My Angry Tenants Ch. 14

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Brooklyn Chase

Ron and Gary needed cash. They were waiting for a pay off on a renovation job they’d done but they needed fast cash now to fund another job they had lined up.

“It’s not like we need a lot, even 500 bucks would tide us over.” Gary said.

He and Ron were lounging on my sofa buck naked after just having taken turns plowing my hole. I was busy at the kitchen counter fixing dinner for the three of us, nude also.

“I’d help if I could,” I said, “but I’m short this month, too. I’ve got just enough to get through till I get rent payments at the first of the month.”

“There has to be a way to get some quick cash.” Ron said.

I was leaning over to put food in the oven when I said, “Maybe you could sell something.”

I stood up and looked at Gary and he gave me a knowing smirk, then turned to Ron and saw the same look.

“We’ve got something we can sell.” Ron said. “I bet we could make 500 bucks in a couple of hours.”

“What?” I asked but I already had a feeling what the answer would be.

“You love getting fucked.” Gary said. “I bet we could find plenty of guys who would pay for your hole.”

“Are you shitting me?” I asked. “What, you want me to walk the street like a crack whore?”

“No, not like that. It would be controlled and we’d be there to make sure it ran smooth.”

“Red’s” Ron said to Gary.

I had heard all about Red’s. It was a bar on the edge of town that even the cops were afraid to go into. It attracted the hardest guys in town, guys who’d just as soon kill you as fuck you. It wasn’t a gay bar or a straight bar-it was a fuck anything that holds still bar.

“Red would go for it. We’ll throw in a free fuck for him and he owes us a favor anyway.” Gary said.

“Guys, I haven’t agreed to any of this shit.” I said. I have to admit I was intrigued, though, and my cock started to get hard.

“Your dick is growing just thinking about it. You know you want to.” Ron said.

He turned back to Gary and said, “We can make it an after hours party. Sell tickets for a fuck, close the bar and let them run a train on his ass. We’ll charge 25 bucks a pop and we’ll only need 20 guys to make 500.”

“20 guys? You want me to let 20 guys fuck my ass in one evening? Are you crazy?” I said to the two of them. My cock was standing straight up and my ass hole was puckering just thinking about all of that dick.

“Okay, I’ll think about it.” I already knew that I was going to say yes.

“Come on, asshole,” Gary said to Ron, jumping up, “let’s go talk to Red. My phone is downstairs.”

I watched the two of them leave, their muscular asses flexing.

“Dinner in half an hour!” I called

They were back in 20 minutes.

“It’s all set for this Saturday night.” Gary said. “We’re calling it “The Saturday Night Fuckathon”. Red said he’d start talking it up to the regulars, he thinks it might help his business.”

Saturday came and I was nervous. By Saturday afternoon, I was REALLY nervous.

“I don’t know, you guys.” I said to Ron and Gary. “This could get out of hand and go really bad.”

“We’re going to be right with you the whole time.” Ron said. “We’d never let anything bad happen to you. Now, go get into your oldest jeans and t-shirt and let’s get you ready.”

I went and put on a pair of almost worn out jeans that were too tight for everyday wear and a t-shirt I had shrunk in the dryer.

“Not bad.” Gary said. “We can make it better.”

He pulled the t-shirt over my head and cut off the bottom half and the sleeves, then had me put it back on.

“Better.” Ron said.

“Okay, now the jeans.” Gary told me.

I shucked them down and handed them to him. He held them up while looking at me, then cut the legs off up to the crotch and handed them back. I pulled them on and there was barely enough fabric left to hold my cock and balls.

“Turn around.” Ron told me and I spun my ass to face him.

“Not slutty enough.” he said. “Remember, most of these guys are used to jailhouse pussy. You need to get them interested. Come over here.”

I walked over to him and he spun me around again and picked up the scissors. I felt him cutting away at the fabric on my ass. When he was finished, the entire ass area was cut away from the top of my ass crack down and my cock and balls were hanging free.

“That will do it.” Gary said. “Let them see what they’re going to be fucking.”

The evening sped by, helped by a few stiff drinks to shore up my courage. Right about midnight Ron and Gary hustled me out to the van and we were soon on the road. The drinks had helped and I was sort of looking forward to being a whore.

We parked in Red’s parking lot and we all got out, me in my barely there whore outfit.

