Myth and Deception: April Fools

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The evening of April Fool’s

Sweat poured from Marcus’ brow; the hot and sticky kind you feel in sub-tropical rain forests. But Marcus was not in the Amazon or Congo. Marcus was enjoying an April evening; on a lake; in Austin Texas; temperature about 63 degrees. Or at least he had been enjoying it.

The spring wind blew and caressed Marcus’ skin with the promise of warmer weather to come including girls in bikinis and perhaps ventures into skinny dipping. But Marcus interpreted the breeze as icy pins penetrating his cheeks, arms and legs. It made him shiver uncontrollably.

Lilly hovered over him. She was asking a question. He blinked then he blinked again. She needed more. “Marcus, are you sure you are ready? Say yes!” she said with an urgency intended to make sure that Marcus heard her through what she imagined was a Greek chorus singing in his head.

He breathed then choked back a sob. He suddenly swiveled his head to the right. It was resting on a makeshift cot setup by the lake. His eyes shined with fear. He could make out the blurry heads and torsos of his compatriots – his co-conspirators – his friends. “I don’t get it” he whispered. “This was supposed to be Tim.” There was movement but his blurred vision couldn’t make out any details. He blinked. Then he saw one blurry image separate from the others. It approached him. He could sense almost an electrical connection. He tried to reach out but his arms were secured. It was Tim. He could sense it.

The blurry head moved close. His cheek touched Marcus’s cheek. He stank of pot and strawberry conditioner. Tim’s unseen hand caressed Marcus’ forehead.

“Marcus. Dear Marcus.” Tim started in his familiar lisp, sounding more diabolical than sympathetic. “I know you are surprised. We all are. You are the last person any of us expected to be lying here. But remember, we all agreed to the deal.” With this Marcus half yelped and half sobbed. He shook at his binds and he shook his head.

Tim let the outburst run its course then cradled Marcus’ head in both of his hands and stared deep in his eyes. They both huffed deep adrenaline filled breaths at each other. Tim imagined each of his breaths as chariots flinging themselves onto the field of battle. There they met similar warrior chariots dispatched from deep inside Marcus’s lungs. They clashed and then in an instant were gone – evaporated into the air – into the past.

“Marcus, listen to me” Tim couldn’t tell if Marcus knew it was him or not. “I know you are scared. But you are the luckiest person in the world.” Marcus blinked and heaved several chariot breaths. “You get to spend the rest of your life at Lilly’s side.” Marcus began to sob. “You will be her one and only, her consort. You will share all of her secrets and all of her plots. There will be no confidences between the two of you. And there will never be any reason not to trust each other.” Tim paused. “I know I was supposed to be the one laying here. I can’t explain what happened. Maybe, Marcus – maybe it’s fate.”

“Fate!” Marcus spat out

“Yes, fate”. Tim held on and responded earnestly. “Think Marcus, think. We all know you love Lilly. We’ve seen how you flirted with her for the last three years. I thought – I mean – Lilly and I thought that perhaps she and I would be the right partners. But maybe this test – this demonstration of my love for Lilly showed something even more true. You showed you don’t lust after Lilly. You – and only you – truly love and respect her soul. It’s fate Marcus. Fate”

With that Lilly appeared again in the background. She whispered in Tim’s ear.

“Marcus” Tim calmly addressed him. “We need to know if you are ready.”

“Marcus, this is Lilly” her voice seemed to ride along with the soft soothing notes of a lute. “I want you to know that I love you. I can’t even begin to understand how you are feeling – and the fear you have about your – well – your sacrifice – but please, please know that I will be here for you. It will be you and I. And I have such grand plans Marcus. You and I – we will be conquerors.”

The night suddenly held still. The fire crackled. The wind blew.

‘slooop slish, sloop slish’. The waters of the lake licked at the rocky shore.

“Please say yes” whispered Lilly.

Marcus blinked some more. He needed to clear his vision. He took a deep breath. He squeezed his eyes shut then opened them wide. The stars appeared above him. He quickly searched the sky and found him off to his left. Orion, the hunter, still hung in the sky – not quite ready to disappear for summer. Orion was Marcus’ mentor god and there he stood pointing down to this small patch of humanity on a lakefront beach in Austin.

Orion would not – could not stand for this. Marcus knew this for certain. But his ethereal advisor was a brute – a slaughterer. Orion lost his place on earth because of his own blood lust. Orion never consummated his love with Artemis – and perhaps he never fulfilled his destiny because of the wrath he brought down on himself. Remembered forever in the stars Orion contributed little to earth’s ataşehir escort destiny.

