New Year

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It was unbearably hot and humid on the mainland, but almost as soon as we had sailed off the coast you could feel the temperature drop and the humidity disappear. It had been a relaxing week on the yacht, swimming, sailing, reading, simply unwinding in the sun of central Queensland. But we we’re looking forward to a night of our own, a chance to unwind in our style. I suggested that we spend New Year’s Eve on one of the island resorts, just the one night, and you readily agreed.

We landed on the island after dinner at about eight thirty, just as it was getting dark. We could hear the sound of music from behind the tree lined beach and headed towards it, holding hands and enjoying the sensation of the warm sand on our bare feet. Tanned and feeling healthy, you’re wearing your blue wrap around skirt and a black bikini top, I’m wearing light colored shorts and a dark green singlet. I squeeze your hand lightly and smile at you as my eyes meet yours. I’m very much in love.

A band is playing in a large outdoor area, framed between a long bar, some low wooden buildings and on the other side by a long tropical garden. We had walked in through the open area that faced the beach, with the bar to our right and the band ahead of us.

To one side nearest the garden were a large number of tables around which people were sitting and talking, sipping on everything from water to highly decorated cocktails. Near the band was a dance floor, which in keeping with the tropical feel was made from what appeared to be tropical hardwoods. Several couples were dancing in time to the music. More people lined the bar behind which half a dozen bar staff work. All up there must have been some one hundred people present and the whole atmosphere indicated that the party had started some time before, but had plenty to go before it ended.

We ordered some drinks and stood near the bar as there were no free tables, watching the suntanned bodies drifted back and forth, interspersed by the occasional bright pink sunburn victim. A good time was being had by all in the crowd which on the whole seemed aged between twenty five and thirty five. The band strike up a the unmistakable chords that open Lenny Kravitz’s Are you gonna go my Way.

“Dance?” I’m smiling, watching as you soak up the atmosphere as we thread our way to the dance floor, a seething mass of bodies that gyrate through the tune. I feel so relaxed and happy as we dance, then near the end of the song your elbow strikes a good looking guy behind you, connecting sharply with the back of his head. Your eyes meet as he turns quickly, his look of annoyance changing to a smile as you apologize with that cheeky smile of yours.

“Thanks for dancing folks,” the singer intoned as the band finished the number. “We’re gonna take a little break and be back for some more in about twenty minutes.”

We moved with the mass from the dance floor back to the corner of the bar and I order us another drink. With the heat and after a week on the boat I am beginning to feel a little giddy, so I down my drink and order my third.

“Hello,” a voice said from behind you. You turned to find the man you had assaulted on the dance floor standing at the bar.

“Hi” you smile brightly, your eyes catching mine, your eyebrows lifting a little. I smile knowingly back at you, and indeed he is good looking, dark skin and eyes, a wide smile that reveals two rows of straight white teeth. His dark hair is thick and pulled back into a pony tail.

“Thought I’d let you know that I was here in case you started waving your arms about again.” He turned back to the bar as a barman approached, “bundy and coke and a southern and coke please.”

“I’m Cole,” he said, offering you his hand.

“Carlie.” His grip was firm without crushing your hand. His gaze examined your face and then briefly dropped to examine your body. Then he turned to me.

“Dave” I met his hand. “Been on the island long or just for tonight?”

“Been here three days and here for another three.” He produced some cash from under the sarong he was wearing and paid the barman for his drinks. “Why don’t you guys bring your drinks up and join us?”

“Sure,” you quickly answered so we followed him through the crowd to a small table near the garden. A blonde girl sat there, smiling at Cole as we neared. Her hair was parted in the middle and she had a fringe which framed a small, pixie-like face with a full lipped pouting mouth. She was wearing a small crop top which was molded closely to her breasts, the points of her nipples clearly visible. Her tanned smooth legs ended under a tight pair of ragged jeans shorts.

“This is Belinda,” Cole introduced us as we sat down at the table. Cole sat opposite Belinda, so that we had to sit opposite each other as well. As we sat I caught your sideways look at Belinda and smiled smugly at you. The four of us chatted easily, swapping our holiday and basic life stories the way that strangers who like to meet others do. Cole and Belinda had been going out for Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort just over a year, lived in Melbourne and had decided a summer New Year’s holiday in the tropics was a great way to celebrate a year together. She was a librarian at Melbourne Uni, he was a tutor in history. They had met there and things had just happened.

