My Journey Ch. 09 – Katherine

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My Journey – Chapter 9 – Katherine and Mary Beth and Family

A/N– I do hope you continue to enjoy the journey of Katherine and Mary Beth. This chapter brings our story to a close. There are loose ends I am closing and a rather tough interaction with family, while writing this I truly downplayed some of the emotions and interactions that occurred.

Remember love is love, without love and family, what are we? Not to be worried, the love with Katherine and Mary Beth will always win.

Our love to you, KAD ever. She had complained a bit about the soreness from the C-section but understood what needed to be done. The wound itself was closing nicely, I was watching that. I was also watching what she was carrying and doing around the house.

Frances, Michaela, and Francis were all home, sleeping most of the time, but home for Christmas.

My mother, God bless her soul, has spent more time in our apartment than she has at home in Pittsburgh. Father flies down or drives down when he can. My older siblings, mostly Rich, Liz, and Mary have taken on the load at home. My father drove back down this week to spend Christmas with us “helping” saying “I need to be there for the babies and your mother.” Yeah, okay!

“Merry Christmas, Kathie.” She whispered in my ear she was laying back in her spot. That is the Christmas present I wanted. My family together and whole again.

I turned my head slightly and kissed her cheek. “Merry Christmas my love.” I whispered back.

“How long were you up for?” She inquired.

“She fed a tiny bit, I changed her then she lay back down.” I gently kissed Mary Beth’s lips. “I will pump a little more milk for Frances. I can’t believe her pediatrician wants her to continue breastfeeding.”

I sighed, “Please let my mother do all the lifting while I am at work, and I know how you can be.”

She promised not to do anything she wasn’t supposed to. “Just think”, she kissed my lips, her tongue moistened my lips, teasing me. “Very soon, I will get you.” She kissed me again, “I get to have you.”

I poked her side very gently, “Stop teasing me, I do not need to be turned on any more.” We kissed once more. “Going to shower for Mass. and no, not yet, you aren’t allowed to join me.” I winked at her, “Four more weeks’ lover.”

I got out of bed and made my way into the bathroom. I stood there allowing the water to rinse away the worries. I do like that we can snuggle closer now. I admitted to her two nights ago that I missed her terribly when she was in the hospital. She is the love of my life, and no one will ever take that away from me.

Christmas Mass at 10:00 was a challenge getting them and us ready but I was sort of getting used to this mom thing. Thankfully, Michaela and Francis slept through most of Mass. Frances smiled and cooed like a good girl in her red, purple and black tartan plaid dress. We sat back in the cry room against my father and mother’s wishes.

After a nice lunch, we put the babies down and sat chatting with mother and father. At 1:00 I left and headed into the hospital for my shift.

That night when I got home, I spent a little time with Frances. Michaela and Francis were already down for the night. I put her down kissing my baby girl good night. I returned to the living room seeing my mother and father getting ready to turn in for the evening. I asked them to wait a moment.

I retrieved two gifts from the hall closet handing one to my mother and one to Mary Beth. Just sitting there watching their eyes light up and the simple joyful smiles on their faces was all I needed. Their smiles brought a huge smile to my happy face, warming my heart. I hadn’t smiled like this for a long for a long time.

The collection of pictures I put together for both of them were memories that we had shared over the last two years. Most of them were recent photos of time we spent together or when we walked around with us in DC. The center picture of the collage was my mom and dad holding all three babies with Mary Beth and me on either side.

We said our goodnights and made our ways to our bedrooms. My mother and father in the spare room Mary Beth and I went back to our room. Mary Beth got a little smile on her face when we got back to the bedroom. She grabbed her t-shirt and ran into the bathroom. A few short minutes later, she came out of the bathroom and smiled a very wicked smile.

She stood in front of me, gently lifted her camisole revealing her naked bottom. “It’s time for you to check on my incision” She lifted her top off the rest of the way, exposing her body to me. She smiled and then turned telling me to hurry crawling into bed. We cuddled just holding each other.

