Mrs. Chamberlain Ch. 08

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Mrs. Chamberlain Ch. 8 Barb’s transformation is nearly complete.

Authors note: This series is about to wrap up. I thought that now would be a good time to introduce some more characters into the mix and plant the seeds for new story lines. There is not a lot of actual sex in this one but I hope you enjoy it none the less.


Randy became anxious as he turned his left blinker on to indicate that he was leaving the paved road. He slowed and made the turn then passed through the open gate, and after a minute on the gravel road, came to a stop in front of the quarry office.

Kimberly’s car was parked in front and he parked next to it. He hopped out of his truck and comfortably strode through the front door. He knocked on the closed office door and waited for it to open. When it did, he was greeted with a big hug and a squeal from his cousin.

“God Randy, it’s so good to see you,” Kimberly said as she looked him up and down. “It’s been too long.”

“I know. I’ve been busy.”

“I’ll say. I hear a new girlfriend is keeping you busy.”


“Yup. Who is she? Cora just gushed about her but won’t tell me who she is.”

“I don’t have a new ‘girlfriend,'” Randy insisted.

Trying to avoid the topic, he said, “This place is bigger than I remember.”

“Yes. We just opened another 250 acres up to quarry. Want a tour?”


She led him to a new Gator utility vehicle and drove him around.

“So, are you gonna tell me about the new girl or am I gonna have to beg Cora?”

His expression told her that she was wasting her time prying.

The tour was almost over and he asked her if she had time to go get lunch.

“Sure Randy, I’ll let you buy me lunch.” She answered smiling. “Let’s drive separately; I have to stop on my way back.”

Before they got off the gator, he asked her, “Do you remember Mrs. Chamberlain from Central?”

“Yes, I loved her class.”

“I didn’t.”

“No, you and every other red blooded male horn-dog in school loved her ass. You didn’t do well in her class because you were thinking about getting under her skirt. I remember that she had the best taste in clothes.”

Randy mumbled inaudibly, “She does taste good.”

What was that Randy?”

“Uh, nothing. I didn’t want her any more than you wanted coach Meier.”

Kim shuddered and Randy noticed that her nipples had hardened.

“Mmmm… Yeah, he had that cute ass and rumor has it he packs some meat too.”

“That’s not a rumor, it’s a fact.”

“How would you know Randy?”

“Duh…I wrestled, he was my coach and I had him for PE. I’ve seen him in the shower.”

“Gross, you showered with a teacher?”

“More than once, you mean you girls didn’t shower with yours?”

“No, they didn’t shower with us.” Kim was grinning now, “So, Beer Can, how big IS he?”

“Well, I’ve never seen him erect but flaccid, in the shower, he’s bigger than me by a long shot.”

“Umm, Randy you’re such a tease. Let’s go.”


After they were seated, Kimberly asked Randy, “Why did you ask if I remember Mrs. Chamberlain?”

“Huh? Oh yeah…well you asked who my new ‘girlfriend’ is…”

“Yeah, so, how does Mrs. Chamberlain factor in?”

Randy cocked his head at her and grinned.

“Don’t look at me like that. That’s how you always looked at me when I found out you fucked one of my friends.”

Randy’s smile broadened.

“No…Randy you didn’t…. Really?”

Randy nodded yes.

“How? When? Where?”

Randy told her about being the best man in her niece’s wedding and about how they hit it off.

“Does Aunt Becky know?”

“She knows but not who.”

“Are you gonna tell her?”

“Not yet.”

“Oh my God, Randy how is she, Mrs. C, I mean?”

“She’s absolutely gorgeous.”

“I gather. Cora just gushed about her.”

Randy smiled in remembrance, “Yes she and Barb hit it off. So, enough about me, you been getting’ any?”

“You know I don’t sleep around. No Randy, all the good guys are taken. It’s just me and BOB.

“Bob,…Bob who?”

“Battery operated boyfriend, dummy.”