They were touched by our story, everyone seems to be and why shouldn’t they be, if sometimes seems like a make believe romance novel from the nineteenth century to me too. The band had begun to play so we all walked to the dance floor and jumped around. More drinks and dancing followed and soon we were hot, bothered and drunk. Cole and Belinda stayed on the dance floor as we walked back to the table.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Of him or her?”


“Yum, and they seem nice too.” I nodded. We watched the people dancing and talking. It felt good to be here, relaxed to the point of timelessness. I looked at you, your eyes reflecting the lights from the dance floor, your smiley grin the only indication that your were drunk. I felt a tingle between my legs and reached under the table to touch your bare knee.

“I want you,” I said, loudly enough to make you turn and look at me. I leaned back in my seat and lifted my foot into your lap, my toes working their way under your skirt and along your thighs. I feel your legs part and push a bit further, feeling you slide forward in your chair to meet me. My toes brush the heat between your thighs and you suck in a breath as I push them against the thin material of your panties. I can feel the hardness of your clit against my toes and roughly rub my toe on it, feeling you jerk and quiver, feeling myself harden against the material of my shorts. Your eyes close and you enjoy the sensation of my toes manipulating you, then suddenly your legs close on my foot and I am aware that Cole and Belinda have returned from the dance floor.

“Not interrupting something are we?” Belinda asks with a little laugh. You sit up and lower your face to hide your embarrassment and try to regain your composure as they sit at the table.

“We can come back later,” Cole offers.

“Not at all,” I reply, “but its my turn to buy a round. Same again?” I ask them. They nod and I meet your gaze, a faint smile on my lips. “And for you babe?”

“Something strong,” Belinda cuts in with a grin.

“Don’t” you say, lowering your head again.

“I’m sorry,” Belinda says, putting her hand on your arm. “I’m not making fun, just making light of it.” You smile at her. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed just because you’re having fun,” she added, smiling back at you. I raise my eyebrows questioningly at you.

“Bundy babe,” you tell me.

“Be right back folks,” I say as I push my chair back and walk to the bar. I’m feeling slightly light headed, a combination of the drinks and my lust. As I thread my way through the crowd I can feel that buzz of excitement that accompanies most New Year’s parties, that expectation that somehow tomorrow will herald a new beginning and that everything will be different somehow. Glancing at my watch I see that it is eleven o’clock already and that the New Year is only an hour away.

I thread my way back to our table and new found friends desperately clutching at all four glasses, trying to avoid spilling them as the crowd jostle me. I almost drop them onto the table with a self satisfied grunt and my achievement. Hands reach out and quickly grab their new drinks and you quickly raise yours with a toast of “up your bum.” Belinda and Cole raise theirs in salute with a laugh.

“I was just telling Belinda what a good kisser you are,” you say to me with a drunken smile. Belinda smiles at me.

“Oh really?” I counter lamely. “And how did that topic come up?”

“I was saying how Belinda had such kissable lips and then said I appreciated such things ‘cos you’re such a good kisser. I said she could find out at midnight.” Your cheeky grin was in full bloom and your eyes glinted wickedly.

“Well thank you sweetie.” I raised my glass, “here’s to kissing.” Belinda smiled tartly straight into my eyes and responded to the toast. I felt vaguely uncomfortable but also slightly turned on.

“And what about you Cole, are you a renowned kisser?” I turned the conversation and broke from Belinda’s gaze.

“I don’t think that’s for me to answer,” he smiled widely.

I looked straight at you as I replied, “I guess not, perhaps Cal can tell me after midnight.” You simply raised your eyebrows and took another sip. The band started playing Pearl Jam’s Even Flow, and almost at once Cole and I stood up.

“C’mon ladies,” Cole spoke first, “let’s dance the New Year in.” I moved beside you grabbing your hand and squeezing it as we walked to the still packed dance floor. The heat of the crowd engulfed us as we stared dancing, our bodies close as we swayed. Our eyes locked and I was hypnotized by the wicked look I found there. You threw Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort your hair back with a shake of your head and moved half a step forward, our swaying bodies touching at the middle. You ground yourself against me and I felt myself respond, so I dropped my hands around your waist to the small of your back, pulling you closer. Our faces were inches from each other, our eyes still locked together as though we were trying to read each other’s minds.

