Nude Weekend – Saturday Afternoon

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This story can be read in isolation, or better still, head to the first instalment.


Following the morning orgy, the remainder of the Saturday was somewhat normal. After satisfying all, or at least most of their base sexual urges, the group shifted focus to a differing primal instinct. Sport.

Spread around the lounge the French visitors were being given a quick guide to cricket by enthusiasts Nick, John and Marcus. Elsewhere Mike and Peter were arguing football and politics with Neil and Phil while the six naked ladies, Sharon, Caz, Karen, Lisa, Ellen and Sophia, sat around the kitchen island bench, not cooking, but talking about sex.

“So tell me,” Sharon said, “Anal sex, what’s it like and what’s the best way to get started?”

“Three things,” Caz said, “Lot’s of lube, a good clean out downstairs and start with a small gentle one.” Caz wriggled her pinky as a demonstration.

“And be drunk, or stoned,” Lisa laughed, “I mean I was both when I first did it, and I had none of what Caz mentioned.”

“You’re not making it sound like fun you know,” Sharon threw an arm around Ellen, “We both want to give it a go tonight.”

“Hey,” Lisa said, “I never said I didn’t like it, fuck, I loved it.”

“Oh yeah,” Caz pulled two bananas out of the fruit bowl and held them like pincers, “It’s even better when you have one filling each hole. That, dear girls, is fucking intense.”

Sharon spun herself around on the stool and checked out all the guys watching the cricket.

“So if you were to go for your first dp tonight, who would you choose?”

“Sophia,” Caz directed her speech to the gorgeous French Princess Caroline impersonator. “Who has the smallest cock?”

Sophia pointed towards a dark curly haired man sitting in the corner of the lounge.

“You take Raul in your ass, and…” she scanned the crowd, “Maybe him there in your pussy.”

Sharon followed her pointing finger to Marcus who was standing behind the lounge, sipping back on a beer.

“Damn,” Sharon said. “I was hoping you’d say him in my arse.”

“By himself,” Sophia stared at his cock, “you could have him in the ass, but with two, have him in cunt.”

Sharon was glad that the recommendation to have Marcus in her arse for the first time was now validated.

“They’re a fine looking bunch of men aren’t they?” Caz rhetorically asked.

“Nice looking bunch of cocks too,” Lisa said.

“Marcus’ is the finest though,” Sharon exclaimed, “I could pick it anywhere.”

All six spun around and looked at Marcus who on feeling the eyes upon him, smiled and held a bottle of beer in front of his groin.

“Do you think you could pick his cock in a line-up then?” Caz asked.

Sharon just smiled and took a swig of champagne, “I could do it blindfolded.”

“Is that a challenge?” Caz winked at her.

Sharon thought about it for about .5 of a second. “You’re on.”

Peter came in from outside and Caz beckoned him over. “What time does the cricket end?” she asked.

Peter glanced at the clock on the wall, “In about half an hour. Why?”

“We’re going to run a little challenge.”

“Interesting. What sort of challenge?”

“Sharon thinks that she could pick Marcus’s cock out of a line up, even if she’s blindfolded.”

“What does she get if she picks him?” Peter winked at Sharon.

“Maybe,” Lisa hopped off her stool, “Once she picks Marcus, she gets fucked by all the remaining men, one after the other.”

“Ten men!” Sharon was excited. “I get fucked by ten men?”

Sophia cupped Sharon’s left boob in her hand. “I think that if she picks him at all, she can have ten men.”

“What do you mean?” Sharon was concerned.

“Well you have to leave Marcus to last. He has to be the last one standing,” Sophia said.

“A process of elimination,” Ellen chimed in, “You have to select who isn’t Marcus, rather than who is.”

“So if Marcus is the last one standing, I get to be fucked by all ten?”

“Agreed,” Caz said.

Peter took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up against Sharon’s waist. “You won’t be able to get past this one,” he laughed.

Sharon closed her eyes tight and took a hold of it. She could feel it harden in her grip and after a few strokes it was at point where she realised that the challenge was going to be harder than she expected.

Of all the men only three were uncircumcised, and Marcus wasn’t one of them.

She opened her eyes and looked down at Peter’s now hard cock. It looked just like many of the others. This wasn’t going to be as easy as she first thought. She suddenly felt extremely horny and there was no way she was going to waste having a nice hard cock to play with.

“What am I going to do with this now?” she asked Peter, “It would seem such a waste to let it go away now, wouldn’t it?” She cupped his balls in one hand and stroked his length with the other.

“Suck it,” he groaned “Suck my cock you fucking little tease.”

Suddenly there was a cheer from the lounge and the men all began high-fiving Bostancı Olgun Escort each other, including some confused looking Frenchmen.

“Is it over?” Caz called out.

