the feel of your work roughened hands on my skin.”

Her skin was hot to my touch and just as soft as her buttocks had felt so many years before when I would change and powder her while changing her diapers Escort Bayan so many years before. As I gently rubbed the oil into her skin my hands drifted down to just above the top of the shorts she wore, then upwards stopping inches from the bottom of her bra. Susan had never come close to her mother’s ‘DD’ sized cup, but I could see she had now increased markedly and having always been a breast man I couldn’t help but feel a small amount of arousal. Still, I tried my best to keep my mind on the task at hand being careful to not come to close to her undergarment. My mind began to wander back over the years to when I would bath her and see her naked body so innocent and now I wondered just how much she had changed. I shook my head in disgust for thinking such thoughts and began to find the quickest way to end the current session.

“There you are my sweet little girl. All greased up and fit to slide out of bed if you’re not careful,” I chided.

“Oh, Daddy, are you done already?” she asked wistfully. “I was kind of hoping you would take longer. I know, could you rub my back as well? Having to carry all this extra weight makes it hurt something fierce.”

Because of the closeness we had always shared Susan didn’t hesitate to remove her top. I saw her bra was way to small as the cups dug deeply into her skin and when she unsnapped the strap from behind it sprung out enough to almost expose her breasts. At this point in her pregnancy she should have been wearing nursing bras of a much larger size.

“Tomorrow we go to the mall and get you a harness that really fits,” I said as she turned away enough to allow me access to her back. I saw the deep red marks the back strap had made as it had dug in almost as deeply as it had in front.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I don’t want you to have to spend any money on me, but Jeff wouldn’t listen when I begged for things that would fit. All I have now is what was given to me by girlfriends. I promise, I’ll make it all up to you and repay your expenses.” Her small frail body shook as a sob of despair overcame her.

“Now don’t you worry none about the expense. It will be my pleasure. Now relax and enjoy,” I said. My hands shook slightly as the touched the skin of her back.


Once again I felt the heat of her skin as my hands touched her back. I had poured more baby oil into my palms, warmed it and began to caress her back gently. From her neck, down her spine and lower to just above her maternity shorts I touched her reveling in the feel of her body. If only she knew, but I forced myself into check and kept myself tight and proper as any father should. Even at that my fingers managed to find their way to the outer swelling of her breasts briefly then quickly retracting. As I rubbed the oil into her skin Susan began to relax all the more and often my fingers would find their way to the outer edges of her breasts causing me great distress. Finally at one point when my fingers were lightly caressing her sides her hand found mine and drew them upward. I didn’t know, at first, what she was up to but quickly found out. It had to have been my lust, my desire to allow her to so easily move my hands from her lower sides and bring my hands to fully encompass her breasts. I was aghast with the feeling of the firmness of her, the nipples centered on each breast swelling up hard attempting to punch holes in the palms of my hands. Not only had they grown but now they were overly tight, but more firm than they first appeared.

“Here, Daddy,” Susan gasped pressing my palms hard to her chest. “Here’s Bayan Escort where I want your hands right now. Feel how my breasts have grown and become so full of what the baby will need, my milk. This is what pains me the most, my breasts filled and aching for relief. Would you mind all that much to help me, please?” her voiced fairly begged.

How could I refuse her plaintive request, her begging desire as I felt the heat of her body. As her hands forced my fingers to curl into her flesh, dig into her body I felt moisture coming from her and coating my hands. Instinctively I knew it was the beginnings of her lactating, her giving of milk from her mammary glands which would feed my grandchild. Something I hadn’t felt nor tasted for oh so many years when my wife had been pregnant. So many times I had suckled her breasts, drank of her milk while we made love and even after Susan was born I was nourished.

Susan’s hands released mine as she slowly turned to face me her body half naked. My eyes took in the wonder of her full breasts, my mouth watered to once again taste the fruit of a mother to be and drink my fill. I saw the skin of her breasts stretched taught, her nipples swollen and extended with drops of her fluid oozing forth. Hesitantly and with trepidation I lifted one hand to cup the firm globe she presented only to gently squeeze and be rewarded with two streams of her liquid spurting forth. It had cooled by the time it had soaked through my shirt which I quickly unbuttoned and removed. If I was to become covered with her milk I wanted it on my naked flesh to feel it’s heat.

“Yyyyeeessssssss, Daddy, squeeze my breasts and release my milk,” Susan panted. “Please don’t stop except to lock your lips to my nipples and suckle me. Let me feel you nursing from my breasts and drinking my milk. I want……….., no I need you to love me.”

