My Shower

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do you ever wonder what goes on in my shower? do you wonder why i always take a shower at night? perhaps i should take a few moments and let you in . . . but only if you are interested. .. are you? okay, you are still reading, so i will take that as a yes.

i have one of those fancy rubbermaid chairs in my shower. i even have my tub pillow securely suctioned to the back of the chair, making it so much more comfortable. my shower time has to be the only time i have that is totally uninterrupted by anything. . .phone, friends, animals, etc. usually i have the music loud enough i can hear it in the bathroom. tonight, i don’t care if i can hear it or not. i just can’t wait to get undressed, then get into the hot water.

i let the water run for a few minutes, while i finish undressing. i run into the washroom sans my clothes, to grab a couple of towels. i pet a dog or two, then push the door to behind me as i go back into the bathroom. it is good and hot in the small room, and i am ready to get into my little piece of heaven.

i check the water, adjusting it back to cool a tiny bit. i never bother to hang up the shower head– it is forever dangling down, shooting its spray directly into the wall. every night i get into the shower, i keep thinking about how the whole bathroom needs to be redone. oh well. not tonight.

i don’t sit down immediately. instead, i pick up the shower head, and soak myself. i search through the infinite number of “products” i have in the shower– what soap do i want to use? where is the one for my face? and what shampoo do i want? am i going to use the deep conditioner on my hair tonight? do i want to use the loofah, the exfoliator pad, or the pouf? and which pouf, since my system of matching the product up to the color pouf was blown to hell with my last health and beauty product shopping trip! i decide to use the washcloth to get rid of the makeup. then i decide on which shampoo i want to use, squirting it on my head. i use my “hair massager” thingy to build up lots bahis firmaları of lather. i even grab my shower mirror, so i can see i look like an oversized q-tip! i then use all the icky anti-acne stuff the doctor has me use; giving me time to select the body soap. I choose the ripe raspberry stuff. i squirt it all over a pouf. i work the pouf all over my body.

i start with my right arm, then the left. i suds up my neck, back, breasts, stomach, ass, legs. . .i quickly run the razor over my pie, so it will stay hairless. as i stand there a sudsy mess, i rinse the shampoo out of my hair. i have to search for the fancy deep conditioner. this stuff is thick like mayonnaise. i scoop it out of the jar, and slop it on my head. i massage it on my hair, making sure i coat all of it. the instructions say to leave the gooey stuff on my hair for 10 to 15 minutes. cool, i think, i’ll just sit and relax.

i sit in my chair, relaxing. i put my feet up on the wall in front of me. i am still soapy, and my nipples are sticking out, hard like little excited cocks. i pick up the shower head, and rinse all of the soap off of my body. odd, i think, for my nipples to be hard. perhaps i am thinking about you???

i enjoy the way the water feels on me, taking the path of least resistance down my body towards its ultimate goal of the drain. since i didn’t bring my timer into the shower with me, i have no idea how long i have had the conditioner on my head. oh well. i figure i will just have to entertain myself, until i can rinse the stuff off! i change the shower head to “pulsating massage.” oh yeah– do you get the feeling i am about to do something very naughty??? i push my feet higher up on the shower wall, sliding my ass down in the chair. in fact, i have positioned myself where my ass is hanging off of the end of the chair, and my legs are responsible for keeping me from falling on the shower floor. my head is resting comfortably on the pillow. i am sure i look uncomfortable. but i am not.

i slide my right hand kaçak iddaa down to my pussy. i open up myself, appreciating the slickness of my own juices. how can i tell, in all that water, you wonder? fear not, i can. my juice has a slippery feel, kind of like oil. i slip my middle finger into me, exploring the wetness. i pull my finger out, and tickle my clit. doing so makes my ass tingle. . .i let my legs fall completely open. now i am ready for the water. i hold my pussy lips open, as i aim the shower head at my pussy. the first stream of water causes me to jump. i look down, only to be greeted by even harder nipples! oh my, i think. i reposition my hand on my pussy, making sure to hold it wide open! i aim the water at my clit. the water crashes hard on my clit, rhythmically pounding me. this makes me gasp. such intensity i can hardly endure! i control all of the shots, but i refuse to give my clit any kind of so-called break! my hips and ass are wiggling wildly after just a few moments with the shower head. i know i am on the verge of a fantastic orgasm! so close, so close. . . i quicky move the shower head away from my pussy. denied! now i am really hot. i let go of my pussy, then i drop the shower head.

i massage my nipples, rolling them between my fingernails, feeling them swell with pleasure. i slip my left hand back down to my ravenous pussy. my clit is swollen, my pussy is engorged with desire. i start to use my hand to finger myself. all the while, i use my right hand on my nipples. i gently rub my clit with my index finger. i am feeling rather “frisky,” so i flick my clit between my index fingernail and the pad of my middle finger. i’ve always referred to this little move as “triggering,” because it doesn’t take a lot of this to make me want to cum.

all the while i am self-pleasuring myself, i am thinking very nasty thoughts. i am thinking how much fun it would be to screw at the Royal Gorge. . .how much fun it would be to fuck in an elevator. . .how totally bad it would be to fuck in the kaçak bahis confessional. . .my, oh my, i am a nasty girl!

i move my right hand back down to my pussy. i am still ‘triggering” myself. i slip my middle finger back into my pussy. i press forward, towards my tummy, stroking myself. this move, coupled with what i am making my clit cope with, sends waves of pleasure through me. i can best describe it as having hot butter poured through me. . .so sensual! i know i have started to cum. . .i quickly stop everything again, denying myself the release i desperately want!

i take a few seconds to catch my breath. i realize i am breathing heavy. i close my legs, squeezing my clit up against the fleshy lips of my pussy. with my legs closed tight, i can squirm just a bit, causing more excitement for my horny little clit. i reach down for the shower head again. i decide i want even more intense stimulation, so i unscrew the head off of the hose. i am left with a nice stream of pounding water.

i think you know what i am going to do with this stream of water. so, there is no need for me to describe it for you, now is there? i let my legs fall open again. i hold my pussy open with my right hand, as i use my left hand to guide the hard stream of water over my clit. i flick the water up and down over my clit. this makes my ass move, and nipples rock hard again. i know there is no way to stop what is going to happen, what i want to happen. . .i keep flicking the water up and down over my clit. . .i am breathing hard. i look at my breasts, moving up and down quickly with the fevered anticipation of a body on the verge of an orgasm.

i concentrate on the water, on the feelings deep inside of me. then it happens. . .i cum, and cum hard! i keep the water on my clit, driving myself even harder, causing myself to cum a couple more times! i finally have to drop the hose, for i am quickly making myself exhausted. i can still feel the tingle in my pussy. . .i think i even cried out!

i slide myself back up into the proper sitting position. i reach down, pick up the shower head, then screw it back onto the hose. as i rinse the the conditioner out of my hair, i wonder if any of my neighboors have water bills as high as mine?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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