New Virgin Escort’s First Date

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Arrangements Are Made for the New Escorts First Date

Fran, the co-owner of Midnight Magic Escorts, was calling Clare, her newly hired virgin escort. The young music student’s New York City escort licence had been approved and Fran had staged a bidding war among her wealthy clients as to who would take the newbie’s cherry. She was not surprised that somebody would pay $16,000 to open up her womanhood. An Arab oil sheik had paid one of her girls twice that for a weekend at an exclusive hideaway in the Caribbean. She would give half to the girl and expect her to be shocked and happy. This was the monetary help Clare had told her she needed so badly, that she had applied to become an escort.

Fran had sent out a short biography of the newbie, along with copy of her recent high school yearbook picture which showed off her sweet, innocent and very pretty face. The winner had discouraged others as he frantically bid more whenever his previous bid was topped. He was obviously willing to go to almost any price. Mr. R. was a wealthy patron of the arts with a special fondness for the cello which was shy Clare’s instrument at the Julliard School, Music Division.

When Clare answered the phone in her dorm room that morning, she smiled and instantly an erotic image popped into her mind.

“Hello doll, this is Fran, your new boss.”

The image of Fran with her head buried in her crotch, licking her clitoris expertly caused her pussy to begin to moisten at the thought. She replied shyly,

“Hello Madam. I hope you and your husband are well.”

The young student had spent many evenings masturbating her throbbing pussy thinking about the wonderful thick black manhood of Fran’s husband that she had once tasted in her mouth and the heavy balls she had held in her tiny palm. Her pussy throbbed and gushed at the thought. With the phone at her ear, she spread her legs, demurely lifted the edge of her pleated plaid skirt up to her waist and ran her index finger down the camel toe crease of her white panties. She moaned slightly in pleasure. Anyone witnessing this would have thought that here was a girl that needed a good fucking. And that is precisely what she was going to get later that night.

“Oh, yes. Jerome and I are fine. He asked me to say hello.”

She added on as an afterthought. Jerome had blue balls for a week after being frustrated in not being allowed to fuck Clare’s very willing pussy at her interview for the escort job.

She thought, “Say hello from him, hell no. He told me he wants the tip of his cock to say a big hello to the deepest end of the new employee’s tight vagina.”

Fran decided to get on with the conversation and had to check on an important point. “Now girl, you haven’t been messing with any boys since your interview, have you?”

“No madam,” she stated shyly. “I did exactly what you told me.”

Clare was true to her word and stayed away from boys. But she HAD doubled the amount of times she fingered herself to put out the urgent heat of her pussy. Tasting and touching Jerome’s magnificent cock and feeling Fran’s hot tongue on her clit had awakened a strong passion. The sure knowledge that she would soon be made a real woman at the hands of a man had her mind in a primal sexual frenzy whenever she thought of the coming event.

“GREAT!!” Fran burst out, relieved, and the thought of dollars beginning to form in her mind. She took a deep breath.

“Tonight is your first date sweetie, congratulations. He is expecting your call. I will text you his cell phone number. Did you remember to pick out an escort alias name? What is it? “

Clare giggled and said happily, “I chose Celeste, Madam. You get it? Celeste, the cellist. I thought it would be appropriate.”

Clare’s mind was in a bit of a fog as she had slipped a finger under the part of her panty which covered her girly parts and was slowly stroking up and down the slit Ataşehir Escort of her soft down-covered pussy with a special twirl around her clit at the top of each stroke.

“Thanks very much for arranging this. I will call him the moment you text me the number.”

The text arrived in less that a minute. Clare stood up and straightened her skirt as if she wanted to be less casual when she talked with the gentleman who would make her a woman. Her emotions were conflicted between sexual anticipation and nervous energy as she dialled.

“Hello”, a strong baritone voice answered. “How can I help you?”

Clare, the now renamed Celeste, replied, “Hello sir, my name is Celeste. I am calling from the agency. I understand you wanted to be with me this evening.”

“Of course, Celeste. I was expecting your call with great anticipation.”

If Celeste had been in his penthouse apartment she would have seen him smile and lick his lips. He continued like a man who was used to giving orders.

“I have arranged a limo to pick you up at 7:00 tonight. Please be ready at that time. Bring your cello. I would love to listen to you play as I cup your breasts and stroke your pussy.”

He could instantly hear Celeste catch her breath. This was exactly what he loved to do, take a girl immediately out of her comfort zone and establish the sexual tension as well as establish who was in control. He wanted her to think about this when she is driving over.

