My Cup Runneth Over Ch. 05

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This is the latest chapter in a series of seven chapters. If you have not started at the beginning you will miss much. Sorry for being so long with the responses from Josephine and Joan but all of the details from Mary and Gwen seemed too important to not share in their entirety.


Chapter 5

Josephine when asked what had transpired in her life after she left us dressed only in the bustier and crotchless panties blushed and then in a quiet voice started.

“You would not believe. First I was nervous of driving with only a minimum of clothing. I was sure that a policeman would stop me and asked if I had been drinking and when I confessed that I had, asking me to step out and then having him see me in all my glory. I could just see me standing outside my car in only the bustier and my crotchless panties with my red pubic hair hanging out.

I had called my partner to make sure he was home and found he was. I knocked on his door and when he opened it I took one large stride in, pushing him back with both hands and then letting my coat fall to the floor. You should have seen to shock on his face. I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him into the bedroom saying, “Get your clothes off if you like what you see. I want you now! I think he ripped the buttons off his shirt in the process and it had hardly hit the floor when the pants followed. He stepped out of the legs but left his boxer shorts on saying,

“‘Josephine, I don’t know where the hell you have been or what you have been doing nor who you were doing it with but that can wait. All I want now is to unbutton that upper garment, lustily take your breasts in my mouth and worship them until you cry for me to stop. I guess I don’t need to worry about removing your panties as it seems as if the seam has split or did not get sewn up in the first place”‘ By this time his erection was more than obvious, straining to find release from the tight boxers. He came to me, taking me in his arms and crushing me against his chest and kissing me most passionately. Starting with the top button he worked his way down. By the time of he got to the middle, the top flopped down letting my rather over-sized boobs to escape. He could not control himself. He came to me and brought his mouth to my right nipple sucking and using his tongue to stimulate it. Moving on to the left one and then said, “Help me to get this thing off; I want you so badly I am going to cum without even touching you if I am not careful.” I cooperated and soon all I was wearing was the crotchless panties. He went down on his knees and pressed his mouth to the slit in the panties. His tongue explored what was found there from bottom to top. I did not realize that my clit was sticking straight out. He took it in his mouth and was most enthusiastic in his worship of it. I held his face in place begging him not to stop.

With that he pulled the panties off and spread my legs thrusting his tongue into my vagina and using his thumb and forefinger to massage my clit. I could hardly take it without having a climax.

“Hurry up and put your cock in me; I want to feel you deep inside me but I want it doggie style.”

My partner said, “You have never wanted to do it Urfa Escort other than in the missionary fashion. What’s up?”

I responded that I had been to a meeting with some friends who share one thing, large breasts and that we use the same lingerie store. The owner had arranged for a salesman who sells high end French lingerie to give a presentation on the evolution of the brassier. I described part of his talk including how in the French court back in the 1500 to 1700’s women exposed their breasts without compunction and almost invited courtiers to take them where ever they could find a bit of privacy; how the courtier would simply pull his cod piece aside and lift the lady’s skirts which was not that easy given the length and circumference of the skirt plus all the crinolines, pushing them up over their heads and enter her from behind. I told him this description got me so turned on and in combination with the bustier and crotchless panties which was the door prize I wanted to be fucked in such a fashion as fast as possible.

Richard and that is his name and I have been dating and intimate for a couple of years but he has never suggested marriage and I was enjoying our relationship and afraid if I pushed the idea it could end it. At the same time I knew I was not getting any younger and maybe it was time to make some kind of commitment. In my inner most thoughts I knew that I had put him off when he proposed some sexual activities that I had not tried before and likely was afraid to explore. That night for some reason Jean-Paul’s presentation relieved me of the guilt that seemed to be tied to a more free expression of sexual desire.

“Yes Richard, I want you to fuck me doggy style and I want it know. I am naked and so are you. Do you want me to beg?” It did not take more encouragement.

“Get on your knees and spread your legs.” Richard said. With any more foreplay he wiped his lovely cock up and down my slit using my juices to lubricate his member. Then he found the entrance to my love tunnel and pressed first the engorged head firmly against me and then with a not too gently shove the entire length in until he hit my cervix. He grabbed my hips and started rocking back and forth never completely withdrawing. I felt him reach around and he found a nipple and played with it, squeezing and twisting it before cupping my breast. “Jo, reach down and play with your clit. I want you to have a climax like you have never felt before.” I did as I was told and have to admit as my anticipation rose I have never felt more like a woman in all my life. It did not take long as Richard increased the tempo and I was virtually grinding my clit with my fingers. We came together and I he rolled to one side and I collapsed on top of him. Our lips found each other and the magnetism was enormous. I could feel my wet pussy resting against his bare leg and it was not long before his cum combined with my juices were running down onto his leg and onto the bed.

“Richard, we have to get up or the bed will be soaked.” He responded that he didn’t care but I insisted that if he wanted me to spend the night I was not about to do in in a soaking wet bed. I went on, “Let’s go and have a shower Urfa Escort Bayan together and if you are a good boy I will give you what you have always wanted but I resisted, soixante neuf.”

