Nicky’s Pool Hall Night

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I had been planning a special night for Nicky for ages now. We have talked about our desires, fantasies and such, and what I have planned for her I believe would hit the spot.

We were going to the pool hall just to play some pool, have a few drinks, and have some good ol’ fun. Then at 11:00 her “real” fun will start. I’ve reserved the pool hall just for us, and a few others of course.

I bought Nicky a dress and some sexy, skimpy thongs along with some nice heels to set if off. On that night I was working late at the hospital and I asked her to be ready when I got home, then I could just take a shower and we would be on our way.

As I arrived at the house after work, I was almost hard in anticipation of how intoxicating I know she would look and how intense I knew our night out together would be. I walked in the door and as I looked up, I was in awe at how amazing Nicky always looked. She was so stunning as she was walking down the stairwell. She saw me and smiled and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“Hi baby,” she purred into my ear as she hugged me.

“Hi sexiness, you look incredible!”

“Well thank you. You have a wonderful doctor to thank for that,” she said as she winked at me. “I really like this dress baby, thank you very much. Are you going to tell me where we’re going tonight?”

“You are most welcome for the dress. I think that was one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. Feel up to playing some pool and having a few drinks?”

“Sounds perfect! I’m looking forward to kicking your butt,” Nicky said as she playfully laughed at me. “But this dress seems a little over dressed for pool dearest.”

All I could do was smile and I kissed her. “Alright then, it’s set. Why don’t you grab yourself a glass of wine while I take a shower and change?”

“Sure thing babe, even though you’re being very evasive. Would you like a glass also?”

“No, I’m good hon, thanks though.” As I watched her walk to the kitchen, I thought to myself how lucky I was to have such an incredible, sultry woman. We finished getting ready and as I opened the car door for her and watched her gracefully glide into the car, I marveled once again at her beauty.

When we arrived at the pool hall it was still pretty early so getting a parking spot was easy. I walked over and opened the door for her and offered her my arm and guided her to the door. There were a few more people than what it seemed from the parking lot but I was happy about that. The more people who saw Nicky showing her ass off, the better.

“I think we should start out light babe, it’s going to be a long night.”

“That sounds perfect, a glass of wine if you will, please,” Nicky said.

I stroked her chin and ordered our drinks and then we found a table. We sat there and surveyed the crowd and just enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. I noticed a pool table opening up so I grabbed Nicky’s hand and led her there. “I think it’s about time that you kick my butt,” I teased her.

“No problem babe, do you want me to get a box of tissues for you?”

“Ha…ha. You are the one who will need those love,” I said as I winked at her. “Would you do me the honor and break?”

“Would love to,” Nicky said as she went to the end of the table and positioned herself to break. As she was bending over, getting the right angle, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her ass. And her dress was the perfect length because when she bent over, the end of the dress was just below her cheeks. Now, to get her to spread her legs when she’s shooting and give the crowd here a good show.

The clink of the balls banging each other brought me back to the now and I surveyed the table. Ah, looks like she’s got stripes and she had another shot. Damn I love this game!

The next shot was in between the middle pocket and the corner and she had to lean to the left. Perfect! There we go with the legs spread and she was having difficulty getting the right angle. I moved behind her and ran my hand over her ass which caused the dress to lift a bit more.

“That’s it love, move to the left a little bit more.”

Nicky arched her back which gave me more ass to grab, and then she hit the ball and to my amazement made it in the hole. Looks like I should help her for the rest of the night. She stood up and gave me a wicked look.

“Hmmmm, is this all part of the plan babe? The seduction while playing pool?”

“I don’t know what you mean love,” I teased her. “Well, I might have had a little bit of it planned. And I must tell you, seeing you bent over that table with your ass yelling to be grabbed is so fucking hot love.”

She put her hand between my legs and grabbed my raging hard cock. “Well, I guess istanbul escort it must be hot,” she said as she gently squeezed me.