Could he and Lilly be different? Could they be modern conquerors?

“Yes” Marcus stated. Then surprised at how weak his voice had become, repeated himself with more strength “God, yes”.

Marcus caught the glint of the scalpel – a white and yellow light reflecting the stars and the campfire. Then Lilly lowered it out of sight. A cheer rang out along with some laughter and some gasps.

Marcus faded into unconsciousness and dreamed of Orion bowing down to Athena. The Goddess stood proudly over the subject, then in a bath of light turned herself into a scorpion.

February 3

Marcus was right. Everyone knew that he was not supposed to be the one lying on the cot with his balls in the hands of a pre-vet student. In fact this whole morbid demonstration of love, virility and renewal was Tim’s idea. Tim had planned his own castration and in typical Tim fashion it was meant to be Group Theater.

Marcus had first heard of Tim’s “Balls with the Wind” epic drama not much more than 60 seconds after finishing his own Group Theater with Nina and Elana two months earlier. Marcus’s sex life was well above normal for an upper class man, but this threesome was a new watershed even for him.

There was no striptease when the three started – or awkward undressing. All three were eager to blow off some steam. Plus, Nina, Marcus and Elana had all seen each other naked at one point or another – although this is the first time all three were banging together. Free love among Marcus’s college ‘study’ group was probably too conservative a statement. Couplings were common – and even two sex parties had been arranged over the three and half years – although the orgies almost always consisted of couples doing it in front of other couples. What the three were about to undertake was a rarity. Three naked college kids sharing the same erotic dance and they were all giddy with anticipation.

Nina, small breasted and big hipped even had a plan. Stripped naked she pushed Elana down on the futon, kneeled to her right and signaled for Marcus to kneel to her left. Elana giggled as she stared at Marcus’ quickly thickening member and she reached out a hand to grab hold- but at the last minute she moved her hand to his hip. She brushed the black hair that masked his dark skinned thigh, giggled again then looked at Nina.

Nina produced a bottle of pineapple and coconut massage oil and had positioned it over Elana’s thin waist that was slowly rising and falling with each breath. She gave it a squeeze.

“Eww – hey – that’s cold” Elana reacted with a high laugh.

Nina proceeded to dribble the sweet smelling slippery stuff over Elana’s belly, down her thighs and then up and over her breasts. Marcus didn’t hesitate. As the oily pina colada quickly sought lower ground, he got his hands on skin and began to smear. Nina now joined in and their first job was to smooth and smother Elana’s thighs, stomach, breasts and shoulders. Within moments Elana glistened like a Greek goddess – the white sheets framing her lithe body and strands of her long dark hair splayed about the pillow like they were floating on water – Venus presented to the world in a clamshell.

Now Marcus slowed down and began to focus on Elana’s thighs. Elana had a runners build. Her lean white thighs connected to slightly wider but firm hips. Marcus ran his hands down the inside of her leg. His large hands were stretched side by side and slid his fingers down and under the milky thigh. His hands were massive and stretched from her knee to her crotch. He pulled his hands back to the front of the leg, applying just enough pressure to leave a trail of pink on white as his hot touch pulled her blood to the surface. Elana closed her eyes. She shifted her left leg a bit closer to Marcus, leaving some space for him to reach nearer her sex.

Nina took up the same action on the right leg and soon they were working in silent coordination. Elana’s legs slowly drew wider apart till they were about halfway to a spread eagle. Both Nina and Marcus then ran their hands up the inside of Elana’s thighs to massage the outside of her lips and Elana shivered. Nina added some oil to her hands and then moved them even farther up her thighs, to her lips and then to cover her entire pussy with sweet, shiny goo.

They continued this for a few more minutes – sometimes massaging the thighs, sometimes moving a hand or two to the stomach or breasts. Back and forth. Back and forth. Elana’s head was arched back and her eyes gently closed. A small smile danced on her cheeks and face. Marcus stared at Elana’s sex.. It was neatly trimmed – just the way he liked it. He licked his lips. Almost on queue Nina pulled Elana’s right leg a bit more apart and her pussy lips parted. Marcus caught sight of her glistening clit as it began to swell. His dick twitched and he suddenly worried about potentially ending this party too early.

He looked up at Nina who was smiling avcılar escort with giddy pleasure at Elana’s reaction. Nina’s small breasts seemed to Marcus to be a bit more pert – and her nipples were swollen. Small little red cherries that made Marcus both salivate and twitch. He caught Nina’s eyes and with a head nod signaled a change.

