My Girlfriend’s Sister

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My girlfriend and I had lived together for a few years now. Actually, I should comment that my girlfriend, her sister and I had lived together for a few years. In reality she didn’t live with us but, it felt like she did sometimes. My Girlfriend’s sister Amy was 27 a few years younger than me, and a few years older than my Girlfriend. It seemed like she had lived with us because there wasn’t a week that went by when we didn’t get to be blessed by her presence. She traveled a lot for work and only lived about an hour away from us. We happened to live closer to the airport, so whenever Amy traveled she crash at our house the night before. There were also several weekends where she’d just come with her boyfriend or without him for a visit. I guess that is why I wasn’t surprised when she showed up on that Friday night.

It was about 9PM I think, it’s hard to remember I had been getting drunk and stoned for the majority of the day. I hadn’t worked that Friday instead I had played in a golf tournament, drinking and smoking my way through the afternoon. My girlfriend was out of town that Friday, so what an even better excuse for me to pollute myself. After the morning golf tournament I had gone out with the guys for a drink or 12, then headed home. When I got home I continued to smoke, drink and watch TV. It seemed like a good idea as I had nothing better to do. Either I was extremely messed up or TV was just terrible that night, I couldn’t find anything to watch outside of an old Seinfeld re-run. It was actually pretty funny given the circumstances. I was sitting there watching TV, and just really waiting to pass out, although that would still be hours away, and then the front door opened. Again, I wasn’t surprised it was Amy, Friday night or not, I was a little surprised that she was crying.

I got up off the couch and met her in the hallway, halfway to the front door.

“What’s wrong Amy, are you OK?” I asked.

She didn’t say a word instead she fell forward into my arms hugging me around my mid section.

“Are you alright, what’s going on?”

She was crying hysterically, it was strange to see her that emotional. She’d always been a pretty stable person, so I kept pushing to try to understand what had happened.

“Amy, tell me what’s wrong. Whatever it is I’m here to help.” I probed.

She finally responded, “Mark, it’s nothing. I’m sorry, it’s nothing.”


“Mark, it’s Steven, he left me he wants to break up.”

She was crying as hard as anyone I’d ever seen cry before. Her head was buried into the nape of my neck. I placed one hand on the back of her head as she burrowed into me closer. It was hard to deny I was enjoying having a beautiful woman in my arms, I could feel her breast press up against me as her chest heaved with each tear. I rubbed her back with my other free hand and told her everything was going to be OK.

“It’s OK, it’s alright, just cry, we don’t need to talk right now just get it out. Steven’s an ass. Don’t worry, OK it’s alright. Shhhhhh”

I don’t know that I was calming her at all but she had moved her head to my chest and was starting to cry much less. As I moved my hands lower down to the small of her back, I could feel my cock start to grow in my shorts. It was terrible, here is this poor girl crying her eyes out with me, and here I am drunk, stoned and starting to grow and uncontrollable hard-on. Just when I was about to pull away she moved in closer to me. Could she feel it, I’m sure she had to feel it.

“Mark, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong and how someone like Steven can be so intimate Trabzon Escort with me one minute and then just call things off the next?” “Doesn’t sex mean anything anymore in relationships?”

Amy had always had a problem mixing emotions with the physical aspects of relationships. She usually would get attached to a guy the second she gave him a blowjob, or let him go down on her. Steven was a little different, they had been dating for about 2 months now, but still she was over-reacting a little, as it was only two months.

“Amy, I’ve told you 100 times before. There is a difference between sex and a relationship for guys.” I commented. “You really need to try to separate the two, or you are just going to keep getting hurt like this.”

“Mark, is it that easy she asked?” She stepped back from me slightly and looked first down to my crotch and then up to my eyes.

“Amy, no one said life is easy, but everyone separates sex from love to some degree.” I was trying to be a good guy. However, Amy looked great, tears and all. She was wearing a thin black dress with narrow shoulder straps, her muscular legs were exposed for the most part, and her cleavage suggested that her breasts were un-restricted under her dress. I was probably staring at her tits while she was looking me in the eye.

“But you love my sister don’t you?” She asked.

“Yes, of course I do, but there’s sex and then there is love ya know.” “Hell, your sister and I haven’t even had sex in a few weeks.”

