Nathalie’s Makeover Ch. 02

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My phone rang and rang but I ignored it trying to build up courage to answer, I knew it was going to be Viv. What the hell was I going to say? Fuck she had probably already talked to Yves, bloody hell my face was a bright burning red just thinking about it. Surely he wouldn’t tell her, would he? God hopefully he wouldn’t be that much of a prick. Why would he tell her anyway? Shit I couldn’t clear my head, I had all these crazy thoughts zooming round and round. The phone just kept ringing and ringing it was like an alarm clock you didn’t want to hear.

I sat back on the sofa with my head in my hands.

Ten minutes later the phone rang again, I tried to convince myself that it would be OK, I would just try to bluff my way through it, but as I had almost got brave enough to answer it, the phone went dead. I breathed a sigh of relief and poured myself another drink and threw it back and that led to another and of course another until the room descended into darkness and my eyes got heavier and sleep slowly overtook me. I tossed and turned uncomfortably kicking myself for being such an idiot. Why the hell did I do that? What the fuck was I thinking? Viv was going to be disgusted, but fuck it was her bloody fault, if she hadn’t told him where the key was…..

My sleep wasn’t restful it was filled with terrible thoughts. I was woken from my restlessness by the phone ringing. Without thinking I rolled over and answered it.

“Nath where the hell have you been? I have been trying for ages. I already spoke to Yves and he left hours ago. What have you been up to?”

As I slowly woke up and came to grips with what happened I muttered. “I just wasn’t feeling well so I just had a soak in the bath.”

She giggled. “Well how did your date go? Did you have fun?”

Ignoring her jibe I croaked. “We just had a drink hon that’s all. As you say he left ages ago.”

“Well what did he say? Did he try anything? He seemed pretty chuffed with himself when I spoke to him.”

“We didn’t talk much I just tried to stay out of his way until he left.”

“Bullshit. She cried out loudly like an excited teenager. “Something did happen didn’t it?”

I barked. “Leave it out Viv. Nothing happened but I am getting sick of the second bloody degree.”

“Don’t get your tits in a tangle, you’re the one who is cheating.” She spat out.

I spluttered angrily. “I said nothing happened. We just had a drink and he left end of Blimmin story.”

“Oh come on Nathan that’s not what I meant and you know it. How long have you been dressing up while I’m away?”

I sighed thanking my lucky stars. “I don’t want to talk about this now Viv, can’t it wait till you’re home? I am sorry I didn’t tell you I just feel embarrassed.”

“Not as embarrassed as you must have been today. Blimey if you had just been honest with me I wouldn’t have sent him around.” She paused for a moment. “You’re a bloody Ning nong Nath. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Yeah well it’s how I feel.” I mumbled.

She giggled. “Well are you still dressed?”

“Yes.” I muttered inaudibly.

“So what about when you go to bed? Are you going to change?”

The conversation slipped into what I imagined phone sex would be like. Viv whispered sexily. “Have you got a hard on?”

“Don’t be silly Viv, god I am just sitting here feeling sorry for myself.”

“Well what are you wearing? Oooh I know send me a photo I want to see. I am going to hang up and you take a photo and send it to me right now.”

I didn’t want to but I knew she wouldn’t leave me alone until she had her way.

I looked in the mirror as I walked passed. God I looked horrible. My makeup was still smeared all over my face from that fucking blowjob. I quickly touched it up and snapped a photo and sent it to her.

My phone went straight away and she was giggling uncontrollably. “Oh my god babe you look incredible. You have got good at applying your makeup. You must have been practicing a lot.”

I snickered at that. “Yeah I suppose so.”

She replied. Do you have a hard on yet? What if a told you to take out your cock and stroke it for me?”

Now I did have the start of an erection. “Hhhhmmmmm are you trying to seduce me?”

“Darling I am not going to ask again, get your cock out, and I am going to need photos.” I slipped the dress off and as I stood in my stockings and suspenders I stroked myself until my cock was standing at full attention. I snapped off a couple of pictures. In one I wrapped one of the suspender straps around my dick making the head throb. I sent her the photos.

She rang straight back. “My god babe that looks hot. Stroke it for me. Are you doing it?”

I croaked. “Yes I am playing with it right now and it’s as hard as coal. What about you?”

She snickered. “Listen to this and you tell me.” She must have moved her phone down by her pussy and I could hear the squishy sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of what must have been a very mushy hole. Her breathing was short and ragged. “Nath stroke it faster babe, god I wish I was there to watch.” Then the phone went blank. She had hung up.

It rang again and this time it was a video call. “Show me baby show me that big hard cock.”

