Movie Day Adventure Ch. 02

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All characters are well above the age of consent.

When I say football, I mean what the Americans call “Soccer”.


We barely stumbled into his flat. I clung onto his arm like my life depended on it, shaking with lust while he fumbled with his keys. I had been here but a million times and this time, I thought, this visit tonight would make all the difference.

No sooner had he managed to unlock the door, he pulled me inside, kicked the door shut and shoved me up against it. Our mouths crashed together while he hurriedly turned the key in the lock and dropped the bunch unceremoniously on the floor. Placing his large, warm hands on my arse—my skirt that had already ridden up from all the movement—he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him once again, pressing my core to his. His hips bucked against mine and he groaned into the feverish kiss. I felt heady at his response—the feel of his solidly erect cock against my aching wetness—

God, I wanted him.

My hands found purchase in his hair, a dark copper in the dimly lit sitting area. I threaded my fingers through them and he moved his pelvis roughly against my exposed flesh. He set his hands on the door, on either side of my head for support and broke away momentarily, searching my face, as if wanting confirmation. We waited like that, catching our breaths and breathing in the same humid air of mutual desire, then I cupped his face, brushed my nose past his and kissed him as deep as I could. “Please,” I rasped against his wet mouth.

He moaned in response, latching onto my throat sharply. The sound rising from deep within me was muffled by burying my face in his hair, my lips on his forehead and the strong, familiar scent of shampoo.

I realized then that Simon had always smelt rather good, very clean and distinctive. Not in an extravagant fashion but the way a shower and soap smelt distinct, and toothpaste on a sunny morning that reminded you of hot coffee and sunny side-ups, plus that specifically zesty shampoo he seemed to use.

“I have never wanted anyone as much I want you right now” he said suddenly, wrenching me from my thoughts. His voice was deliciously low but had an edgeto it that betrayed a depth of something more. He held me in place with his body pressed against mine and reached underneath me for his belt. I heard the telltale zip of his jeans and felt my eyelids droop.

“Simon,” I warned, pulling my top off, “you should know I don’t really do rela—” and he shut me up by abruptly slipping into me with a single powerful thrust “—Oh, fuck”

“You were saying?” He answered back cheekily, his breath hot against my lips.

“You should—”I start again, really determined to clarify myself, but he shut me up again, with a searing kiss and a strong thrust, “We’ve known each other seven years now. I need this…” he said into my ratty t-shirt, his hands underneath it and on my goosefleshed breasts.

“Oh” I gasp. Incoherent. Drowning in the sensation of his surprisingly thick cock angled tightly inside me.

When he pulls away again, trailing a wet path with his tongue across my lower lip and down my throat, he has me in his arms with his cock sliding tighter into me because of my added weight and he’s carrying me like that, into his very familiar bedroom.

He then lays me down on my back, pulling my pathetic excuse of a skirt down my legs and dropping it on the floor. I sit up and crawl on my knees to the edge of his bed, patting his hands away and undoing his jeans and pull them down to his knees. His cock is thicker than what I can wrap sancak escort my hand around and flushed red, curving a little to right, I smell myself on his glistening tip.

When I look him in his eyes with all the heat I can muster, I watch him swallow, his Adam’s apple bobbing in the long column of his throat. I suddenly want to leave a mark on it, such beautiful skin, I think, so evenly pale and dotted like stars in the sky.

“Do you trust me?” he asks, taking hold of my wrists. The sincerity is his voice catches me off guard and I can only blink stupidly up at him, “You keep asking me that…is there a reason I shouldn’t?” I ask in a while.

He flashes me a grin and licks his lips, then leans down and kisses me, his lips sucking in my lower lip in between his teeth and his tongue edging towards mine. “Me. First.” he says in my ear pushing me back into bed, running his tongue along its line and nipping the earlobe.

He steps out of his clothes, his cock bobbing in between his legs, he catches me staring at him and smirks again. He’s all lean muscles and I think his clothes did him much discredit.

“Like what you see?”

“You’re ripped” I return uncreatively.

His grin is mischievous when he replies again. “For your eyes only.”

“Right” I say, rolling my eyes, “Now hurry up and come here!”

