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My name is Susan and my husband Charles, we are both 25 years old and have been married for one year. Recently Charles has been very depressed and He lost his job when the company moved to Malaysia. Lately his performance in bed has been sub-par and , in fact, he can’t get it up most of the time. We feared he was becoming impotent but the doctor said the problem wasn’t physical and suggested he visit a psychiatrist.

We found a discount psychiatrist and made an appointment together. After explaining the problem to psychiatrist Dr. Bill Cooper, Dr Bill suggested we have separate appointments but that we both waive, when necessary, doctor-patient confidentiality so that he could share test results and insights in order that I might be able to intervene and to help Charles in-between appointments. Charles agreed.

After Charles’ first session with Dr. Bill, the doctor called me in to my first appointment. He said,

“I think I have found the root of the problem with Charles. I hypnotized him and he revealed some of his deepest secrets and those issues are causing the impotence. I’ll share them with you because I think you can help out in resolving them and in curing Charles. You should sit down.”

I was seated and pretty alarmed at what he said next.

“Charles has a strong lingerie fetish and has a deep desire to cross-dress.”

“Oh, no,” I replied. “He’s a homosexual?”

Dr. Bill continued,

“No, no. Relax, Susan. This deviation is fairly common and has different degrees. These patients fall into 4 categories. The first is those men who actually want to be women and want sex-change operations. The second are men who desire sex with cross-dressers. They convince themselves that they are not gay because the transvestites they desire look like women. These men are homosexuals in denial. The third category are transvestites who get sexual satisfaction from cross-dressing but who are either heterosexual or bisexual. Charles is none of these. He falls into category 4–a fetish which becomes an obsession, a fantasy which remains unfulfilled and therefore increases until it disables normal activity. This can be corrected and you, as wife, can be especially helpful in correcting the problem.”

You see, growing up Charles was the youngest child in the family with three older sisters all close in age to him. He remembers family life and life at school when he first noticed girls getting breasts and wearing bras, and then nylons, etc… He recalls the conversations in his home when each sister wanted to wear nylons, make up, heels and his mother and father saying they weren’t old enough yet until finally each sister got permission to be more mature and lady-like and wear those things. He noted how happy they were. He felt left out and rejected since boys don’t do those things. He never experienced those feminine milestones and was jealous of them. Later he got into sports, high school life, discovered dating and the desire for lingerie was put deep into his subconscious and he forgot about them…until now. With time on his hands accompanied by mild depression they came back to his conscious mind and that is why he is the way he is today. It’s a case of unfulfilled fantasy frustration. But, don’t worry. I know how we can reverse this attitude and get him back on track..

Here’s how you can help. Most patients with unfulfilled fantasy frustration syndrome build up the fantasy in their heads until it appears more exciting and attractive than it actually is in reality. Those who finally can no longer resist and go on to actually fulfill the fantasy find out that the fantasy doesn’t live up to the hype. They remember the reasons why they never tried it-the shame, the peer pressure, societal norms. Once that happens they throw the fantasy away on the trash heap with a sense of guilt and that prevents recurrence. After that they return to normal.”

Here’s what to do: I have given him a post-hypnotic suggestion-whenever you say the words “Please darling,” he will be triggered to obey your every instruction. You will know he is compliant because he will respond “Yes, dear.” In your marital and sexual relations arrange for him to cross dress using whatever ploy you can think of. He will probably get an erection but don’t have intercourse with him. At most, give him release orally or manually. After that happens leave him cross dressed until he asks to undress. That’s the sign that he feels ashamed, guilty and realizes that the fantasy was a big disappointment. That should correct the problem and cure him. After you have done that, call and we’ll see about follow-up appointments.

I thanked Dr. Bill and was determined to try this therapy on Charles as soon as possible.

That evening when we went to bed I wore a very sexy negligee which I could see Charles admiring however it did nothing to get him aroused.

My attempts at foreplay with him fell flat. I decided to change the tone and said,

“You know Charles, your inability to perform is leaving me extremely istanbul escort frustrated. I deserve to be fucked like a woman should be. I think the least you could do is to lick my pussy and get me satisfied that way.”