“Sure is,” John leapt off the lounge, “LBW.”

“What is a LBW?” asked Raul.

“The ball hits their pads and if they weren’t there, the ball would have hit the wickets.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Leg Before the Wickets,” Nick said. “You can’t stop the ball from hitting the wickets with your legs.”

“Oh,” Raul said and then translated it for Manny who just nodded and looked back at the screen.

Caz stepped forward and clapped her hands. “Now lads, seeing as how the cricket has finished early and our Saturday night guests are a few hours away, I think it’s time that we have a little challenge.”

Sharon smiled large, not just at the idea of being the centre of attention, but also at the news that more guests were expected.

“Sharon believes that Marcus has the nicest cock here.” A chorus of chuckles and mock disdain came from the ten men. “And to either prove or disprove it, we’re going to put her to the test.”

Sharon smiled at Marcus as he tugged on his cock.

“What I want all you men to do, is line-up here,” Caz drew an imaginary line across the floor, “and I’ll blindfold Sharon. Then she’ll go along the line fondling, groping and doing whatever she likes to try to determine which one is Marcus. If Marcus is the last one standing, she gets to be fucked by all of you, one after the other. If not, she only gets to be fucked by the last man standing.”

“Easy,” Sharon said and cocked her hips. “Far too easy.”

“Ellen could you go up to my room and get a bandana from behind the door please,” Caz directed, “Gentlemen, line up.”

The ten men quickly moved forward and Sharon took note of where Marcus was in the line-up, third from the left. As soon as Ellen tied the bandana across her eyes though, Sophia interrupted.

“Okay,” she said, “So that Sharon can’t just remember where he is, everyone shuffle.”

“Damn!” Sharon laughed out.

Sophia was a tricky one though. She held her hand up to Marcus ordering him to stay where he was. Little did Sharon know, but Marcus was still the third from the left.

Ellen guided Sharon forward and she grabbed a cock in each hand.

“Wow,” she giggled, “It’s a lot harder when they’re not harder. Maybe some of you ladies should prepare them.”

“No help,” Sophia sternly replied. “You make them hard.”

Sharon just smiled and turned in the direction of Sophia. “With pleasure,” she said.

Sharon squatted down in front of Raul, the second man, and took a hold of Manny’s and Marcus’s cocks. Both were two thirds hard and Raul was quick to pump his cock hard as Sharon tilted her head up and opened her mouth. Raul rubbed his cock over her face, taunting her and making her try to catch it in her mouth.

“No speaking, no noises,” Sophia said to the men, ‘Silence.”

Raul slid his cock across her flicking tongue, a move that caused Sharon to groan in excitement and frustration.

“Fuck my mouth,” she cried out, “Fuck it, fuck my mouth.”

Raul placed a hand behind her head and placed his cock in her mouth. Without any delay or ceremony he began a good slow fuck of her mouth.

“Hmmm, yes that’s it.” Sophia moved behind Sharon and began to massage Sharon’s tits as Raul pounded her face. “Yes suck that cock, make it hard.”

The sense of being blind and having an unknown cock in her mouth, one in each hand and a gorgeous woman massaging her tits was driving Sharon wild.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out between sucks, “This could be him but…” Raul stuck his cock back in her mouth. “I know it’s not because it’s uncircumcised.”

“Ah yes,” Sophia said. “It is not Marcus, very good. Now what about the other two?”

As Raul stepped back, Ellen took him aside and led him over to the lounge where she restarted the blowjob.

“Well the same for this one here,” Sharon shook Manny’s cock in her left hand. She didn’t want to say it was too small, so she played the uncircumcised card there as well.

“As for this one,” Sharon continued, “Marcus was the third, but you shuffled them around, so although it’s really nice,” she sucked it into her mouth, “I’ll have to say no.”

Silently Marcus shook his fist at Sophia who just smiled and reaching out, took his cock in her hand. She stroked it gently before leaning over and kissing it.

Marcus and Manny stepped aside and Caz took them in hand and started to give them both a slow hand job as she watched the seven remaining men shuffle along.

As Nick, John and Mike moved into position Sophia bent Sharon’s head back and began to kiss around her face, flicking her tongue softly across her flushing cheeks. Mike was the first to have his cock sucked as Sharon quickly went back to work.

“Is that it,” Sophia teased her, “Is that his cock you’re sucking? Or is it the one in your hand?”

Sharon had no idea. What she was enjoying Bostancı Sarışın Escort though was being the centre of attention and having a long line of cocks to play with. John rubbed his cock against the side of her face, leaving a thin snail trail of precum on her cheek.

“Maybe that’s his cock wanting to be sucked,” Sharon took hold of Mike’s cock and began sucking John’s.

“Is it his,” Sophia continued, “or is it the one in your left hand.”