They woke Elana from her trance and switched places. The well-built Nina laid on her stomach showing off wrestlers thighs and buttocks. Marcus switched to straddle over the back of Nina’s knees while Elana sat up at the head board with Nina’s head in her lap. Marcus could imagine the co-mingling smells of pineapple, coconut and Elana. Sweet and salty. Now Marcus slathered on the oil and Elana worked from the shoulders while he worked the back thighs and ass. Marcus sighed. He tried to control how quickly he moved from the thighs to the beautiful pink orbs of her ass. He didn’t want to appear too eager. Then Nina wiggled her bottom back and forth while smiling over her shoulder and he knew what she wanted.

Marcus almost palmed Nina’s ass like a basketball, then pressed the heel of his palm deep into the tissue and pressed forward. He kept repeating this motion, sometimes detouring to grab her waist like he was going to pull Nina onto his hot hard member with one forceful stroke – but then he released her hips and returned to the plump ass. After a few more deep tissue rubs he ran his hands up past the small of her back and his hands met Elana’s hands. The two threw lustful smiles to each other and then resumed the massage. Marcus moved his hands in broad circular patterns, crushing Nina’s cheeks together, then pulling them apart to reveal her pink rosebud and moist slit. “Wax on, Wax off” he joked to himself thinking of Mr. Miyagi. He kept up the motion and Nina purred.

Soon it was more than he could stand and Marcus lifted his massive frame to hover over Nina – one arm holding him up while the other positioned his cock between her ass cheeks so that it slid up and down between her rubbery melons on the bottom and his own abdomen on the top. Marcus lowered his body and Elana took the queue. She circled back to the foot of the bed – and with her breasts and belly still shimmering from the tropical massage oil, laid herself down on Marcus. The three of them squirmed and wiggled – the friction causing more swelling for everyone. Marcus was careful to support his weight so Nina wasn’t crushed.

Elana took a quick pause to add even more lubricant to her breasts and chest then dived back on Marcus’s frame pressing her ample bosom into his back and shoulders. She used enough oil to simulate a slip and slide and at one point she almost slithered off the coconut sandwich letting out a yelp and a laugh that also brought Nina to giggle. Then she regained her balance and once again was mashing her breasts into Marcus’ lats and rubbed her pussy up against his ass. Slip and slide galore. As Elana’s humping intensified Nina sensed she was missing out and raised her right shoulder and hip. Marcus took the hint and raised himself up so that Nina could maneuver herself to her knees and elbows. Her beautiful ass and dripping pussy were now fully exposed.

Marcus raised himself to his knees and Elana could no longer fight against the lubricant and fell to the floor. She landed like a cat on all four haunches and looked hungrily up to her two partners that had just jilted her from the futon. Her swollen lips, clit and tits sent electrical signals to Elana’s brain goading her to act. She swung her body back to the headboard, sat down right in front of Nina’s panting head. With her legs spread wide open Elana lustfully ordered Nina to lick.

The three were Greek Gods. To Marcus they not only shimmered from the combination of oil and perspiration – they sparkled. Hard and brilliant. He rested a hand on Nina’s ass as Nina dived in to eat her friend’s pussy with wild abandon. He held the purple head of his member between her pussy lips and he waited. Slowly he tickled her lips and pointed the large head down to her clit, then back up and waited. He teased at her opening. Nina pressed back but he shifted to keep from satisfying her with deep penetration. She moaned in frustration – a stifled moan given her mouth full of Elana’s pussy.

He played this game and waited. He stared at Elana and waited. Elana was floating somewhere – her eyes were closed as she concentrated on feeling every nuance – every motion of Nina’s energetic tongue and lips. Finally Elana opened her eyes. They locked onto Marcus’s own eyes and he felt her gaze into his soul. Electricity shot between them and Marcus plunged.

‘Phlupp’ Marcus sent his cock deep inside of Nina’s well lubricated pussy in one massive stroke. Nina was crushed forward, her tongue and chin pressing into Elana. Elana shrieked both from the new and welcome pressure but also from the pure animal lust as Marcus – the hunter – plunged his spear into her friend. Phlupp, phlupp . . . His eyes were on fire. His hands were on Nina’s waist pushing avrupa yakası escort and pulling her forward and back. The two bookends to Nina’s sweaty body kept up their eye contact. Elana’s eyes showed more of her hunger. They rolled into the back of her head and she strained to keep Marcus in her sights. Then a guttural moan, deeper than anything she had felt before exploded from her belly, through her lungs, past her tongue and through her mouth. Her thighs spasmed, and spasmed again. She threw her head back and grabbed Nina’s hair with one hand and secured Nina’s shoulder with the other hand. She couldn’t decide if she wanted her to stop or to feel Nina crawl deep inside her womb. Elana would become her mother goddess – protecting and nurturing her flock. Now her legs slowed their trembling only to have warmth fill her loins and breasts. She grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed hard. They were warm, hot, hard and firm. She held her clasp.

