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Sophie’s babysitter was half an hour late. The girls had just gone down for their nap and if the doorbell rang, they would be awake and cranky all afternoon. Leaving the door ajar, she stood at the kitchen counter and quickly made her shopping list.

Maggie showed up panting, with rumpled hair. Sophie knew that Maggie’s parents were out of town and the high school senior was rumored to have a boyfriend against her parents’ wishes. She had young love once, before kids and work and life got in the way. She reminded Maggie to leave the boyfriend at home and advised that she would be home in a couple of hours, hopefully before the twins woke up from their nap.

Sophie waived to her friend Melanie and they headed into the grocery store for their weekly adult chat time. They both had sitters so they could shop in peace and used the hour to catch up on gossip and compare notes on their kids. Melanie’s son was two and was great at giving Sophie helpful tips for her four month old twin girls.

Mrs. Baker, with her eight month old son Alex spotted the women picking out bananas and headed their way. Alex, busy cutting teeth, was crying for all he was worth and Mandy couldn’t console him.

Sophie silently swore and excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. Alex’s crying had caused her hyper productive breast sex izle to swell painfully with milk. The restroom was empty when Sophie went into the large stall at the end of the room and sat on the closed toilet seat lid. She opened the front of her baby doll top and unsnapped the closure of her nursing bra.

“Sophie, are you in here?” Melanie called.

“I’m in the last stall. I’ll be out in a few minutes,” she called back.

“Everything ok?” Melanie sounded concerned.

“Yeah. It was just Alex’s crying… You remember what that does…” Sophie responded while rubbing her breasts.

“I know something that helps. Let me come in,” Melanie’s voice had dropped to a whisper and her shoes were visible under the stall door. “I’ve been there and I’ve seen it all, remember, don’t be shy.”

Sophie hesitantly unlocked the door and turned away as her friend walked into the small space and closed the door behind her. Melanie’s hand gently rubbed her shoulder and coaxed her to turn around and gently pressed her down so she was sitting on the toilet lid again. Sophie stared down at her aching breasts and then up at her smiling friend.

Melanie kneeled on the floor between Sophie’s knees and placed her hands on her friend’s thighs. “This won’t hurt,” she whispered as she slid rest of Sophie’s alt yazılı porno top down to her waist, leaving her breasts partially covered by her nursing bra. Melanie gently removed the bra, sighing as Sophie’s hard breasts sprang free.

Sophie watched Melanie on her knees in front of her. She was fascinated as Melanie removed her bra and stared at her breasts. She’d forgotten what it felt like to have them touched by adult hands and closed her eyes when Melanie’s reached out to caress them. She could feel milk starting to bead around her hard nipples and Melanie’s hands massaging her breasts, causing her milk to flow more freely.

Melanie licked her soft lips and looked up at Sophie. Her friend’s eyes were closed and she was smiling when Melanie’s mouth closed over Sophie’s nipple, suckling gently. She continued to massage Sophie’s breast with one hand as her other hand slipped under Sophie’s loose shorts and caressed her cunt.

Sophie gasped and watched Melanie’s mouth working against her breast. Her hips were rocking, pushing her cunt against Melanie’s hand. She worked her hands though Melanie’s hair, pulling her closer and was rewarded with Melanie’s lips vibrating against her nipple.

Melanie was humming. Sophie’s fingers were wrapped through her hair and she continued altyazılı sex izle to draw Sophie’s breast into her mouth. Her fingers were soaked with Sophie’s cum and Sophie was rocking against her, pulling her closer. The breast in her mouth was still taunt but no longer hard; she quickly changed sides, pulling Sophie’s other nipple into her mouth and massaging the breast. She changed the rhythm of her fingers, using short fast strokes against Sophie’s clit and resumed humming. She wanted Sophie to cum.

Sophie moaned. Melanie’s fingers brushed lightly against her clit and she pushed back against them, hard. Melanie’s lips were vibrating around her nipple and it was sending shock waves down to her cunt. Her body tensed and her back arched. She came.

Sophie moaned right before she came. Melanie slowed then stopped her fingers. She released the breast in her mouth with one last flicker of her tongue and rocked back on her heels. Her hand was covered in Sophie’s cum when she removed it from her friend’s shorts.

Standing up, Melanie quietly turned around and exited the stall. She listened to Sophie right her clothes and flush the toilet as she washed her hands and tried to straighten her hair.

Sophie tried to wipe away some of the cum and straightened her clothes. She flushed the toilet and walked out of the stall to find Melanie standing next to the sink drying her hands. “Wow,” it was all she could say.

Melanie smiled, “I’m always happy to help and you have my number… Now, we were looking for bananas…”

The two mommies exited the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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