My Friend Heather Ch. 02

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—- Chapter 2 —-

* Sameera *

A smartly dressed man appeared in front of the house as we approached. I would have recognized him immediately even if Heather hadn’t exclaimed “Daddy!”. Richard (Not his real name. He’s a well known business leader, so I’m not going to use that) looked just like his pictures but much taller and bigger in the flesh. Easily a couple of inches above 6 ft, with the typical big American build, he moved easily for his 48 years. Heather had told me that her dad regularly ran the Philadelphia marathon and it showed. My observation of him was measured but Heather couldn’t contain her excitement. She braked and jumped out of the car rushing into her dad’s arms. His arms enclosed her and held her close as she muzzled his chest. I could hear her squealing and see the happiness on Richard’s face. I stepped out slowly and he looked at me. His eyes were penetrating, sharp like a predator’s and even as he held his daughter close in his arms I knew they were undressing me.

“Come meet my Dad, Sam.” Heather called out to me.

“Hello Mr Baxter. Thank you for inviting me,” I said with the brightest smile I could muster. It didn’t take much effort. He was the proverbial alpha male. His public stature alone made him desirable even without his physically attractive presence. And I liked alpha males.

“Hello Sameera,” he used my full name. It rolled easily off his tongue, in the correct way and took me by surprise. I was used to people getting my name wrong. Even Heather had given up and simply called me “Sam” like everyone else.

“Heather’s friends are always welcome in our home even without an invitation, and call me Richard please.”

He took my extended hand and Uşak Escort held it gently but firmly. Heather looked up at him with a smile of adoration and missed the look in his eyes. His eyes had softened, the hunter look I had seen momentarily had gone but I knew he had assessed me as a potential conquest. I felt warm and smiled. The game I had only idly prepared for before coming had begun.

“Thank you Richard.” I smiled back, holding his gaze until he dropped it with an amused smile and kissed Heather on her head.


The security control panel in my study chirped as the main gate was opened. On the CCTV, I saw Heather in the driver’s seat and closed my laptop. I couldn’t sit there any longer. My daughter was home!

I was on the front steps when Heather drove up and jumped out of the car, rushing to me, her usual vivacious self, shouting, “Daddy!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and open my arms wide for my Heather. She rushed into my arms and it felt good to be alive. I hugged her, almost crushed her, and kissed the top of her head while she gurgled against my chest.

“Mmm daddy did you miss me?” she asked me, knowing exactly what the answer would be.

I hugged her and told her, “more than ever.”

I saw Heather’s friend step out of the car. She looked exactly like the pictures the investigator had sent me, but I hadn’t been prepared for the raw sexuality of that tiny dark body. She had a casual but determined walk as she came around the car. There was the grace of a gazelle in her body and I found myself trying to undress her in my mind. It surprised me. I hadn’t done that for a while and never with Heather’s friends. There must have been a change Uşak Escort Bayan in my breathing because Heather sensed it and looked up. She introduced her friend and we exchanged hellos.

I decided that I liked her confident smile and the curiosity in her eyes. I didn’t see the fawning adoration I see with most young women I meet at work, but I saw something else too. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. I could see her assessing me. I didn’t understand why until much later.

* Sameera *

“I’ll go get our bags,” I said to no one in particular and turned to walk back towards the car.

I was amused by how Heather the ice maiden (as most boys in college called her) had turned into a bubbly little girl in her Dad’s arms. I could sense his eyes on my back as I opened the boot. With a mischievous grin that no one could see, I lingered, bent over, moving my hips just so slightly.

I grabbed both our bags and began to walk back towards the father and daughter still hugging, and kissing. I wondered what Heather’s mom had to say about this. Probably very little. Heather rarely talked about her mom. In her stories, mom was a ghost lurking in the shadows. I sensed Richard and she had little to do with each other now – their marriage reduced to a convenient arrangement. It also explained why she wasn’t home – returning only 3 days later. To me, as an outsider, the sexual attraction was clear. Not for a moment did I consider that I may just be being excessively imaginative and seeing the world through the filter of my own experiences. I couldn’t blame Heather. Mr Baxter, sorry Richard, was everything she had told me about him and then some.

We carried our bags into Heather’s Escort Uşak room, Richard helping us up the stairs. He left after giving Heather another hug and shut the door behind him.

“Your dad’s hot Heather,” I exclaimed, almost sure that Richard would hear me.

“Do you mind too much if I seduce him,” I said with a mock grin.

I saw a strange look appear in Heather’s eyes and I sealed her lips with a kiss.

She shivered in my arms, and laughed, “You horny bitch .. he’s my dad .. and besides I have dibs on you for the next few weeks.”

I always like it when Heather abuses. The words seem especially foul emerging from her sweet child like lips. I kissed her again.

* Richard *

I found myself looking at both girls as I helped them with their luggage. Young, full of life, beautiful and infecting everything around them with the joy of life. Physically, they couldn’t be more different but like all girls at that age, they seemed to have come from the same mould. They walked up the stairs ahead of me, teasing each other, talking about what they were going to do the next few days. Looking back at me and giggling as I hefted Heather’s large suitcase. Although I sensed, hoped even, that there was more in Sam’s gaze than just amusement.

I also noticed how they were with each other. I’m good at reading body language and what I read unsettled me. There was far too much touching, far too much communication without words. They seemed to be like “lovers”. The word sprang up unbidden in my head and I was surprised that it didn’t bother me. Even more surprised that it aroused me a little.

I left them in Heather’s room. Needing some time to sort out the jumble of thoughts in my head. I closed the door and leaned back against the wall beside it, breathing deeply. I hadn’t planned to eavesdrop but what I heard made me reel, confirming my suspicion. But I felt flattered at the same time. I was becoming attracted to that little dark minx.

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