“Okay, here’s how it will go.” Gary said. He showed me a sign he’d made that said ‘Fuck This Ass $25’ with an arrow pointing down. He put a loop of cord over my neck so that the sign hung over my back, then he put a small zippered pouch on a cord around my neck so that it hung in front. Next, he handed me a sheaf Ankara escort of hand printed tickets. I looked at them and they said ‘Good for One Ass Fuck $25’ and were numbered 10 to 200 by tens.

“You’re going to walk around inside the bar and sell your tickets. We’ll be right behind you in case anybody wants to get rough or tries for a free ticket. It’s up to you how much you let them handle the merchandise but if it sells the ticket, I say go for it. Keep your cash in the front pouch.”

“I can’t believe I have to do the selling AND get fucked.” I said. “You guys make pretty lousy pimps.”

“Yeah, well, you may not even sell any tickets. Let’s see what kind of whore you make.” Ron replied.

We walked over to the door and we went in. If I had been on my own, I would have turned around and went right back out. The first thing that hit you was the smell. It was a combination of stale beer, unwashed cock, old piss and those cakes you find in a urinal. The second thing was the clientele. These were some big motherfuckers. Most of them were hairy, on their heads and everywhere else. Leather jackets, wife beaters and worn out Levi’s were the standard wardrobe, most of them torn and with various parts of ass and balls exposed. Most of the guys were ugly and mean looking, too, with muscular prison work out bodies. My poor little ass hole was in a permanent pucker thinking about what these brutes were going to do to it.

The guy behind the bar looked up and said, “The entertainment has arrived. Step right in, fellas.”

He was probably in his fifties with bright red hair cut short and close to his scalp. He was one of the few clean shaven guys in the place and was actually pretty nice looking. He had on the same outfit as his clientele and I noticed how muscular his arms, shoulders and chest were.

The clientele had stopped any talking when we walked in and now we stared at each other. Ron grabbed me by the arm and spun me around so that my sign and ass were on view. I heard the voices and some laughter start back up and Ron grabbed me again and pushed me forward.

“Sell those tickets.” he said.

I pushed through the crowd, most of the guys towering over me, inhaling the aroma of leather, beer, unwashed balls and old reefer. More than once my ass got grabbed and my hole got fingered. I finally made it to the opposite side of the room where I was confronted by the biggest guy yet. He was sitting on a stool with his back against the wall, one leg raised and his foot resting on another stool. The crotch of his Levi’s was torn and his loose ball sack with two giant nuts hung down off of the stool. I judged that standing he was probably all of 6’8″, most of it hard muscle. He had dark hair combed straight back and a big brush mustache. I couldn’t tear my eyes off of his gigantic balls.

“See anything you like?” he asked.

I looked up at his eyes and was ready to run for help.

“You mist be the butt boy they’ve been talking about all night.” he said. “Turn around.”

I did as he said and then he said, “25 bucks, huh? Bend over.”

I did as he told me to and I felt his hand in my ass, his hard finger probing my hole.

“Feels pretty tight.” he said. “I like a tight hole.”

I turned around as he stood up, a giant next to me and he reached into his pocket and counted out 25 dollars which he handed to me in exchange for a ticket.

“I’ll be seeing you later.” he said and cupped a rapidly growing cock the outline of which looked already at least 8 inches long and it wasn’t even all the way hard. I was scared and turned on, both at the same time.

Seeing the alpha dog in the room buy an ass fuck ticket seemed to open the flood gate and within 15 minutes I had sold out. Some of the big monsters who bought tickets scared the crap out of me just looking at them; I could only imagine what it was going to be like when they got their cock up my ass.

Ron and Gary came over to collect the cash from me and I said, “I don’t know about this, you guys. I may have to back out before I wind up in the hospital.”

“Are you nuts?” Gary said. “You see what we’re dealing with here. These guys will tear us limb from limb if you blow them off. You’re not going anywhere.”

He grabbed me and he and Ron dragged me into the men’s room. When we got inside, Gary tore the little bit of clothing I had on off of me and said, “Get on your knees.”

When I did, he pulled me over next to the urinal and pulled out a pair of handcuffs that he used to secure me with my hands behind me to the water pipes. Ron then pulled out the cock cage they had put on me during my trip to Buffalo and snapped it around my cock and balls and locked it.

“This will keep you out of trouble till we need you.” Gary said. “You can sit here and admire the wildlife, it’ll turn you on watching all of these guys piss and get you hungry for cock.”

The turned around and left me there, kneeling next to the stinky piss trough totally nude.