The following morning after breakfast, we bid mother and father safe travels istanbul travesti as they headed back home. “Mary Beth” my father said, “Kathie” he took my mother’s hand in his, “We were chatting last night and just wanted to say how grateful we are as grandparents to be with you these weeks.” My mother said, “We truly love you both so much.”

Then with one last set of goodbyes and kisses they headed home. New Years was quiet, just the five of us, the two of us sharing a kiss at midnight.


I knew that Mary Beth was chomping at the bit to go back to work. She isn’t allowed to drive and was on Maternity Leave for two more weeks. We had discussed her leaving work totally, as she wanted to be a mother to Frances, our child, and to her twins, Michaela and Francis.

I truly believe that if she quits and becomes a full-time mom, she will miss work, but I won’t ever say that to her.

“Baby” we were lying in bed, “What would you think if we considered finding a full-time nanny? Hiring someone to be with us helping out the kids while we’re both working?”

“I know I want to go back to work. I don’t know if I want to go to work full-time or part-time. They are required to hold my position by law when my maternity leave is over.”

“Well Mary Beth, let’s start searching for a Nanny. We have a few weeks.”


I was in line at the coffee shop on the main floor getting a latte while chatting with Tabitha. We ordered and stepped aside. “We have met with five potential women, none of whom Mary Beth and I like at all, let alone would trust with the babies. I have one week left until Mary Beth goes back to work.” Tabitha, I am at my wits end. I have my mother on standby until we find someone.”

Tabitha mentioned that she would start asking around in a very discreet manner. Our coffees were called up as our order was complete. She walked up to grab them and joked with the server, “Hey do you happen to know anyone that is good with kids looking for a job?” She joked, “My friend needs a nanny.”

The girl shook her head and went back to work; we turned and started walking away.

I felt someone touch my shoulder and heard, “Pardon me Captain.” A deep baritone male voice boomed.

We both turned and looked; standing there was a very tall Marine Corps Sergeant Major.

“Ma’am, if I may, I overheard you looking for a nanny.”

I nodded, “Well forgive me for interrupting and intruding on your conversation but my daughter McKenna.” He paused.

“Forgive me ladies, I am CSM Darren Nixon. I am here visiting a few of my Marines, and I overheard you. My step daughter, McKenna, just graduated from school and is looking for work. She studied Early Childhood Education but decided she didn’t want to be an Educator.”

“Well Sergeant Major I think I would like for you, your wife and your step daughter to come meet my friend and our children.”

I held out my hand and shook his. “We live in Silver Springs Sergeant Major. What do you think?”

“Aye Aye ma’am.”

We exchanged numbers and agreed that I would call him tomorrow after 7:00 pm to set something up. Tabitha and I just laughed at the whole situation. She joked that I owed her a finder’s fee if things worked out.

I got home that night to a very tired Mary Beth. I had closed the apartment door as quietly as possible, that is when I saw her, lying on the couch sound asleep with the baby monitor next to her head. I dropped my backpack and purse then went in and checked on them. Seeing they were fine, I walked back to the living room and sat down gently on the couch.

As I touched her shoulder and kissed her cheek, she woke, blinking her eyes open. “Hi Love, I am home.” My heart was breaking; I couldn’t help but just love her so much. My dearest love. I can’t even imagine how tired she was. She just nodded and closed her eyes. “Baby, let’s get you to bed please. Come on.”

She slowly opened her eyes and agreed. I helped her stand and walked her back to the bedroom. She went into the bathroom first, and then I went in taking a very quick after hospital shower. Coming out, I found her sound asleep. I curled up with her snuggling against her being the big spoon holding my beautiful girlfriend.


Two nights later, we had the babies bathed and dressed. Precisely at 6:30 the front door bell rang. I stepped to the door, buzzing them in and then opened the door to our apartment.

I politely waved seeing CSM Nixon walking down the hallway holding hands with an older beautiful woman, not as tall as him but she had long red hair.

“Hello Sergeant Major! Please come in, welcome to our home. I held the door open for them and then saw a younger woman walking behind the couple. Mary Beth was with the babies in the living room as we welcomed them istanbul travestileri into our apartment.