“So impatient,” he breathes, pulling me by my ankles,


He pulls me down the bed, pulling the covers with me, then throws my legs over his shoulders. Settling down on his knees, he plants an open-mouthed kiss on my navel


My breathing quickens in anticipation, he leaves a hot trail of kisses that makes my skin break into goosebumps and my nipples strain against the cool air of the room. I arch my back, hungry for more friction. He trails his lips down to the top of my thighs and traces the word ‘wait’ with his tongue, skimming it millimetres away from my clit. My hips buck and he withdraws himself, grinning with mischief.

“Please” I all but groan.

But Simon’s relentless, peppering every inch of my sensitive skin with kisses except where I needed him the most. When I cross my legs around his head, he pulls them open and pins them on his shoulders. Climbing to his knees on the bed and lifting my waist off the same.

He slides two of his fingers inside, working my clit with the tip of his torturously slow tongue.


“Tell me what you want me to do” he said, grazing his teeth on my bundle of nerves.

“Oh, God”

“Not quite” he smirked.

“Just shut up and fuck me!”

With a low growl, he plunged his fingers inside, moving them rapidly building up the familiar pressure inside me, every move setting me on fire again and again. His tongue laved at my clitoris, and I felt all the blood in my body rush towards my clit. His dark eyes caught mine, Oh, God. I thought, biting on my lower lip to keep myself from moaning too loud.

He pumped his fingers faster drawing me out wet and I felt my climax build up. As if on cue, he stopped, dropping me on my back and turning me. I was on my fours, waiting for him to take me hard and rough like I so badly needed him to! When I felt his tongue instead, pushing into my dripping heat. It was the most delicious sensation I had felt in a long long time, the angle at which his tongue and fingers worked me was unbearably sweet and I couldn’t help but shudder, my knees and elbows grew incapable of holding my weight any longer.

He went at it furiously, sarıyer escort the thick muscle of his adept tongue dipping in, out and around my pussy, I moaned loudly when I couldn’t take it anymore and he added another of his fingers while I collapse on my elbows, my face in the crumpled sheets.

“Please…” I beg, “Fuck me!”

“Not like this,” he breathes in my ear, his body had risen to cover mine from behind “I want to see you fall apart” he then quickly turned me on my back and settled on his elbows on top of me. Aligning his cock at my entrance he pressed in my wet heat while simultaneously capturing my mouth in his full one.

His tongue finds mine and I taste myself there, he’s kissing me so deeply I feel drunk and tears creep to my eyes and when he slides in fully, slowly, deliberately, agonizingly slow, hitting deep. My body arches to meet his and he grabs me by my waist, pulling out completely save for a fraction of his tip and then plunging in and out relentlessly. We settle in to rhythm, his face flushed red. I pull him down to kiss him, biting hard on his lower lip, causing him to groan and move faster, stretching me to my fullest, filling me to my very depth. When we break away, I’m breathless and close, so close that I can’t focus on anything but Simon’s face, his eyes are almost a midnight blue and he grins when he finds me searching his face.

“Fuck,” he groans in between deep, soul-crushing thrusts of his incredibly flexible waist. It must be all that football practice, I think dazedly, and a picture of Simon in his green jersey, the green complimenting the green in his eyes, flickers in a corner of my mind. “I. Wanted. To. Do this. For. So long…” his words are punctuated by my lips peppering his with light kisses.

Ditto. I don’t say.

“Simon” I call instead, my breath coming in loud pants now. My skin is on fire. Heat firing through every vein from every wet spot Simon leaves in the wake of his open-mouthed kisses, radiating from my centre and blooming outwards to every tip of my body.

“Simon”. His name is a gasp for air.

“Yes, luv, come to me” he whispers, his mouth clamped on one of my nipples.

I am teetering on the edge now, but before I can finally! climax, he hoists me off my back and onto him, the motion disbalances me and I flail a little but Simon sits up so that I’m straddling his lap and he’s buried to the hilt. I choke with the sudden burst of pleasure. His teeth and lips and hands are all over me, his mouth, searing on the tops of my breasts, pulling my nipples in between his teeth. I throw my head back in the blinding pleasure of the moment. I lose my breath. His breathing is ragged as his cock begins to pulsate inside my clenching walls. I make to move, thrusting my hips up and down his thick length.

