My Life as a Wittol Ch. 04

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Stephanie convinces CJ to do a threesome

As Stephanie started to come down from the party high she felt embarrassed and worried that many of she and Rick had many friends at the party and they were undoubtedly aware of her carnal activities earlier with Roger. A few of her female friends at the party had pulled her aside and told her some of us had watched as she gave Roger a blow job in his car parked in the driveway and that most, if not all, at the party were aware that Roger had taken her to his bedroom. Rumors had quickly spread at the party that Roger had definitely fucked the ever faithful and unattainable Stephanie.

She knew some of Roger’s friends at the party were not very nice and would use the knowledge to try and coerce her to have sex with them, and she worried about how it would affect her relationship with Rick if he found out before she had the courage to tell him first. She decided to go home and confess her infidelity to him.

Stephanie looked around for CJ to let her know she wanted to leave, but couldn’t find her. Eventually she learned that she was in Alex’s room. She went to the bedroom door and listened, she could hear the slapping of skin and recognized CJ’s voice as she moaned and pleaded with Alex to fuck her harder.

Stephanie quietly slipped out the back door unnoticed and drove home wondering how she would tell Rick. She knew she had to tell him before he heard it from a friend or someone else at the club. As she drove in silence she wondered as to the best way to tell him.

When Stephanie got home she went into the bathroom and undressed. She slipped her cream colored satin camisole over her head and looked into the mirror as she admired her prominent breasts as they pressed tight against the smooth translucent fabric, her large dark nipples were faintly visible thru the thin camisole. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror and then suddenly gasped and caught her breath when she noticed the large dark hickey on her breast. In the heat of the moment she had not noticed that Roger left his mark on her breast and was totally unaware of the hickey until that very moment.

Rick startled her as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, and lightly whispered, “Baby I am sorry for being mad at you.” His hands slid up and he cupped her breast in his hands as he nuzzled his nose in her neck, he loved to caress her full breast. He softly asked, “How was Roger’s party?”

She could feel his cock pressing against her, and then she caught her breath as he started to slowly tug down the top of the camisole to reveal the hickey Roger had left. She was confused as she felt his cock start to grow as it pressed against her ass.

A tear ran down her cheek as she took a big breath to tell him of her infidelity. She wondered how he knew she had gone to Roger’s party. She turned in his arms and put her arms around his neck and laid her head on his chest as she sobbed and told him, “Baby, I am so sorry… I got carried away at the party and I cheated on you.” She softly sobbed as she held him tight and told him, “I should have never gone without you.”

She pulled back and looked into his eyes, she could see his hurt and anguish. Her hand slid down his chest and she rubbed his cock as she told him, “It didn’t mean anything, you know this is the only cock that matters to me.” She was surprised to feel how hard he had become. She was confused as she looked into his eyes, and then slowly knelt and leisurely pulled down his shorts to revel the long hard shaft. She took it in her mouth and slowly started to suck, her lips slowly sliding back and forth.

She felt his fingers tighten in her hair and she wept as he pushed the long shaft deeper into her mouth. She choked as he held her head and forced it deeper into her mouth, she could feel his deep hurt, his ache, his rage, as well as his arousal and need to reclaim his lover as he unfeelingly fucked her mouth.

He plunged his cock hard into her mouth and held it deep as she struggled to breathe he asked with a slight anger in his voice, “Who was it?”

Stephanie knew it would hurt him more when he found it was Roger and she looked up at him as his cock slipped from her mouth, “It was Roger.”

He started to slide his hard cock faster in and out of her mouth pushing it deep with each thrust, “Did you suck his cock too?” When she didn’t answer his question he calmly but unsympathetically asked her again, “Tell me! Did you suck his cock?”

He let her head go as she finally answered with a slight nod of her head. He paused and let her excitedly suck on his cock as she recalled sucking Roger’s big cock. Her wet lips slid rapidly back and forth as juice from her mouth dripped off her chin onto her satin camisole.

He started to fuck her mouth faster as he held her hair and he asked, “Did he cum in your mouth?” He thrust his cock hard as she softly whimpered, her nod barely noticeable. His cock swelled as he asked her, “Did you swallow haramidere escort his cum?” Tears ran down her cheek as she again nodded. Rick thrust his cock deep and groaned loudly as his cum exploded into her mouth.