He agreed and positioned himself between my legs and began to lick. After a minute I, acting annoyed, said. “My God, Charles, you are doing it all wrong. It’s not doing anything for me. Licking pussy is an acquired art that must be learned. Do I have to train you? …Yes, I think I shall have to train you on how to please my pussy with your tongue.”

Charles naturally agreed .

I continued,

“You know Charles, it is a very big day in a young lady’s life when she wears her first bra. They usually don’t have breasts large enough to fill a regular bra so they wear what are called “training bras.”

Charles looked puzzled with the change of conversation. I decided to use the hypnotic trigger and said, “Please, darling.”

He immediately responded,, “Yes, dear.”

I knew that the post-hypnotic suggestion had taken effect.

I then said to him, in an authoritative tone of voice,

“I suppose it is an even bigger day in a young man’s life when he wears his first bra. That day is today for you. Since you will be undergoing pussy licking training, I think you should wear a training bra. The problem is that those bras come in small sizes and would never fit you. So, since you are an athlete and a very sporty guy I bought you a sports bra to wear. Put it on for me…now.”

He did so right away.

Then he got between my legs and I directed him in his licking. “A little faster, a little to the right, longer licks,” etc.

He began to improve and eventually I had a strong orgasm.

I said,

“That’s better, Charles. Nice job for a beginner. It’s a shame you didn’t come. You know it is a very big day in a young lady’s life when she wears her first pair of nylons. It’s probably an even bigger day in a young man’s life. Today is that day for you. Please darling, put on these pantyhose I bought especially for you. They’re not mine. They’re yours, pantyhose of your very own. Would you like to put them on for me?”

He replied immediately. “Yes, dear.”

As he put them on, I teased, “Aren’t they lovely? So smooth and silky? Don’t you just love the way they feel on you? Cross your legs. Now uncross them and recross the other way. Do you feel the way they caress your cock and balls? Don’t you just love that feeling?”

He answered, “Yes, Susan, it’s fantastic. I love my pantyhose. Thank you so much.”

I noticed he was beginning to sport an erection and I said, “Honey you’re getting a boner. I can see your boner growing in your pantyhose. Let me see. I want to touch it. Oh my, my. Doesn’t it feel good when I caress your cock through that sheer nylon? How about when I fondle your balls? Yes, I can see that you love this and your cock is responding positively.”

He was in heaven. I continued to caress his cock and not long thereafter it exploded shooting cum into his pantyhose in large quantities. As he lay there in ecstasy. I changed the tone hoping to seize the moment to impose some shame.

“Charles, you know, you are really naughty to have done such a decadent thing. Wearing a bra and pantyhose in front of your wife and then cumming in your pantyhose. Aren’t you a bit ashamed of yourself? Do you know any other men who wear bras? Who wear nylons? Who love it so much that they come in their pantyhose? What would the girls at your old office think? What would the men think?

You have made such a mess in your pantyhose. Do you want to take them off and wash them out?

“Yes,” he replied and took them into the bathroom. I could hear the sink water running. I left him a few minutes and returned to the bathroom and said,” Charles I want you to think about this evening and I want you to think about just why you are standing there hand-washing your pantyhose. When you’re done, wring them out and hang them on the towel bar next to mine.”

I hoped that seeing them the next morning would renew in Charles his sense of shame about the evenings activities.

The next morning I arose first and went to the kitchen and had my coffee thinking of how successful last night’s scene had gone. I couldn’t wait to call Dr. Cooper’s office and set an appointment to tell him the good news that Charles had fulfilled his obsessive fantasy and that the shame and disappointment had cured him…But it was too soon to sing victory. When I went upstairs I found him in the bathroom wearing his sports bra and putting on his pantyhose. He said, ” Susan, all the cum washed out, and they’re already dry.”

I was crest-fallen. I didn’t know what to say.

I told him, “Come here. I want to check something.”

Looking at his heel I noticed a small run had begun.

Acting very upset, I said, “You naughty boy, you put a run in your nylons. If you are going to prance around wearing pantyhose you should escort bayan be wearing shoes. Do you want me to buy you some ballerina flats? Please darling…”

He responded, “Yes, dear.”

I continued, “Please darling, take off those pantyhose and your bra right now and get dressed like a real man.”

He did so.