Randy choked when he snorted his drink out his nose. “Kim, you’re beautiful, smart, successful, you can have any guy you want.”

She shrugged amasya escort her shoulders and thought, “No, the one I want is off limits.”

Lunch was over and at her car she hugged Randy. “Maybe you know a cute Army guy with a big dick you could set me up with…”

“That’s not gonna happen. Really Kim, you need to set your sights a bit higher.”

Kimberly heard him and agreed but thought, “No, I just need to tie you up and jump your bones.”


Randy started his truck and dialed Barb.

“Hello Hot stuff.”

“Hey lover, how’s your day?”

“It’s good. I just finished lunch with Kim, whatcha doin?”

“I’m at the school. I had to sign my contract for this school year and thought I’d do some work in my classroom.”

“Ah, yes, your room…Any chance I could swing by? I haven’t been back since I graduated.”

“Park in the North lot lover, I’ll let you in the teacher’s lounge door.”


Randy really hadn’t been to the school since he graduated. As he pulled into the parking lot, he was hit with many memories. He pulled to a stop and walked to where he remembered the teacher’s lounge to be and found Barb waiting for him.

“Hello beautiful.”

“How was lunch with your cousin?” Before he could answer, she continued, “I pulled your yearbook. Wow, you have changed, and your cousin, Kim, I remember her. She was such a good student. I have to admit though, forgive me Randy, I don’t remember a lot about you.”

“No worries Barb, I wasn’t into your class much. I however remember you vividly,” Randy said smiling.

They walked down the hall toward the Gym. It was lined with trophy cases and when they got to the one featuring wrestling, Randy stopped.

Barb pointed, “Isn’t that you?”

“Yeah, we had three guys win state that year. I wasn’t one of them though.”

“You all look so hard muscled,” Barb quipped.

“We were all hard alright Mrs. Chamberlain. All of us, down to the man wanted to show you just how ‘hard’ we were too.”

“Randy stop, you’re so naughty,” Barb replied red faced.

“Just stating the facts.”

Randy walked on and opened the Gym door and ushered Barb inside.

There was a basketball against one wall. Randy picked it up and dribbled a couple times as he made for the free throw line.

The sound of the ball bouncing brought coach Meier out of his office as there wasn’t supposed to be anyone in the gym. He was about to chastise whomever it was but stopped when he saw that Barb was there with some young man. He watched and as the unknown man shot a free throw and missed, he sniggered.

“I never was any good at this,” Randy told Barb. He tried again and made it.

“Show me?” Barb asked.

He handed the ball to Barb and she stepped up to the line. Randy moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her showing her how to hold the ball. He used his feet to spread hers some.

“Now, bend your knees and push with this hand. Go straight up and release the ball.”

She did and sank the shot with a whoop.

“Atta Girl,” coach Meier said to himself. “Way to show that meathead.”

Barb turned excitedly to Randy and jumped to hang around his neck. He caught her and gripped her buttocks firmly with both hands and as he kissed her; the coach muttered obscenities.

Randy went to the chin up bar and said, “I was always better with this,” as he placed his hands on the bar and began to flex. After ten chin ups he dropped.

Barb squeezed his biceps and purred.

Randy quickly grabbed her, spun her around so he was behind her with her ass pressed tightly to his groin and wrapped one arm around her throat. As he did, she screamed. Randy said, “Shush, I’m not gonna hurt you. What would you do in this situation if I were a stranger?”

Barb thought to herself, “I might want to see if he wants to stick his thick cock in me,” but before she could answer, the coach yelled. “HEY!! What’s going on? Are you alright Barb?”

Randy released her and they both spun toward the voice. He saw the coach size him up as competition.

“OH! uhhh…Yes Jerry, I’m fine. My friend here was about to instruct me on how to get out of a hold from behind.”

“Are you sure, it looks to me like you might need some help.”

