More Lessons with Kelli Ch. 04

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No Hands

Writers Note: Changes and more changes, but they are all for the good.

The big day arrived and it was time for me to make my final break with being a man. Kelli worked close to the town that we decided to locate the new store in and had checked out several places on her lunch breaks. Like too many small towns these days, there are plenty of empty storefronts, lots of them needed too much work, and some, the landlords were asking for rents that were just stupid considering how bad the economy is. But we finally settled on one that had been a clothing store at one point. It was three times larger than my old store, but the rent was only going to be a little higher. The place had dressing rooms, lot of built in shelves on the walls, and plenty of storage in the back along with an office area. Since we both had an interest in vintage lingerie, I was going to be selling vintage women’s clothing of all kinds and this was the perfect place to do that.

Several weeks before I filed the paperwork to get my name legally changed to Elaine. When Kelli changed her name, she had taken a new last name and I used that one as well. The process was going to take several months but at least it was in the works. For the time being, Kelli had the landlord put her name on the lease as well as the bank and utility accounts for the store. We rented it early in the month, which gave us time to do some cleaning, and painting as well as getting the landlord in for a few repairs. At the old store, I advertised a going out of business sale which got rid of a fair amount of inventory and a few days before moving day, I boxed up the rest of the merchandise that I didn’t want any more and took that to a local auction. I had worked late every night for a few weeks, other than the night that Beth and Jenna had come to visit with us, and Kelli helped me in the evenings and on the weekends.

Ann drove down on Friday evening and she was in a really foul mood. Not so much at us, but it didn’t take a genius to see that something was really bugging her. She seemed really out of sorts and her comments were at times nastier than usual. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was and neither could Kelli as we talked about it before going to sleep. I really hoped that she was going to be out of it by the next day because with everything else to deal with, having to put up with a load of crap from her wasn’t going to sit well at all. Jenna and Beth joined us early in the morning although Beth was in Tim mode for the day and I was in my man dress as well for the very last time.

Jenna introduced Tim to Ann and she said, ” Finally, a real man! This is going to be fun tonight!”

He looked over at me and smiled, but he had been warned about her and didn’t answer her, and we still hadn’t said anything to Ann about Tim turning into Beth once this was all done. I rented a truck and it took two trips to get the store cleaned out, but I was really glad that Jenna and Tim were there to help with the heavy stuff. Ann bitched, helped a little, and bitched some more, but she was more or less along for the ride. I heard her ask Kelli why we just didn’t get a moving company to do all of this and I was going to let her have it, but Kelli moved her away from me. When all that was done, the last trip there was to give the old place a good cleaning and call the landlord, who after making a quick trip through, gave me a check for my deposit as I handed him the keys. By then it was getting near suppertime and after returning the rental truck, we headed back to the house.

Kelli and I decided that it was going to be too much to go out after a hard day’s work and everybody, well except Ann, agreed so after we got home, we all showered and changed into nicer clothes. I put on a nice skirt and blouse combination, with a matching light blue bra and panties underneath and finished it off with sheer stockings. Kelli went with a casual dress and the same color lingerie as I was wearing. Ann was already waiting downstairs in a tight top and slacks and we started making supper. Kelli and I are good cooks and it is something that we always have fun doing. A few minutes later Jenna walked in wearing one of her mini-dresses and was followed by Beth. She had on a short, light yellow dress with small flowers that flared out at the center of her ass and had buttons all the way down. She had done something with the false boobs that I had given her because her breasts while not overly large did have a pronounced bump to them. Jenna had done her hair and makeup and like me, she had a fresh coat of polish on her fingernails. I saw the tops of white stockings as she sat on one of the stools and all in all, she really looked great.

Ann looked at her, then looked at me, looked back at her and said, “Son of a bitch, you guys could get the Pope to wear a bra and panties!”

I looked and her and replied, “I heard that he does!” which brought a round of laughter, then I said to Beth, “That is a very pretty dress.”

Beth Pendik Türbanlı Escort replied, “Thank you. I found this and a couple of other things at a church rummage sale for two dollars each.” She laughed and added, “Of course they were a present for my twin sister.”