Sharon decided to take a gamble. John’s and Mike’s felt the best, the hardest, so if she was going to be fucked by anyone, and by this stage she knew that working out which cock was Marcus’s was almost impossible, she would just pick a nice hard one.

She took Nick’s cock into her horny mouth just as Sophia ran her hands around her torso, tweaked Sharon’s firm nipples, and then leant forward and sucked on Mike’s cock.

Sharon took Nick’s cock in his hand, “Not this one,” she said. Judging who was the tallest between John and Mike she patted John on the leg and said, “It’s not you either.”

Disappointed, Nick and John headed over to the lounge and sat back to watch the show. Karen, not wanting to be alone and cockless, snuck over and sat between the two guys and proceeded to wank their cocks.

Sharon then went hard on Mike’s cock, cupped his heavy balls in her hand and wanked it furiously. She was trying to elicit an audible response, some moan or groan to indicate who it was. But Mike was strong, mainly because he knew that if he was the last man standing, he would get to fuck her there and then.

“I’m not sure,” Sharon said and pushed him gently backwards, “you can wait.”

“Okay,” Sophia took charge again. She waved in Peter, Clement and Neil. Phil stood at the end of the line, the lone prick at an orgy. Sharon though was growing impatient, knowing that she couldn’t tell them apart just by feel and taste, she decided to just work out who was tallest.

The short Frenchman Clement was immediately removed from the group although she did swallow his cock, in its entirety, down her horny throat. Clement immediately joined his compatriot Raul in servicing Ellen. Phil quickly took his spot and slid his cock across her darting, searching tongue.

“This is the last three,” Sophia sent shivers of delight through Sharon’s body as she ran her hand down Sharon’s stomach towards her aching pussy. “They’re all so hard aren’t they, so nice in your hands and your mouth. Suck his cock, make him cum.”

Sophia reached down and ran her fingers along Sharon’s dripping snatch. She dipped her fingers into Sharon’s pussy and coated three fingers in her juice. All Sharon could do was moan her approval from the back of her stuffed throat.

Sharon took long sucks of Peter, Neil and Phil’s cocks and judged each one not by length, girth, taste or feel, but from height from the ground.

“Which one is Marcus? Which one are you going to fuck?” Sophia taunted her, “Will you be fucked by ten men, or just one?”

Sharon let Peter’s cock pop out of her mouth and held it high. “This could be him,” Peter smiled at Marcus who gave him a thumbs up. “It’s hard to tell, bring back the other one,” Sharon continued as Phil and Neil strode off towards a near drooling Lisa.

“Sharon,” Sophia teased her, “You’re one cock away from being fucked, maybe by one, maybe by ten. Which do you prefer, one cock or ten?”

“Ten,” Sharon hungrily reached blindly out searching for Mike’s cock. “Fucking ten cocks,” she murmured to herself, “Ten fucking cocks.”

Mike grabbed her by the wrist and guided her hand to his swollen member. Sharon could feel a bead of jism oozing out and in a hope of being able to distinguish a certain taste, maybe the essence of Marcus, she took it onto her tongue. Mike tried hard not to groan as he watched the blindfolded Sharon run her tongue around her mouth and begin to pump both cocks hard.

“Which one Sharon? Which one will be in your tight little cunt?” Sophia rubbed her own pussy and Sharon’s as she watched Pete and Mike taking turns fucking her face. “Or will they all be in your cunt? Filling this little pussy with cum.”

Sharon had no idea. She rocked back on her heels and held each cock in her hand.

“Put the one you think it is in your mouth,” Sophia pushed her forward, “and then I’ll take the blindfold off.” Sharon did a quick ‘eeny, meeny, miney, mo’ before sliding Pete’s hard cock into her mouth.

“Damn,” Mike called out just as Sophia lifted the bandana from Sharon’s eye’s. With a squint Sharon looked up at a smiling Peter.

“I told you you wouldn’t get past this one,” he said and holding her head gently, proceeded to fuck her mouth. “Best girl my wife ever brought home.”

“Too right,” Marcus said as Caz squatted down and began sucking his and Manny’s cocks. “Now fuck her Pete, before we fuck your wife.”

“Fuck her on this,” Phil pulled a section of the lounge away from the rest and with the help of Neil dragged it into the middle of the lounge. Sophia took Peter’s cock Bostancı Şişman Escort in her hand and stroked it as Sharon jumped to her feet.

Looking around the room Sharon wasn’t at all surprised to see that sex was happening everywhere.

Karen was riding Nick in the reverse cowboy as John massaged her tits. Ellen was riding Raul while simultaneously sucking on Clement’s balls as he sat on the back of the lounge stroking his cock. Lisa, Neil, Mike and Phil were the only people unengaged, but that didn’t last long for Lisa summoned them outside where she squatted down and began to blow them.

