Mindy’s Massage Ch. 13: Party Night

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The next night at eight thirty, Mindy and Brenda were on the way to the hotel where the party was happening. Mindy had heard from Jim that everything was on go, and after a quick dinner with Brenda and then getting the final touches of preparation, the two girls had left to drive over to the party. They arrived at the hotel at a few minutes before nine, and Mindy called Jim to let him know they were there. Jim told her to come on up to the room and she could hear a chorus of cheers from the guys behind his voice as he talked to her.

The two girls were dressed both in sundresses, with straps over their shoulders and short miniskirts to accent their beautiful, sleek thighs and taut calves tapering down to their perfectly pedicured feet in high heeled strappy shoes that showed off their sexy toes and gorgeously turned ankles. They both carried small purses and were resplendent in their beauty, hair perfectly coiffed and make up lightly applied to accent their own natural beauty. They were smiling and giggling together as they rode the elevator up to the floor, got off and walked to the room, knocked lightly on the door.

Jim opened it, and they stepped into a large room with two beds, and a sitting area. There was a big supply of spirits and beer and wine on the side table along with ice and cups. The guys were standing, gathering around the two girls, smiling and introducing themselves and shaking hands, patting shoulders, and basically just being horny guys with two girls they wanted to fuck. The girls were smiling back, flirting and touching lightly on the guys shoulders, chests, and arms, encouraging them to even more eagerness and horniness as they not only looked but smelled how good the girls were. The guys were all jockeying for position, gathered around the girls, while Jim stood back watching. One of the guys took drink orders and soon the girls were sitting on the edge of each bed with a guy on either side of them, laughing at the silly come-on antics of the guys and their jokes and flirting.

The guys were flirting hard, with hands on the smooth skin of the thighs of the two gorgeous girls, sliding over their silky skin and enjoying the female aura around them. They were all having a good time flirting, and Mindy and Brenda were sizing up the guys as they talked. Glenn seemed to be the leader and most dominant. Then the pecking order seemed to Brett and finally Chuck who was the oldest and the quietest of the three. They were all dressed similarly, slacks, and dress shirts unbuttoned at the throat, with typical dress shoes and socks. They all looked like typical business types who could have been hanging out at their local bar after a long day at work.

Glenn was sitting beside Brenda with Chuck on the other side of the gorgeous young girl. As they were talking, Glenn leaned over to kiss Brenda’s smooth silky skinned shoulder. She giggled and he told Chuck, “Wow, Chuck, that is so sweet. Tasty too.” Chuck immediately leaned in to kiss the other shoulder. He agreed with Glenn. The conversations continued.

Thirty minutes and two more drinks later, the girls were getting a lot more physical attention from the four guys. Glenn was sliding his hand up and down the inside of Brenda’s sleek thigh, reaching a little higher every time. Neither girl had worn panties, and Mindy watched as his hand finally reached into Brenda’s sweet little crotch, and he found nothing between his eager fingers and her freshly prepared, smoothly shaved and tiny lipped little pussy. As his fingers came into contact with her lips, she shuddered, and gasped, and Glenn caught his breath and groaned in eagerness.

They both looked at one another, and Mindy worried for a moment if Brenda could do it, but then Brenda leaned into Glenn and raised her head to press her lips to his mouth, and kiss him. Mindy could tell their tongues were tangling and their breathing was getting deeper as they kissed passionately. Brenda’s legs dropped open farther, and Chuck took the opportunity to slide his hand up her other thigh to join Glenn’s hand at her little mound, feeling her soft skin and hairless mound. Chuck gasped in awe as he fondled her. Brenda was starting to lie back on the bed, pulling Glenn with her, as Chuck sat watching along with Mindy and the other two guys.

Brenda lay all the way back, with Glenn moving over her to lean in and keep kissing her. Chuck was working with both hands to get Brenda’s skirt up past her hips to her waist, baring her lower body to everyone in the room. Brenda opened her legs wide to the attention of both male hands at her crotch. Then Chuck slid off into the floor and got between her open thighs to begin kissing his way up the insides of her thighs to finally close his mouth over her sweet little pussy. Brenda moaned loudly as his tongue slid through her open, wet slit and over the hardening little bud of her clitoris. Chuck was expertly licking and sucking her pussy while Glenn continued kissing her and using his hand to begin caressing her upper body through her dress. hatay escort

The two guys sitting by Mindy had been touching her legs and thighs also, while beginning to kiss her and caress her all over, with Jim letting Brett lead the way with her. His hand was up under her skirt and two of his fingers were sliding in and out of her hot, wet, soft pussy. Jim was kissing her shoulders and feeling her breasts through her dress. He finally reached to her back and unzipped her short zipper to let the dress sag open and the straps slide off her shoulders, baring Mindy’s hot body to her waist.

