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The stress had been mounting. This rehearsal had not gone as planned and now he was under the gun. Not enough night’s sleep was beginning to stir the pressure within his head. Thoughts ceaselessly swirling in his mind, he walked to his parked vehicle not giving notice to the footsteps behind him.

“I forgot how chilled the air gets here at dusk,” spoke a soft voice. Craig froze momentarily, and without looking, continued to load his gear.

“I suppose if you’re from the desert, this might seem cold.”

“I suppose,” came a sultry response. He finally turned to see her. She stood before him…his mind attempting to reconcile present with past. The years had filled her out, but she remained the mercurial visage he remembered. “I know this isn’t the best time. I know you’re unimaginably busy. I know you battle within yourself. But I came for a taste. Say the word, and I’ll leave. Say the word and I’ll st….”

Before she could end her sentence, he slipped one arm around her waist and pulled her to him. His free hand slid to the base of her neck clenching a fistful of black hair and brought her mouth to his. The wedding band on his left hand shone in the light. His haste was greeted with equal ardor as she fell into his kiss.

The heat of his lips warmed the cold of hers. Her tongue found his with ease. He kissed her as he’d kissed her so many times in his memories and fantasies. His hands clutched her face as if trying to import her thoughts into his. They understood each other without words or promises of tomorrow.

“I didn’t think you would come again,” he breathed in her ear. She had visited him once before. But the responsibility that came with her ring had made her leave.

“Why? You miss me?” she began. He covered her mouth with his to answer the question she had begun to ask. His hands desperately slid to her breast cupping and kneading. Her moans begged him not to stop…to send her to that place in her mind that only he could reach.

Dark had now descended upon them and with it came the chill of an autumn night. His hands were icy in stark contrast to the warmth of her skin. He opened her jacket to slide his hand up her shirt. She gasped as the need overcame the shock of the cold.

He pressed her against the cold of the truck–his hardness evident as he pulled her hips to his. His hands sought the warmth of her ass. She inhaled deeply as his hands caressed her. There was power in his hands tonight as he alternated between her breasts and her ass.

He gently pulled her away from the bed of the truck and lowered the tailgate. She neared him again and he picked her up and sat her on the edge of the tailgate. He hiked one hip and pulled himself up next to her to stroke her lips with his finger. She closed her eyes and allowed her senses to guide her. Parting her lips, she pulled his finger into her mouth with her tongue and gently sucked the tip of his cold finger.

His eyes fierce with want, he could no longer restrain himself from the desire that had taken over his body. He laid her body down in the bed and laid himself next to her, hands desperate to please her. Alongside her, he began to unbutton the shirt kissing the space between her breasts. She sighed in utter pleasure.

He had awakened her. The person she thought no longer existed began to surface because of him. She felt the commanding force of her spirit swell and erupt because of him. She was now the creature that he had so many years ago helped her to become. She wanted him and would take no refusal.

Her hand stretched over her head and laid her fingers on a material that felt much like nylon. She looked over her head as he kissed her stomach to find the tie downs within her reach. She forcefully pushed him onto his back and lay on top of him, kissing his neck while her hands searched for the would- be restraints.

She didn’t ask. She didn’t have to. She pulled his arms over his head and secured one tie down to the anchor and followed by placing his wrist in a loop fashioned from the strap. The other arm was restrained in a similar manner. His arms were now tied over his head and laid waiting in absolute need of her.

“You could Bostancı Sınırsız Escort always make me into this,” she said to him and her hands slid down his torso. Her fingers expertly grazed the formed bulge near his pocket.

“If you don’t untie me, I won’t be held responsible for what I will do to you if I break free.” His eyes burned with heat in the misty lighting.

“Really,” she coyly asked. “I think I would quite enjoy that.”

She bent over his mouth and leaned as if to kiss him. As he reached to meet her, she pulled away ever so slightly. A teasing smile broke across her face. “I love that the teacher is now the student.”

She straddled him and kneaded his chest with her hands. “Have you ever watched a women masturbate in front of you?”

His voice was lost in his throat, “No,” he managed to croak. In his mind, he had pictured it a million times. A show that would be just for him, but he never dreamed that someone would be as willing or daring to try.

She elongated into a tall kneel and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She sat and pulled off her boots before removing her clothes from the waist down. She unbuttoned the white shirt and unclasped the front hook of her bra. Her breasts spilled forward from the cups. She crossed her arms over each other and fondled herself. “I wish it was your teeth pinching,” as she pinched her nipples between her fingers.