“Boy, I know that you spent an evening with a French man and that my French is rusty but if I remember that is sixty nine.” I smiled and nodded. Richard grabbed me and virtually dragged me to the shower. Suffice to say that we each give the other a good soaping. I told Richard not to touch my clit or I would cum again and be no good for him when we were back in bed. He was almost a good boy massaging every tender spot and just stopping before I reached a climax. We dried each other off and walked hand in hand back to his big bed. “You are serious about ’69’?”

“Absolutely!’ I replied. “Lay down on your back and open your legs.” I said and with that he did and I straddled him putting one leg on either side of his head and my mound as close to his mouth as I could get it. “Now eat me!” I took his six inch cock in my hand and put it in my mouth and began to suck. I felt his tongue run up and down my slit and then his fingers spread my labia. His tongue then followed running from my perineum or taint to my clit. Oh what a heavenly feeling; why had I waited so long. I could feel his tongue probe my vagina and then his lips suck on my clitoris. It was driving me crazy and caused me to go at his cock with a vengeance. I could not have pressed my pussy against his face any harder for fear of cutting off the air he needed to breathe.

I could tell that we were both getting close. When Richard began to really probe my vagina with his tongue I grabbed his balls and squeezed them and increased the tempo of my sucking. In now time at all I felt his scrotum tighten and a load of cum hit the back of my throat. This was the first time I had ever tasted cum, a bit salty but not bad. Then Richard sucked my clit like there was no tomorrow and I went over the top. I would have screamed in ecstasy if I had not had a mouthful. We each collapsed gasping for air. I must have swallowed all of his offering. I turned and we lay side by side looking at each other. Finally Richard told me that he had never had an experience as great as that. We each went to the bathroom and cleaned our face and brushed our teeth before once again joining the other in bed and falling into a deep sleep.

In the morning we showered together and dressed, then going to a local coffee shop for breakfast quietly discussed what had transpired the previous night and what had changed in me that led to the wild sex. I told him that somehow the talk of the wild sexual antics of the French courts in the time of the Louies had not only turned me on but got me thinking of all I had been missing by being such a prude. Those thoughts along with the bustier and the crotchless panties made me wild with desire.

Richard asked if this was a one off thing or was I a changed person. I replied that, “No it was not a one night event that I wanted such times to continue as often as possible.”

“Jo, that is marvelous. I have so longed to have you come to me without the reservations that you have previously had. I have loved you Escort Urfa but felt that without my needs to be met in every way a long term relationship was not going to work. I have a busy day and need to go but why don’t we meet at Maison Rouge at 7:00 for dinner. I may have a surprise for you.” I agreed and we each went to our own places of business.

I could hardly wait until seven o’clock. I went home and showered and dressed in the most provocative dress I had with plenty of décolletage. A black fitted dress with a slit up the side of the skirt so what I think of as a fine set of legs could be seen. I arrived precisely at 7:00 and was met by Pierre, the Maitre’D who was effusive with his comments about my attire. The fact that my ample breasts were well displayed and the fact that he is French likely had something to do with it. He led me to a banquette where Richard was already seated. He rose and kissed me firmly on the lips and grabbed my ass, oblivious to those around us. He whispered in my ear, “Jo, you are absolutely gorgeous!” and we then slipped into the booth with our hips touching.

Richard said that he got there a little early, saying that he was anxious for our evening to commence. He went on to say that he hoped I was not offended but he had already had a drink, (his favorite, a Bourbon Manhattan) but had asked that a bottle of Champagne be brought to our table and put to chill. We talked about our day and both told how we were distracted as we thought forward to our evening together. The Champagne arrived, the waiter opening it with much flourish. He poured each of us a flute full and left. Richard raised his and said, “Joy, may this be a night of great memories, one to be repeated often.” He then leaned and kissed me passionately before sipping his wine. I admit I was flabbergasted!

We each sipped the wine as we looked into each other’s eyes. I was aware that Richard was reaching into his jacket pocket but did not think much of it until he came out with a small silver box. He looked me intently and said, “Jo, I believe that you know I love you and have for months. After our time together last night and your assurance that I saw a changed woman I am asking if you will marry me?” With that he opened the silver box and this is what was inside.” I opened my hand palm down and displayed a 2 karat solitaire in a platinum setting that fit perfectly on my ring finger.

“Oh yes” I said and through my arms around him drawing him tight to my chest. We kissed and hugged oblivious to those around us. Until there was a subtle cough we did not notice our waiter standing at our table. A bit flustered, by way of explanation we explained that we had just become engaged. He extended sincere congratulations and asked if we were ready to order. We said, “Give us five minutes” which he did.

I don’t remember much about the meal other than it was excellent. Richard said, “Let’s get out of here so we can celebrate properly.” He signaled for the bill and were shocked when the head waiter came to our table announcing that our meal was on the house as the whole staff were thrilled that we would finally be husband and wife. I think he knew that this would not be our last meal at Maison Rouge. We went back to Richards and I will not elaborate further but morning seemed to come far too soon.

The remainder of us shrieked with joy and each hugged her offering our congratulations. After the excitement subsided, we all said “What about you Joan?”

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