Sharon lay elegantly back on the footrest and spread her legs wide, “Fuck me, Peter,” she slid three fingers into her pussy. “Fuck my horny cunt.”

“Fuck her,” Sophia purred, “Fuck this little salope.”

“What do you mean, slut!” Sharon smiled as she admonished Sophia, “Don’t go calling me that, not in any language.”

Sophia didn’t vocalise her answer, she muffled any more protestations from Sharon by simply sitting on her face. Sharon went to work licking at Sophia’s fine French pussy and she had a wonderful view of Peter pulling on his cock in preparation of fucking her. Peter’s ball bag was already tight and Sophia knew he wouldn’t last long. Sharon’s hands caressed Sophia’s tits and her own clit in preparation for Peter’s cock.

A solid, yet stifled groan came from Sharon as Peter slid his hard cock into her hungry cunt. Sophia leaned forward and began to kiss and lick Peter’s chest as he quickened his thrusting pace into the writhing Sharon.

Manny bent Caz over the dining table and began a hard, solid fuck of her pussy so Marcus directed his attention back to Sharon, Sophia and Peter. With Sophia bent over and Sharon licking at her cunt, Marcus had the perfect situation in front of him. Sharon opened her eyes as soon as she felt his balls scrape against her forehead as he slid his cock into the welcoming Sophia.

“Oui, yes, oui,” Sophia moaned as Marcus pistoned his cock into her, “merveilleux, oh merde, oh fuck.’

Sophia, supporting herself on her left elbow, began to rub at Sharon’s protruding clitoris, an action that sent shards of delight through Sharon’s body. Marcus pulled his glistening cock out of Sophia’s pussy and fed it to Sharon who savoured the heady mix of cunt juice and his precum. Sharon freed one of her hands and began to massage Marcus’s heavy ball sack.

“Suck his cock,” Peter said hornily, “Lick her juices off it just like she’s going to do now to yours.” Peter whipped his cock out of Sharon and pulled Sophia’s head down to suck him off.

Phil and Mike came in from having their cocks sucked by Lisa and stood watching the foursome hard at it on the footrest. “Mind if I have a go?” Phil asked Marcus who in answering pulled his cock out of Sophia and wiped it across Sharon’s mouth. Phil moved right in, filling Sophia’s snatch with his thick prick. Sharon was busy licking the underside of Phil’s prick as he pounded into the young French girl’s fine pussy. Mike just sat back on the stool pulling on his cock as he watched the action unfold. Marcus moved down next to Peter and Sophia immediately reached out and grabbed his cock.

“Hungry little thing aren’t you?” Marcus said as she engulfed his knob. “Fuck yeah you’re good at that.” Sophia began wanking his cock as she sucked it, almost bringing him to orgasm. Marcus though had plans for his seed, he was going to either load up Sharon’s pussy, or fill her mouth. It was all Sharon’s to enjoy.

“Here,” Peter said as he pulled his cock out of her sopping cunt, “Have a go of that, it’s superb.” Sharon’s whole body tensed slightly as she recognised that Marcus was about to fuck her. He didn’t fail to impress and with some dexterity he plowed his cock into her and began rubbing at her swollen clitoris. Peter and Phil now stood at her head and Sophia clambered off Sharon allowing Marcus the beautiful sight of his future wife lain out, legs spread wide, with two cocks being shoved in her mouth.

Sophia moved between Phil and Peter and began to kiss Sharon and suck on their cocks as they flipped about. John came over from mauling at Karen’s boobs and stood next to Mike. “What have we got here,” he said “A little gangbang going on or something?”

Just the word ‘gangbang’ was enough to set Sharon off. With a slightly muffled cry of delight her body roiled in orgasmic ecstasy as Marcus twiddled her nub and thrust his cock in nice and hard.

“Fuck me,” Sharon hollered out, “Everyone fuck meeeee.”

Peter was the first to respond by grabbing onto his cock and jerking off a thick load over her face. Spunk hit Phil’s cock as he rubbed it around Sharon’s mouth.

“You can’t get gangbanged,” Phil said as he wiped Peter’s cum off onto her tongue, “You lost.”

Peter put his cock back into Sophia’s mouth as Phil whacked on his. “Yeah,” Phil said, “and you can’t do a proper gangbang without doing anal, it’s just not right.”

Sharon muttered ‘Bastards,’ under her breath before sitting up, and through cum smeared and stinging eyes, said to Marcus, “Enough of this show then, let’s go somewhere private.”

“What about me?” Phil said in frustration.

“You’re the one who reminded everyone that I lost,” she enjoyed leaving him there just as frustrated as she was, even though his cock was mighty tempting.

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