Morning Came And So Did I…Again

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Big Tits

I woke up the same as I always did, with my cock as hard as it could go, only this morning it was for a different reason. This morning when I woke I had a hand wrapped around the shaft, stroking me slowly, and whispers in my ear urging me to cum. Only the hand wasn’t the female hand that I used to love so much, it was the large smooth hand of another man. Not only was the hand gently wanking me, his movements as gentle as that of any woman, but his cock was pressing against my ass desperately trying to penetrate me.

His cock felt really good and I moved back against it, wanting it to enter me but to dry to allow it. If he pushed it in now it would hurt like hell and, without a doubt, I would scream loud enough to wake the dead. No when I let him enter me, like I had the night before, I wanted to make sure he had used some lube.

His cock was larger than mine at about eight inches, maybe eight and a half, and it was thick. I had only just been able to join my fingers when they were wrapped around it for the first time, and that had worried me. I had never had a cock that thick in my hand, let alone up my ass, before and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to take it.

I had taken dildos up there before, when I was alone and first experimenting with having my ass fucked, and some of those had been long but I had always made sure they weren’t too thick. It was probably fear of having my ass torn that made me go for the thinner ones, if I had tried thicker I would have been ready, but it had been too late to worry when I first saw him naked and erect in front of me.

I had met him at the club where I always went, it was great for picking up random strangers to fuck, and I never came away alone. One night I was determined to come home with two guys and see how things went but so far it had always just been one.

We had left the club at around 1 in the morning, both half drunk, but knowing Ankara bayan escort exactly what we were doing. Once we got back to mine I grabbed us a couple of beers and we crashed onto the sofa. At first neither one of us made a move, but the look in his eyes told me all I needed to know. I moved up the sofa and, taking his head in my hands, I kissed him roughly on the lips. His response was to push his tongue past my lips and into my mouth, pulling me closer to him.

His eagerness put me at ease and I responded and our tongues entwined as we started to rip each other’s tops off. His body was well toned. He had obviously had his chest waxed and had a tight six pack. I stopped kissing him and ran my tongue down his body and over her nipples. He threw his head back, gripped me by the hair and almost begged me not to stop. I ran my hands over his taut physique and slowly down his body, all the time flicking his nipples with my tongue, and let my hand come to rest on his bulge. It was then that I first realised it was big but it was only when I had undone his trousers, and released him, that I saw just how big.

As I always did with a fresh cock I went to encircle it with just my thumb and forefinger and wank him softly but, because of its thickness, I could hardly get them together so used my whole hand instead. As I stroked him he slowly slid down on my sofa until he was virtually flat. I looked at him, face first and then cock, and couldn’t hold back any longer. I lowered my head, still gripping his cock, and opened my mouth. I saw a small drop of pre-cum had leaked from the end of his cock, flicked my tongue out, and tasted him.

That first taste was all I needed and I eagerly lowered my head all the way, wrapping my lips around him, and starting to suck. He lay there moaning as I did and parted his legs slightly. I knew what he wanted and, stopping my sucking briefly, I licked my finger. Once Escort bayan Ankara my finger was wet enough I went back to sucking his cock and slid my finger between his legs. I ran my finger along his crack until I found what I was looking for, what he had allowed me access to, and slowly pushed my finger into his ass.

Gasping loudly as my finger worked his ass, and my mouth sucked his cock, he began to twitch violently. I knew he was going to cum very quickly and I sucked harder and faster. I really wanted him to explode in my mouth, and swallow every drop, so I rammed my finger deeper into him. That was all that was needed and, with a final twitch, he gripped my head tight as the first jets of cum hit the back of my throat. He came with a force I wasn’t used to but I sucked and swallowed eagerly, not wanting to miss any of his juice, until he was totally drained. He flopped back on to the sofa as I slowly pulled my finger from his ass, his cock going flaccid in my mouth, thanked me for the best blow job he had ever had and promised to return the favour when he had got his energy back.

Slowly he took the rest of my clothes off and I stood in front of him, naked, and fully erect. I knew my cock wasn’t as big as his but that didn’t seem to bother him and he gave a smile, which I took as a sign of approval, before he reached forward and took me in his hand. I stood there as he began to move his hand up and down my shaft, cupping my balls with his other hand, never making a move forward at all. I watched his hand as it expertly bought me to the point of no return before finally leaning forward and taking my full length to the back of his throat. I almost exploded right there and then but managed to hold back, at least until he had sucked me for about a minute, before my cock erupted and I felt waves of cum forcefully pumping out of my cock and down his throat.

Once I was as drained as him we Bayan escort Ankara went up to my bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Lying there we began to stroke each other’s cocks again, getting fully erect at the same time. I desperately wanted to feel him in my ass and reached across to the bedside cabinet, picking up the tube of lubricant that I kept there for when I wanted to use my sex toys on myself, and handed it to him. I watched as he smothered his cock with the lube and went to turn onto my front, but he stopped me. Reaching under my knees he lifted my legs onto his shoulders and massaged a large dollop of the lube over my ass, inserting a finger into me as he did.

With my legs on his shoulders he pushed against my ass and slowly managed to get his thick cock inside me. I gasped loudly at first but, after he gently thrust into me a few times, all I could feel were waves of ecstasy running through my body. I looked down to watch as he fucked my ass and saw my cock, fully erect, bouncing up and down with each thrust. I reached down and wrapped my first around it and began to wank at the same speed as he fucked me. As he started thrusting faster her grabbed at my ankles and pushed my legs even higher. I really wanted him to cum and started to wank even faster, hoping that if I came he would too, before I felt my balls tighten. With only a couple more strokes I was unable to hold back and came all over my stomach.

Instead of filling my ass with his cum he withdrew and started to wank his cock really fast, finally cumming all over me as well. Letting my legs fall he began to run his fingers through my own cum before mixing both our juices together. Lowering his head he started to lap greedily at our mixture before lifting his head and kissing me fully on my lips, letting me taste our combined cum as well.

I fucked him later that night, from behind, only I did fill his ass with my juices before we collapsed in a heap with the smell of sex and sweat filling the room. Eventually we went to sleep, me with my back against him and his cock pushing against my ass, and that is how we woke. His hand stroking my cock, urging me to cum and I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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