Not a Mistaken Identity

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Not a Mistaken Identity

Missy, as they called her here, did not love her new job, but she did not mind it. The whorehouse was well protected, they had a warning system in place, so the chances of getting busted were low. Not only that, but the pay was pretty good. For the first time in her life, Belinda, her real name, could pay her bills on time and make plans for the future. The only thing she had to do was fuck strangers five or six times a day, sometimes more. She didn’t mind, and sometimes she even enjoyed the sex.

Stephen had been here one other time. He was a Truck Driver after years of cross country trips he had finally found a local job doing short halls. Stephen’s wife recently passed away and his three kids had moved out. He was often lonely, and oft times horny. The last time he had been to this place the girl did not impress him, but at least he did get his rocks off. Of course he wore a condom. Just being careful. He paid the guy at the front, after giving him the code word which let them know he was an excepted customer. They told him room seven, handed him a packet of condoms and a card that simply said

“Full two hours.” Stephen was so ready, his cock hard as he walked back to the room. Hopefully this one is better looking, or at least a better fuck, he thought to himself.

Missy took one more look in the mirror at herself. Missy was tall, most guys liked them tall, just a couple of inches short of six feet. Her body was her greatest asset in this line of work. Sexy long legs, a heart shaped ass, and breasts that barely fit into the size 35D bra she was not wearing. The owner, her boss, fucked her on a regular basis, he told her she was his prize girl. She knew she was not as pretty as some, but she is also not a dog. She wore less make-up then most, for she really did not have to. Missy has striking green eyes that no one could see in the low level lighting of the room she regularly used. Her boss always told her how sexy her eyes were.

Her first client had not arrived, and Missy was a bit antsy. In truth, she hoped he had a decent sized cock, or was at least good at using the package he had. Missy was so ready to be fucked today. With my luck it will be a guy carrying a blow job card, she thought to herself. Oh, she did not mind blow jobs, they just did not pay as well. Good news was they only got a half hour, so if the place was busy, she might make a decent amount today. Some days she cleaned up, some days not so much. But, still, she made better money then when she was a waitress.

Stephen came to door seven and was happy he had paid for two hours. He liked to take his time, enjoy his time here. If this one was hot, he could request her by name and hope she was available. The monster at the desk said her name was Missy. Monster because he was like seven feet tall. For a moment he thought of his daughter, she could be the age of some of these girls. But his libido got the better of him and he opened the door.

One thing he hated about this place was that they kept the rooms so dark. As he walked in, he saw the silhouette of a woman on a small bed, but could not make out very much detail about her in the overly dark space. “H-hm,” he cleared his throat as he stood just inside the door, letting his eyes adjust to the low light.

Finally he walked across the room and the girl/woman said, “Nervous? Nothing to be nervous about.”

That voice. He knew that voice. God, could it be? Moving in close, he sat on the bed next to her, and sure enough. It was his own daughter, Belinda. bursa escort Working in a whorehouse! “Oh my God, Belinda, what the fuck are you doing here?”

“Dad? Is that you? H-how did you find me? I told no one about this place.”

He suddenly realized that she thought he had just hunted her down and through some miracle, found her in this place. As far as he knew, she was still a waitress. “Uh, uhm. I, well…”

His daughter started to laugh. He knew how smart she was, so of course his hemming and hawing told her all she needed to know. “You came here to fuck some girl? Now that is hilarious dad. All your judgey comments over the years, and here you are in a whorehouse.” Being very disrespectful, she lay back on the bed, stretching out, and he could see she was naked. “So, mister,” she said sarcasm dripping with her words, “You like what you see? You wanna fuck me?”

He blushed with anger. His cock was still hard, and he knew he could not leave right away. Afraid of what questions might come up. There was not a single chair in the room, so all he could do was slide down the bed away from her. “You, you…, I mean…” He had not the foggiest idea what to say. More then embarrassed, he was turned on by seeing his daughter naked.

Again she laughed. “And here, Da-ad,” more sarcasm, “I am Missy here. Don’t use my real name please.”

He stared at her, his eyes adjusting now, and his cock was as rigid as it had been since her mom died. She looked a lot like her mom, except taller and with bigger breasts. He suddenly noticed her nipples were hard, and they were not, he was fairly certain, when he sat down. God, she was hot. How could he think about his daughter this way?

