My First Gay Bar Experience Pt. 02

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This story is from the imagination of the writer. All characters are over the age of 18 and consenting adults. Read and enjoy.


On Halloween, I went to a nearby gay bar- a first for me. While their, I met a man who has become a good pal. We have not yet told each other our first names. I call him “pal.” He calls me “cock slut.” Yes, perhaps it is degrading to you, but we are adults and enjoy being with each other. Plus, I do not mind. The only reason he calls me that is because he said he would teach me to be a good “cock slut.”

It is now the first Friday in November and pal has invited me over to his condo for some fun; just as we had on Halloween. His place is only twenty five miles from where I live. It is a nice condo with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Pal’s guest bedroom is where “our fun begins.”

At six that night he sends me a text:

Be at my place by 7:30. Wear a tight purple v-neck t-shirt, blue jeans, your white g-string and your black sneakers. Got it?

“Yes.” I text back.

As I shower, my cock is aching; aching because I was told not to jerk off unless he allows me to. Last time I orgasmed, was our first time together.

The drive took almanbahis forty five minutes; damn traffic. It is now past seven thirty. What will he say?

“Your late, cock slut.”

“I know I am, pal, but traffic was…”

“Such an old excuse. Come inside. Go into the the guest room and strip. Put your hands against the wall to the right of the bed.”

My hands are up against the wall. He walks in.

“Extend your sweet ass cheeks out. Your going to learn what happens if you ever arrive late again. Understand!”

“Yes, pal.”

Opening the closet across from where I stand, he grabs a small whip.

“No, please.”

“Quiet! Your my cock slut and if I need to use this I will.”

*Thwack* *Thwack* *Thwack*

Only three lashes and my ass cheeks burn.

“Would you like more, my cock slut?”

How should I answer? This never happened before. What the Hell.


*Thwack* *Thwack* *Thwack*

“There. Your ass is good and red.” He leans in and whispers in my left ear. “Next time, leave your house earlier.”

Panting, I manage a weak “I will.”

“Good. Turn around and kneel. Hands at your side.”

I do as I am told.

He stands almanbahis giriş in front of me and takes all his clothing off. His erect seven inch dick is waiting for me.

“You want this? Don’t you?”


“Why do you want, or should I say, need my cock?”

“Because, I am your cock slut.”

“Good. Suck slowly. Enjoy what your pal give you.”

Gently taking his cock with into my left hand, I begin to move it up and down his long, stiff shaft. I tickle his balls with my right hand. I lick my lips and prepare to pleasure my pal.

I kiss the tip of his cock’s head; pre cum oozing from the jizz slit. My mouth is ready; I open it and extend my tongue, licking the head and slowly covering it with my saliva.

He moans.

So long. So nice.

His cock continues its journey into my mouth. I intentionally move my head slow; I want him to enjoy this.

Getting deeper, it’s all in.

As I move my mouth back and forth, more pre cum is spilling into my waiting gullet.

His cock’s head makes contact with the back of my throat and my gag reflex hits.

“That’s it, cock slut. I want to hear that.”

I instinctively pull my mouth off and look almanbahis yeni giriş up- there is annoyance in his eyes. I lick up and down his shaft to appease him.

He moans again.

As his dick enters my mouth a second time, I just take it all and gulp it down; if he wants me to be a cock slut, I’d better begin to suck like one.

“Yes, take it all again, Gag on it. Except it into that slutty mouth of yours.”

His breathing becomes harder.

By now, I am taking all of my pal’s schlong into my slutty mouth. Moving my head faster. Using my tongue, I wrap his cock. His knees are becoming weak. Soon he will explode into my mouth.

My own cock is fucking so hard. My slit is leaking pre cum onto his carpet.

Working mouth quicker, his moans and grunts echo off all four walls.

“Fucking cock slut. Soon my jizz will be in you.”

Gulping his cock more h. grabs my head with both hands. His hips buckle.

“Fuck, yes. Swallow it all my cock slut.”

Load after load of his cum is being blasted into my mouth. He’s right, I need his cum. It feels so naughty yet so right to be doing this; naughty that he is using my mouth for his own pleasure and so right that I accept my position on my knees as his cock slut.

Swallowing it all, little by little. Enjoying the taste. Enjoying the moment.

“Look up at me.”

I do as am told.

“You are now truly what I call you.”

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