Before too many minutes had passed, one of the customers came in. Ankara escort bayan He was a big guy around 6’2″ with a bushy beard and a soft belly over his belt. He saw me and laughed, then came over and looked behind me at the hand cuffs.

“Looks like somebody was a bad boy.” he said.

He steeped up to the urinal and unbuttoned his pants and drew out his fat cock. He reached into his pants and fished out his balls so that they hung out of his fly, too, for my inspection. His cock was soft and already so fat that I doubted I could have gotten my hand all of the way around it and his balls were as big as golf balls, hanging down in a loose sack. He lifted the cock and released a thick stream of piss into the urinal, some of it spattering out on me.

“You’re the pussy boy who’s going to get fucked tonight, aren’t you?” he asked as he shook off his fat cock. I just nodded the affirmative.

He reached into his pocket and drew out a ticket.

“I hope you’re used to taking fat meat.” he said. “This thing gets about twice as wide when it’s angry.”

He laughed again, shaking his monster meat in my face and then buttoned up and left. As much as I was frightened, I was also getting really horny.

A few minutes later, the next pisser came in. He was an older guy, probably late 50’s and thin and rangy.

“You taking a survey?” he asked as he unzipped.

“My friends put me here till later when they need me.” I replied.

He pulled out his cock, a meaty uncut piece of meat about 6 inches long soft and let his piss splash into the trough.

“You’re going to see just about every cock in the place this evening, I guess. Your friends must have wanted to give you an education.”

He shook off and then stepped over in front of me. He held his cock in his hand and rubbed the head over my face, smearing the last few drops all over me.

“Might as well make you of some use.” he said. “I never can get those last few drops out of my foreskin.”

He tucked his cock away and then left me sitting there with his drying piss on my face.

Several minutes later, Ron and Gary showed up, all smiles.

“We’ve got great news!” Gary said. “We’ve got another 20 guys lined up for you to suck off at $10 a head after you’re done being fucked. We can make another $200! We’re calling it the “After Party Suckathon””

For a minute I was speechless until finally I yelled, “What are you two, fucking nuts? You expect me to service 40 guys? I’ll wind up in the Emergency ward!”

“It’s not 40 guys.” Ron said, abashed. “Some of the guys you’re going to suck off are the same ones who are going to fuck you first.”

“I must be in the twilight zone. I must be out of my own fucking mind.” I said.

“20 dicks aren’t that many. I’ve seen you do almost that many before. Come on, we really need you.” Gary said.

Honestly, after seeing some of the cocks I had just seen pissing, I kind of liked the whole scenario.

“You don’t get to ask me for any more favors for at least 6 months if I do this, nothing! Do you agree?”

“We swear.” Ron said. “I knew you wouldn’t let us down.”

The boys left and I sat there for 20 or so minutes until someone had to piss again. This time, it was a younger guy, probably in his 30’s, slim, good looking and sexy. He looked at me kneeling by the pisser, then stepped up and opened his fly. He hauled out a beauty of a cock, thick and veiny and about 5 inches hanging soft. As he started to piss, he lifted his cock and said, “You want some of this?”

“No thanks.” I said. “Piss isn’t really my thing.”

When he’d stopped pissing, he lifted his cock and pointed it at me and said, “You want some of this?”

“Actually, yeah, I want a lot of that but I promised I wouldn’t do any freebies tonight. I’m supposed to do strictly pay for play. Did you get a ticket to fuck me?”

Just then the door opened and Red, the owner and bartender came in and stood at the urinal while my new friend moved to one side.

“I’d like to,” my friend said, “but I’ve got a real ass hole of a parole officer who makes me account for every red cent. He caught me one morning with a trick who had spent the night and he’s been riding my ass into the ground ever since. Topping really isn’t my thing anyway.”

I thought for a minute and then said, “All of my fuck tickets are sold out but I can still suck you off after.”

I looked up at Red and asked, “Can I ask you a big favor, Red? Can I borrow 10 bucks off of you until later?”

“Sure.” Red said, “You’re good for it.” and dug into a pocket and came up with the 10 dollar bill.

“Give it to him.” I said, nodding my head at my new friend. “I said I wouldn’t do any freebies but I didn’t say I wouldn’t buy myself a treat. Go out and find my two ass hole buddies and tell them I said that you’re number 21 in the suckathon. And hang around after; I have a friend who’s a parole officer and a really good guy. I’ll talk to him. When he gets a look at you and finds out you’re a bottom, he’ll move heaven and earth to Escort Ankara get you on his case load.”

My new friend left and Red stepped up to the urinal.