“Captain Dougherty, I would like to introduce you to my wife, Kendra and our daughter, McKenna.”

Sergeant Major, Kendra, McKenna, please Katherine and may I introduce my dearest and oldest friend, Mary Beth.”

We all shook ahead; I offered them seats in the living room. “Coffee water? I put on a fresh pot.”

“Let me assist, please” Kendra stood.

We walked to the kitchen and just started chatting about what I did at Walter Reed. She shared with me that she was a Social Worker for the County and assisted troubled youth, some homeless but mostly women in trouble. We brought out the coffee for everyone; I returned to the kitchen and brought out a tray of snacks, veggies and such.

“So McKenna,” Mary Beth broke the silence, “Let us tell you a little about the babies and our situation.”

For the next twenty minutes, we told our story, well most of it. Twice I looked over at CSM Nixon, I couldn’t read his face, he sat there stoic.

“Look Sergeant Major, Kendra, we are not a typical family, we are two women that wanted children and knew the challenges and the ridicule we would face. We have our family support and love. Mary Beth is looking to return to work next week.”

He held his hand up asking for me to pause.

“Katherine, you and I had already spoken about this over the phone. You don’t need to convince me, Kendra and I are sitting here.” He looked at his daughter, “McKenna? What questions do you have?”

“I know I am young, a college graduate, but I am Infant CPR certified, and it was required. Three newborns seem so much but may I come over tomorrow and spend the day with the babies Ms. Kaufman and Captain Dougherty.”

We both smiled wide.

Monday morning I woke at 4:45, kissed her cheek and walked to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, mixed a few bottles of formula for the twins. I threw together two bowls of fruit, placing them on the table with her vitamins and mine. I then poured her a cup of coffee and walked into the bedroom. Mary Beth was sitting at the new vanity bench. I kissed her cheek and set her coffee down. I grabbed a quick shower and threw on some underwear, a bra, sweats and a t-shirt.

“I hope you know how much I love and cherish you Mary Beth.” I kissed the top of her head as she continued getting ready. “I have breakfast ready for the twins, Frances and you. I will check on them.”

I was holding Frances as she just finished feeding when Mary Beth came out dressed in slacks, a cream blouse and short heels, my gosh she is so stunning looking. “Oh baby!”

We enjoyed our breakfast and a conversation and right at 6:30, there was a soft knock at the door. Mary Beth jumped up and went to the door, letting McKenna in. She removed her shoes and waved at me then smiled at Frances. We offered her coffee and then asked her to have a seat with us while Michaela and Francis were still sleeping. Ten minutes later, I asked McKenna if she could watch Frances for a moment as I headed back to the bedroom. Mary Beth followed me, gave me a quick kiss and I wished her a good day. I came back out to the living room with McKenna, just watching her sit with Frances. A little later Michaela and Francis woke up. Together we got the three of them dressed, fed, cleaned up and ready for the day.

I went about my day with a few loads of laundry, light cleaning and then sat on the sofa with a research book as McKenna had a handle on the babies, It was around 3:00, that the laundry was done, put away and told her I would be in the bedroom sleeping, getting rest for work tonight but if she needed me, to come get me.

It must have been 6:30 when Mary Beth came into the bedroom and woke me telling me it was time for dinner; McKenna had left for the evening. Over dinner we discussed the day and how things went. We were very satisfied. With me being on nights, this would be a good week for her to start with us.


The lease on the apartment was coming to an end. Frankly for the five of us it was getting a little cramped. Mary Beth had been back to work for almost a full month now. There was a vacant position for an Associate Bursar; she decided to apply in hopes of at least gaining an interview. We agreed that it would be smart to maybe look for a new larger place to live.

October 1990

Happy 1st Birthday Frances! The little smash cake was perfect. I made sure it was a dainty purple but there was white lettering and just a little bit of red on it just to tease Mary Beth some. We had a few friends, including a couple we met from our church. Becky and Trish stayed for a bit. Trish was due in a few weeks another wonderful miracle of modern medicine.