“Really, is that why you are so excited?” She questioned.

She had noticed my rock hard cock in my shorts. “Uhh yes, I mean Uhh no, I mean. Listen Amy, I’m drunk, and a little bit stoned. I think the whole lack of sex thing may be contributing to my arousal but at the same time you are a gorgeous woman. It’s a combination of things.” I wasn’t lying it was a combination of a few things but I had to admit I wanted her.

“You really think I’m pretty.”

“Of course you are you are gorgeous. You need to go out and use some guys, until you don’t associate sex with emotions.” “Then you can break some hearts with out getting hurt and also have some fun, ya know” I responded as best I could.

“Would you help me then Mark?”

“Help with what?”

“Well you love my sister right? And there is a difference between sex and love right. And I need to learn how to have sex without getting attached emotionally. Who better not to get emotionally attached to than my sister’s boyfriend right?”

“Amy, it’s not that….” Just as I was about to say it’s not that easy she stepped forward into my arms again, and started kissing me. It was a peck on the lips that turned into her exploring my mouth with her tongue. I instinctually kissed her back and returned one hand to the back of her head, as my other hand started to descend the small of her back and head to her firm ass. She had a much tighter rear end than my girlfriend. Amy worked out a ton, and kept herself in great shape. As I reached down for her ass, we continued to kiss passionately. To my surprise she reached down and lifted her skirt as my hand passed over her ass cheek so instead of a handful of dress I had a handful of bare ass.

I clutched at her cool ass and she reached for mine. Her hands stayed on my butt for only a matter of seconds, and we kissed each other faster and faster her hands move to the front of my shorts. I was so fucking hard, I swear my cock was about to leap out of my shorts. She was killing me. On one hand this was my girlfriend’s sister, on the other, I was all f’d up and this Escort Trabzon was hot. She kissed, and licked and lapped at my face. She was really turned on, it sounded like she was panting and grunting lightly as I slid my hand into the crack of her ass. As she pulled her hand to the front of my shorts she reached into the front of my shorts with both hands, and guided my cock over the top of my shorts We stopped kissing momentarily as she looked down at my prick.

“Oh my god Mark, my sister had said you were huge but I didn’t think you were this big.” She grabbed at my dick harder.

Before I could respond she had crouched down and then dropped to her knees in front of me. It felt as though she had taken off my shorts and underwear, and yet some how taken my cock into her mouth all at the same time. As I looked down at her long brown hair, and her face she looked up at me and closed her eyes. As she blew me I had to admit she was a real champ. She had always joked that she could suck cock like a pro, but having her do it to me, there was no doubt she could. She would slide each hand down over my shaft keeping it moist with spit, and then pause and lick from my balls to the tip of dick before she engulfed my cock fully again into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet and she hummed as she continued to follow the patter of stroking, licking, and sucking. I wanted to cum in her mouth, so bad but I also wanted to taste her pussy, and fuck her more.

I pulled her up off her knees by the shoulders. Our mouths met, as I could taste the warmth of my own pre-cum in her mouth. We kissed, and then I pulled her dress quickly over her head exposing her perky breast, tight abdomen, and shaved pussy.

“It’s my turn now Amy, I have to return the favor.”

“Whatever you say Mark” She, smiled. Her mood had definitely shifted. She’d gone from crying to smiling, I must have done something right.

As I laid her on her back, my tongue traced down her neck to her chest, I groped at her breast and sucked then bit on each nipple. We were like teenagers, I hadn’t been this turned on in a long time and I think that is why neither of us were talking very much. I continued down over her abdomen and to her pussy. I used my right hand to pull back the hood exposing her clit. I used my left hand to hold onto her wrist as she clenched mine on the right side of her body. I feverishly licked at her cunt. She was so wet, she tasted so good. I sucked at her clit, and licked as fast as I could.

“Oh Mark that feels good, Oh Mark, oh fuck Mark that feels so fucking good!” She screamed.

I let go of her left wrist and used that hand to finger her as I continued to lick at her you clit. I started with one finger, then two, massaging her g-spot inside her while licking at her clit.

