My Sister Debbie

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My Sister Debbie

by MDSW©

Writer’s Notes:

All characters in this story are 18 years old or older. Thank you for the comments and keep them coming. And vote!!! Enjoy the story my friends.

* * * * *

Two days after his last final exam, Mike arrives at home from his first year of college. Along the way, he made a stop to see a buddy and spent more time there than expected. His grades have already been released and he did really well.

At the door, he’s greeted by his parents, who give him big hugs for his accomplishments. He survived with a 3.98 GPA and they are proud of him. Mike is also proud that he performed to his own standards.

After a long greeting, Dad announces, “At 7 in the morning, we are off on a business trip for about two weeks. Rest up for a few days, then do what you want. The boat is ready for some exercise so it belongs to you and your sister for the next two weeks. I know you have summer plans so rest assured, you can stay here until after you graduate in another three years. We have to get ready to be on the road tomorrow morning early. We’ll be four hours away so if something comes up, don’t hesitate to give us a call.”

Mike’s parents, Ron and Kathy, are owners in the process of expanding their business across the state. It’s taking a lot of time and capital, but so far it’s been a profitable venture for them.

“Ok, Dad. Is anybody going with you?”

“Nope, just the two of us. This is our first trip to the area so we will scope it out and learn what we need to learn to determine if it will be a profitable location for us to expand into. I’m hoping you two will keep the peace here and carry on, won’t you?” Mom asks.

“Well, I’ll give it the good ole college try, Mom,” he says sarcastically.

“Ok, Son. You do that,” she says, smirking at his remark.

“Speaking of Debbie, she’s not here?”

“Nope, she’s out with her friends,” Dad replies.

“I’m going to have to fire her as my sister for missing my grand arrival,” Mike mutters.

“Don’t be too hard on her, Son. She still has three more weeks of school,” Dad says.

“I know. I’ll be gentle, but let her know she screwed up.”

Mom and Dad go off to pack and Mike goes off to unpack. When his sister arrives later that evening, she finds him in his room so she pads to him and gives him a hug from behind. She hasn’t seen him since January cause he didn’t come home from any college breaks since then, but they do stay in touch by phone.

“I’m so proud of you, Mike! You made it through your first year of college with flying colors. I still have three more weeks of school before I head to college in the fall. You are my good luck charm, you know,” she says kinda excitely.

“I am? What a surprise, Sis… So I come home after one year on the hot seat and you were no where to be found. What’s up with that?”

“I’m sorry about that, Mike. I wasn’t driving so I had to go with the flow. At least I got to you tonight instead of tomorrow morning. Are you pissed at me?”

“Not really, but I was disappointed you weren’t here,” he replies.

She gives him another hug and releases him, smiles and says, “So, how was college?”

“I had a few eye opening moments I wasn’t expecting, but I survived.”

“I see that. What were the eye opening moments?” she asks.

“Can we go down that road in the morning? I’m kinda tired now. Need to catch up on some badly needed sleep and rest. Sorry.”

“Yeah, I hear that. So tomorrow then,” she replies, gives her brother another hug, turns and pads to her bedroom to try on the clothes she just bought.

Mike got a late departure from his buddy’s and didn’t arrive home until 8pm. He’s tired from the long drive so he retires a couple hours later, hoping he’ll be awake when his parents leave in the morning.

* * * * *

When he wakes up the next morning, he looks at the clock and it’s already after 8. So much for seeing his parents off. He slept all the way through the night without cracking a lid, catching up on some badly needed sleep that has plagued him for a week of finals. Now he wonders how he managed to drive home without falling asleep. He gets up and takes a shower, then decides to take the boat out for some exercise. He puts his swimsuit and a t-shirt on and goes looking for his sister to see if she wants to go.

Not seeing her in her room, Mike yells for her, not knowing where she is. Not getting an answer, he suddenly remembers she’s in school since it’s a school day. With that determined, he makes himself a small breakfast, then pads to the boat and takes off.

With no specific plan for the day, he looks around the lake and wonders if any of his high school buddies are home so he drives by the closest one and finds him sunbathing on the dock, but he’s actually sleeping. He drives toward the dock quietly, then blows the horn, scaring the shit out of Jake, his friend. He laughs and asks if he wants to take a ride. He’s all in, boards the boat and off they go.