“God, you’re such a stunner” he moans thickly, his eyes roving my form.

“Stop—” I gasp, my giggle quickly turning into a breathy moan.

He settles his face in my breasts and reaches in between us, his fingers quickly locating my clitoris and furiously working it.

“Yes!! Yes!”

“Luv” he cries, “Come for me!”

I look at him looking at me, his face flushed a deep red from his cheeks to his ears and his heated gaze burning into mine. His mouth glistening with fluids, parted, like a rich fruit and I lean into them and kiss him and kiss him with all I’ve got. All the years of anxious speculations and tiptoeing around each other and repressed memories and feelings.

I think I might be in love sefaköy escort with him.

“I love you” he barely whispers, when I pull back.

And I am undone.

Crashing like never before, my lower abdomen clenching and my walls tightening impossibly. Then I’m pooling his thighs and his hand, which he lifts to his already dripping mouth and he is finishing with me, bursting hot inside me, white streaming out against my darker skin.

We sit there like that. Spent. I am too exhausted to think. His arms are around me and his face marking a spot above my left breast. My heels dig into the curve of his bum and my blunt fingernails scrape his solid back. He cups my face in his large pale hands and presses a long, languid kiss on my mouth, teasing and slow, drawing me out and slides his hands down to my breasts, now extra sensitive in the aftermath. He runs his tongue deliberately across my chest, from one nipple to another, cupping my breasts and squeezing them in turns,

“Such. A. Stunner” He breathes against them, drawing a sudden gasp from me when he suddenly pinches my nipples, now straining against his fingers, erupting in goose-flesh, and I squirt a bit more on his lap. He reaches in between us, hooking his fingers inside my pussy and spreading our cum across my tits, proceeding to lick them with his hot mouth again. I grab his wrist and direct those fingers into my mouth, looking into his dilated eyes and suck on them, he inhales sharply and his cock twitches to life inside me once again.

*** *** ***

In the soft blue moonlight filtering through the white lace of his window, Simon glows. My dark blue leg is wrapped across his pale blue thighs. His arm is around my waist and my hand is on his chest. I’m on my elbow and I watch him breathe, slow and deep, I watch his eyes, thick long lashes fluttering open into the saturated silence of unsaid things. There’s a smile on the corner of his lips. I run my finger along those lips, they’re thick with blood and the effect of my teeth. Like the edges of a ripe peach split in the middle.

His tongue darts out to lick my finger and I tug his mouth open, then lean in. There’s no question about the nature of this kiss. And he’s already edging up on his elbow, his hand warm on the small of my back sliding down to my bum, pulling me up onto him and deepening the kiss.

“Stay” he mumbles in between breaths when I’m straddling him again. He is glowing.

“I have to go” I say reluctantly, “I left the milk out.” I gasp when his cock grows against my stomach.

“I’ll make you breakfast” he promises, winding his long pale fingers in my hair and watching it curl long and dark around them. “And buy you milk.”


“But you loved my scrambled eggs and tomato!” he states, his eyes rounded in faux indignation.

“And I still dream about them!” I said, giggling.

“Stay, luv” he says again, but his tone is serious and his brows furrowed. He’s wrapping his arms around me, pulling me into them, he is so warm and so real. “Now and…forever”

A sudden flash of memory, me and Simon stumbling into bed six years ago: Stay. He says in my memory. Now and forever.

“I can’t” I cry, sitting up. Suddenly anxious. I don’t try to hide the wetness in my eyes. “It’s too hard. I can’t-I can’t go through all of that again. I just can’t. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” My heart is beating impossibly fast. I clench my hands into fists.

“It won’t be that way!” His words are desperate and his hands are cupping my face again, his thumbs brushing away the fat tears streaming down my cheeks now and I swear. I swear, I just want to let go and believe him, let him make love to me again—to love him, again. I want him to take me on every surface of his flat and then back at mine. I want to wake up to him tomorrow, and forever. But—

“Simon,” I warn instead, my voice wavers and I turn away from his unsettling gaze.

“Stay. Please.”

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