“Oh Mark, I’m going to cum. OH Mark don’t stop don’t stop Mark, Oh fuck I’m cuuuummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg… ahhhhhhhhhhhh” She shivered and her vagina clamped onto my fingers, I didn’t stop. She came for what seemed like a minute.

“I need you. Fuck me Mark.” She whispered.

I had to be inside her I was still hard as a fucking rock and she tasted so fucking good. I crawled up to her face, and positioned myself between her legs. She removed my shirt which had remained on for the majority of our romp. As she pulled my shirt over my head I pushed my way into her cunt. She was much tighter than her sister surprisingly. It took some effort to enter her. Once inside we fucked and fucked on the hallway floor. We stared at each other, biting at each others lips and tongues. With her Trabzon Escort Bayan on her back I fucked her slowly at first, gradually building up pace. I leaned back and kneeled between her still driving into the back of her cunt as hard as I could now. I picked up her legs and pushed them down towards her shoulder. This must have had me slamming against her G-spot as she came again. “Oh fuck you Mark. Fuck you. This is so fucking good. Oh my god I’m going to cum again. Fucking tell me how much you love it, tell me how much you love that pussy. Tell me you fuck.”

Holy shit. Was this Amy? What the hell had taken a hold of her? This definitely wasn’t what I had expected.

“What?” I asked

“Mark, you told me I need to separate sex from emotions so fucking shut up and fuck me. Call me a fucking whore. I want to fucking hate you, I want you to fucking hate me. Fuck me. Fuck me”

“Oh fuck yeah Amy, oh fuck you are a fucking dirty bitch. Oh fuck your fucking cunt is so fucking tight.” I tried to ease into the idea of talking dirty to my girlfriend’s sister.

She moaned and arched her back. She was about to come again.

“Oh god I’m cumming can you feel that Mark, fucking tell me you fucking hate me, call me a fucking cunt Mark. Fuck would you fuck me, fucking grab me fuck me.. Oh fuck I’m CUMMING!!” She screamed.

I think she was doing this to turn herself on, but it was turning me on at the same time. I think she enjoyed listening to herself as much as she did listening to me.

“OH that’s it Amy, that’s it you fucking cunt, take that cock, cum you weak bitch.” I reached up towards her neck and gently wrapped my hand around her neck. “you like that bitch? You like it when I choke you, you fucking whore?” I wasn’t really choking her just massaging her neck.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming again Mark, fucking yes..YES!!! Mark, fuck me that’s it fuck me, I need you to cum in my fucking pussy, fucking use me, cum in me you fuck.” She couldn’t stop me at that point.

I pounded and pounded at her, her legs on my shoulders, her throat in my hand. I fucked her as hard as I could fuck her, her vagina clamping down on my cock. I stared down at my cock slamming into her pussy, as she continued to yell.

“Cum in me. Cum in me. She doesn’t let you do that does she. Fucking cum in me, I want to feel you fucking explode inside me. Fucking cum Mark. Cum right inside of me, that pussy wants it. Can you feel that cunt asking you for it Mark. Oh fuck, you feel so hard, your so fucking big, give it to me Mark. Fuck me Mark, oh fucking cum, I’m going to cum again mark, fucking cum with me.” She was begging me.

I pounded her, and I could feel her pussy start to clamp onto my cock again. I was seconds away from loosing it, I pounded and pounded her. “I’m fucking cumming.” She screamed.

“Oh god I’m going to fucking cum.” I responded.

“That’s it, that’s it Mark fucking cum.” Amy said.

And with one painful explosion I came hard inside of Amy.

“Oh SHIT!” I yelled.

I continued to fill her cunt with jizz. I came in waves. She vibrated beneath me, as she came at the same time. My driving slowed to almost nothing as I rested my weight forward onto her, with my cock still deep inside of her. I rested myself onto her chest and she reached up to kiss my lips. Her tongue parted as she licked at my lips.

“Oh my god Mark that was fucking amazing. I won’t tell my sister I promise.” She said.

“Well that is good Amy, because I am hoping this wasn’t the last time we do this. You’ve got to learn the difference between emotions and sex,” I continued, “We’re only doing this until you don’t get attached to guys your having sex with right.”

“Yes. Your right, my sister would want you to help me and based on that performance, I don’t want to stop this anytime soon, even if I don’t get attached OK.”

“OK.” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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