Mindy was already turned on, by their touch and watching Brenda being so obviously into what was happening to her. Mindy stood for a short second, letting her dress slide down her body to the floor, where she kicked it off along with her sandaled high heels. Naked, she settled back onto the bed, still watching Brenda and her two lovers. Glenn caught the action of Mindy removing her dress out of the corner of his eye, and he rolled Brenda toward him onto her side, and reached over her to slide her zipper down, releasing her upper body and then Chuck pulled her dress down and off the prone girl, along with her high heels, leaving her as naked as Mindy.

With both girls naked, the four guys were very excited. They were all pawing over the girls’ bodies, feeling all they could reach. Glenn left Brenda with Chuck working industriously on her pussy, and stood and began to undress. His shoes and socks, then his pants and shirt were disposed of quickly, leaving him in his underwear, which dropped quickly to the floor and revealed a rock hard, throbbing red penis, about seven inches long, with a large head and thick shaft, above low hanging, shaved balls that were bigger than average size and completely smooth and hairless.

He moved back to Brenda, and moved Chuck out of the way, then reached down to swing Brenda up onto the bed, letting her lie there, her legs open and her anticipation swelling inside her. Brenda could feel the ache inside her as he slowly lowered himself onto her, his legs pushing her thighs apart, and his hands and mouth caressing her taut breasts, sucking and pinching her hard pink nipples. He kissed down her body to her stomach, licking in and out of her navel, then working back up to kiss her mouth again, as he positioned himself to enter her vagina with his hard, bare cock.

Brenda gasped as she felt the hard head of his cock push against her tight little pussy. It began to open her slowly, and then she felt Chuck, reaching between them to hold her lips open and guide Glenn’s cock into her. She was shocked and taken aback but was too excited to respond, and in a way, it made her ever hotter. She wondered what would happen next, as she felt Glenn’s hardness sinking into her ever hotter pussy. Then it was in her, and Glenn was fucking her, his hard shaft sliding in and out, as he lifted and dropped his hips over her, pinching her nipples and reaching to kiss her, his tongue sliding into her open mouth. Their two tongues were twisting together as they kissed, and she could feel her whole body responding.

Then, Glenn raised up a little, and motioned to Chuck. Chuck leaned over Brenda and lowered himself to kiss her mouth, his tongue darting into it. It was different than Glenn, a different taste, a different feel, a different speed but Brenda found it exciting that one man was fucking her and another man kissing her. She responded by reaching out to the side to grasp Chuck’s belt, encouraging him. Chuck stopped kissing her, and as Glenn earlier, quickly stripped out of his clothes and rejoined them on the bed, naked. He was in good shape, but his penis was both shorter and thinner, but not small, only average size. He was as hard as Glenn, and his cockhead was throbbing and swollen and an angry red color as he once again leaned in to kiss Brenda.

Glenn was continuing to fuck her, slowly and methodically, his hardness sliding in and out, his whole body moving over and against her as they fucked. Brenda was responding and moving against him, starting to lift up to meet his thrusts with her own.

Mindy watched the other bed with interest and lust as did the other two guys. It was quite a show that was being put on by the three participants. Mindy was naked but they had basically stopped their activities except for some fingering of her hot pussy as they watched.

Glenn stopped stroking, rolled off Brenda toward the other side of the bed, and let Chuck slide into place on top of her. He immediately sunk his hard, bare cock into Brenda’s hot little pussy, sliding all the way in and beginning to fuck her in a rapid and jerky motion. It was totally different than Glenn and while in most situations, Brenda would not have liked it, the contrast between him and Glenn was exciting. She definitely could tell by feel that a different man was inside her and fucking her, now as fast as he could. She responded to his thrusts, letting her hips jerk up toward his harshatayota.com quick thrusts, letting him bury himself every time he thrust, deep as he could get into her. She felt him starting to get even jerkier, and he started gasping for air and grunting as he pounded her even harder. Brenda knew he was about to cum inside her and she reached around him to fondle his ass, and stroke his back as he fucked. She helped him all she could, as he cried out and began emptying his balls into her open slit, filling her as he could with his spunk.