“Good deal,” I replied.

“That’s a pretty dress,” Ann said in a very cocky voice, “Listen to these two, they are worse than a couple of high school chicks!”

Which I sort of expected, but I let it pass and while she kept it up the whole time as we made and then ate supper, I decided to ignore her. Afterwards we had fun instructing Beth in the proper way to wash and dry dishes like a lady. We have a dishwasher but rarely use it since it just the two of us most of the time. Beth and I flirted with each other, which got some looks from Ann, but she didn’t make any comments. Later out in the living room, Kelli and I got out our guitars and played a few songs and did a couple of duos that we had worked up. She passed her guitar to Beth who played a couple of songs as well and she does have a somewhat female sounding singing voice. Beth and I then jammed on a couple of songs and it was a lot of fun although Ann was doing her bored act through most of it.

We had a couple of rounds of drinks but Kelli gave Ann a dirty look when she went for her third. The second time that she had come to visit us and before we started going out with Jenna, Ann got really hammered one night and I mean sloppy drunk. We had to help her upstairs, Kelli undressed her and we hoped that she didn’t decide to throw up all over the bed and room, which she didn’t. The next morning at breakfast, Ann had the hangover from Hell and Kelli told her, that while she really liked having her visit, that getting drunk like that wasn’t going to be allowed. Ann grumbled and growled but she agreed not to do it again. But I was in charge of keeping our bar stocked and knew that the fresh bottle of Ann’s favorite brand of tequila was almost always empty after one of her visits and Kelli knew as well.

Before we went upstairs, Kelli got three nicely wrapped boxes from the hall closet and gave one to each of them. She had ordered corsets and all of the other accessories for them as thank-you gifts for helping us from the same place that she had gotten ours from. She even ordered new ones for us, mine was lavender with the same color trim and hers was white but with lavender trim and accessories.

The one she got for Jenna was red with black, which got a loud, “Oh yeah!” from her.

Beth’s was all pink and Kelli told the lady to make it like she usually did with the breasts exposed but to then add bra cups which could be removed if she ever got real breasts. Ann’s corset was dark green all around which according to Kelli was her favorite color and Ann said that she did have a few corsets but nothing as nice as this one.

She looked at Kelli and said, “Thank you sis, this is so beautiful,” and it sounded like someone else was talking because it was really genuine, but she spoiled it when she added, “Am I going to be fucking hot tonight!”

We put the guitars away, turned off the lights and headed upstairs. Beth and Jenna got dressed in the third bedroom that we had set up and Ann was over in her usual room. We told them to wait until we called for them because we liked taking our time getting ready. I had already done my nails earlier to match the corset and Kelli did my makeup a little heavier than usual. Our perfume was strong and a touch of it went between both of our breasts and down in our pubes. I went to the door and told them to come over. Ann had already gone to their bedroom and she walked out of it leading Beth by her cock and Beth just shook her head when our eyes met. We had told them how to fix their hair on top but Beth’s hair isn’t as long as the rest of us, so Jenna put her bun in the back instead of on top, but she still looked very sexy as she walked in. Jenna was just stunning in red and black and Ann, well despite what I thought about her, had a beauty in the green one that went way beyond just being hot.

Ann had brought her cell phone with her and said that we should get a family portrait, but knowing how many photos and videos of her were floating around the Internet, I said no way and everyone agreed with me. She got a little pushy about it, well that is until Jenna nicely reminded her about how fragile cell phones could be, so Ann gave up and handed it to her. I nodded with my head towards where our dressers were and she walked over and put it in the top drawer. Ann had already decided that she wanted first shot at Beth, so still holding his cock, she led him over to the bed.

After their last visit, Beth and I started chatting online when she had some time during the day. I filled her about what to expect with Ann and what I thought of her in general, some of which I never would have said in front of Kelli. I also told Beth about the trick that I used on Pendik Otele Gelen Escort her, where I would get her close a number of times but I wouldn’t bring her off until she was ready to explode, which she hadn’t heard of before. But Jenna knew that we were talking, as did Kelli, and Jenna was more than willing to let Beth practice on her. So Beth was ready for Ann when they got in the bed.