Stephanie was surprised at the force and amount of cum that erupted into her mouth as the thick goo started to run down her chin and drip onto her firm breasts, she moaned as she felt the warm cum as it slowly trickled down between her breasts. Her lips continued to slide along his cock as she sucked the last of his cum from his cock. His cock slipped from her mouth, but she continued to gently stroke it as it softened in her hand. She looked up at him hopeful for forgiveness as more tears ran down her cheek.

He just turned and as he walked away he told her, “I have to get ready for work, we’ll talk when I get home tonight.”

CJ, not knowing how things were at home between Rick and Stephanie, had Roger drop her off on the corner from her home and she wearily walked past the few houses to their home. She did not know what to expect as she climbed the few steps up to their front porch.

As she walked through the front door Stephanie sat on the couch, she held a cup of tea in her hands as she absent-mindedly gazed out the front window. CJ could see the sadness in her face and eyes as Stephanie turned to look at her and she immediately knew that Rick knew about her infidelity and had not taken it well.

CJ sat beside her on the sofa and put her hand on her arm and asked, “How did it go with Rick when you got home? I heard what happened and I am so sorry I didn’t watch out for you at Roger’s.”

“It was going pretty good until Rick noticed this”, Stephanie said as she gently pulled her robe open enough to show CJ the dark hickey on the side of her breast. Stephanie laid her head on CJ’s shoulder and sobbed as CJ held her. Stephanie wept as she told CJ what had happened when she got home.

CJ knew with Stephanie’s attractiveness, along with the lure of an unavailable woman, she would be one of Roger’s prized trophies, and that word would quickly spread around the club. It would not be long before all of Rick and Stephanie’s friends, let alone all the guys looking for an easy lay, would know what happened.

Rick and Stephanie remained together and tried to resolve their feelings, but it was a bit chilly around their home for the next several weeks. Rick was still friendly with CJ but she could tell from his coldness towards her that he felt she also was partially to blame. CJ was saddened as she wondered if she would lose one, or possibly both, of her best friends.

CJ came home from work several weeks after the incident at Roger’s party and Stephanie had been waiting for her. Stephanie handed her a cup of warm tea and they sat on the sofa. CJ wondered if she was going to be asked to find another place to live, or worse yet that Rick and Stephanie were splitting up. CJ looked at Stephanie and nervously asked with a quiver in her chin, “So… what’s going on? Do I need to start looking for a new place to live? Do you and Rick want me to leave?”

Stephanie franticly shook her as she quickly told CJ, “No… Nothing that drastic… well maybe not anyway.” She looked into CJ’s eyes and told her “Well… it might be depending on how you look at it and hopefully you will understand.” CJ’s heart sunk as she quietly listened to her friend.

Stephanie explained to CJ how her and Rick had been working hard to rescue their relationship and that both felt they wanted to stay together, although with what had happened things could never be the same again. However, Rick felt that Stephanie owed him something in return for her infidelity.

CJ wondered what could be so hard for Stephanie to tell her so she finally asked, “So… what is Rick wanting in return?”

Stephanie took a deep breath and she paused as she looked into CJ’s eyes, then lowered her eyes and looked into her tea cup, “He wants a threesome.”

CJ looked at Stephanie in surprise and grabbed her by the shoulders as she sternly asked, “With Roger? I am sorry Stephanie but if you are asking for my opinion I have to tell you that I don’t think that is a good idea. I can only see things getting much worse. We both know that Roger can be a real asshole at times.”

She held Stephanie by her shoulders and firmly reminded her, “Remember the hickey? It didn’t appear magically, he put it on your tit intentionally so Rick would find it. For Christ sakes Steph, he didn’t even warn you he did it!”

Stephanie had a panicked look as she quickly shook her head. CJ, confused, held her palms up and shrugged her shoulders as she looked at Stephanie questionably, “Then does he have someone else in mind?”

Stephanie nodded then took another big breath and looked at CJ as she softly spoke, “Rick wants a threesome with me and…” she paused as she again looked down at her cup of tea and then told CJ, “You.” Stephanie içerenköy escort anxiously looked back up into CJ’s shocked face as CJ tried to grasp what her best friend had just told her.

