Morning Becomes

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The early morning light streaming in between the blinds woke me. I didn’t open my eyes right away, content to listen to the steady, measured sound of your breathing. I shifted slightly, rolled over and opened my eyes and found myself looking directly into yours – you’d been watching me sleep again. I smiled and moved my body closer to yours, then reached down into the bedclothes for your already hard cock.

I grasped it lightly, stroking with my fingertips, caressing the soft skin, steel hard underneath. You pulled me closer and kissed me then, hard, almost urgently. Your hand covered mine on your dick, both of us stroking it slowly, before you scooped up the pre-come glistening on the head of it and fed it to me with your fingers. You rolled over me then, parted my legs and thrust into me once. Your eyes met mine, dark with need, with hunger, and you pulled out and rolled onto your back to allow me better access to you. As you did, I moved up to straddle your legs, and using both hands I lightly stroked you, şişli escort feeling my wetness on you, one hand moving this way, the other turning that way – the way you like it best. My thumb teased the soft indentation on the underside of your cock, and was quickly followed by my tongue – you know I can never resist putting my mouth on you.

Your hand moved to my head out of habit, stroking my face, then tangling your fingers in my hair, and I leaned to take you between my lips. Only the head at first, flicking my tongue gently over the tip, then down around the sides to the base of your prick. I could taste myself on you, the almost sweet musk mingling with yours, and I teased you, licking here and there, never lingering for more than a second. It wasn’t long until I heard that sharp intake of breath that always means you want to be in my warm, wet and very willing mouth, and when I did, I opened my mouth all the way and let my lips slide down your rock hard shaft.

I sucked taksim escort you all the way in a time or two while your cock swelled, then moved to lay down between your legs the way I would if you were a woman. You gasped as my tongue touched the underside of your cock, swirling around the head, and you pulled my hair harder as I licked your clean shaven balls, one after the other. You know I’m careful, and you didn’t object when I sucked them into my mouth, still using one of my hands to caress your shaft.

I licked broad strokes back and forth over your soft skin, from the base of your scrotum to the tip of your cock, bathing them, loving them, more and more aroused by the low moans that came from your throat. Your hands guided me back down to the base of you, where I lingered a moment, then pushed me down further to the bottom of your sack. I licked you again slowly, my tongue flat like I was eating ice cream. I shifted a little and ran my tongue lightly, quickly across the topkapı escort pucker of your ass, and as you bucked your hips into my face, did it again, then again. Your breath came in gasps and I worked my index finger in and out of your ass, licking you over and over again.

It seemed like only a minute or so before you pulled my head away, and brought my mouth back to your stiff prick. You held my face in your hands for a moment before shoving your cock between my eager lips, fucking my mouth, choking me with your big dick. My lips wrapped around the base of you, and your head was thrown back as you thrust into my mouth, my throat.

I felt your cock swell again, bigger this time than I ever remembered it, and took you all the way back into my throat, never letting you out from between my lips as you rocked your hips against my mouth. Your breathing was ragged and I knew you were close, so I backed off ever so slightly, but your hands tangled in my hair again and held me there as you fucked me.

I felt you swell again, and opened my mouth wider as the first hot jets of come hit my tongue, then the back of my throat, and I swallowed all that I could. The last spurts I let drip from my tongue to my taut nipple, and I watched your eyes widen as I bent over and lapped it up, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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