She held onto him as he came, then he pulled away, slid lower and began to kiss his way down her hot body, her breasts, her flat tummy, her tender little navel, her widening hips until once again, he was over her hot, dripping pussy. He lowered his mouth and began to lick her clean, using his lips and tongue to get all the cum he could from her open pussy. She was amazed and totally turned on as he licked her, tasting her, and himself as he did so.

Glenn was lying on his side, watching in amusement as Chuck cleaned her up very well. Then Chuck moved off the bed and took a position at the foot of the bed, watching as Glenn motioned her to get up, and let him lie down, his hardness sticking up way from his body, and then he motioned Brenda to straddle him, and she did, sinking back onto his hard cock, letting it slip back into her now slick pussy, feeling him enter her and fill her much more than Chuck had. She felt her body respond and she began to rise and fall on him, letting his cock slide in and out of her. He was lying on his back, legs spread, and she was straddling him, facing him, leaning forward to lean down to kiss him and touch him as they fucked.

Then, Brenda became aware of Chuck crawling in between her legs, his face coming closer to the union of the two bodies, where Glenn’s penis entered her vagina. Chuck leaned in, and began to kiss Brenda’s perfect ass cheeks, gradually getting closer until he was licking her tiny asshole. He licked over it then lower, and he began to kiss and lick the her pussy slit and parts of Glenn’s cock as it entered and slid out of her. Brenda couldn’t tell what all he was doing but it felt good and it was beyond anything that she had ever experienced before. She was burning inside in passion, as it continued.

Mindy could see what Brenda couldn’t. Chuck was not only licking her asshole and pussy but also all over the shaft of Glenn’s cock as it slid out of her and his balls, taking them into his mouth and sucking them like a woman would do for a man. Mindy was a little shocked and amazed but also, in the heat of the moment, very turned on. She reached for Brett’s belt and he stood to quickly shed his clothes too. She motioned for Jim to do the same, and soon all three of them were naked. Jim had a large cock, thick and fairly long, but Brett was huge. His cock was long and thick, hard and swollen.

Mindy had had bigger but it was worthy of the porn industry. It was uncircumcised and as she watched, the head was swollen and peeking out of the foreskin as he sat beside her. She continued to watch the show on the other bed as she reached over to stroke the loose foreskin up and down on Brett’s cock and used her other hand to gently caress Jim’s hard penis too. They both were doing the same as her as she stroked them, watching the activities on the other bed.

Now, Glenn had Chuck lying on his back head to the foot of the bed, and Brenda was straddling his face where he had access to her pussy. Glenn had entered her from behind and was stroking her pussy as Chuck licked and sucked both her clit and also any part of Glenn’s dick he could reach and occasionally would lick and suck Glenn’s balls into his mouth. This went on for quite a while, with Brenda moaning and writhing from the dual onslaught of both men on her little cunny, Chuck’s mouth and Glenn’s cock. Together, they brought her to the brink of orgasm, her whole body quivering inside and trembling as she thrust back against Glenn’s strokes, which had become harder and faster, as she reached the point of no return and fell over the edge, her body exploding in ecstasy, her toes curling and her hands clenching the sheets as she came and the sensations washed over her. She felt like a thousand feathers were tickling her and a thousand needles pricking her all at the same time as she came.

Just as she was starting to come down from the peak, Glenn grunted loudly, cried out, grasped her hips strongly in his hands, buried his cock deep into her, and with Chuck holding his balls in his mouth, came into Brenda’s pussy, He filled her with a huge load of his hot, sticky, white cum, and as it dripped out, Chuck caught it as he could with his mouth, licking up what he missed if he could reach it. Once Glenn retreated, pulling out of Brenda, his cock, which was starting to soften, dropped down and Chuck took it into his open mouth, cleaning it and licking it all over until there was nothing left of any bodily juices of either Glenn or Brenda on it. Then he moved up to lick Brenda’s cunny, cleaning it all over, and having her sit up straight over his face, letting anything in her drip down to leave her body and enter his mouth. When he was finally done, Brenda collapsed onto the bed beside Chuck, resting in her afterglow. She was totally spent, at least for the time being.