I called Dr. Cooper and got an appointment for myself that same day to announce the bad news that the cure had failed and that Charles still wanted to wear lingerie.

After I related the disappointing results of my intervention with Charles, Dr. Bill was sympathetic and explained why it didn’t work out as planned. He said,

“First, Susan, you combined two different issues-pleasing you and his crossdressing compulsion. He naturally assumed that the crossdressing pleased you and since he loves you wanted to make you happy. He has faith in you and trusts you. Second, while I know you intended the contrary-to reinforce shame and guilt-the idea of having him wash out the pantyhose and hang them to dry led him to believe that you wanted him to wear them again. Naturally, he put them on the next morning…Let’s reassess the situation before we take the next step. I think we need to remove you from the situation or, at least, have you in a diminished role for now. I have a colleague, Dr. Emily Price, whose practice specializes in gender conditions. All of her patients are either transsexual candidates, transvestites, transgenders and also the ambiguous and confused. I recommend we call her in for a consultation. She is far more experienced than I in these matters and is completely equipped for this type of patient. I think that wearing lingerie in front of a total stranger, especially a woman, would have a far different effect on Charles. Plus, Dr. Price knows the lingo and probing questions and comments to use on Charles to elicit the clearest results. I’ll have my secretary call her and see if we can get an appointment for Charles as soon as possible. “

Dr. Bill again expressed his opinion that he thought Charles was a category 4, fantasy fulfillment frustration case and not anything more complicated than that. We made small talk and he told me that he wanted to cure Charles soon because he was going on vacation in 10 days time. Before I left his office the secretary came in and said that Dr. Price was very busy but could see Charles at our home this evening on her way home because she lives not far from our address. Dr. Bill said that I should have Charles in his bra and pantyhose when she arrived.

On the way home, I stopped and bought a new pair of pantyhose for Charles (since he had run his first pair) and also picked up a pair of women’s shoes for him with a very low heel.

When I arrived home I said to Charles, “Please darling.” He replied, “Yes, dear.” I continued, ” Dr. Bill has made you an appointment with Dr. Price who will be seeing you this evening. She has agreed to make a house call because she is a close friend of Dr. Bill. I want you to cooperate with her and do everything that she tells you to do. Do you understand?”

He nodded affirmatively. Then I told him,

“Since you were such a naughty boy yesterday and since you ruined your nylons, I bought you a new pair. The shade is “Nude and Naughty” which is perfect for such a naughty boy like you. Also, so that you can prance around the house without ruining them, I bought you these shoes to wear. Aren’t they cute? They’re black, which goes with everything and the heel is low enough for you to handle. Since you are learning to be my pussyboy I thought it only appropriate for me to buy you these shoes because they’re called “kitten heels.”

I went into the kitchen and made myself a drink. It had been a long day and I needed to relax.

That evening Dr Emily Price arrived. She was carrying a small suitcase. I opened the door. She said<

“Hello, you must be Susan. I am Emily Price and I am here to examine our naughty boy.”

I showed her in and called Charles in to meet her. He resisted at first to appear before a stranger dressed in his bra, pantyhose, and kitten heels but he reluctantly came into the living room.

After introductions, Dr. Emily spoke to Charles.

“My but aren’t we a naughty boy!”

Charles blushed but remained silent.

Dr. Emily asked me why he was dressed that way and I replied,

“Charles is training to be my pussy boy.”

She exclaimed, “Isn’t that nice. He must be a good, loving husband. So, Susan, what is the problem?”

I answered, “He can’t get hard unless he is wearing nylons and yesterday he was so aroused he came in his pantyhose. Then, the next morning he put on his pantyhose again and even put a run in them. I bought him a new pair as well as those shoes.”

Dr. Emily turned to Charles and said, “Is that true, Charles? You know that what you did really is very naughty. Only very naughty pussy boys come in their pantyhose. Susan, isn’t that shade “Nude and Naughty? and aren’t those Pendik escort kitten heels? Perfect choices.”

She continued saying, “Susan I am a bit concerned and will have to examine Charles in depth, give him a practical examination, and run some tests.. Are you sure he isn’t a sissy?”

I replied, “Dr. Cooper doesn’t seem to think so.”