I turned the phone down aiming it Kadıköy Grup Escort at my cock as my hand stroked faster and faster. “Oh yes that’s it babe stroke it.” I lifted the phone and she was masturbating like crazy. Her fingers were busily dancing across her clit and then plunging back into her sloppy creamy pussy. It wasn’t just the video that gave away her level of excitement the sounds were unforgettable. It was sloshing and squelching. Her fingers were coated in her juices. I was still aroused from earlier and as I listened to her fingering herself the images of Yves sprung back into my mind, the taste of his cock as he squirted his goo in my mouth, the feel of his cock as he rubbed it all over my face and fucked my mouth. It was more than I could take. When Viv announced she was cumming I wasn’t far behind spraying cum all the way up to my chin.

I collapsed back trying to catch my breath and as I lifted the phone up to my ear Viv was panting like crazy. “Wow babe that was insane. God I needed that.”

I laughed. “Yeah well you aren’t the only one.”

She finished with. “I love you Nathan. Thank you. Now I can’t wait to get home, bye baby.” She blew me a couple of kisses and the phone went blank.

Fuck me, what a mess I had to clean up. I stripped off her clothes and threw them in the washing machine hoping like mad that the cum stains would come out.

My sleep that night was restless and I couldn’t clear my mind. What the hell was I going to say to Yves? I was never going to be able to look him in the face. Shit my life was fucked. I knew Viv wouldn’t leave it alone and she would hound me and probably Yves as well. I just had to hope he would keep his mouth shut, I was going to be depending on him having at least a smidgen of decency.

I woke up Monday morning in a dark mood and definitely not ready to face the world, if anything I was filled with a sense of impending doom. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to go in to work so I rang in sick and pulled the covers up high. When Viv stays the weekend at her mums she drives back Monday morning and goes straight to work so I didn’t see her.

I stayed in bed until almost lunchtime. I dragged my arse out of bed and crawled into the shower which at least made me feel partly human.

I made some tea and a sandwich for lunch. As I was sitting down to eat the phone went and it was Viv. “Hey babes are you OK? I just went in to the office to have lunch with you and Yves tells me you rang in sick.”

Oh fuck she was already with him. Fuck, Fuck. Fuck. “Yeah I am OK I just wasn’t feeling well.” I lied.

She giggled. “Oh well don’t worry Yves has offered to fill in for you. He is taking me to lunch. Look after yourself and I will see you when I get home, I love you.”

I wanted to scream NO! but I didn’t get the chance she hung up before I got a chance to say anything. She knew I would be pissed off. She was far too flirty with him as it was. The moment that thought flashed across my mind I realised I was no longer in a position to complain. The full realisation was just starting to properly sink in. Shit I had cheated. I had broken the vows that I cherished and valued so highly.

I spent the afternoon trying to figure out what to do. Should I tell her? Shit if it was a woman I would probably tell her. This was different though. I had crossed a line. She was going to hate me. I was sure she would lose all and any respect she had for me.

I was dreading the moment she got home. I had just about worn a patch in the carpet where I had been pacing back and forth.

I had managed to work myself into a terrible state and before I had decided on a path of action the door opened and Viv cried out. “Hey babe I’m home.” She walked in and saw me standing there ashen faced. She looked worryingly at me. “Shit bub you look terrible. What is the matter?”

I flopped back on the sofa. “I’m OK just not feeling well.”

She snuggled down beside me. “Are you hungry? Should I get something for dinner?”

I nodded. “Yeah that would be nice.” I couldn’t hold her gaze. She was staring straight at me but I had to look away. All I felt was shame.

She got up and went into the kitchen to start dinner as she was preparing the food she sniggered. “You didn’t ask how my lunch with Yves went.”

I didn’t want to know I just wanted to curl up in a little ball, so I pretended I didn’t hear.

She carried on regardless. “He was in good spirits.” She tittered. “All he wanted to do was talk about was his date with Nathalie.”

“Viv cut it out I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t care what he said.”

She walked back into the lounge with a big grin on her face. “It’s OK hon he enjoyed your date. It seems you made a real hit there.”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it Viv, so please just leave it out OK.” I barked angrily.

She sat beside me again. “Honey calm down. Wow you are getting all worked up. He just said he enjoyed your date.”

I pushed her hard. “It wasn’t a fucking date alright. Fuck I didn’t even want him to come around. The whole thing was your fault.”

“Oh don’t be silly, how was it my fault?”

“You bloody invited him around here, and told him where the key was.”

She pushed me back. Kadıköy Manken Escort “Oh settle down you numpty he said he enjoyed it.” She sniggered teasingly. “Apparently…… you are a great kisser.”