Fire. That’s the only way he could explain it to himself. He burned inside for her. He was desperate to touch her and feel her against his skin. He watched as she leaned back and gave him a view of her wet lips. She lay on his legs on her back. Her knees bent and fallen slightly open, he could see her. Her hand began to feel for the nub he wished was on his tongue.

It was her, but not her. This woman was brazen and wonderfully uninhibited. She was the extension of the girl he had deflowered. She was curious then…naively so…but always ready and willing to please him. She was lost in her own pleasure. It was intoxicating to see her so lost within herself. Her fingers deftly touched and stroked the areas that brought her closer to orgasm. He watched intently, as her pussy became shiny in the light.

She quickly changed rhythms and her breathing became shallow. She wouldn’t last much longer. Her eyes closed as if to focus. Quick shorts breaths escaped her lips as she neared her climax. Before she could finish, her hand was suddenly seized and she was forcefully pulled up into sitting. He quickly sat up to meet her and planted his mouth to hers. She fought to remain in control but he had become unleased.

With his one free arm, he hugged her around the torso and quickly flipped her onto her back. The force of the movement had caused a thud against the lining of the bed. He kneeled over her chest pinning her arms against her body while he removed the second restraint and placed the loop over her wrist.

“I’m sorry to have interrupted you,” he politely started, “but I suddenly feel very bossy.” He had ended his thought with a tone that suggested dominance. He had every intention on keeping his promise to her about what he would do if he broke free from his bondage.

She began to struggle beneath him but his legs were like vice grips against her arms. His breathing was hungry but calculated. Without warning, he flipped her on to her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back. The nylon straps found themselves being wrapped around her wrists.

“Get onto your knees,” he ordered. He helped her transition into a tall kneel. Her eyes were suddenly obscured by cloth. She was still like a statue and naked from the waist down. She felt him jump off the bed of the pickup and heard the door of open and close. The next sensation was that of her being covered by a blanket and lifted out of the bed of the truck and into the cab. “We’ll be going for a little ride,” he announced. The engine roared with ignition and her heart pounded with fear.

The ride wasn’t that long and he didn’t utter a word or turn on the radio. She only heard the automatic transmission shifting along the drive. Was it 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes? She Bostancı Suriyeli Escort had no concept of time. She heard the slowing of the engine and felt a turn. Slow downward grade and the engine was shut off. Where were they?

She heard him exit the truck and she waited for him. Her arms were beginning to fall asleep from the awkward position she had maintained throughout the drive. Her door opened and still without a sound, he lifted her onto the ground and led her.

She could hear the rustling of leaves in a breeze. The smell of decaying leaves on the ground reached her nose. They were in a wooded area somewhere. She heard the jingle of keys and a lock being turned. The creak of a wooden door announced the arrival to their destination.

It smelled of dust. A cabin? A shed? She heard the strike of a match and the smell of kerosene. She was suddenly cognizant of the fact that she was almost nude and still wrapped in a blanket. She felt the blanket being removed and laid across a wooden floor.

“On your knees,” came his voice. She did as she was told and her reward was having the nylon straps removed from her wrist. Her arms tingled as the circulation returned to her wrists.

She had expected a hard surface underneath her knees but instead felt something like a thin foam mattress. She felt a shove which knocked her off balance onto her back side and a hand that pressed her toward the floor. She heard a zipper being undone.

He was on her, over her and covered her. She reached for her blindfold and felt his strong hand push hers down and heard him say, “Leave it.” His fingers reached for the inside of her thighs. She felt his hair drag across her belly as his face made its way down between her legs. She shivered with the anticipation of his tongue on her. A yelp escaped her lips as the expected sensation gave way to shock as she felt his teeth clamped on the flesh of her right inner thigh. His teeth did not let go, but she felt the sensation of his tongue flicking the center of his bite. Oh, god! What beautiful agony!

By the motion of his arm, she could tell that he had been stroking himself. The relief of him inside her was coming, she thought. She felt herself being pulled up into sitting and heard him say, “Open your mouth.”

She parted her lips and felt him shove his cock inside her mouth. She nearly gagged as the movement caught her off guard but she adjusted and felt her jaw relax as he began fucking her mouth.

“Take it,” he instructed. She wasn’t sure if he was asking her to take his cock in her hand of if he was demeaning her. So she opted for taking his warm dick in her hand and would gladly suck him off. It had been the correct action and he placed his hands on the back of her head as she slid her mouth repeatedly over his cock.

He was in complete control. He was throbbing and hard in her mouth but not a hint that he was ready to end this experience. He pulled himself from her mouth and stated, “I think that deserves a reward.” He put his mouth to hers and felt his tongue envelope hers. She was lost in him and as she was kissing him and thinking that he would certainly end her want she heard the creak of the door.

