My Best Friend’s Wife

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Doggy Style

There are certain women in my life that I have never been able to shake. I was making the long drive back home to see one such girl after ten long and lonely years. Her name is Charity, and unfortunate as it was she had never lived up to that name with me. Instead, she began fucking my best friend and teasing me during my college days. Whether it was whispering to me that she was not wearing underwear, or rubbing her ass against my hard dick she always managed to deny my attempts to bed her. It was soon after we graduated that Chuck and Charity were married.

As I finally pulled into her driveway I decided right then and there today was going to be different. I knocked on the door, and saw a blonde figure peek through the shades. She opened the door, and gave me a big ol’ hug on the neck, and I returned the favor with and added peck on the cheek. She seemed not to mind, and all of my fantasies began to race through my head like chickens in a barnyard.

“Where’s Chuck?” I asked with the faint hope he was gone.

“In Seattle, on business,” she quickly replied.

“Probably FUCKING bahçeşehir escort another WHORE!” she shouted soon after.

Now it had been some ten years since I had seen Charity, but she quickly began blubber on about how Chuck had changed. I tried very hard to be supportive, but my eyes quickly focused in on her large breasts that were barely covered by her pink tank top. I was unaware, but I had developed quite a woody in my jeans at the very sight of her.

“It is nice to see I still have that effect on you, James,” she whispered as she rubbed my crotch.

“You always have,” I said, as I slowly leaned in to kiss her cheek once more.

“I need you, James” she squealed as she turned to kiss me full on the mouth.

And with those four words she quickly stripped me of my jeans and began to suck my rather large member. I could not believe the girl of my dreams was making like a snow-blower in a blizzard. I grabbed her by the back of her long flowing blonde hair and forced her head even further down my steel shaft.

“Oh…James!” bakırköy escort she screamed.

“Fuck me, Fuck me NOW!” she groaned.

I did not even stop to think as I ripped off her black thong and tossed it aside. I did take just a moment to admire the view of her wet pussy before I buried my face in her mound. She smelled of peaches and strawberries, and I greedily ate as if it were my last meal.

“Fuck me…please!” she squealed again, as I slid three fingers into her warm oven.

“Not tell you say I am better than Chuck!” I demanded.

“Oh God, you are better than Chuck!” she cried, “MUCH BETTER!”

I quickly threw her back on the cold floor and forced my now huge cock into her pussy. I began thrusting faster and faster into her cunt. She began cumming all over my rod, and I just kept banging away like a jackhammer. I pulled out and turned her over to fuck her tight ass.

“I have never done this before,” she screamed.

“Then it’s about time you had!” I shouted back.

I başakşehir escort was taking her ass virginity, and she was loving every minute of it. It was a little difficult at first, as her ass was trying to reject my member, but after a few seconds she was fucking me like a porn star. My balls began to tingle as I knew I could not hold out much longer. I quickly pulled out and asked her where she wanted it.

“In my pussy!” she pleaded.

“Are you sure?” I asked, not really caring what the answer was to my question.

She turned back over and I resumed fucking her now sopping beaver. I pumped harder and harder until I could begin to feel myself cumming. I just let go right into my best friend’s wife. I came so much that some of my white gold began to seep out of her. I pulled out of her and she quickly sucked me clean as a baby’s butt. We both collapsed into each others arms and fell fast asleep. When we woke and I got dressed; kissed her on the cheek, and headed back home.

For whatever reason over the next few months she did not call or write me. That is until about nine months later when I received a picture and a letter from Chuck that read:

Dear James,

Here is a picture of our beautiful baby boy; James. Charity just would not have it any other way, but to name our boy after you. She says you can keep her company anytime I am out of town.

You are the best, buddy!

P.S. Charity sends her love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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