She said, “Well, I’ll be the judge of that. Dr. Cooper has asked me for my observations and to provide an evaluation and diagnosis. I think it best that you absent yourself for an hour or two, during my examination.”

She walked me to the door and asked me to go out and buy a pair of open-toed high heeled pumps in Charles’ size.

Before leaving, I mentioned to her that Charles had finished all the pills prescribed by Dr. Cooper and that if she wanted Charles to continue taking them he would need a new prescription. She said that her office works with a 24 hour pharmacy and that she would order a refill to be delivered.

I left. Later, Dr. Emily told me everything that transpired in my absence. Which went like this:

Susan, I spent two hours with your husband. She started by saying

“Well, Charles you certainly have fabulous legs. They look so nice in nylon. You know, it really is a shame that you come in them when you wear them. I think I know why. You really love wearing them, don’t you? I can tell by the way you’re blushing that you do. That’s okay. The sensuous feel of nylon on your balls and your cock must be lovely for a man, even for a pussyboy. But we can’t have you ejaculating in pantyhose all the time. It’s not only unmanly, it’s messy. I think I have a solution. Here in my bag I have these fabulous 100% nylon, 10 denier, flat knit off-black ultra-sheer seamless nylon stockings. Wearing these will allow you to squirt in precise directions without getting them full of cum. Of course, you will wear them with this very pretty lace-trimmed black satin garter belt. It’s good that you’re not a hairy guy but I do think you should shave your legs anyway because these nylons are so sheer they will feel better on your pretty legs. So why don’t you go to the bathroom, take off your pantyhose, and shave your legs, darling.”

Charles went off to do so and returned to me.

I helped him attach the garter belt and then I said, “You know, Charles, these stockings have sheer-toes. It would look so much nicer if we painted your toenails with a lovely shade of red. Wouldn’t you like that? Yes, let’s do it.”

As I painted his toenails we had time to chat. I said,

“Charles, isn’t it nice to feel all girly and feminine? I can tell you enjoy the experience. Have you ever wondered, just out of curiosity, what you would look like as a girl? With your build, and features I think you would be gorgeous Would you like to give it a try while Susan is gone?

Charles said, “Okay, why not?”

His toenails were dry and so I continued,

“Charles, that garter belt came with a matching bra and sexy little panty. Let’s get that silly sports bra off you and put you in this real woman’s under wire push-up bra. Oh yes, darling, that has such allure and is so sexy. Doesn’t that bra feel wonderful? You look fabulous in it. Now, let’s try the panty. “

Charles was lost in dreamland enjoying the girliness and sensuous feel of his new outfit. “Now put on the nylons but be very careful and gentle putting them on.” I said.

As he did this I watched as he crossed and re-crossed his legs and then caressed his thighs while admiring his pedicure. I picked up my cell phone and called the pharmacy to re-order Charles’ prescription for delivery. I said,

“Just for security, what is the name of your delivery person? I won’t open the door in a patient’s house unless I know…Oh, okay, I know Jimmy. That’s fine.”

I had Charles stand up and look at himself in the mirror. He was obviously very happy with his appearance. That’s when I said, “You know Charles, every pretty girl has a pretty little black dress. I brought this one for you. Would you like to put it on. Okay, that’s what I thought. Let me zip you up.

Looks fabulous, don’t you think?”

He replied, “Oh, thank you Dr. Em. I love the dress. I love all this stuff.”

That’s when I said,

“Now just a few finishing touches. Let’s give you some blush, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara to perfect your sexy look.”

A short while later his face looked very feminine, even sultry.

For the final touch I said,

“Charles, you need jewelry, a necklace and some earrings. Clip earrings are so tacky. No girls wear them anymore. Let’s pierce your ears so that you can wear the most elegant earrings like these long, gold, dangly ones. Is that okay? If you stop wearing earrings the piercings will close and not be noticeable at all.”

He agreed and pierce his ears with my trusty piercing gun. Then, I put the earrings on through the new holes.

He looked like a woman. As a transvestite he would be totally passable anywhere with a bit of training in mannerisms, walk, and gestures.

I handed him a lipstick which matched his toenails and told him that girls always put on their own lipstick. He walked over to the mirror and slowly applied his lipstick and loved the way he looked.

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