The wind opened the door? No. She heard footsteps on the floor. He pulled away from her face and explained, “We have company.”

Her heart pounded? “What?” she heard herself say. The footsteps neared and she felt someone kneel next to her.

She felt a finger trace down the side of her face to her breasts. “Nice,” came a male’s voice.

Her voice trembled, “Who are you?”

“You’ll be ok. Better than ok, actually. But if you need a name, you can call me Keith”

A familiar kiss eased her anxiety. “It will be ok,” Craig whispered as he gently bit her lip.

She nodded as if in a daze. What was about to happen? She was laid down on to her stomach and felt two pairs of hands begin to rub her back. The circular motion of the massage caused tingling to begin on her skin. She quickly discerned Keith’s hands. They were unfamiliar on her skin and were not as strong as Craig’s.

The soft massage gave way to lustful strokes between her thighs and yet neither Bostancı İranlı Escort one would touch the area she was aching to have hands on. She was turned over on to her back and the strange new sensation of Keith biting her neck caused a gasp deep in her throat.

She felt her body being lifted as if onto a table and arranged in a “crucifix” position. She felt the course fibers of the rope being tightly wound around her wrists. She knew that she would not be in control and she found it strangely erotic.

“Tonight you are our whore,” Craig informed her. “Keith gets to start.”

She felt the blindfold being removed from her eyes. Keith began at the top at her lips. He didn’t kiss her. He inhaled deeply as he trailed his nose down to her torso. He took in her scent as if to divine her points of weakness. He paused at her shivering belly and licked her navel. She felt his hands go to her tits and squeezed firmly. He lingered at her navel and licked her as if to show her what he would do to her pussy.

A quiet moan escaped from her as he placed his hand on her right tit. She then felt Craig’s mouth on hers from above her head. He coiled his tongue against hers and found it generously rewarded. She suddenly let go as she felt Keith between her legs. He took his time circling her clit and tasting her before he clamped to her. His tongue caressing her, she heard Craig say, “Be careful. We want this drawn out a bit. She’ll go quickly that way.” She felt Keith slow his pace and felt Craig’s hand caress the side of her face.

“We’re in no hurry,” Keith finished.

She felt Craig pull her to the edge of the table and her head hung off the edge. She felt his hands go to her tits and heard him say, “Open your mouth.” She did as she was told and she felt him slide in again. He fucked her mouth in standing while his hands kneaded her tits.

Keith had spread her legs and pushed her knees toward her chest and let them fall out. He tickled her clit with his fingers and eventually pushed two into her pussy. She cried out with the sensation and Craig covered her noise by filling her mouth with his cock. Again, she felt him swell and knew he was getting close, but he groaned with self discipline and pulled himself out of her mouth.

Craig walked away from them and she watched to see what he might do. In a gym bag, he pulled out what looked like a vibrating dildo and handed it to Keith. He then pulled something that looked like a 6 inch rod made of glass. Her knees still open and bent, Keith neared with the dildo and kissed her as he pushed it into her pussy. The clit stimulating nub vibrated against her. She was so close…she could hear her juices being pushed back into her with the dildo when she felt Craig gently push open her ass cheeks and gently pushed a pre-lubed crystal into her asshole.

It was torture. These two men knew exactly how to tease without release. Keith pulled the rabbit away from her if she got too close. Craig would stop the pumping of the crystal as well. She was sweating from the heat. And they knew they owned her. Craig then pulled her to the edge of the table. His hot, swollen cock about to impale her and Keith walked around the table near her head.

Craig entered her. She was so wet. She couldn’t say anything because Keith was standing over her face with his own swollen member in his hand. Craig pumped and slowed when she got too close. Keith did not take his face away from the cock that plunged into her, and he began rock on the balls of his feet as his jacking became quicker. The yell pierced the air as she came with such violence that he thought she might fall off the table.

Her orgasm pleased them, but Craig wanted one more thing. He wanted her sweet ass. He pulled out of her pussy and gently lubed her before pushing into her asshole. Her eyes close as he eased his entire length into her. The strokes became shorter and harder as did Keith’s. He pulled himself from her ass and unloaded his cum onto her stomach, pussy and as far up as her tits. Keith watched as he rubbed cum into her navel and then he blew his own wad onto her face. Craig pushed his cum covered fingers into her mouth as Keith squirted the last of his load into her mouth. She sucked Craig’s fingers while lying with her face covered with Keith’s juices.

They sat her up on the table, carried her onto the makeshift bed and Craig said to her, “Make sure to get some rest. The appetizer was good but nothing compared to what’s coming in the main course…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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