Stephanie decided to let CJ have a moment to think about what she has just asked of CJ. She walked into the kitchen and took her time opening a bottle of wine and paused to take a big breath. Then grabbing the wine and two glasses returned to the living room.

They sat and talked for some time as they drank the better part of the bottle of wine. Stephanie explained that she loved CJ as a friend and she was worried that by just asking for the unusual favor from her friend their friendship could be hurt or even irreparably hurt, but that she truly loved Rick and needed to make it up to him for her infidelity.

CJ told Stephanie that she had never been with another girl before, but had kissed one of her high school friends out of curiosity. CJ was surprised to find out that Stephanie had been in a relationship with another girl when she was in her first of the two years she spent in college, but had given it up after only a few weeks when she decided that she preferred being with a man.

It had started to grow darker outside when they heard Rick’s footsteps on the front porch. The door opened and he walked in with a bag from the corner grocery. Rick noticed the almost empty bottle of wine and he pulled a bottle from the bag and laughed as he said, “I guess it was a good thing I stopped and got us a bottle of wine.”

He walked into the living room with the fresh bottle of wine and sat across from the two women, both gorgeous in their own way. Stephanie stood a few inches taller than CJ with full breasts that strained the buttons on her blouses nicely and her auburn hair reached down over her shoulders and brought attention to the tops of her young firm breasts. CJ was more petite with smaller breasts and she seldom wore nor needed a bra, as was the style at the time. Her long light blonde hair hung well past her breasts, which she usually worn in a braid that came down her back and steered eyes towards her gorgeous tiny well defined ass.

The good friends and roommates just sat and chatted mostly about nothing in particular. However, with all the tension it was apparent to Rick that the girls had discussed the threesome, but none of them were eager to start the conversation about Rick’s request.

Rick pulled out his stash box of pot and rolled a nice fat joint. He handed the joint to CJ and he smiled as she leaned forward for him to light it, her top fell away from her chest and gave Rick a nice view of her bare breasts. Over time Rick had become comfortable peering at CJ’s breasts as she walked around their home in sleeveless loose fitting tops. Her bare nipples were often faintly visible through the thin materials.

They had finished the joint and started on the second bottle of wine when the room eventually became quiet. They all knew they had to talk about Rick’s request. Stephanie started by telling Rick that she had talked to CJ, but that CJ had not yet agreed, but neither had she refused either. They both turned to look at CJ.

As Rick rolled a fresh joint, CJ looked at Stephanie and said, “I would like to talk with Rick for a bit alone if you don’t mind.” Rick handed CJ a fresh joint and she paused a bit longer this time as she leaned forward for him to light it. He smiled as he again gazed down her open top and admired her firm bare breast, he thought he could see her nipples had stiffened and hopefully wondered if the notion of a threesome had aroused her.

Stephanie smiled as she hugged CJ, “Of course not, I think that would be a good idea for you and Rick to talk.” She took the joint from Rick and took a long hit, then handed it to CJ. Stephanie smiled knowingly at CJ as she noticed how her nipples had grown and were pressing hard against the thin fabric of her top and as they hugged she softly whispered into her ear, “Please… just think about it.” She tenderly kissed CJ on the cheek as she stood.

Rick and CJ watched her walk out of the room. Rick looked at CJ and noticed how her eyes lingered on Stephanie’s ass as she walked away and he confidently smiled as he took another long draw from the joint and leaned back in the chair.

CJ and Rick talked for about fifteen minutes as she expressed her concerns to her friend. CJ worried as to how involving herself into their sex life could eventually harm and possibly end their friendship, but if it worked out it could also strengthen Rick and Stephanie’s relationship.

CJ silently wondered where her life would lead after their threesome if she chose to do it, she wondered how others would think of her if they found out. Roger had already hinted about a threesome with Alex, his friend visiting from LA.

Rick assured her that they would always be friends, but he made it clear that he felt Stephanie and CJ both shared responsibility innovia escort for Stephanie’s infidelity. CJ tried to make him agree to forgive Stephanie and make things go back to the way they used to be.

Rick said he had already forgiven Stephanie, but he didn’t think things could go back as they were before. However, they may be able to move forward and their relationship might even become stronger now that he and Stephanie agreed they might possibly open their sexual relationship to include others. Rick and Stephanie had both agreed that a threesome with a trusted friend, such as CJ, would be a test to see if a more open relationship could work for them.