At this point Susan pulled my mouth to her breast where my lips locked firmly on her extended nipple and began working to extract what I wanted and she wanted to give. She moved one hand over my chest toying with the gray hairs of my chest and lower until she pressed firmly against the all but rock hard bulge hidden within my jeans. Over and over she moved her hand up and down the length of the very aroused organ of my manhood as I suckled from her. I was breathless, unable to speak from my reluctance to let go her squirting nipple. What I now wanted was to feel her hands upon my hardness, gripping it firmly and bringing it to full flood. Her next move was expected, but not what she said.


“Daddy, I want to touch and feel of you. I want to have your cock in my hand, in my mouth and then in my cunt. I want to have you fucking me any way you want, just don’t stop draining my breasts and relieving the aching pressure. Drink of my milk and let me feel your hot hard cock buried deeply inside me.”

My pants were open as her hand slipped easily inside. Quickly her fingers found and encircled my throbbing organ gripping it tightly. Even before I was exposed fully she was stroking me bringing about that exquisite pleasure of near cumming. Letting go of me she reached down further to cup and fondle my very full and heavy balls filled with all the pent up cum not released by masturbation. Nothing short of true sex could ever really drain a man’s scrotum of his seed and it was rapidly becoming apparent Susan was bent on giving me that release.

“Oh, then don’t tease me further,” I gasped. “Take my cock between your lips and suck me as I have sucked you. Feel my balls full of my Escort cum and bring me to the ultimate release,” I pleaded with all the pent up lust of the years past.

Susan quickly helped me remove my pants to expose my rock hard throbbing organ. She grasped it tightly only to pause and study it’s burgeoning thick head and solid veined shaft whereupon her head swiftly moved down to allow her lips to engulf and encompass my growing need and desire. With one fell swoop her greedy mouth received and swallowed over half of my nine inches of male desire only to pause briefly before taking the remainder. My eyes grew wide at the wonder of her nose pressed firmly and deeply into my pubic hairs as I felt the swollen head embedded deeply down her throat. I nearly erupted as she swallowed giving me even more pleasure as her hand cupped and manipulated my sperm filled scrotum. Soon enough Susan was lifting her head laving my cock with her tongue until just the very head was firmly clamped between her tight lips and then down she went again. Over and over she repeated this action until I felt as if I would blast off the top of her head with my orgasm, but she sensed it coming and released me from her mouth.

“Now, Daddy, I want to feel you inside me. Give me all your hot hard wonderful cock filling my cunt while you milk my full tits. Daddy, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long and now I’ve going to have you fucking me.”

I have no idea when she shed her shorts but she was now fully naked. Susan quickly moved to swing her legs over the outside of mine as she kept her grip on my organ. She slipped two fingers inside her love hole bringing them out soaked with her inner juices offering them to me. I greedily sucked her fingers tasting of her body. She had taken hold of me to guide my pre-cum glistening cock to the entrance of her body. Feeling me at her opening she slipped the head barely inside her vaginal lips, pausing for a moment, then her body simply dropped. In an instant Susan was impaled having fully received all of my throbbing manhood.

“Oh, fucking shit yes, Daddy,” she wailed as I became seated as deeply inside her as could be done. “Yes, I feel your cock filling my cunt so full, now suck my breasts and drink my milk while you fuck me. Bite my nipples, squeeze my tits hard and fuck me even harder. Make me cum and then let me feel your cum filling me.”


It’s been four months now since my daughter gave birth. To say my grandson is the apple of my eye would be a gross understatement. I’ve spent so much time just being with him I nearly lost my job. Yeah, I’ve also spent a ton of money making sure he and my daughter Susan have everything they both need. Neither of us has ever heard from Jeff and as far as I’m concerned it would be in his best interest to never darken our lives again.

My grandson was named after me, but we just call him Trog Jr. Is that so unusual? Consider who did the most for him not to mention his mother. Susan and I have been sharing the same bed since two days after she moved back home, in case you wondered. Oh, yeah, I now get all the mothers milk I desire and hope after Jr. is weaned she will still provide. I’ve heard and read where women can keep giving mild for years after childbirth as long as they are suckled and I intend to keep suckling even when the milk is gone.

That’s about it folks, unless Susan again becomes pregnant. If she does it will be without doubt mine, her father’s child. What would that make me? A daddy and grandfather? Or what? You tell me.


If you desire to believe this story as true then more power to you. It’s really a work of fiction, the fruits of my vivid imagination. While the concept might be desirable, the reality is highly unlikely, but then who knows. Think what you will.

Yours, Trog.

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