After one time where Beth had done that trick while eating her, Ann looked over at me and in a nasty voice asked, “What are you two? Fucking twins?”

But I was busy making love to both Jenna and Kelli and I really wasn’t paying much attention to what was happening on that side of the bed. The three of us got in to a triangle with my face at Jenna’s pussy, her face was between Kelli’s legs and she was sweetly licking my cock. After both of them climaxed they switched and Kelli nestled her pussy to my lips and Jenna took over on my cock. There was a lot of hand action as well and at one point I felt Jenna slid a spit-moistened finger into my ass. When the ladies climaxed a second time, we got untangled and Jenna decided that they would start off on their knees. I lubed both of them and my cock and starting with Jenna, I screwed her until she came, moved over to Kelli, then it as back to Jenna. They got on their backs, I made love to Kelli for a while then got on Jenna and shot my first load of the night deep inside as Kelli’s fingers played with the both of us. About that time I heard Ann go off on a pretty wild climax and I figured that they were done as well.

Ann’s way of saying thank you was to tell Beth, “Nice cock,” and that was it.

Jenna went over to clean up Ann and Kelli got behind her and licked up my sperm. Beth and I got into our sixty-nine position and spent some time soft sucking.

I heard Ann and Jenna climax at about the same time, then Ann looked over at us and in that cocky voice said, “Will you look at the lovely pair of cock suckers.”

I slowly counted to ten but not out loud, and decided for what had to be at least the twentieth time, that I wasn’t going to ruin the mood of evening by getting into it with her. We fooled around for a while, then I went to the bathroom to get one of my pills. The girls were still playing so we got back to our bit of fun. Beth was already hard but it took a while for mine to come back. Once it did, Kelli came over to where we were, then as I moved over to Ann, Jenna joined Beth and Kelli as well.

I kissed Ann for a bit and the first words out of her mouth were, “And don’t think of trying anything cute!” in the same nasty voice that she had used all weekend.

Despite an overwhelming desire to do just that, I kept things simple and right to the point. I played and fingered her to a couple of orgasms then settled in between her legs to eat her and again it was nothing fancy. Her cunt tasted even nicer with Beth’s sperm adding to the flavor and I spent a long time down there.

But instead of being appreciative like just about any other woman would be, she asked, “What did you do? Fall in?”

So I moved up, put my cock where it was supposed to be, leaned forward and at the same time pushed in.

I started slowly screwing her and she said, “I guess that you are the last to be fucked tonight,” and that was the final straw.

I stopped, looked right into her eyes and in a loud voice replied, “Ann, nobody in this bed has ever been fucked.” She looked at me but she didn’t say anything and I went on, “But we have made love to each other and we have tried to make love to you.” Again I waited for a reply but she was still quiet and I finished with, “I just hope that some day you will learn to appreciate what that really means.”

The room was dead quiet, as she looked at me for a while, then looked over at where the others were and I knew that they were watching, but I kept my eyes fixed on her. Her breathing got faster and she looked like a child that someone has just scolded for being bad. Long seconds passed and I saw tears starting to form in her eyes, then she let out a long slow breath, closed her eyes and pulled me down into a gentle and very passionate kiss.

Ann pulled my head down next to her head and said in a soft, almost childlike voice, “I am so sorry. So very, very, sorry. Make love to me please Elaine?”

I replied back just as softly, “It will be my pleasure,” and that is what I did with long and slow stokes of my cock.

I looked over at the others and they were still watching us, so I shook my head a little and they resumed their play. Ann was totally focused on me, either with long and passionate kisses, or equally long and deep looks, or as she pulled my cheek next to her cheek when she climaxed. Some people can fake this kind of passion but I could tell that it was genuine and I gave the same back to her. At the end I told her quietly that I was going to do something and that it wasn’t out of meanness, but just to make Pendik Ucuz Escort it all the better for her. She nodded her head yes and I brought her to the edge of climaxing three times.

I went faster and as I did I said, “Hold it, hold it, hold it,” then as I got to edge myself, I said, “Now.”