“I believe it’s still your shot,” I told her. She reluctantly let go of my cock and walked over to where the cue ball was. As she bent to get the right shot, I noticed her dress conveniently was hiked up her ass which gave whoever was looking a great view of that beautiful ass and thongs. Ahhh, I see she likes this game as well. Damn, I was going to be hard all night.

She missed that shot which gave me the opportunity to not focus on her and simmer my raging hard on. I made the next 3 balls in and then I ordered us another round of drinks. I was going to take it easy on her with the alcohol at first but I had to speed up this night, she was driving me crazy with her hotness.

We finished that game and I see we had a few admirers that were just hanging around watching. Most of them I knew and would be joining us later after closing hours.

“Babe, can you get me a shot?” Nicky asked.

“Why of course.” I quickly ordered two shots, not wanting to waste any time. When they got there, we toasted to each other and downed them in an instant. Nicky won the last game so it was rematch time.

“I know you let me win,” she whispered in my ear as she playfully bit it.

“Whatever do you mean baby?” I innocently asked her. I don’t know how she thinks I would want to get the game over fast when I can watch her bent over that table all night long.

We had some time for a couple more games and then we would be closing up. I reserved the pool hall for a selected few at 11:00 until we are done with it and I was really looking forward to closing time.

We had a couple more shots during the games and my cock was straining against my pants to be let free. Nicky just finished shooting and walked over to me.

She grabbed my hand and put it in between her legs. “Feel how wet I am. I’m soaked.” And soaked she was.

“Don’t worry love; you are going to have multiple orgasms tonight.”

“Can we go home? I really want to fuck you bad.”

“We aren’t going home anytime soon, we’re going to be here for a long time tonight,” I told her with a flirtatious smile.

“Ok, spit it out, what’s on the agenda?”

“I reserved the pool hall for a few hours starting at 11:00 babe. I thought you might want to have some fun and a few others would like to enjoy you and your beautiful body also.”

“Are you serious? No really, are you serious?”

“Yes, I can cancel if you’d like. This is something we’ve talked about and I wanted to surprise you.” I was hoping she’d say no to the cancel part.

“I was just surprised is all babe and actually it sounds really exciting,” Nicky said as she rubbed her body against mine.

“Mmmmm, I was hoping you would be excited,” I said as I grabbed her in a bear hug and put my mouth on hers. I grabbed her left leg and hiked it up, cupping her ass and grinding her against my cock.

“I can’t take much more of this tonight love; I can’t wait to see you get fucked by several guys.”

“How many?” She asked.

“A few,” was all I said. “Only have forty minutes to go, do you want another drink. I sure as hell need one.”

“That would be great and I’m going to go to the restroom.”

“Don’t touch yourself while you’re there,” I teased her.

“Awwww, you’re no fun,” Nicky said as she winked at me.

Ok, we had thirty-eight minutes left and I had to keep myself busy. Sitting around thinking about her hot pussy getting fucked was not going to do it; I needed to actually be fucking her.

Nicky came back from the restroom and we continued to play our last game. This was the longest game of my life and I was about to bust out of my pants.

Finally Amy came over to me and asked me if I was ready to close up. She owned the place and I had invited her to stay, which she was more than excited about. I told her I was ready and to hurry please. She looked down at my cock which was visibly straining against my pants, smiled and walked away. She gave instructions to her security to usher everyone else out and the ones that were staying were already in the area I told them to be so there would be no confusion as to who was staying or going.

Looks like the guys were paying attention to the time, all were present and accounted for. Once the doors locked, I reached for Nicky’s hand and we walked over to our waiting little crowd.

“Good evening. I hope you’ve had a good evening so far and I know Nicky and I are looking forward to tonight. None of you are obligated to stay, so if you’ve decided against being here, feel free to leave.”

I don’t think escort bayan I heard even any of them breathing it was so quiet. There were eight men and I knew them all and most of them worked at the hospital with me.