“I’m fine, really.” Barb giggled and pointed to Randy. “Jerry, you know Randy, he used to be one of your wrestlers.”

Randy stuck his hand out, “Weaver, coach. I graduated in ’96.

“Yeah, I remember now. You wrestled at what? Oh yeah, you wrestled up at 148 because you couldn’t beat the guy in your true weight. Damn, but you’ve gotten big. I remember you as a feisty one though.”

“Blame the Army, sir.” Randy offered as an answer.

“Good to see you again Weaver. See you later Barb” the coach said as he walked away.

“Whoa! He’s got it bad for you Barb.”

“No, we’re just colleagues and good friends.”

“He wants more.”

“No Randy, he was just looking out for me. He probably thought you were gonna molest me right here on this basketball court.” She giggled, “I think his hunch might have been right too.”

“Nope. Barb I live and work around Alpha males. He was about to assert his Alpha-ness in this gym and run me off.”

“You think?”

“Nope, I know. Barb, I know the signs and signals. He was about to lay down the law and his claim to you.”

Barb giggled and ground her ass against Randy, teasingly. “That might not be such a bad thing. He is really good looking and not in bad shape for his…uuhh, our age.”

“Go for it Barb,” Randy quipped. “I’ll warn you first though, that one’s hung like a horse.”

“Randy, that rumor’s been going around here for years.”

“Not a rumor Barb, it’s a fact.”

“Bigger than you, beer can?”

“I’m not that big Barb. Yes, much bigger than me.”

Barb’s panties got wet.

“I’m gonna let you finish working Barb.”

“You can stay.”

“No. How about I grill some steaks tonight? I’ll get a bottle of wine and we can relax tonight.”

“Ok Randy, I’ll let you cook for me.”


On the way to Barb’s house, Randy stopped at the grocery store. He grabbed two rib eye steaks, a couple of potato’s to bake, mushrooms, peppers and an onion. He then went to the liquor store and asked the clerk to recommend a wine. She did and he picked up two bottles.


Barb got home to find Randy outside on the deck grilling the steaks and sautéing the peppers, mushrooms and onion. The potatoes were done so she pulled them from the oven.

Randy saw her and waved.

Gladys, Barb’s neighbor gasped when she saw Randy start the grill on Barb’s back deck and nearly called to check on her but realized that the hunky man must belong to the big pickup truck that has been parked in her drive for the past two nights. She gasped with jealousy when Barb stepped outside and embraced him, and groaned when Barb went to her tiptoes and kissed him.

“Steaks smell wonderful Randy.”

“They’ll be done in a few minutes. I eat mine medium, how about you?”

“Medium is fine lover,” the nosy neighbor overheard. “I’m gonna go change for dinner. Need any help before I do?”

“Spuds can come out of the oven.”

“Already got them.”

“Nope, go get comfortable. I’ll be in in a few.”

Randy removed the steaks so they could begin to rest and carried them and the sautéed veggies inside. He opened a bottle of the wine and pored two glasses then got some flatware and silverware out just as Barb came to the kitchen wearing a little black dress.

“Whoa!” Randy exclaimed. “Barb, I don’t have anything nearly as nice to change into.”

“It’s fine lover. I love the way you look. I just wanted to dress nicely for you.”

“You succeeded there Barb. I might just skip my steak and eat you instead.”

“Mmmm lover, later. Those steaks smell divine. Oh, you got wine.”

“Yeah, the girl at the store suggested it. I don’t know shit about wine so I hope it’s ok.”

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Barb said as she took a sip. “This is delicious Randy.”

“I hope I didn’t scare your neighbor,” he said pointing next door. “She seemed awfully interested in my being here.”

“Forget her Randy. Gladys is a gossip. Now she can put a face with the truck with out of state tags she’s no doubt noticed parked in my drive.” Barb grinned and blushed, “I ought to let her watch you ravage me out on the deck. That’d give her something to talk about.”