It was mostly just travesti istanbul the five of us in our family. My mother and father weren’t able to come down this time because father was busy working. There’ll be plenty of other birthday parties for them to attend.

December 1990

Happy 1st Birthday Michaela and Francis! With two smash cakes this time the twins really enjoyed their birthday. It was really special to have mother and father be able to make the trip they only stayed through the next morning as there was a snow storm expected on the drive back to Pittsburgh. It was wonderful to see them. I know mom spent plenty of time gushing over her three grandchildren. Twice I caught my father sitting on the floor playing with Francis just rolling a ball back and forth to him. We would miss them for Christmas this year but that was okay. The day after Christmas, we invited CSM Nixon, Kendra and McKenna over just to celebrate, we had a wonderful evening. Of course we treated McKenna to a few small gifts but I had a nice Coach wallet I also gave to her, just as a thank you for being so strong and supportive.


I was going to have a big party celebrating Mary Beth’s birthday but as I hinted to doing anything of the such, she gave me some pretty significant stink eye. I decided against it, we just had cake for her 30th not making a big deal out of it. I made certain I was working for mine.

It took Mary Beth and me a few weeks to get unpacked and settled in. More important to me, we took our time and ‘broke in’ each new room in the house we were now renting. We found some innovative ways to make love in every room. The spacious laundry room was a challenge and frankly interesting. Speaking of spacious, she got her walk-in closet as she needed for her clothes. Hmm, we might have needed a little soundproofing in there; it butts up against the baby’s room.

Let me tell you it wasn’t from a lack of desire or a lack of need, it happens when you work rotating shifts and have three teething babies. I haven’t had a Mary Beth orgasm shower in a long time. Ohh how I yearned for that touch!

We still have amazing love making times including a few times where she “needed me” to ride her mouth. I will admit, we got out of hand a few times and overly erotic and it was good. It was very good.

March 29th 1991

McKenna was off this weekend; her and her parents were going away for Easter. She was truly a gem and a blessing at the same time. Mary Beth and I were so fortunate to have found her.

Mary Beth and I were so excited to have my father and mother come for Easter Mass this weekend. We hadn’t seen them in a few months as my father had work to attend to. I had just got the babies down for an afternoon nap. Frances wasn’t feeling well; something about that Irish lass, was kicking my ass. She had fought me so hard to go down for her nap earlier.

I knew Mary Beth would be home very soon, I barely heard the DJ on DC 101 announce that it was “Fine Friday sunny spring afternoon at 5:25 here in the Nation’s Capital, a little Rush, for your rush hour traffic is next on DC101!“.

I had just finished making the bed in the third bedroom, also known as the junk room. My father and mother would be arriving shortly; they hadn’t seen our new place and this would be their bedroom for the weekend when there was a knock on the door.

I did a double take at the clock as it was too soon for my parents to be here; nope the clock was correct, just before 5:30. Down the hallway I went as quick as I could, stopping whoever it was from knocking again. I looked through the peephole and saw my parents standing there. I unlocked and quickly opened the door, seeing their arms full of bags. I smiled, holding my finger to my lips in a “shhh” gesture.

It was then that my father stepped to the side and I saw them. “No!” I screamed.

“Not in my house! How dare you betray me Father?” I slammed the door closed and broke down in tears running down the hall to the baby’s room checking on them hoping the noise I made didn’t wake them.

It was a minute or two when there was another soft knock. This time I was prepared for the fight of my life. I composed myself and walked from the baby’s room, down the hallway to the front door. I took a deep breath then opened the door.

I didn’t even say hello.

“You can come in but you best have one hellacious reason you didn’t tell me. Do you know what this will do to her?” I glared at my father, “You and I had an agreement of trust that has lasted how long now, and you pull this!”

No one spoke, not one word, even my father knew better. I continued my rant. “Father, I beg you to explain. What in the world!” I screamed then covered my mouth quickly.

And that is when I heard one of the babies crying, “Damnit!” I screamed at no one specifically.

I stormed off down the hallway. A few moments later, I walked into the living room holding Frances; she was still half asleep but wasn’t fussing any longer. I saw them still standing.

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