The blood flowed out of my face. “What…..” I cried.

She grinned wickedly. “Baby he told me what happened, he told me everything. I know OK.” She grabbed my arm and held on tightly. “He told me baby.”

My face must have given away my embarrassment. I am sure my face must have been burning hot enough to use as a guidance system for a missile. “What did he say?” I asked hoping that he said we just kissed or something.

She lifted her hand up so it was caressing my face. “Well baby he said Nathalie gave him the best blowjob he has ever had in his life.” I sagged back into the sofa not knowing what to say.

She snuggled closer. “Baby it’s OK. I am not mad. I think it’s fucking hot. God I am just jealous, I wish I had been there to see it.”

I shook my head violently. “You have the wrong end of the stick Viv. It was horrible, he wouldn’t bloody leave it was just supposed to be a hand job but he forced me. He fucking made me do it.” Fuck I was just scared and wanted him to go.”

She rocked me trying to comfort me, “Babe it’s OK, honestly I think it’s hot.”

I struggled to hold back the tears. “I am sorry Viv, I don’t know what happened, I am so sorry.”

“All I need to know is did you like it?”

Her gaze was steady and I couldn’t hold it. “No I hated it, I just felt trapped and I was scared.”

She got up and walked over to her handbag and pulled out a little jump drive. “You know babe we could watch it.” She waved the jump drive in her fingers. “He filmed it from his laptop and he gave me a copy at lunch today. So if you want we can sit down and get comfy and watch it together.”

I snatched it out of her hand. “Gimme that.” I snarled. “Fuck what a prick. Shit what happened to a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.”

She laughed as she hugged me. “Babe he is no gentleman and we both know it. It wasn’t his fault though, don’t be angry with him. I nagged and hassled him until he told me everything. He put up a valiant fight, he didn’t want to say anything but I got it out of him.”

I stood up pulling my arm out of her grasp. “I have to go to the loo.”

I sat on the throne for ages before Viv poked her head around the door. “Honey come on what’s the problem. I told you I am not mad.”

I stood up and walked into the closet and pulled on my jacket. “I am going to the pub and pushed my way past her. I stormed off down the stairs and out the door. I walked into the pub and was pleased to see there was nobody I knew, the last thing I wanted was to talk, I just wanted to get away, it was nice to just chill. I stayed until chucking out time and I staggered home hoping that Viv would be asleep. I snuck in quietly the house was in darkness. Viv was obviously in bed. I flopped on the sofa and drifted off to sleep. It was another restless night but I did eventually fall into a deep sleep aided by half a dozen pints.

I was woken from my nightmare by Viv shaking me. “Come on sleepyhead hurry up or you will be late for work.”

I rolled over. “I’m not going in, I’m sick.”

She sighed deeply. “Get up Nathan. You have to go to work.”

“Sorry but I’m not going in. I can’t look at him.”

“Nathan you have to get over this. He doesn’t even know it was you. He still thinks it was Nathalie.”

“I don’t care what he thinks. This isn’t about him it’s about me. I know what I did and I am not proud. I cheated and I will be forever sorry for that. I will wait for him to go back to Paris and go in.”

She shook her head disapprovingly. “Baby I have told you I am not upset. I realise this must be difficult for you. But really it was just a bit of fun wasn’t it? You aren’t planning on running away with him or something are you?”

She shocked me and I struggled with my response. “Viv it was wrong it shouldn’t have happened. I am disgusted with myself.”

She just sat there shaking her head before I mumbled. “Viv I don’t know what happened. I was just enjoying the dress up. I had been drinking when he turned up and he had more drinks. I was drunk. Honey I am not gay.”

She laughed. “Babe you have to get past this and you can’t hide from it. You have to go to work.”

“No Viv I need some time before I see him. He will be back in Paris tomorrow so it will give me some space.”

She shrugged. “Yeah OK whatever but I think you are going about this all wrong. Face up to it babe don’t hide.”

She disappeared off to work and I rang in sick again. There were several calls from Yves during the day and he left me several messages. Nothing sinister just asking if I was OK.

When Viv got home she looked happy, which seemed weird, I asked hesitantly. “Why are you so chipper?”

She smiled teasingly. “Well if you must know I had a nice lunch with Yves and it was loads of fun.”

I was shocked. “What the fuck Viv. Since when is it OK to go out with someone else?”

She didn’t lose her smug smile. “Don’t be ridiculous it was just lunch there was nothing in it. All we did was talk about Nathalie. You know he wants another date.”