After a kocaeli escort greeting Jake properly, Mike asks, “What have you been doing since last year?”

“Well, at the end of the summer, I went to college, but dropped out before the first semester ended because I couldn’t tolerate the professors. I returned home, talked to Mom and Dad and expressed my concerns so they suggested I try a trade school and see if that works better for me. I did and what a difference it made. I like it there and will keep at for the next two years when I expect to graduate.”

“Good for you, Jake. What are you taking?”

“I’m training to be a marine mechanic. Inboards, outboards and outdrives will be my specialty so instead of my Dad sending our boat to the shop, he can move it into the garage and I will fix it cheaper than any other,” Jake replies.

“That’s a different course. You were head strong on a political science career, weren’t you?” Mike asks.

“I was, but it wasn’t what I thought it should be so I dropped out.”

“Well, you have another boat to repair then. I’ll tell my Dad when he gets home and you can take care of his boat repairs as well.”

“Great! Thanks, Mike. I haven’t even graduated and already I have my first client!”

As the ride continues, they chat about old times, old girlfriends and they compare notes about the high school girls they dated. After a long time chatting, Mike’s friend says he better get back cause his girlfriend will be arriving soon so he returns him to his dock, then heads for his home, giving the boat some time off for good behavior.

Arriving home just as his sister gets off the bus, they greet each other and chat about his first year of college and some of the challenges he faced, but they don’t get very far. With Mom and Dad gone on their trip, Debbie made the decision to be the chief cook and bottle washer while they have the house to themselves. They chat for hours about everything but what she wanted to hear when her hunger pains strike.

While Debbie is preparing dinner, Mike is busy on the phone making plans with another friend while his sister is in school tomorrow. Once a meet is firmed up, Mike sets the table for two and helps bring the food to the table. After they eat, Mike compliments her on a good meal and his sister smiles and thanks him.

* * * * *

The next morning, Debbie is off to school while Mike sleeps in. Waking up two hours later, he gets up, hits the shower, then goes after breakfast, hoping his sister left something for him to eat. She did and he finishes it off, heads to the boat and off he goes to pick up his friend for a repeat of yesterday, but with a different friend.

The day goes by fast and when he returns home, Debbie is already home from school, doing her homework in her room. Mike, seeing a book next to the sofa, takes up some space on the sofa and begins reading it. Getting hungry, Debbie comes out of her room to make dinner and finds her brother reading her book.

“Good book, eh?” she asks.

“Seems to be. You are reading this?”

“Yup. Only completed two chapters though. I’ll work on it tomorrow and finish it, hopefully.”

“Good plan,” he says.

“So what would you like for dinner?” she asks.

“I’m easy, Sis. Fix what ever you like and I’ll eat you… Sorry, eat with you,” he says and smirks, not really planning that slip of the tongue.

She giggles at his unexpected remark, noticing his face turning red.

“Ok. It will be ready in 20 minutes,” she says with a smirk.

“I’ll be hungry.”

She smiles and goes off to prepare the dinner she has planned, since her brother doesn’t really care what’s on the menu. When dinner is ready, Mike asks if she would like to sit in the livingroom and eat while watching the news and she agrees.

When they finish eating, Mike picks up his and her plates, takes them to the kitchen and starts washing the dishes. She gets up and takes care of the food, then dries the dishes and puts them away. With the dishes done, they watch tv and have some small talk for a while, then split up, going to their own bedroom for the night.

* * * * *

Waking up the next morning, Mike hits the shower, dries off and puts a swimsuit and a t-shirt on. Leaving his bedroom, ready to face the world, he stops by her room and she’s not there.

Again he yells, not knowing where she is, “Sis, want to go for a boat ride?”

“I’m down stairs…” she yells back, letting him find her.

Debbie is modestly dressed as she lays on the sofa in a relaxed state, reading the same book that has captured her attention for the short term, the same one he started reading the day before.

As her brother walks up beside her, she says, “Not today, but if you ask me tomorrow, I will likely say yes,” she replies.

“Why tomorrow?”

“I want to finish this book. It’s really good and I can’t put it down.”

“Ok, Sis. Tomorrow then. Bye,” he says.


