Necessity for a Toy Boy

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Janice had her toy boy and she was one happy woman.

Her childhood friend Fran had introduced her to Jimmy. It was Fran who persuaded Janice to put all her inhibitions aside. Janice dearly loved Henry who was long gone, having died five years before with the big C.”

“But you are only fifty and still have a life before you” Fran said. “Look at me I am the same age as you are. I realised I have just got to get out of myself and go for the modern trend, which isn’t so modern apparently; because even in Tudor times women were known to indulge in some frolics with the younger element – so it is not a new thing. My point is; if you are not ready for a full blown relationship; take on a pleasing toy boy which will make you happy no end.

“Ever since Jason and I have been ‘indulging’ I feel a woman again, after that horrible seven years with my ex.”

Janice eventually made a bond with Jimmy who just happened to like older women he said. It was so easy to break the ice because Jimmy was a natural, and for Janice, he had a physique to die for.

Now she was indulging too and when her friend called on her mobile, to see how she was working out with Jimmy, she was already indulging.

“Sorry Jimmy. I should have turned it off. I had better answer, it is Fran.”

“No problem, just carry on doing what you are doing though, that will be nice.”

Janice smiled happily and squeezed and answered her mobile with the other hand.

“How’s it going, I do hope I have not interrupted anything, or rather should I say that I do hope?”

“It is just fine Fran, Jimmy is with me here now.”

“I can hear his heavy breathing” Fran laughed; “and I can also tell by your voice.”

“Thanks for introducing him to me.”

“That is okay, no problem, What are friends for. But you may find he is a bit of a handful, Janice.”

“He is certainly that.”

“Wow! You have come out of yourself Janice. gaziantep escort Enjoy huh?”

“I already am, and by the way, how do you know, about Jimmy being a handful I mean?”

“Been there, done that Janice.”

“You have been with Jimmy?”

“Well of course. I had to vet him didn’t I?

He will make you a woman again “Try him on top too, he is lovely”

“Fran! You are awful!”

“I am just telling you how it is – and you simply must try his cockaleaky. Don’t be shy, give it a try. I can recommend it!”

“It is a good job we are friends Fran, But I do owe it to you and yes, Jimmy is lovely, but he is here listening so I mustn’t make him too big headed.”

“That too, he has a lovely head, stretch back and you shall discover!”


“Telling you as it is again that’s all Janice.”

“Try it, what Fran said.” Jimmy interrupted, obviously hearing what Fran said.

“I think I had better leave you two love birds to indulge, Janice. Have fun!”

Now Janice could concentrate on the job in hand again, and what a job it was. She had small hands and it was all she could do, to stretch it back like Fran suggested.

“That’s nice, very nice” sighed Jimmy stretching back on the sofa, parting his legs so that Janice had perfect access to his full gorgeous lovely example of manhood.

There she was, knelt on the carpet between his legs, enjoying that which her friend had enjoyed the day before. Jimmy told her. He said what a good fuck she was and how she loved doggy.

“How do you like it Janice?”

But Janice didn’t reply. She’d seen and sniffed him and was now committed to taste him.

Jimmy shuffled a bit to help her, Brushed back her long hair to see her enjoying him.

Afterwards he told her that he loved to make women happy, those who sadly were unattached but still had what it takes.

All the pent-up passion was on a beautiful uninhibited roll and for Janice it was a real psychological boost, remembering the feel and warmth of a man, and now, simply to enjoy Jimmy the way she wanted.

It was like she was in a real frenzy, she just could not get enough of him, she was madly sucking and licking him everywhere. But Jimmy was up for it, squeezing her head between his thighs until she gasped for air. But then she was doing something her ex liked – it all came out of the past and she was sitting on him, still in her red thong in place and her skirt covering his head.

Jimmy took to it like a baby and she enjoyed him there, not having a care in the world about how her passion made her so very wet. Jimmy was having a ball and sucking it all up until he came up for air.

“Let us indulge together Janice shall we?” and they did, head to toe they were and having the time of their lives.

Jimmy was big, succulent and lovely and she felt like she could have swallowed him all up. Twice she remembered how she managed deep throat with her ex and realised she could still do that, even with the size of Jimmy. It was still there, and she thoroughly enjoyed the salty pungency of cock again and felt perfectly comfortable with it.

But now she wanted Jimmy inside, she was hankering for it, she was the0obbing for the feel of cock inside again and literally asked him for his fuck.

He rolled over from the sixty nine position in which they had indulged each other, bunched himself beneath his balls and propped it up to give Janice full stead.

Red faced and throbbing inside she just had to have a taste of him again. He was so lovely and full and had everything she desired. Looks, personality, physique and a wonderfully proportioned sex drive.

“Doggy or what?” Jimmy asked, his cock jerking now Janice’s mouth came away from it and it was all primed for a real good deep fuck.

“Anything Jimmy. I just want it and need it, Fuck me how you will!”

“Like your friend likes it then, up the ass?”

At first she agreed but then she realised, as he made his first move, he meant anal. And she had never had anal. Her ex never did that and she wasn’t ready. She told him she just wanted a plain old pussy fucking That would do fine.

“Just thought I’d ask. Because Fran loves that.”

“Sorry. Perhaps another time Jimmy”

“Look Janice, it is up to you, whatever you want and how you want is important to me. I want you to be satisfied – you have a beautiful tight bum, of course you do but equally, I love your sweet cropped quinny.”

“I am so glad” responded Janice very relieved. Now she could enjoy Jimmy as she wanted. It had bee so long and now she felt she was perfectly ready. When he went into her it was tight at first, she needed some lubricating and Jimmy did the honours. Which made for another revived experience, feeling him explore her there, it was lovely and soon, his stiff primed cock was there, continuing where it had left off, and soon she was a real woman again, A fully fledged and fully fucked woman, r4eady to take on all that Jimmy could give her.

He was a young guy and would keep her in good stead, She would not need to attend a gym for what he had in mind and that was for sure.

Pushing deeply into her she felt his urge and squeezed him inside her, helping him achieve a beautiful combined climax which was wonderful.

How could she ever thank her fiend Fran?

“That is what friends are for” she repeated.

Then she added: “Since you ask, perhaps it would be lovely; to share Jimmy together. Think of the intensity of that, Janice?”

“I would like that very much” Janice replied after some thought.

“It will be divine, Jimmy is such a gem and he told me how much he enjoyed being with you. I shall ask him, I am sure he will agree. I don’t mean all the time, you can still have him to yourself too. But maybe just about once a week?”

“No problem” said Janice

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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