“Yeah Kadıköy Masöz Escort well I am telling you that’s not fucking happening that’s for bloody sure. I want you to stay away from him or you and I are going to have a big problem.”

She looked dismayed. “You are joking aren’t you? It was just lunch.”

“Viv don’t lie to me. It’s more than lunch and you know it. He wants you, he has been trying to get in your knickers from the first time he met you.”

She shrugged. “Maybe that’s the case…. but it was innocent.”

“Innocent my arse. What did you talk about?”

“He wanted to know if I had watched the video.”

I still had it so I knew she hadn’t. “So that was it?”

She laughed. “Yes all we talked about how hot it was.”

I was taken aback. “But you haven’t seen it.”

She laughed. “Yes I have you sexy little tease. When you took mine last night I rang him and asked him to email me a copy, so you are wrong I have watched it.”

I stuttered. “You watched it?”

Her smug smile was broader than ever. “Yeah I watched it last night while you were at the pub, and I have to say he was right, it was hot, I am still tingling.”

I was embarrassed and my face must have been fifty shades of humiliation.

She laughed as she shook her head. “Don’t be embarrassed. Shit hon it was fucking hot. That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”

It was too much for me. “Look Viv it was a mistake. I am sorry it happened because it was wrong and it shouldn’t have. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Please stop talking before I get angry.”

She wasn’t happy but she went about getting dinner and the rest of the night passed pretty much without incident except for when we went to sit in the lounge later. She snuggled beside me. “Babe we could watch Yves video. That would be fun wouldn’t it?”

I barked shakily. “No it fucking wouldn’t actually. I said I don’t want to talk about it and I meant it.”

Viv wasn’t happy she obviously wanted to talk about it.

When we went to bed she was immediately on me like a sex crazed monster and there was no fighting her off. She dragged my head down between her legs and mashed her swollen pussy against my face. “Suck it baby suck it good, just pretend it is Yves cock.” She was vicious as she pulled me harder by the hair. She fucked my face until she came using me like a life size working sex toy. Then she dragged me up by the hair until I was buried in her hot pulsating hole. It was short violent and savage.

Her words plagued me, I had to watch the video to see what she was talking about. The opportunity came the next night as she had clients over. I stayed in our room with the headphones in and watched it. I have to say o was completely stunned, it was clear and in focus, and there was no way of hiding from the obvious look of enjoyment on my face. Christ what a fucking bastard he is.

The rest of the week sort of slid by quietly as Viv had clients there every night as she had lots of projects to catch up on. That was good for me because I felt so guilty my mind kept filling with images of that bloody video and the look on my face as I sucked his monstrous love muscle. It filled me with regret, guilt and unfortunately a deep burning sexual arousal. Every night as we made love my mind kept drifting back to that fucking blowjob.

At work I was flat out I had heaps of shit piled on my desk from the days I was away. The weekend couldn’t come fast enough. We had a few teleconferences which included Yves but I managed to evade them. All I wanted was the weekend to come and swallow me whole.

Friday night I was expecting Viv to be heading off to her mums place. When I walked in it was obvious she wasn’t going anywhere. When I questioned her she told me her mum had improved enough to go and stay with one of her friends because she was sick of being stuck at home.

As we both cooked dinner Viv asked if we could play dress up. I shook my head. “No I don’t think so I think we need to give that away for a while.”

She got angry. “So what you are only going to dress up when I am away? Come on Nath that’s not fair. I enjoy it as well.”

I stubbornly refused and she got angry. It turned into a cool evening. Saturday Viv didn’t so much ask, as demanded that we play dress up. She wasn’t going to be denied and in the end I thought I could just give her what she wanted it might go easier. Viv took ages fixing my makeup and she made an amazing job of it when I looked in the mirror I was as amazed as usual by this sexy bird staring back at me. She used a blonde wig, silver and blue eye shadow with heavily accented mascara which made me look a bit slutty but I was so transfixed I didn’t care. She chose one of her pretty sexy little dresses and poured me into it. She made me sit on the bed as she painted my toenails bright red, once dry she added a brand new pair of stockings, the stockings were gorgeous, smoky and dark with a visible seam. I loved the feel of them and they did make my legs look sexy and shapely. Next came a new pair of heels, silver open toed sandals with a four inch heel, bloody hell they looked sexy. There is something about wearing high heels, it probably sounds ridiculous but they make me feel like a woman, well at least look like one. She fitted new fake finger nails and covered them in a bright red polish the same as my toes. I felt marvellous. It was so nice to be dressed again. We shared a wonderful morning as she got me to help her with her makeup and it was what I imagined a girl’s sleepover would be like.

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