Mike grabs a quick breakfast, then walks out of the house and disappears. Minutes later, she hears the boat roar into kocaeli escort bayan action and off it goes. She continues reading the book she is engrossed in and after reaching the end, she goes to her bedroom to change her attire, then returns to the sofa and reads the last chapter over and over until her brother returns.

Returning an hour later, he walks by her as she lays on the sofa and notices her change of attire.

“Hey Sis, you weren’t dressed like this when I left this morning so if you would be so kind as to at least put some shorts on, it will do wonders for me,” he says, then turns and walks toward his room.

She looks up from her book and says, “What do you mean?”

He stops and returns to her side. Thinking he was plain enough, now he will spell it out for her.

“Sis, you are wearing just a half t and bikini underwear. That’s enough to make any brother want to crawl between your legs and eat your pussy until you cum,” he replies, then turns to walk away again, smirking.

They have always been frank and open with each other and he’s not embarrassed about what he said to her. Neither is his sister.


He stops, turns and looks at her, staring at her for a second, still with a smirk, then says, “What?”

“What would you do if I told you that is what I want you to do?”

Mike’s jaw drops to the floor, shocked at her statement, and stares at her luscious body. While he’s doing that, she puts her book down, gets up and stands about three inches away from him. She is hot as she looks at him and he actually likes her attire, but won’t tell her that.

“Based on your expression, I can only assume that is exactly what you want to do so lets go,” she says, taking his hand in hers and leads him through the house to her bedroom.

Entering her room, she says, “Neither of us can tell our parents what we are about to do. Pinky promise?”

They engage their pinky fingers and the deal is done. She turns to the door, closes and locks it as Mike wonders why she did that, giving her a weird look which she ignores, then she leads him to her bed for him to sit on.

She does a slow strip tease starting with her panties, then her top as his dick bulges in his shorts. She has rhythm in her movements that makes her sexy as hell and with her clothes removed, she stands before him as naked as any sister can get and Mike can only stare at her slender, sexy beauty. His sister’s body is perfect and he wonders why she’s teasing him to this level. She’s suddenly bold, sexy and desirable. Not her normal style, at least not in his presence.

With her facing him, her tits are perfectly shaped and have a slight sag, her mound is bare, her stomach is flat as a pancake and her body is likely just as edible. Her legs are strong and her green eyes and sexy smile are captivating.

He doesn’t ask, but she turns to show him her ass and remains facing away from him. She bends over, reaches behind her and spreads her cheeks, allowing him full view of the most intimate parts of her body, an odd move on her part as his cock makes its presence known. Mike is now wondering if he is dreaming. Seeing a naked sister is not an every day occurrence for him. In fact, it has never happened, not even by accident.

“God, Sis, you are so beautiful,” he finally says, coming out of his stupor.

With all the confidence in the world, she turns to him and begins rubbing her tits with both hands, then moves one hand between her legs and delicately rubs her clit, a sexy move on her part. She’s horny and waits for her brother to make a move, but he just stands there in awe of her body with his dick bulging his shorts.

“Take your clothes off, please. I want to see your cock,” she admits with a smirk on her wet lips and lust in her green eyes.

Mike hesitates at first, then slowly removes his t-shirt, exposing his strong six pack. After his solid torso and strong arms come into her view, he drops the t-shirt to the floor next to him. Teasing her, he’s even slower stripping off his swimsuit. Debbie is staring at his crotch as he slides his fingers into the waist band and stops, waiting a few moments, hoping to get some kind of reaction from her.

Debbie, becoming impatient, says, “Take ’em off, dammit!”

Mike smiles at her impatience, slowly pushes his suit to the floor and stands straight up, giving his sister the view she most desires. Now it’s her turn to stare as her mouth opens. Moments later, she pads to him and reaches for his warm cock, squeezing and stroking it as it gets hard. It’s fairly big and her libido is pushing her to do more with her brother.

“How big does it get?” she asks.

“Seven inches, but it gets kinda fat, too,” he replies, then asks. “How big are your tits?”

“34B, almost a C.”

“And you have a nice ass so I won’t mention it’s time for me to eat your pussy,” he says, sarcastically, only wishing for what came out of his mouth.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she says with lust in her eyes and a sexy smile on her face.

A shocked Mike watches Debbie lay izmit escort her naked body on the bed, placing her ass at the edge, raising her legs and giving him a great view of her spread pussy lips as her asshole also enters the frame. Her pussy is bare and smooth while her lips wait for him to tease the most sensitive and private parts of her slender body.