“Everyone here knows my lovely Nicky and she has had this fantasy to be fucked by several guys. And I have been really looking forward to watching her be fucked by several guys. Now, Nicky, they are not here to make love to you, they are here to fuck you, plain and simple. You are going to have lots of sex, for as long as you want and it’s going to be hard, fast sex. And Amy here would like to join in the group, I didn’t think you mind. Do you have any issues with any of this love?”

I could see Nicky was flabbergasted and then her look changed and she said, “No babe, none whatsoever.”

“Ok then, shall we not tarry?” I said. “We have the pool table to use all night and don’t worry Amy, I will replace it. I have a nice blanket to put over it anyway.”

The guys helped put the blanket on the table and I could tell they were very excited about this evening.

“Oh, don’t worry about her getting pregnant guys, she’s on birth control. So, cum all you want in her and I expect to see a pussy full of cum all night anyway.”

I reached for Nicky and gave her a kiss and then led her to the pool table. “Amy, will you do the honors and get Nicky ready? Guys, get those clothes off, you can’t fuck with them on.”

Amy smiled and walked over to Nicky and lifted her dress over her head. Nicky wasn’t wearing a bra so Amy knelt down to take her thongs off. When she got the last leg off, she spread her legs and starting eating her pussy.

Amy had a boyfriend but I do know that when she gets the chance to eat some pussy, she won’t pass up the chance. And from the look on Nicky’s face, she was doing a damn good job. In just moments, she had Nicky writhing with pleasure. After Amy had Nicky’s juices all over her face, she had her get on the table, which put everything in motion. Nicky was on all fours on the table and she already had a cock pounding her pussy and one was fucking her mouth. Amy was also on the table and she had her hand on Nicky’s clit rubbing it and from the noises Nicky was making with a mouth full of cock, she was about to have another orgasm. It wasn’t long before she had another cock stuffing her and pounding her pussy. My cock was straining against my pants and I had to release it. It was rock hard and the tip was already red and juicy. It was all I could do to keep away from her right now but this was her night and I was having too much fun watching. I just kept a firm grip on my cock, stroking it lightly, just to keep that good feeling going.

By now, Nicky was on her back with her legs spread as wide as they could go, getting the pounding of a life time while she was swallowing some cum in her mouth. I saw Amy sucking on one of her nipples while her other hand was playing with her extremely wet pussy.

After John came in Nicky’s mouth, Amy took the opportunity to straddle her face. The way Amy was grinding on her face and watching Nicky being fucked, I didn’t think I would be able to hold out anymore.

Next to me, I saw out of the corner of my eye Frank standing next to me. I could swear he was looking at my cock and before I knew it, his mouth was sucking on the tip. If I wasn’t so fucking horny, I would have slapped him off but I grabbed his head and moved him up and down my shaft a few times and then I pulled him up. I had to fuck Nicky.

I moved to the pool table just after her pussy was loaded again with cum. I put my face right in between her legs and sucked at her lips with fierce abandon until I had her hips straining against my face. After she came, I put her legs all the way back and pummeled her with my cock. Amy had just moved off of her face and all I could hear was Nicky yelling, “FUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!” over and over again.

It wasn’t long before I was adding to the cum inside of her and my cock still wasn’t satisfied. I got up though and went back to the chair with my raging cock. I saw that Frank was on the table now and he was on his back fucking Nicky’s ass while Amy was eating her pussy. Another cock was making its way into her mouth and I know how good she is with that particular trait. Seeing this scene gave me an idea.

I walked back to the table and gently moved Amy aside. I eased my cock inside of Nicky as Frank was fucking her ass. I think I could have stayed like this all night it felt so damn good. Frank and I got a good rhythm going and from Nicky’s muffled moans, she was enjoying this just as much as I was, Amy had maneuvered herself back onto Nicky’s face.

I then slowed down and Bostancı escort took my cock out and grabbed Franks cock and stroked it a little bit. I heard a slight moan coming from him and had a brief thought that since we worked together, I might have to address this situation at the hospital on our breaks.

I slapped his cock on Nicky’s soaking pussy a few times and looking at him, I put his cock along with mine slowly inside of her.