On the other bed, the three there had started playing, with Mindy sucking Jim’s cock on her hands and knees as Brett’s huge cock plunged into her from behind. Mindy was very turned on after watching the display on the other bed, and was thoroughly enjoying both ends of her business as it progressed. Her little mouth was working over Jim, her lips and tongue creating huge highs of pleasure inside his passion racked body as she sucked him, occasionally taking the time to thoroughly lick and suck his balls as he lay in front of her. From behind her, Brett was thrusting his huge bare cock into and out of her hot, wet, horny little pussy like a big piston. She was feeling it all through her body as he pumped into her. She could feel his hands reaching to feel her full breasts, and fondle her sweet butt, and all the soft, silky skin on her back, her butt, her stomach, her thighs. He was grunting and groaning as he fucked her.

It was rough, and hard thrusting but it felt good to Mindy, who was in her total slut mode, willing to do anything for a thrill. She moaned, too as he reamed her little cunny, filling her so tightly she thought she could feel her little pussy turning inside out as he withdrew, just from the suction of his huge cock pulling out of her. She loved it.

For the rest of the evening, sex filled the room. Each girl was fucked by each guy in turn, with the two girls taking a turn at each other for some very hot and exciting lesbian sex, both for the guys watching and for the two totally wanton and turned on girls. Mindy got to have the same experience as Brenda with Glenn and Chuck working on her in unison as they had with Brenda and Brenda got to feel the effects of Brett’s huge cock inside her as he fucked her. Jim wasn’t neglected either as he got to play with both girls.

A little after midnight, the two girls, tired, wobbly and used, but thoroughly sated and happy, were handed each a white envelope that slid into their collective purses as they left. The guys were all smiling and collapsed on the beds as the girls walked out, except for Jim, who showed them out and was falling all over himself thanking them for showing his clients such a great, exciting and passionate time. Once in the car, Brenda started digging for her envelope but Mindy cautioned her to not open it until they were away from the grounds of the hotel, just in case anyone might have been suspicious and was watching them.

Once away from the location, Mindy told her it was ok, and Brenda opened the envelope to find twenty crisp one hundred dollar bills in it. She started giggling wildly, “Mindy, that’s so much money, and I got paid for doing that? It was so wild and fun. Holy crap. Now I understand why you do it. It’s fun. Do guys do each other like that a lot?”

Mindy shook her head no, “That’s never happened before with me. Well, once a little bit but nothing like that. I was shocked, but it was kind of a turn on in a way.”

Brenda laughed, “It was a turn on. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I wonder if Chuck sucks Glenn’s dick when they’re alone?”

Mindy laughed at her friend. “I don’t know. Maybe but it may only be when they are both on the same girl. I don’t know.”

Brenda giggled all the way to Mindy’s apartment. and the two girls talked about how twisted some men are and how they liked everything they had done that night. While talking, Mindy checked her messages, and there was one from Frank, and one from Josh. Mindy’s heart sank a little. She knew Frank would understand and not question her, but what would she tell Josh about where she had been or what she had been doing. It was back to real life and her issues for Mindy.

The next afternoon found her on a secluded beach at the big local lake with Frank. There were very few people there and he was in swim trunks and she in her tiny bikini, lying on a huge beach sheet watching the boats out on the lake and the few people moving around both on the beach and on the boats. Frank laughed and pointed out a speed boat going by, with two girls standing in plain view, topless, their breasts exposed for all to see. Mindy smiled too, as the two girls yelled and waved at them. She and Frank waved back, and then Mindy asked Frank a question she had been wondering about for a long time. “How do you know so much about how to meet girls for pay for play, and know so many guys that meet me? I’ve always wondered.”

Frank looked at her, smiled a very small smile and spoke softly. “Well, Mindy, before there was you, I got around a lot. There’s a whole subculture of girls and guys who participate and since the internet, they’ve been finding one another and even socialize together when they can. I’ve met a bunch of them by seeing girls and mixing at the socials. I know a lot of the guys, and have been with a lot of the girls. I’m not a babe in the woods about this stuff.”

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