My Alone Time

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My biggest and most overriding fantasy has always been to be watched. I was a shy child but once puberty hit and my body changed, I felt a real need for sexual attention. I even remember enjoying seeing a friend of my father look at my breasts, at the age of about 14. I knew he was probably a dirty old sleaze but it gave me a rush knowing what was most likely on his mind.

I’ve always known the power of a woman’s body. I love to catch a man’s eyes when I see him look at me, and look directly back, so that he knows I have seen him looking. It doesn’t matter what his age is or what he looks like, it’s that moment that’s important. Later on when I’m alone I might think about that exchange, wonder if he’s thinking about me and touching his body, wondering if he began to get hard while his eyes took in my breasts, my hips, wandered over the curves of my generous form. The thought of this sometimes is enough to give me an intense orgasm. If it’s someone I can imagine myself with I might think of a man cornering me, pushing me against the wall, telling me how sexy I am and how much he would love to fuck me. While I’m alone and naked and touching my pussy these thoughts send shockwaves through me and can make me cum in an instant.

But even more than this is the thought of perhaps that same man, watching me on my bed, through my curtains, my body angled towards the window, knowing this will give a perfect view of my open pussy, my fingers exploring every fold and crevice, glistening and wet. I imagine that man to be hard, pushing at his growing erection through his pants, knowing he shouldn’t be watching but unable to stop himself, finally taking his hard cock out and masturbating while he watches me seemingly oblivious on my bed.

Often when I masturbate I’ll leave my curtains open, just enough for someone to be able to see me in my room. I live in a house below street level, and my bed is perfectly visible from the road. A passerby could see in if they stood and watched. So now, as I do every day, I have my alone time. I need to have it now. I’m feeling particularly aroused. I lie down with my head propped against several pillows. I like to touch my breasts first, they’re large and sensitive. I squeeze them through my bra, imagining someone else’s hands on them, lightly running my fingernails across my nipples which rise to my touch through the tight fabric. Instantly I feel response in my pussy, I feel a warmth and an ache with every touch on my breasts. I like to turn on my side and feel the full weight of my breasts in my hands, imagining bahis firmaları someone behind me, spooning me, pushing his body against me and his cock against the crack of my ass. When I turn, I always turn to face the window, and try to open my eyes to look and see if someone might be there, but I get lost in the sensations in my body and my fantasies of someone being there with me.

I like to run my hands over my flesh, its curves, my full hips and round belly. I feel the goosebumps rise as my hand strokes my skin. When I feel the tension building between my legs I squeeze them together, feeling the moisture build and the ache intensify. When I can’t stand it any longer I keep one hand on my breasts, and run the other down to stroke my slit, just as my imaginary lover does, just gently until my lips part and my fingers slide within my inner labia where by now I am soaking, the juices slick and slippery in my hands. I feel the bud of my clitoris coming out from under its hood but I don’t touch it directly yet. My skirt now is on the floor but my underwear is still on, I love the feeling of my hand inside the tight satin of my wet panties, pushing urgently at my swollen flesh.

I’m lying still on my side with my legs pressed together. I reach behind and undo my bra and allow my breasts to fall freely into my hands, squeezing and kneading the soft fullness of them, feeling my nipples so taut and sensitive in the palms of my hands. I lick my finger and circle each one, concentric circles working in towards the middle, so sensitive the slightest touch sends erotic signals to my clit which tightens in response. My other hand is palming my labia, rubbing it, now becoming wetter and slicker and I feel the need now to slide a finger inside, I want to feel how hot and wet I am, feel the silkiness of my pussy as a man’s hand might.

I imagine now my neighbour outside my window. He’s an older man, we get along well, we talk about books and films and the things we have in common. He doesn’t know that I know that he looks at my breasts sometimes when he’s talking to me. I love knowing he’s looking at me. I have seen him watch me go to my car and I deliberately swing my hips and walk more jauntily if I see his curtain open to take a look at me. If I’m approaching him I walk so my breasts bounce, I smile a lot and touch my hair. I want him to know that I want him, he’s much older than me but I know he’d be a gentle and attentive lover, I know he would appreciate my body. I know I could make him feel so good.