Our lips touch briefly and I slide one hand onto the tightness of your bum, squeezing slowly and gently before you push me backwards. You turn your back to me and move close again, watching Belinda and Cole who are dancing behind you. Cole has her pulled close, one strong arm around her waist, his head over her shoulder. He is whispering something to her and she has her head leaning back, her blonde hair cascading down her back.

“Yum,” I hear you mutter as you tilt your head back onto my shoulder, your bum rubbing gently against me. I slip my hands onto your waist and match my movements to yours. All around us couples are locked together, next to us a young couple are simply standing kissing passionately, oblivious to the crush of bodies bumping them.

“Which one?”

“Both.” I can tell by the way you push back against me with small thrusts of your hips that your can feel me hardening. Belinda and Cole have moved apart and Belinda looks at you and smiles. You tilt your head back again and whisper “I want to fuck you.” I moan gently in your ear. Belinda moves in front of you and wiggles her hips. You move from me towards her and she suddenly grabs you in a classic dancing pose and leads you in a simple three step. You can feel her heat and smell her perfume. Cole and I watch appreciatively as do several men on the dance floor. Belinda slowly leads you to where Cole is dancing, pushing you into him so that you are sandwiched between them. Cole moves in time as Belinda places your hands around her neck and grips your waist tightly with hers.

You are vaguely aware of the stares of the crowd, but you are also aware of your anonymity, consumed by the combined effects of alcohol and lust as though possessed. You push back against Cole’s crotch, feeling him through the thin material of his sarong. He is already partly erect and pushes back against you, gently rather than obscenely but with obvious intent. The song finished with a loud round of applause, some of which is directly at your performance rather than the band, which announces it will take a short break before playing in the New Year.

Again we move through the crowd to our table, the two of us holding hands and I slow our pace so that we fall behind Belinda and Cole. I push you to one side and we duck through a small knot of people and I almost drag you into the tropical garden, moving deeply into it until I am sure no one can see us. I push you against a tree, my mouth closing hotly over yours, my tongue darting against yours. You respond passionately, one hand snaking around my neck to hold my mouth on yours. I roughly run one hand across your breast, squeezing it before moving lower, fumbling its way under the wrap around part of your skirt and between your thighs.

I breathing is short and rapid, air gulped between kisses as we writhe against each other. Your free hands strokes me wantonly through my shorts as my hand cups you through your panties and I am amazed at the heat I feel there.

“Fuck me,” you whisper hoarsely, the look on your face both pleading and commanding. You turn your back to me and grab the tree, thrusting your bum at me. Quickly I pull your wrap around aside, dragging your panties down over your hips as I pull the front of my shorts down and free myself. You step out of your panties and spread your legs, the look of lust on your face as you glance back at me almost evil in its intensity.

I bend my knees slightly and move forward, teasing you with my tip, feeling the wetness between your legs, then with a simple thrust I enter you, slipping deeply inside as we both gasp in pleasure. My hands are on your waist, holding your skirt clear as we thrust against each other, the only noise the wet sounds of our sex and the occasional moan from our throats.

I sense myself about to come and slow my rhythm, ignoring your protest. You turn to me again and grab my shirt roughly, “Fuck me and don’t stop!” My tempo increases again and our eyes are locked together as if they too are physically joined. Then I know I am beyond the point of no return, and cry out, pulling myself out at the last second and squirting my come onto your leg, rubbing it against your thigh as each explosive spasm courses through my body.

Finally the sensation eases and I lean forward to kiss you, still holding your skirt from the mess on your leg.

“Wham, bam thank you ma’am!!” I whisper as our lingering kiss ends.

“Oh that’s not the end yet.” I can still see the lust smoldering in your eyes. “We’re you Ataşehir Vip Escort thinking about Belinda as you took me?”

“No, I didn’t have time to think about anything.”

“Too bad,” you shoot back at me, “I was thinking about Cole.” I smile cheekily at you and quickly scoop your panties up and wipe my come from your leg before throwing them deeper into the garden.

