My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man Ch. 04

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Big Tits

As much as I’d like to tell you that Steve, Gayle and I went at it all night after they seduced me and fucked me: I’d be lying. In fact, I fell asleep. Like a man. I came hard and passed out. Like a man. In my defense, I’d ridden my bike 100 miles that day and if I’d known I was going to have my sexual fantasies fulfilled by 2 gorgeous friends, I might have planned a little better! Not only did I pass out like a man, I passed out in the middle of my friends’ bed, and no one was going to move me. I’m embarrassed to tell you this, but, hey, it happened ok? Sometimes you ride your bike 100 miles and then have an orgy and then you pass out. ok?

In the morning I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon and to the feeling of a pair of very erect nipples pressing against my back. Steve was making breakfast, Gayle was nibbling on my neck. Best morning ever.

“Hi you,” she whispered and pressed herself against my back. Speechless, I rolled over kissed her deeply, hoping morning breath might be ignored. We made out slowly at first then with passion, no words necessary. I should tell you that one of the benefits of riding a bike as much as I do is that your legs get very muscular. I always joke that I look like I have someone else’s legs, and I slid my quads between her thighs and made sure that they rubbed right antalya escort up against Gayle’s clit. One of my quad muscles is so defined that it sticks out enough to be a perfect sex tool, it was hard and protruding. I scored. She moaned from her toes as she began to hump my quad, her pussy leaking on me.

I’m an old veteran and have learned that you can’t go too slowly when you arouse a woman. Gayle was melting like a stick of butter as we kissed and I rubbed my fingertips over her neck and back. After being passive the night before and letting Steve get between my legs and fuck me, I was feeling stronger and more assertive this morning. Being alone with a woman was something I’d done before, I knew what my role would be this morning.

This morning I was the bull.

Gayle rubbed against my leg like she was trying to erase it, she was into my cycling muscles. She was about the size of my wife, but a little fuller, and I realized that it had been decades since I’d been with another woman besides my wife and my new girlfriend. This felt so right, so exciting and so natural. I was thinking of my late wife when I whispered, “Cum for me baby,” like I’d done for so many years in my own bed, in my own home. How many orgasms had we had together? Before I could reminisce anymore, Gayle screamed like I have never heard a woman before as she exploded, “GOODDD!” she cried and then fell back, totally spent.

She may have been spent, but I wasn’t, my cock was hard enough to cut my way out of a phone booth, it’s thick, it’s straight, and I think its beautiful. I slipped between her legs and right into her pussy, Gayle looking up at me like I was kidding, “I don’t know, I’m pretty sensitive right now…”

“Go with it for a minute,” I whispered, “you’ll like it.” I went in slow and deep at first, enjoying the feeling of my hard cock in a new woman. She was hot, wet and not as tight as what I was used to and I found that could bottom out pretty easily. She sighed and smiled, I love it when they smile! Dirty talk is great, moaning and screaming are good, but sometimes a simple smile demonstrates the joy you are giving to someone. I like to give joy, I like to make someone I’m with feel good. That’s my turn on, having my lover respond to me. The more they respond, the more I want to give, it’s a glorious cycle of love and passion.

I sped up slowly, pulling all the way out and plunging back in over and over never letting her quite know if I was going to bottom out or pull out as Gayle began to revive from her orgasm and started to beg me to “Fuck it harder!” So, I jackhammered for a while, my strong cyclist’s ass moving up and down like a piston. Then I said, “Tell me if you like this Baby.”

I put her legs together and ran my cock back and forth against her swollen clit, it was so engorged it felt like a cock, and I let the tip of my dick go in her pussy while I gave her clit a good fucking.

She screamed again, I could feel her building to another orgasm, and she kissed me and screamed in my mouth at the same time as her pussy got as hot as lava. After she came I knew it was my turn now, I was ready after rubbing the sensitive head of my dick on her clit, I spread her legs again and went in deep, my hips and ass pumping like I was riding my bike on a sprint, for an old guy, I was a blur of motion. When I came, I filled Gayle, who was now reduced to whimpering, burying my cock all the way to my balls. I had one of those orgasms that rocks you to your core, for a few seconds there is nothing else in the world, only the heat and moisture of you and your lover, the earth moves.

I’d never cum to applause before, but I heard it, applause. Steve was standing in the doorway, he’d been watching me fuck his wife and, judging from his hardon in his sweatpants, he’d enjoyed the show as he clapped and smiled, “Breakfast is served,” he proclaimed, making like an English butler.

Gayle and I giggled and got up for breakfast, we’d already had a great start to the day!

More to come.

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