So it’s Chris, my neighbour, who is now kaçak iddaa the imagined watcher. I think to myself, he’s come over to lend me a book, but becomes transfixed by the unexpected sight of me masturbating in full view on my bed. He can’t help but watch. His cock hardens as he does so, his pants becoming wet at the front as he leaks precum. The thought of this spurs me on to take off all my clothes now, I am just in my panties which are now sodden, I can smell my female smell pervading the room, I love this smell, I slide off my underwear now and throw it to the floor, prop myself up so I am half sitting, half lying down. My legs are open, my red and wet labia exposed. My face is flushed, my hair in disarray. I can see my reflection in the mirror, I look wildly erotic. I open my legs wider and part my labia, I slide two fingers inside and push them in and out of myself. In my mind’s eye Chris has his now fully erect cock in his hand, out of his pants, watching me finger fuck myself, my head thrown back in erotic abandon, feeling my juices run down my hand.

I have to touch my clit now, it’s on fire at the thought of Chris seeing me this way. It’s so hard now and throbbing, and I slowly circle it with my wet fingers. With each touch it becomes harder and almost painful, but exquisitely so. My legs always shake when my clitoris is stimulated and this time is no exception. My whole body shakes and I start to get hotter, my skin flushed all over, my breasts bouncing with every touch, every shudder. I try to hold back on my clit but I want to cum, want to cum with Chris watching, at least in my mind. I have both hands now in my pussy, one holding my lips apart and the other alternating between my now dripping vagina and my aching and hard clitoris.

I love the smell and taste of myself so I raise a hand to my face and inhale, this spurs me on to move my hands faster and more furiously. I open my mouth and slide a wet finger inside, savouring my delicious juices, imagining Chris no longer outside the window, bursting in, parting my legs, holding me down, no resistance, licking these juices, licking my fingers then wanting so desperately to lick my pussy. I imagine pushing his head down, his silver hair knotted around my fingers, me writhing beneath his body as his tongue probes every part of me.

I start to feel myself cum, so I hold back. I go back to touching around my clit. This builds tension and makes the final orgasm so much more intense. I feel beneath my bed for my vibrator and turn it on to low. I slide it down the length of my kaçak bahis slit until it’s at the opening to my pussy and push it inside gently. It’s long and slim and smooth, I fuck myself gently with it, now imagining Chris parting my legs and pushing his cock inside. I wonder what his cock looks like, how it feels, I fuck myself gently still and whisper his name, imagine him begging to fuck me, telling me what gorgeous tits I have, what a hot and sexy lover I am, how good my pussy feels around his hard cock as he pumps gently in and out.

The more worked up I get the faster I need to go so I fuck myself harder with the vibrator, can feel the tip of it pushing my gspot as it’s designed to do, my muscles clasping around it. I love now that Chris is inside me. I feel my climax building now as my body writhes on the bed and this time I am not holding back, I want to cum, I move the vibrator up to my clitoris and part my lips again, turning it over so the other side rests directly on my clitoris and turning up the speed to full.

It’s almost too much as I feel the vibrations against my most sensitive area, so I alternate between sliding the vibrator inside me and moving it back to my clit. I can feel myself start to build a climax, I imagine Chris now hard inside me, whispering to me still while I am unable to speak, lost in my own sensations, my head light and faint and the world far away, my breathing rapid and my heart racing, my legs shaking uncontrollably now as he fucks me harder, my clitoris suddenly becoming so slippery it’s hard to hold the vibrator there, and so hard, I start to cum, over and over, I can’t control the waves of extreme pleasure and I don’t want to, I am lost and loving it, the sheets of the bed wound and twisted beneath me and my body moving and writhing with the pleasure I am giving myself, it’s so good, my mind is lost, over and over again, Chris with me in my mind as I cum so hard I almost lose consciousness.

It takes me a while to calm down and I feel aftershocks, tremors, my body not yet back to normal, my clitoris twitching, my pussy wet and open still, the smell of my sex filling the room. My body is hot but I start to shiver, I always do. I open my eyes and Chris is gone now from my mind, reality is coming back again.

I lie for a while, almost sleeping, enjoying the feeling of satisfaction I have, relaxed and naked still in full view. I reach for a bathrobe, wrap it around myself and lie there with my hand to my face, inhaling my sweet smells and feeling wonderful.

I go to my bathroom and see Chris’s car in the driveway, through the window. Maybe I’ll pay him a visit, take a book around, suggest a cuppa or something. Maybe I won’t wash my hands or body first. Maybe I won’t wear underwear. The possibilities are endless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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