More of the Lovely Julie

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Big Tits

I wrote previously about losing my virginity to the lovely Julie and what a bundle of joy she was, so cute that I could hardly keep my hands off her. Often she just had to look at me with her sweet face and I couldn’t resist scooping her little body into my strong arms to cuddle and kiss; I guess that’s young love, eh?

Anyway, not long after our first memorable encounter, I arranged to pick-her-up in my blue Peugeot 205 hatchback, which was a fun and nippy little goer – a bit like Julie herself. Both of us loved the outdoors and walking in the countryside, so I planned a short hike through the woods to a waterfall, around a small hill, then back to the car; I brought a little backpack with a blanket and a few things for a picnic.

As it was South Wales in the springtime, the country was incredibly green, the weather a little damp and that’s not the only thing that would be wet that day (sorry).

After we left the car-park, Julie and I walked hand in hand through the woods alongside a wee tumbling stream and that’s not the only thing that would take a tumble in the jungle tesettürlü escort that day (ok, sorry for the awful puns, I’ll stop it). We arrived at the waterfall, which was great and took a few photographs. There was no-one there, which to me is always a bonus. As it was early afternoon, we moved up the hill to find a nice, secluded spot to lay our picnic blanket on the grass.

I took out of my pack some smoked salmon sandwiches and a bottle of sparkling wine, as was the height of 1990s sophistication. We sat cuddling each other drinking the wine from mugs, as you do in the wilderness. Julie was teasing me for not bringing champagne with flutes on our date, so I grabbed her into a bear-hug, pinning her down onto her front with my strong body: “I’ll get you back” I said, showering kisses on her head and cheeks.

My hands were all over Julie, who was giggling like a schoolgirl as she tried to wriggle-out from underneath me. There was no escape though for I was going to have my wicked way with that little lassie come türbanlı escort what may. Kissing her neck, my hands crept under her pink, lambswool jumper to fondle her ample boobs through her sports bra, my lower half making circular motions against her bum.

Soon my cock was swelling in my trousers and rubbing against her bottom and her other delights in the vicinity. Julie started to push back against my crotch, sighing and bending her head back to kiss me. Our passion was building, but I was firmly in control as I ground my crotch into the little victim. Her bra was rucked-up at this point and I continued to fondle her tits, tugging lightly on her stiffening nipples, as we both moaned away.

Lowering my hands over her body, I undid the button of her grey walking trousers and still pressing down, tugged them, along with her panties, down over her little round buttocks. I shuffled back on my knees and lowered my head between her up-turned bum to lick up and down her sleek slit and sex-bud: “Oooh” she moaned “Ohhh, oooh, tüyap escort oooh”.

Lapping away at her labia, I inserted a couple of fingers into her tight, wet hole, moving them rapidly in and out: “Ohhh, Mmmm” she groaned loudly. Licking and probing for a few minutes in this fashion had cute little Julie screaming, contorting and spasming in a huge orgasm.

There was no doubt then that I was going to screw this girl doggie-style (or should I say “terrier”-style, as she was so small). I lent back to pull my own trousers down, not easy due to the stiffness of my man-pole. Forcing Julie’s head down onto the blanket and with her bum up in the air, I rammed my thick cock straight past her swollen pussy lips and all the way into her sodden core.

Thrusting over and over again, I plunged deeply into the helpless Julie as she whimpered and groaned in ecstacy. My hairy balls were banging against her clit causing her to yelp and her little bum to bobble away. Her tight pussy clamped down on my rod as another orgasm shuddered and pulsed through the little minx.

I could hold-back no longer and so with balls rising and cock pulsing, I ejaculated hard, spurt after spurt filling her to the brim with hot, white spunk, as I groaned and she screamed.

We collapsed and I lay on-top of her for a few minutes as we recovered our panting breath.

“You should still have got us champagne” she said, giving me a firm slap on the butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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