My cock let loose with sperm and Ann just exploded. The first time I had done this with her it had been pretty intense, but it nothing like this one. She slammed herself hard against me, I felt her fingernails dig into to my back, which she pulled out and clenched her fingers in the fists, but she was still holding on to me tightly. Ann shook and rocked her body hard as I kept pushing with my cock. I don’t know if it was one long orgasm or several back-to-back ones, but she just kept on climaxing until I slowed down and during all of this, she moved her arm down and pulled my face down so that we were cheek to cheek again.

I stopped, moved back a little, and saw that she was crying as she said, “I am so sorry. Oh my god that was so beautiful. Thank you,” and then she repeated very quietly, “I am so sorry,” several times.

I saw that the others had finished as I moved off of Ann and lay down on my side so that I was facing them. I rolled her over and into my arms, then held her as she continued to cry.

When it slowed down, Ann kissed me with another soft kiss and said again, “Thank you. That was so beautiful.”

She moved away from me, got off the bed and walked slowly to the bathroom. Ann didn’t look at the others, but Kelli got out of bed and went in after her.

Jenna got close, and after a kiss said softly, “Holy shit. That was unreal.”

I smiled and quietly replied, “That wasn’t what I expected. I was waiting for her to haul off and hit me. I guess that it was something that she needed to hear and nobody has ever told her before.”

Beth was lying flat on her back on the other side and I kept a watch on the bathroom door. I saw Ann and Kelli come back out and while Ann wasn’t crying, the look on her face and even the feel of the room was dead serious.

I decided to do something about that and I whispered to Jenna, “Just go with it.” She looked at me, nodded her head, and I loudly said, “Time for some real fun!” as I reached down to tickle her foot.

Just as loudly she yelled, “Like hell you will!” and we started wrestling as I kept trying to tickle her feet.

Let me tell you, Jenna is strong and very fast. I am in the best shape that I have been in since college, thanks to Kelli’s diet and exercise routine, but had this been a real tickle fight, she would have had me tied in a knot in fifteen seconds. Once in a while I would just touch one of her feet and she would start screaming like I had been tickling her foot and then it get pulled away and I would start all over again. I could hear the others laughing at us and after a couple of minutes I was exhausted, so I caught Jenna’s eye and rolled on my back.

She sat on my stomach, pinned my arms to the bed and again in a loud voice, “The next time I am really going to kick your ass!” then she let go of my arms, leaned forward and after kissing me whispered, “Hey, that was a lot fun. We will have to do again some time.”

I rolled my eyes, looked over at Ann and Kelli. They were sitting a safe distance from us and they were both smiling and laughing. Jenna got off of me and Beth came over to where I was laying. I was completely wiped out and I knew that from the combination of all the lifting earlier in the day and this little wresting match, that I was going to be feeling a lot of aches and pains the next day.

I rolled over facing Beth, we kissed and she whispered, “Jenna is pretty tough.”

After a laugh I softly replied, “No shit! I knew that I was taking my life in my hands but I just wanted to do something to get the mood back.”

She said, “It worked but I hope that you saved something for me.”

With a smile I answered, “I hate to tell you this lover, but you are doing all the work tonight. I am strictly in pussy mode.”

Beth laughed and said, “You are always in pussy mode.”

I asked, “Are you complaining?” and we both laughed, then I reached down and played with her cock.

She wasn’t completely erect at first but it didn’t take long to correct that problem. I could feel the slickness of her sperm on her cock from making love to Kelli and since no one had done the usual clean ups, I bent down and took care of that delicious chore.

After a couple of minutes, I moved back up for another kiss and then got on my knees as Beth hunted for the lube which had gotten kicked off of bed during the wrestling match. One of the things that we talked about during our chats was that Beth liked doggy style best for both doing and being done, although she said that face to face was also pretty hot. My preference was for face to face, but there was something nice about being up on my knees and letting Beth totally take control. So we compromised, I said that I would start on my knees and would stay there as long as Beth wanted, but that when she got close to cumming, that she should pull out and we would get face to face. She said that was fine with her and that we would do the reverse when I was in the driver’s seat.

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