It’s not bothering her to show her brother her intimate parts and he wonders about that. Most girls are too shy to volunteer to do that, but her confidence stands on its own and he likes that in a girlfriend.

Rubbing her tits with both hands, she says, “Get to work, Big Boy.”

With dick in hand, he’s stroking it as he moves between her legs with desire in his head and passion in his heart. Debbie watches as his dick grows in his hand, craving it will soon be in her pussy. Blowing hot air at her pussy, she moans, hoping the passion doesn’t stop there. She reaches for the back of his head while he pushes her legs against her tits and licks her clit, getting another sexy purr from her as her passion builds.

When her hand reaches the back of his head, she guides him to the spot he loves the most. He licks all around and her pussy responds by getting wetter than Niagra Falls. Taking a breath, he looks at her pussy, then at her eyes with passion in his.

“God, Sis. You’re really into this aren’t you?”

“I’ve been dreaming of this for ages, Bro. Don’t stop. Not now.”


“Seriously, now get back to work. Quick!” she says, raising her voice a little with an added sexy smile.

He can see her passion rising so Mike wastes no time forcing his tongue to tease her pussy. Licking her lips, he leaves a trail of wetness as he moves to her essence and licks her there. Her head slowly rocks from side to side as her pussy is being pleasured and her breathing becomes labored the longer he eats her.

Moving to her exposed clit, which is standing at attention waiting to be sucked, he tenderly bites it and she reacts instantly, screaming in pleasure. He repeats it a few times, then moves to her essence and, reaching his tongue deep inside, she rocks her hips, wanting more. Debbie lightly bites her lips in response to his manipulations and screams as she has a fast and hard orgasm that surprises her, sending her into euphoria that she never thought could happen this fast.

As she gets back in control, she says, “God, Mike. That was really good. Now I want you to stretch my pussy apart with your cock, the sooner the better.”

Her voice is deep and her meaning plain. Not arguing with her, he moves up her body with his dick ready for action and her pussy is hungry for it. He licks her flat tummy as he moves toward her head and lightly bites, then sucks on her nipples before reaching her lips. He kisses her with a passion he didn’t know he has for his sister.

She wraps her arms around his neck as his cock slowly slides into her wet, dripping abyss. He can feel the heat inside her and his cock wants it all. The sounds she is making as his manhood slides inside her, stretching her to new limits, isn’t for timid ears.

Their wet lips meet and the kiss becomes intense as his dick bottoms out in her pussy. With her eyes closed, trying to make him understand she likes this act of pleasure, she squeezes his cock as hard as she can and he moans loudly as she smiles at his sound.

“You are so tight and strong, Sis. Now I regret not engaging your desires sooner. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but there has been several times I thought about doing it.”

“I wish you did, Bro. I would have been so happy.”

He slowly slides his slippery cock in and out of her wet canal as their breathing becomes heavy and their moans louder. Increasing his pace, she talks dirty to him and before long, her body tightens up, causing him to fuck her faster. Then it happens.

She screams as her second climax overwhelms her body. Her face contorts and her breathing becomes labored before a smile forms on her face as he slows the pace.

“I knew you would do that for me. Keep fucking me, Mike. I want you to get me off again.”

Mike gets back to work fucking his sister and she is moving her ass to help the feeling get even stronger. Giving his sister a passionate fuck, he thrusts it inside her so many times he loses count. Bending his strong body to her, it’s challenging to lick her tits and fuck her hard at the same time, but he tries.

He licks his way to her neck and earlobe as he teases her with his wet tongue. Deep inside her again, his cock is hard as hell, not to mention fat, while his sister is enjoying it beyond her wildest expectations. With their passion growing and their desire intensifying, he fucks his sister with reckless abandon and her orgasm approaches.

“I’m going to cum again, Bro. Fuck me harder, faster!”

Not leaving a second to waste, he picks up the pace and bangs her hard with each stroke as the pleasure cuts a path to their brains. Nearing orgasm himself, she grabs his ass and pulls his cock into her and it happens again. She screams as her third orgasm hits her at the same time Mike grunts and deposits his load deep in her pussy. Out of breath and out of energy, he drops to the bed next to her as they both catch up to their bodies.

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