Nina too was beginning to feel overcome. Elana’s erotic bucking started Nina’s own endorphins to fire. Nina was taking in one sexual stimuli after another. She smelled Elana’s musky and sweet pussy. She tasted pineapple and coconut. She managed to stare up from Elana’s pussy to see her quivering belly heave in spasm after spasm and saw Elana massage her own engorged breast and nipple. And that was nothing compared to Marcus’s forceful, strong and methodical pounding of her pussy and ass cheeks.

Then Marcus paused, withdrew, stroked in hard, withdrew again but left the purple head just at Nina’s entrance. And then – in what seemed like slow motion – pressed himself inside her one last time – and now his swelling cockhead and shaft filled her so she felt she might burst. And then he released. He pulsed. Once. Twice. A third time. She felt each pulse. She felt his sticky goo shoot inside her womb. She happily lost control.

Nina collapsed forward on the bed – propped up by Elanas quivering mass. Her legs slipped out from under her. Her crotch landed on the white sheets and proceeded to leave a wet dark mark. One leg shot straight back, her other splayed to the side. Her entire body trembled. Her face clenched in a look of pleasure and pain. She cursed something in ancient Greek – a habit she had gotten accustomed to after learning swear words in a mythology class.

Marcus managed to follow her down and keep his spear penetrated and on the mark. And by leaning forward he now found himself inches from Elana’s flushed cheeks and wanting lips. Instinctively the two locked their mouths, opened their lips and fucked each other with their tongues. Marcus broke the kiss just for a moment to slurp up their co-mingled drool before piercing Elana’s mouth once again.

Then the three collapsed. The shuddering stopped. The Greek swearing turned into exhausted giggles and Elana absent mindedly fondled her breasts again while all three gasped for air.

“That was fucking incredible” Elana finally stated the obvious. “Let’do it again.” Nina reached for the small exposed portion of Elana’s ass cheek and slapped it in playful protest.

“Give us a minute” she said.

“Yeah, yeah” and then Elana went on “I don’t get it though – Tim is thinking about giving all of this up?”

“Um, Tim is gay – I think he’s already given up on the girl thing” Nina stated with a laugh knowing that Elana sometimes gets things confused.

“No, no – not that. He told me he’s giving up sex. He wants to become a Eunuch or something.”

“What?” replied Nina

“Yeah, he has this crazy theory about being able to focus on things better if sex was -well – out of the equation. He thinks his over active sex life is holding him back.”

Marcus kept silent, closed his eyes and chuckled. “Classic Tim” he thought. “Always the drama queen.”

“Umm, if you ask me, Tim’s over active libido is about the only thing that is active in that brain of his” came back Nina. “If he cuts off his balls he won’t magically grow a 140 IQ – or even a 110 IQ.”

“Cut off his balls?” asked Elana

“Uh yeah, that’s what a Eunuch is. Don’t you remember those stories about some of the Greek gods and goddesses that had Eunuchs as servants – or even as consorts – you know – husbands. Well Eunuchs are castrated males.”

“Oh my god now it totally makes sense” as the light bulb flashed on in Elana’s head. “He said exactly that. He said the Greeks had it right. He talked about Attis – some minor Greek god that was castrated and became the consort to Cybele. He’s going to become her consort!”

Now it was Nina’s turn to look puzzled. “Who’s consort?” she asked.

“Lilly’s. She was there when they were talking about it. She was laughing at him kind of goading him actually. I think she wants him to do it”

With that Marcus lifted himself to one elbow and listened a bit more closely.

February 11

“That’s absolutely, positively absurd” Elena blurted out the next time Tim brought up the idea when the whole group was together. This was the group of14 friends that got together regularly to study, smoke pot and inevitably swap and exchange places in each other’s beds. They all dismissed Tim’s idea with plain disinterest. It was typical of Tim to throw out ideas for crazy stunts. Most of which were total crap – although a few did, over time, gain Lilly’s approval. And even one of two worked through the group and became reality.

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