O What a Night Ch. 01

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Man, did it feel good to be home from work, showered and able to relax. It had been a week from hell, my boss had been under huge pressure and we all worked hard to get everything done so he could relax. He was so happy with our help he gave us all a day off with pay, and I planned to sit back and figure out when to take it.

I switched on the tube, put on the oldies movie channel and went online to check my emails. The usual assortment of forwards, one from the ex asking me some stupid question that could wait ’til Monday, and a few responses to my ad on a singles site. Hmmm, those I open first.

The first is from a woman who lives 200 kms away, so that’s an exercise in futility. The next is from a woman that I already know, telling me it must be fate our both being on the same site. Fate, sure, that plus it’s a free site. Delete.

I am just about to close my email account when I see a new message has hit my inbox. I can’t help it, I’m a curious kind of fellow, so I have to open it and see what new hopeless case finds me totally attractive. I notice there is a pic attached, so I open it, and suddenly I am sitting upright in my chair, focused intently on the screen in an effort to will this girl to come to life right there and then.

She’s tall, and since I am well over 6 feet that’s always a great place to start. She’s thin, the type of figure men have called willowy, as if thin was a bad thing to say to a woman. Red hair, green eyes, and a mischievous smile are having a competition to see which can keep my attention the longest. Then I see the garter belt peeking out under her mini skirt, and the race is won by a mile.

Her letter is attached, and after a few false starts, I manage to drag my eyes away from the pic and start to read. And I go back and read it over again, to make sure I didn’t imagine it. Her name is Megan. haramidere escort She’s 19, lives 20 minutes away from me and loves older men.Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me but…

As I log into the site, my mind is awash with ideas, not the least of which has to be that this is WAY too good to be true. I fully anticipate that I will be the laughing stock of some idiot boys trick, when an IM comes on and it’s her. With a request to show me her cam. As I hit the accept key, I prepare myself for the worst.

What I find is a live action shot of my dream girl, wearing the same outfit she had on in the pic she sent me. Through the course of our chat, I find out the pic was taken just moments before, and she was thrilled to see me come online right away. Like I wouldn’t have swam the English Channel to hit that enter key after seeing her pic.

We chat amiably for a half an hour or so, and then the moment of truth arrives. She tells me she is online tonight because she is lonely and bored, and would love someone to take her out for some fun. In moments, I have the directions to her place and the car is revving up in the driveway. I can almost steer the car with my erect dick, I am so excited and almost giddy, like I am 19 again myself. Of course, I am much older than that, but my penis has forgotten that fact in its haste to meet this young nubile woman.

When I get to the door of her place, she is waiting, wearing a pair of 4 inch heels that make it easy for me to look her in the eye. We head to a local watering hole, and the waitress there asks what my daughter would like to drink. To my great joy, she finds the entire situation hysterical, and from that point on she calls me Daddy whenever the server comes near.

After 45 minutes, a few drinks and a lot of flirting, içerenköy escort Meg leans over and whispers in my ear that she is having a great time, but wouldn’t I rather finish the night back at my place? As I start to stammer out a response, the waitress comes back for one last check to see if we want anything else to drink. Meg leans over, and in full view of the now shocked waitress, grabs my cock through my pants, looks at the poor girl and says “No, Thanks, all I need is right here…let’s go Daddy.”

Meg grabs my hand and we start to navigate our way through the bar, oblivious to the evil looks from the women and the obviously envious stares of the men. As we hit the door, the waitress miraculously appears, and hands us a receipt, which Meg shoves in her purse.

The drive back to my place never seemed so long in all my life. Meg was cuddled as close to me as she could get, and seemed as happy as if we had known each other for years. Her hand alternates between clutching at mine, and tracing little circles on my arm. Her perfume, which was called “Justifiable Rape” I suspect, has my senses reeling, and as we pull into my lane, all I can think of is how my entire future’s worth of good luck might be used up tonight.

As soon as we had the door closed behind us, we were in each others arms. At first , the kiss was slow and romantic, but soon passion began to overtake us, and when she moans into my mouth, I lost all semblance of patience. I picked her up, and as her legs wrapped around my waist, I pivoted and held her up against the wall.Her hands were rubbing my back, her arms pulling my harder against her, and soon I pulled us away from the wall, and headed towards the bedroom.

We tumbled together onto my bed, and literally in seconds Meg had stripped down to her lingerie. innovia escort She looked amazing in a black lace bra and matching panties, accented by her black garters and hose. I quickly shed my clothing, and soon we were exploring each other with tongues and hands. When she grabbed my hard as a rock cock, she moaned into my mouth again, and began kissing her way down my chest, her hands trailing behind her mouth and weaving small circles in my chest hair. As she approached my cock, she ran her tongue down my thigh, and back up the other, while she gently massaged my balls. The feeling was electric, and I found myself growing harder still.

Sensing my excitement, Meg paused in her adventure, and looked up at me with a wicked grin. I started to say something, and at that moment she took my entire cock in her mouth, effortlessly taking all of me. Whatever words I was about to say were lost in time, as she began a slow rhythm up and down my prick.

I may have been more excited in my life, but I really can’t remember when. As I felt my orgasm approaching, I began to moan, and somehow found the means to warm her I was about to come. As our eyes met, I realized that she had no intention of stopping her deep throat administrations, and then I stopped being able to make any sense of anything. My entire body faded away from my senses, and all there was of me was my cock, now deep in her mouth. As my orgasm overtook me, I lost all touch with the outside world. I was my cock, and I was lost in a sensation of pure ecstasy.

Time passed, either a few minutes or a thousand years, I couldn’t tell which, and then at long last I was back inside my own skull. Meg had skid back up until she was once again in my arms, and I kissed her, trying to convey to her how wonderful I felt with that kiss, since words were still beyond my ability to form.

She looked so beautiful, so desirable, that my cock decided that we were really 19 again, and was still hard as a rock. With her one hand on my erection, she lowered her lips to my nipple and licked a slow circle around it. Then she said the first words she had spoke since we arrived at my home. ” Make me come…please.”

Thank you God…

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