CJ finally agreed and Rick moved over to the sofa next to CJ as he handed her the joint. CJ made it clear if it worked out that this would be a onetime chance and that there would be no sexual relationship with just her without Stephanie’s awareness and participation.

CJ made Rick agree to forgive her and Stephanie for what happened at Roger’s party. She knew this would change her relationship with Rick and Stephanie and she wondered if it would be for the better or worse.

Rick pulled CJ to him and kissed her. At first she felt strange and hesitantly returned his kiss until she felt her hair being pulled back off of her neck and she felt Stephanie’s tender lips as she gently kissed her neck and slowly her lips and tongue movedtongue moved upward to her ear. CJ moaned as she now eagerly returned Rick’s kiss as Stephanie tenderly caressed CJ’s ear with her tongue.

Stephanie pulled CJ away from Rick, and as CJ lay back on the sofa Stephanie tenderly leaned over her and their lips met in a loving kiss. Stephanie affectionately kissed CJ’s neck and ear as she softly whispered, “Thank you, we have been fantasizing about making love to you for a long time.”

CJ moaned as she felt Stephanie’s hand on her leg, and as her hand moved upward pushing her skirt higher as she exposed CJ’s white lace panties. Rick moaned softly as he watched his girlfriend’s hand as it slid between CJ’s thighs, brushing over her concealed pussy and he slowly started to unbuttoned her blouse and partly bared CJ’s small breast, her tiny nipples hardened from the sexual anticipation.

Stephanie slid from the sofa and knelt in front of CJ and pushed her unbuttoned blouse open. Stephanie smiled and CJ softly moaned as Stephanie took her small exposed breasts in her hands and caressed them. Her thumbs softly moved over the sensitive nipples making them stiffen even more.

CJ watched as Stephanie fondled her breast and then leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. She softly moaned as Stephanie took a nipple between her lips and gently sucked as her tongue moved slowly around the sensitive bud. CJ closed her eyes, leaned her head back against the sofa and relaxed, and enjoyed the sensuous touch of another woman for the first time.

CJ gradually opened her eyes when she felt a gentle tug on her panties and lifted her hips to let Stephanie slide her lacey cotton bikini panties over her hips. Stephanie slowly pushed them down her legs as she continued to sensuously caress CJ’s nipple with her tongue. Stephanie eventually slipped the lace panties off CJ’s feet and playfully tossed them to Rick as he sat across from the two ladies.

CJ watched the panties as they fluttered through the air and he snagged them on his out stretched finger. For the first time CJ noticed Rick as he sat relaxed in the overstuffed chair, naked, as he slowly stroked his cock, not as big as Roger or Alex but still quite impressive. She smiled when he held the panties to his nose and inhaled the aroma of her wet pussy, then he wrapped the panties around the hard shaft and continued to slowly stroke his cock draped in CJ’s panties.

CJ tensed and moaned as she felt fingers moving through the light reddish brown curls that covered her womanhood and she subconsciously slid closer to the edge of the seat and Stephanie’s finger moved slowly through the soft curls. Her finger pressed against CJ’s pussy and slowly the lips started to part. CJ softly whimpered as she enjoyed the finger pressing deeper as it slid along her very aroused pussy, the soft gentle caresses unlike any she had felt before.

CJ tensed again as she felt the tip of Stephanie’s tongue as it slowly glided upward between the lips sending an intense tingle throughout her body. She looked down and watched as Stephanie slowly caressed her pussy with her tongue, then slowly slid a finger inside her and started to slowly work it in and out. CJ could feel an orgasm building as Stephanie worked it ever closer… never letting it release… just keeping it at a peak. CJ had never felt an orgasm this intense so close… so ready to erupt… and yet forbidden.

Stephanie looked up at CJ and their eyes met, she could see the intensity and anticipation in CJ’s eyes. She looked over her shoulder at Rick, “Should I let her come baby?”

Rick chuckled as he stroked the panty covered shaft, “Make her beg for it.” A dark wet spot had formed from all the pre-cum and was obvious where the panties covered the head of his cock.

CJ listened to their talk and wondered if they had done this before, had it been planned all along to get her in bed with them, but at that instant all she wanted was to feel that intense orgasm that lingered so close.

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