She just lay there, and her hands suddenly found her breasts. She was playing with them, maybe subconsciously, maybe to tease him. He did not know. But suddenly he knew one thing. One thing he could not believe. He was going to fuck his nineteen year old daughter. He also knew she could not stop him.

At six feet two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he was in incredible shape for a forty-five year old man. Dark hair, and green eyes just like his daughter, they used to call men who looked like him “Black Irish.” He also knew how strong he was, that he had always done heavy work. She would not be able to stop him, and what the hell? She wanted to be a whore, might as well fuck her. Yes, he was angry, and he was horny. As these thoughts crossed his mind, he stood up and slipping out of his shoes, took of his pants.

“Dad, what the hell are you doing?”

Not saying a word, his jacket and shirt suddenly thrown across the room, he pulled down his underwear and his rigid member popped into view. Shocked, unsure of what to say, in honest she was impressed by the size of his hard cock. She had never seen it like that, and suddenly she realize that that rigid member was for her. Her dad was turned on by her. “D-Daddy, what are you thinking?” She did not move still lay back, and suddenly, quicker then she knew he could move, he was on top of her. “Daddy, know, this is wrong.”

His face in her neck, he said, “You are a whore, I am a customer, I am just getting what I paid for.” She started to struggle against him, but he pinned her arms, his legs, his body weight, holding her to the bed. She felt his rigid cock as he searched for his opening, and suddenly it was there. Quickly, her pussy wet from anticipation, he shoved his eight inch cock into her.

“Daddy…, no!”

“Oh fuck yes, you are going to get fucked bursa escort bayan by your customer.” With that he began to pump his cock slowly in and out of her, surprised but so turned on when his entire cock was engulfed by her hot and wet pussy. “Oh, Jesus, Bel…, Missy. Your pussy is so hot. Fuck, feels so good.”

His cock felt good, but this was so wrong, being fucked by her horny father. “Daddy, p-please stop. Y-you should not f-fuck me. ” Leaning into his daughter, he put his mouth on her left breast and began to suck her nipple into his mouth. Next he nibbled on it sucking more of her beautiful breast into hisin between his lips, tasting his daughters breast. “Oh, D-Daddy, God, fuck, your cock is s-so hard.”

Releasing her breast, raising up on his hands he said, “You like that baby, you like your dads cock pumping away at your hot pussy? You are a whore now, so get used to being fucked like this.” With that he began to pump her very hard, his cock pounding in and out of her, his body making slapping noises against her as their bodies came together. Her arms pinned by his hands, by his weight, his incredible strength. “Fuck yes, fuck yes…” And with that he pressed his mouth to his daughters lips and forcing his tongue into her mouth he began to kiss her passionately.

Belinda wanted to fight it, not to kiss him back. But his cock, his mouth, they felt so good. He released her arms, and she found herself kissing her father, wrapping her arms around his torso. His cock did feel so very good, and she suddenly understood she was not going to try and stop him anymore.

Breaking there kiss, removing himself from her pussy Stephen said, “Your hands and knees. I want to fuck you like the bitch in heat you are.” For a moment she hesitated, but then realized it was pointless. She wanted him to fuck her.

He looked at her ass as she climbed to her hands and knees, and knew that he was going to fuck his daughter when ever he could afford it. He would pretend to just be a favored client, and he also knew she wanted him to fuck her. “Baby, Missy, here I go.” As he said this he pushed his cock into his daughter’s now very wet pussy. She moaned and pushed back against him, turning him on even more. He grabbed her hips and said to her, “Say fuck me daddy. Tell your daddy to fuck you. Come on baby, tell me to fuck you. “

This time she did not hesitate, she wanted her daddy to fuck her. “Yes, yes, D-Daddy, f-fuck me. F-fuck your little girl. Fuck me hard, daddy.” That seemed to inflame him and he began to pump her harder, there bodies again slamming against each other. Reaching forward, he grabbed her long brown locks and pulled roughly, treating her like a whore. “Y-yes D-Daddy, I am y-your whore. F-fuck me. Make me c-cum.” Her words almost as if she were reading his mind.” Dropping her hair for a moment, he reached around, his long arms search and find her clit as he pumped his cock into her. “Oh, Daddy. Yes, yes, yes. F-fuck me Daddy. Yes, fuck me.”