“That was nice, what you did.” he told me. “Most of these guys have had pretty shitty lives. When you treat them nice they really appreciate it.”

He unzipped his fly.

“He seemed like a good guy, plus he had a really nice cock and I try never to pass up that combination.”

Red hauled out his own dick. It was one of those perfect pieces of meat, a smooth column flopping down about 5 inches soft, the head perfectly proportioned to the shaft so that the whole thing was smooth, just right for sliding down my throat or into my ass hole.

“Whoa!” I said. “Talk about a nice cock! I can’t wait to get that beauty in my hole.”

“Sorry, little fella,” he said as he pissed, “I don’t mix business and pleasure and when I’m at the bar it’s all business.”

“You’re at least going to let me suck you off, though, right?”

His cock had started to grow involuntarily.

“Sorry, babe, I never break my own rule. Not that I’m not tempted as you can see.”

His cock had gotten fully hard, standing straight up at about 8 inches of smooth dick meat. My mouth actually watered for it.

“At least give me a taste. Do you ever take a night off?”

He moved over and let me suck the perfect head of his cock for just an instant.

“Yeah, I take a night off every Monday. I need to get back behind the bar.” he said, tucking his beautiful cock back into his pants.

“Wait.” I said. “Look in my pants pocket over there.”

He did so and drew out the stack of cards I had carried in with me. Each of them read “FREE suck and fuck, anytime.” and gave my phone number.

“Take a card and give me a call. I’d rather spend a while on that cock without being rushed anyway.”

“I’ll do that.” he said.

“One more favor?” I asked. “Take the cards with you. If I particularly like any of the cocks fucking my ass or throat tonight, I’ll send them over to the bar and you can give them a card, okay?”

“Good to see you getting something out of this. It’s almost show time, so I’ll see you outside.”

I was nervous all over again. It wasn’t too long until Ron and Gary showed up and uncuffed me and led me to the back room of the bar.

There I was confronted by a contraption I’d never seen before. It had splayed legs like a saw horse but a broad padded platform on top that was cut out into a u-shape at one end. On the legs were adjustable pegs that could be raised and lowered to different heights and Velcro cuffs attached. The top also had a pillow and a u ring and a metal handle on each side near the end. The whole thing was on casters so that it rolled.

“We built it this week.” Ron said. “It’s a fuck bench we designed ourselves. Climb on.”

They helped me up onto it so that I was lying on my stomach, my legs spread and my feet perched on the side pegs. My cock and balls hung down in the u cut out and the metal handles were at each side of my hips. My ass was spread and totally open to the assault of any cock.

“Pretty neat, huh?” Gary said. “We’re going to patent this baby and sell it online.”

He and Gary proceeded to arrange me on the fuck bench, adjusting the foot rests and velcroing my legs in place and snapping my hand cuffs into the ring on top. When they were done I was totally restrained and helpless.

“These guys will get off on the rape vibe.” Gary said. “Don’t act too willing.”

Ron said, “That’s pretty hot looking, the way he’s tied up with his ass hole spread open. Maybe we should fuck him to loosen him up.”

“No time, now.” Gary replied. “It’s Showtime!”

They grabbed the sides of the fuck bench and rolled me out into the bar. Red had turned out most of the lights and thrown out everybody who wasn’t paid up for the fuck and suck party. The boys rolled me into the middle of the bar and the patrons crowded around, slapping my ass and fingering my hole while laughing and whooping it up.

Ron had a big tube of silicone lube that he showed to the crowd while he screwed a nozzle tip on the end, and then he stuck the nozzle up my hole and emptied nearly the entire tube in my ass.

“Your party meat is ready to fuck.” he announced. “Who has the first ticket?”

My friendly giant from earlier in the evening stepped through the crowd. He had pulled his shirt up over his head with his arms still in the straps so that his chest and stomach were exposed, hard muscles sculpting the skin.

“We meet again, little buddy.” he said while unbuttoning his fly. He hauled out his big cock, already hard. It was at least nine inches long, covered in veins and with a fat cone shaped head.

“You ready for this?” he asked, waving his giant cock at me.

“Fuck, I should be paying you for the chance to ride that monster.” I said.

He laughed and walked around to my exposed ass where he pulled his pants down to his knees so that his long ball sack swung free beneath his towering dick.

“I’ll try not to hurt you.” he said, positioning his big cock head against my puckered hole.

“Don’t worry about me; I just want to feel that sweet cock all the way up my ass shooting your ball juice in me.” I replied.

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