Celeste blushed crimson and whispered shyly, “Yes sir. I will bring my cello.”

He continued, “Wear a white blouse that buttons in front and a long black skirt. You know, the type of outfit any female cellist would wear when performing in an orchestra. Also, I like plain white panties and do not wear a bra.”

Celeste blushed even more at this. “One last thing, I do not like a lot of makeup. Just the simple stuff you use in a normal day will be fine.” His voice then turned to a firm tone.

“Am I totally clear, my dear?”

“Yes sir. I will do everything you say.”

Celeste replied meekly. Thank goodness he had mentioned the cosmetics since she had assumed that all her clients would want extremely gaudy makeup like the harlot she would be playing. She had even gone out and bought flaming red lipstick and other exotic makeup which she had never used before. She had felt it would be something she could hide behind like an actress. “My goodness”, she thought, “Now I will have to be myself.”

Mr. R smiled and finished confidently, “Yes, you WILL do everything I say. I look forward to fucking that tight virgin pussy of yours.” He could hear her sharp intake of breath.

“Don’t worry Celeste. You will be in safe hands. Good bye for now.” And he hung up without waiting for her reply.

Celeste dropped the cell phone from her ear and held it to her breast as she gazed dreamily at nothing as random erotic images raced around her brain. She had mixed emotions. Mr. R seemed like a real gentleman even as he was talking to her about such base sexual acts. She knew she should be offended but instead it gave her a thrill. Her sense of sexual anticipation was growing as her anxiety was shrinking. After daydreaming for many minutes, she began to get ready for her very important date.

The Limo Ride

When Celeste’s cell phone call came from the driver, she was ready and with her cello went out of the student’s residence to the waiting limo. The driver, a rather ordinary looking middle-aged New Yorker in a blue uniform, opened the door with a big shit-ass grin.

“Good evening Madame”, he said as he looked her up and down lecherously. He could see her erect nipples poking under her white blouse. “My name is Bradley.”

Celeste dropped her gaze, shyly. Bradley had worked for Mr. R. for six years and he had taken many a pretty young lady to his apartment who came back to him looking Kadıköy Escort well-fucked. He knew that this young lady was not just going to play the cello this evening. She would be humming a nice tune on Mr. R.’s cock before too long.

But this girl was not just pretty, she was a real beauty. As she gave Bradley her cello to put in the trunk and ducked into the back seat of the limo, he could smell the sweet smell of flowery perfume. It was intoxicating. He was very envious of his bosses’ ability to have these young beauties. Mr. R. knew this and often seemed to hold this over him and tease him in small ways. He had bragged to Bradley that he had broken the cherry of thirty innocent girls. By the look of this shy girl, tonight would be thirty-one.

Celeste sat in the back seat and replied nervously, “Hi Bradley, my name is, uh, Celeste.” She was so worried that this man would know what she what shameful things she was going to be doing as his employer’s place. She felt better when the door closed and she was in the silence of the limo with its darkened windows and closed window barrier between her and the driver. They soon stopped outside their final destination.

Mr. R. looked down from his balcony at his limo pulling up to the curb. It was time to have a little fun. He dialled the virgin student’s number.

“Hello, Celeste. It’s me. How are you this evening?”

He paused to listen for her reply and went on,

“I can see that you are just arriving here. Isn’t that just lovely. Did my driver, Bradley, do a good job?” He waited for her reply.

“Good. Well why don’t we give him a gratuity for doing such a good job. No, no my dear, I am not talking money here. I am thinking something much more to his liking.”

It gave Mr. R. pleasure to show off his prizes to Bradley so that the driver would eat his heart out. He liked to show the driver and the wench who the boss was.

“Listen very closely and do everything I tell you exactly. I am going to phone the driver when I finish talking with you and tell him to lower the window inside the limo between you and he. What I want you to do after he lowers the window is slowly unbutton your blouse and when you have unbuttoned to the bottom, I want you to take your two hands and open your blouse wide to show Bradley your naked tits. Then I want you to pull up your skirt above your waist, spread your knees and show him your crotch. Then I want you to pull aside your panty and show him your bare pussy. Do you understand?”

Celeste’s brain was in a frenzy as she listened to her cell phone. “Sir, I…. I uhh…” she stammered.

Mr. R continued. “Of course, if you don’t want to do this, I can simply have Bradley drive you back to the Julliard School.”