“I don’t think that you’ll miss those, and maybe you won’t have to just think about Cole next time.”

“So if the opportunity comes up….?”

“Take it.” My reply is swift and firm, no room for doubt. Even though I have just come the whole situation and the speed of our sex has left me wanting more.

We re-enter the party away from our table, walking slowly hand in hand. We approach our new found friends and I realize from the wide grins on their faces that we are both wearing a look that says “just had sex.” I smile sheepishly and sit heavily in my seat, seeing that new drinks have arrived while we were absent.

“Thanks,” I say, picking mine up. You follow suit and we silently toast each other.

“Couldn’t wait for New Year’s huh?” Belinda directed her question at you.

“Just wanted to see this one out with a bang,” you smiled back at her. We all laughed at that and sat in silence for a moment.

“Where are you guys staying tonight?” Cole asked neither of us in particular.

I shrugged. “We haven’t really considered it, thought we’d probably be able to party on til dawn or sleep on the beach.”

“Well your welcome to share our place,” he replied. He caught our looks and added, “the sofa in our cabin opens up into a bed, or whatever,” he grinned at you.

“Yeah, stay with us just for tonight, we were going to head back there after midnight when the crowd starts to get drunk and sentimental, blaah.” Belinda shook her head indicating her obvious disdain for such drunks. “We’ve got a drinking game we brought along, it’d be fun with four!” I looked across at you and tilted my head questioningly.

“Absolutely,” you agreed. “Thanks, it sounds like fun.” I heard Cole mutter “I hope so,” and smiled at him. The band struck up for their final session of the year and without a word we found ourselves back on the dance floor. It was turning out to be quite a night.

“Ten, nine, eight..” we smiled drunkenly but happily at each other, “five, four, three, two, one, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The crowd drowned out the band then almost fell silent as one as couples embraced and locked their mouths together. Your tongue slipped silkily into my mouth and I met it with mine, the tips touching and exploring each other like new found play mates, our bodies entwined. We separated our lips and grinned at each other like kids.

“Happy New Year babe,” I murmured to you. You hugged me tightly.

“And to you. I love you.” Cole tapped you on the shoulder and you turned to see his expectant smile. He leaned forward and slid his arms around your waist, then his lips met yours, his aroma different to mine yet no less appealing, his tongue inside your mouth invasive yet somehow not sleazy as though it was simply exploring and somehow you knew if you pulled away he would stop. But you didn’t, instead you responded warmly, perhaps hotly, your tongue darting into his mouth, enjoying the taste of alcohol, and you pushed your hips forward, feeling him through the sarong and enjoying your power over him as your felt his response.

Then I see Belinda from the corner of my eye and I turn as she deftly slips herself under my arm and without a pause her mouth closes on mine. Turned on by your kiss, by the lingering memory of our hot sex in the garden I slip my tongue forward, snaking it against and then between her teeth, into her mouth, my lips feeling hers as they mold to my mouth. She rubs her thigh between my legs, causing a reaction, and consumed with alcohol and lust and the vision your oral union with Cole I unashamedly slip one hand from her waist onto her breast, gently kneading it through the fabric of her top, my palm massaging the erect nipple and enjoying its firm but yielding consistency.

Then we are four again, our arms around each other as we sing those parts of Auld Ansign that we know. As it finishes the four of us wish each other a happy new year, almost as though the sexual electricity that had arced between us just minutes before had never happened. Then the band raced into slick cover of a Blur song, and the dancing began again.

It was nearly twelve thirty before the band ended their set, promising once again to be “back after a short break.” We headed towards the table when Cole and Belinda suggested we head back to their cabin. I felt you squeeze my hand suggestively as we followed them along the curving, paved track that led through the resort. Bordered by palm trees the track had a soft look that was created by the small post lights that had been placed every ten metres or so.

Their cabin fronted the beach and Belinda threw open the double French windows before closing the drapes which billowed inwards under the force of the refreshing ocean breeze. It was amazingly cool inside after the heat of the dance floor and we stood savoring the fresh air. Cole slipped comfortably behind the bar and produced a half full bottle of Bundy, and even more amazingly an unopened bottle of Ouzo.

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