“Ohhh, fuck me!!!” I heard Frank say and I took it slow as the both of us filled Nicky’s pussy. Her mouth was free now and she was yelling, telling me I was fucking crazy until her yells turned into loud sexy moans and her head rolled back against Frank.

Frank and I picked up the pace and the feel of his cock against mine in Nicky’s hot, wet pussy was putting me over the edge. Before long the both of us were cumming, and I slowly withdrew from her and I laid on the table next to her. I couldn’t move and it seems Frank was feeling the same way. I got up though and moved from the table and I had to get a drink after that one.

I looked over at Nicky and I could tell she was getting tired. I told the guys they had better get their last ones in because I would be taking Nicky home soon.

Amy walked over to me and asked if she could come home with us. “Sure thing babe, sure thing. Why don’t you go tell Frank to come home with us too, that is, if he doesn’t have any plans.”

I watched Amy walk over to Frank and whisper in his ear as her hand grabbed and stroked his cock and then he slowly looked up at me. I raised my glass to him and turned my attention back to Nicky.

No harm in having a little bit of fun at work I thought and I’m sure Nicky wouldn’t mind. After I warm her up to it of course and bring her in on the little adventure.

Nicky was totally spent, laying on the table with her legs spread, sound asleep. “I thank you all for coming; literally,” which brought the room to laughter. “It’s been a night I’m sure Nicky won’t forget. Now I need to get her home to where she will sleep the next couple of days I’m sure,” I said as I laughed. A couple of the guys helped me get her in the car and I carefully put the passenger seat back and she didn’t budge a bit. Frank and Amy climbed in the back seat and Frank had Amy’s legs back, his face in her pussy before I even got out of the parking lot.

I had to take my cock out, it was already rock hard and the tip was wet again and hearing Frank fucking Amy all the way home was not helping.

When we got home, Frank helped me get Nicky inside and I took her in the bathroom to clean her up. She did not wake up at all and I just smiled at her as I gave her a bath.

I could still hear Frank slamming against her pussy and I was trying hard to take my time but it was difficult, knowing what was waiting in the other room.

Finally, she was all cleaned up and I carried her and put her in the bed. I kept her door cracked open and walked to the room next door, taking my clothes off as I walked.

“Come here Frank.” My cock was so fucking hard and I had to give Frank what he wanted. I had him kneel in front of me and his mouth was sucking me hard. I could see Amy looking on with interest next to us. I didn’t want to cum in his mouth though so when I was close enough, I stopped him and had Amy get on all fours and my cock was balls deep inside of her and I fucked her hard. I had to slow down though because it felt do damn good. Frank then got underneath her and Amy said, “I want both your cocks in my pussy just like you did with Nicky.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. Frank and I slowly pushed our cocks into her pussy and it was all I could do to take it slow, this was such an amazing feeling.

“Fuck you guys, you have no idea how this feels!!!”

“Ohhhhh, I think we do,” I muttered.

Frank and I slowly slid our cocks into Amy’s pussy. I was on a major adrenaline rush, sex rush, whatever made sense but this was the best night I’ve ever had. As Frank and I got a good rhythm going, we weren’t taking it easy on Amy. We fucked her as fast as possible without our cocks coming out of her.

“Come on Amy, I want you to cum on our cocks before we cum and I don’t know how long we can last. Damn, you feel fucking good!”

All I heard was Amy moaning, quite loud actually and then this nice warm feeling was flowing down our cocks.

“Frank, lets fill her up!”

I didn’t have to worry about Frank holding out; the both of us were cumming within seconds. I kept my cock inside of her, as did Frank and I tried to control my breathing. This night was so fucking amazing. It was Nicky’s night but it ended up being both of ours.

I pulled out of her and laid down, my cock just resting on my thigh. Amy just fell on the floor and was asleep instantly. Frank leaned over and sucked my cock clean and all I could do was just lay there, thinking once again that my break times at the hospital might not be so boring anymore.

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