They ate and finished one bottle of wine. Barb commented again on it and lamented that there wasn’t more.

“Oh, but there is,” Randy answered. “I bought two bottles.”

He opened the second and gathered up the dishes. They washed them by hand and sipped wine in between kisses in front of the kitchen window.

Randy dried his hands and embraced Barb from behind. He kissed behind her left ear and nibbled the lobe. She squirmed and ground herself against his erection.

“God, Randy, I could get used to having you and your big dick around. Mmmm lover, you’re attentive to your family, you help in the kitchen, are gainfully employed, have a beautiful girlfriend whom I have a crush on and you fuck me speechless. You’ve spoiled me Randy. Surely no other man can measure up to that” Barb rasped as Randy unzipped her dress and pinned her to the counter in front of the sink

“Coach Meier can.”

“I told you Randy, he and I are…” Barb quit speaking and gasped when her dress fell to the floor, pooling at her feet. “R…Randy, she can see us. Randy, she’s watching us” Barb croaked.

“Let her watch.”

“NO, let’s finish this delicious wine” she said leading him to the living room clad only in her bra, panties and stockings.

At the sofa, she remarked, “One of us is over dressed. Strip lover, give me a show.”

Randy stripped as seductively as he knew how. Barb seemed to enjoy it, catcalling and wolf whistling as he did.

It was getting dark and Randy realized a few things: that Barb had finished the wine by herself, that the lights were on and many of the blinds were still open. He also noticed that Barb’s neighbor was watching their goings on intently. He figured that if he was going to put on a show, then he might as well go all in as it wouldn’t be the first time he was watched as he fucked someone.

Randy stepped to face Barb and motioned for her to stand, which she happily did. They embraced and kissed passionately. She moaned as he kissed her ears and lightly bit at her neck. She gasped as he palmed her breasts then pinched the clasp, releasing her bra. He tweaked her erect nipples and she had to catch her breath as he ran his fingers over, around and through her nether lips. She gasped as she came and bit his shoulder to stifle her scream.

Once she gathered her senses, she dropped to her knees and grasped his cock. She jacked it and commented on his hardness. She was oblivious to the fact that her next door neighbor was getting a full on x-rated show. Barb kissed the tip and licked his entire length before taking as much of him in her mouth as she could. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked while running her tongue around his girth. She was very tipsy and looked up into Randy’s eyes as she pulled off of him. She rubbed her cheek along his length and kissed him where his cock and pelvis met.

“Randy, I’m a little tipsy right now but I don’t want you to feel that you are taking advantage of me. What you don’t know is that wine makes me black out some times if I enjoy too much of it. I’ll be conscious but not necessarily remember things in the morning. It’s ok though. You seem to know what it is that I really want sexually before I realize it. Tonight I want you to take me. I want you to have your way with me. I want you to talk dirty to me, spank me if you like, tie me up or blindfold me. Randy, I’d let you fuck me on the front lawn tonight if we wouldn’t go to jail for it. All I ask lover is that you don’t take my ass with that cock of yours. The other two holes are yours fill any way you desire.”

Barb swallowed and kissed the tip of his cock again and confided, “I wish Cora were here, I want to taste her.”

Randy nodded his understanding and sternly said to her. “You shaved them for a reason, now suck on my balls.”

She complied.

Randy looked over his shoulder to confirm his suspicions that Gladys was still watching. He made eye contact, smiling at her then looked down to Barb and said, “Suck my cock, take as much as you can and hold it there.”

She did and he held her by the ears and pushed some more. She tried and managed to not choke. “Suck it deep you pretty little cocksucker. I’m gonna turn you into a cum dumpster tonight Barb. I’m gona fill your mouth and pussy with cock and cum. Then you’re gonna get me hard again and we’re gonna do it all over again. This is our last night for a while, I’m gonna give you something to remember me by.”

Barb hummed her approval and fingered herself to orgasm unknowing that she was being watched from next door.

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