Harder and harder his cock going in and out of her as she encouraged him. It felt so good, this young woman, his daughter such a good fuck. He came here to perhaps find a regular whore to fuck. Little did he know it would turn out to be his own daughter. And he was going to cum, he was going to cum in his daughter, but suddenly he wanted to slow down. He wanted his daughter on top of him.

“Baby, baby,” slowing down. “Get on top of me baby, fuck your daddy.”

Quickly the two changed positions, and Stephen lay back on the bed. His daughter, his Belinda, straddled escort bursa his cock and grabbing his hard member behind her, slid her pussy down onto it. “Ohhhh, Daddy. Your c-cock is so good. F-feels so good.” She said this as she began to slide up and down on his cock, sitting up, playing with her breasts. Stephen saw this and grabbed both of her nipples, squeezing them roughly as his daughter fucked her. “D-Daddy, c-can I come to the house. I, I can f-fuck you when ever you want. Oh Daddy, your cock feels so good.”

“Baby, Belinda. Only here, only here. I am just a client, just a paying client. “

“But, but, D-Daddy, you feel so good, I want to f-fuck you again. You feel so good.”

“But you are not using a condom, Missy.” Unable to answer immediately, as her father pulled her towards her, their lips once again meeting. He kissed her passionately, their tongues dancing together, their bodies on fire as Missy/Belinda fucked her father. The kiss was long, as passionate a kiss as either had ever experienced, and Missy thought to herself, I do love my job. Every day, I will wait for this man, my Daddy, to come fuck me. Finally they broke their kiss and she replied, “Only you Daddy. I want you to cum in me. I am your baby girl, your whore. Only you…, cum Daddy, cum in me.”

This so turned him on that he pulled her against him and kissed her passionately once again. His hands found her ass as they kissed, and he held her up and fucked into her very hard. Belinda, yes Belinda his daughter, moaned into his mouth as he pounded her. He fucked her as wildly, as needfully, as he had every fucked anyone including his wife, her mother.

Belinda broke their kiss this time and placed her right breast against his mouth. “Suck my tit Daddy. Suck my tit.” Not gently he sucked her breast into his mouth, and bit down on her nipple. This while his cock fucked up into her. Pounding her now he felt himself build to the verge. “Oh, y-yes, oh f-fuck yes. Yes Daddy, yes, I am g-going to cum t-too. Oh Daddy, you, you are the b-best fuck I have ever had. God Daddy, fill me up.” She moaned again, almost a wail that might have carried outside the room, but she did not care. “C-cumming Daddy. Yes Daddy, c-cumming, oh, oh, f-feels so good. Yes Daddy…”

With this last comment he released her tit and grasped her ass roughly. His fingers would leave bruises he squeezed so hard, “G-nuuuuuh, uhhh, oh, oh f-fuck, c-cumming baby. T-Take my…, my cum baby. Oh yes, fuck yes.” Rope after rope of his cum he shot into his daughter, the most powerful orgasm he had experienced since Belinda’s mother died. Oh their was a feeling of guilt as he sprayed his jizz into his Daughter, but not enough to stop him. He knew, as sure as he was spraying her insides that he would fuck his daughter again.

They both lay back on the bed. Turning onto his side, his head supported by his hand his elbow on the bed. “Baby, that was so wrong.”

His daughter laughed at his comment and leaned up, wrapping her hand around his neck and kissing him again. This kiss no less passionate, but shorter. “Daddy, you still have over an hour. Are you going to fuck me again?” He did not reply immediately as she slid down the bed her hand grasping his now flaccid cock. Before he could decide what to say she put her mouth on his cock and began to suck up and down. “So much better then a condom. You taste so good Daddy. I taste good too.”

“Oh baby,” his cock immediately responding to her mouth. “Oh, fuck baby, fuck. Yes, I am going to fuck you again. God that is good.”

“I can tell them you paid for a third hour if you are up to it?” Still stroking his cock as she said this.

“I w-will, Okay. I will pay for a third.”

A smile crossed her face and she said. “Good, then I want you to cum in my mouth, Daddy. I want to taste you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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