That message hit home in an instant and Celeste blurted out, “No sir. I understand. Sure. It’s OK” There was silence on the phone and she put it back in her little purse and waited. She heard a ring in the front of the car.

Bradley answered the phone. It was Mr. R. He listened as his boss spoke.

“Brad, my little Celeste says you have done a good job and she wants to give you a tip. Lower your window barrier, turn on the overhead light in the back and take a look. Stay on the line because I want to hear what you think of my pretty jewel.”

The driver lowered the window and gazed behind. There was the girl in the back looking up nervously at him. To his surprise, she looked down modestly and started to slowly unbutton her snow white blouse. When she got to the last button his boss spoke again.

“What is she doing Bradley? Tell me. And speak up, I want her to hear everything you say to me”, he commanded.

Bradley said loudly so that the girl would hear,

“Sir, she has unbuttoned her blouse and, Oh wow she has pulled it open and is showing me the most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen.”

Celeste could hear Ümraniye Escort all of this and felt proud that Bradley thought so highly of her breasts. She arched her back a bit so they would perk up a bit higher. The chauffeur’s hungry eyes bore into her chest and she could feel her girly parts getting moist.

Bradley was getting a huge woody that was getting very uncomfortable. Almost like he could read minds, his boss said,

“I am pretty sure you would like to take that cock out of your pants and give it some relief. I want you to do that and tell the girl what you are doing.”

He complied with a shit-ass grin growing on his face. As he drank in the erotic image of her perky alabaster tits with the puffy perfect pink nipples, he said into the phone,

“Yes boss I am unzipping my pants and taking out my hard cock to stroke while I look at this beautiful young lady.”

Hearing this sent an erotic bolt of lust through Celeste’s brain and her cunt began to throb and get very juicy. It surprised her that she seemed to be carried along an instinctive sexual carpet ride that herself will and cannot stop. She looked into the driver’s eyes and willingly reached down and grabbed the hem of her long dress and bunched it above her waist exposing her white panties. The camel toe now had a growing wet spot and that made it transparent enough to show the soft brown curves of her unshaven womanhood. She now brazenly opened her legs A few light strands of pubic hair peaked out on the sides of the panties.

“Oh, fuck boss. She just hiked up her dress and she has spread her legs”, he said panting loudly as he stroked himself faster.

“I am sure she wants to know what you are doing with your prick, Bradley. TELL HER!” Mr. R commanded.

The driver’s voiced raised in passion, “I am jerking my cock off and it feels g-g-g-g-good!”

Celeste was starting to breathe heavily and she slipped a finger under her silken underwear and pulled the crotch aside to show off her virgin beaver. The sight was too much for him and he went over the brink.


His cock jerked and spewed come all over his hand and pants. For a couple of minutes he was silent as he tried to regain a bit of composure. When he got himself back together he muttered into the phone,

“Oooh boss, you are so fucking lucky to get your cock in that beautiful pussy.”

A few floors up, Mr. R. smiled on hearing this and thought, “Bloody right, yes, bloody right.”

Celeste, couldn’t stand it and started frantically running her finger up and down her dripping crack. She moaned in pleasure. All of a sudden, her cell phone rang and snapped her reluctantly back into the real world. Mr. R spoke to her in a calm tone,

“I think Bradley really appreciates your tip, my dear. Now, get that sweet ass and hot pussy up here so I can quell your heat.”

She quickly dropped the hem of her skirt and hurriedly re-buttoned her blouse. She was now singularly intent on getting upstairs as quickly as possible to get some relief for her primitive desires. Bradley opened the limo door and with a tip of his hat he simply said, “Thank you Miss.” and silently carried her cello beside her to the door of Mr. R.’s penthouse apartment.

Celeste walked with a more exaggerated sway to her hips as she walked the red carpets in the halls. She was discovering that this gave her a bit of sexual relief as the motion rubbed the sensitive wet lips of her cunt against each other enough to keep her sexual heat at a fever pitch. Her cheeks glowed a natural red flush that was not put there with makeup and her nostrils flared a bit as she breathed in more deeply than normal. She could pick up the sweet smell of semen from the driver’s pants and it made her a bit dizzy.

The moment she arrived at the door she pushed the door bell earnestly like a woman on a mission. Her body was instinctively rushing to fulfillment and there was no time to waste. She waited for what seemed like an eternity for the door to open although it was likely just a few moments.

The next installment, “Mr. R Takes The Music Student’s Cherry” is coming very soon.

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