Of Anal Concubines: Into the Temple

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(Readers, kindly note: The following is a maledom BDSM fantasy that depicts consenting adults engaged in anal sadism and masochism, humiliation, and exhibitionism.)


To my esteemed colleagues worldwide, respectful greetings.

This scholar was astonished to receive such a clamourous volume of correspondence regarding the most recent treatise; therefore, as requested, I submit for the further edification of my colleagues the following: namely, a detailed description of the presentation of a new supplicant at the Temple, and of what ordeals befell her on that fateful day.

In the course of my studies in connection with the aforementioned treatise, I chanced to gain the trust of a certain young woman who, she assured me, soon intended to submit herself to the Temple for evaluation and, if admitted, to become a devotee of the anal arts. She graciously consented to allow me to attend her on her journey, knowing, of course, that we high scholars may go anywhere unquestioned. And in point of fact, when the day arrived, I believed her to be glad of my presence as she bade farewell to her family and, taking no possessions, set out for the Temple.

As tradition directs, the girl wore naught but a simple white garment; her hair was loose, her hands empty. Many curious eyes marked her passage as she made her way along the crowded thoroughfare; following at a discreet distance, I marked well how she held her head high, but kept her eyes modestly down: a promising display.

As all know, the Temple itself is a grand edifice, beautifully wrought in white and pink marble. Seated at the heart of our great city, it is convenient to the Palace; to the halls of state, commerce, and culture; and to the great houses of the nobility, clergy, and intelligentsia–all of whom are, of course, the Temple’s natural patrons. As the girl approached this monumental building, her steps slowed; she hesitated for some moments at the foot of the wide stair, gazing up at the Temple and at the messengers who scurried up and down on behalf of Masters seeking to engage their own anal concubines.

Why, I wondered then, should this beautiful girl, scarcely a woman grown, gaze upon the Temple’s high doors with such abject longing? To be sure, a successful anal concubine would find herself showered with gold at the end of her ten-year term, but that was hardly guaranteed, and in any case it was half this girl’s lifetime distant. Moreso, it struck me that the need in her eyes was surely far deeper than mere riches could inspire. But why, indeed?

Whatever the wellspring of her desire, it must have been enough to overcome her fears, for the girl squared her shoulders, resolute. She slipped off her thin shoes in observance of the tradition, leaving them behind her on the pavement as she climbed the steps.

It was no further than the Temple door that the girl’s ordeal began.

The door-guard readily showed us into the gracious, beflowered atrium. Perceiving instantly that the girl was a supplicant, he caused a bell to ring, faintly, somewhere down the long columned hall beyond. I myself took up a position against one wall, where I could observe all. As for the girl, she was peremptorily ordered to kneel at the starred center of the inlaid marble floor; this she did without güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hesitation.

The jeweled colors from the enormous stained-glass dome overhead touched her pale garment and shining locks, and faraway sounds of music graced the meadow-scented air. All the while, folk passed back and forth, quietly going about the Temple’s business as she waited on her knees for many minutes.

A door banged near at hand, making the girl startle, and a tall, graying man with a stern eye swept into the atrium in robes of silk, dappled in the colored sunlight. “Stand,” he said to her, “and strip.”

In a moment, the girl was on her feet, her white shift discarded. Bare as a nymph, she shivered as the man circled her leisurely, examining every inch of her lovely little body, so shy and meek before him.

The man’s hand shot out, gripped the girl’s face, and forced her mouth open; pushing his fingers inside, he callously inspected her teeth and tongue as though she were a beast at market. He lifted her long hair, feeling its weight, then tugged it experimentally; he took one of her delicious young breasts in a sudden, firm grip. All this she bore without a sound, though she flushed red as a rose.

Hard fingers pinched at her pink nipples, upon which the girl shuddered prettily; from my discreet position, I perceived the man’s faint nod of approval. “Bend,” he said then. “Hold your bottom open for inspection.”

Straight-legged in the centre of the room, the girl bent over as best she could; her hands obediently drew apart the pretty round cheeks of her behind, exposing her tenderest parts to the entire atrium. The tall man drew somewhat away, allowing those functionaries who paused in their duties a clear view.

The man seated himself in an ornate chair, leaning on one elbow to contemplate the girl’s pouting little pussy, which by now was swollen and fairly gleaming with arousal, as well as the tiny pink star of her anus. Even from my position I could see it pulsing a little, fearing and longing to be touched.

“I am the Temple’s Grand Master,” he announced at length, after her legs had begun to vibrate with strain. “Should you undergo the training here, I and my people will ask more of you than you ever dreamed or feared. You will become an object for anal use, as well as a creation of high art and a treasure beyond price; each of these you must strive to embody all the hours of your days. So: do you wish to enter the Temple?”

“Yes, Grand Master,” the girl said at once, to the floor. “Please.”

“So eager,” he commented. “No one could doubt you to be a virgin. Clearly, you’ve never been made to take a big cock up your bottom. If you had, you’d know well to fear me.”

Audibly, she swallowed, then seemed to struggle for control. When at last she spoke, her voice quavered. “Then teach me, Grand Master.”

One corner of his severe mouth quirked up. “Do you know, I believe I shall.”

He rose, seized the naked girl by the hair, and pulled her over to a great planter of carven marble which was overflowing with greenery and planted with a small tree. There, in its leafy shade, he bent her over the lip and pressed her upper body into a bed of soft white flowers. “Stay,” he said, and drew a small güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri vial from his robes.

He coated his fingers with fluid, then took hold of her shoulder. And in a practised motion, utterly without ceremony, he reached down and began to swirl and twist his fingertips into her tiny anus.

A whimper broke out of the girl’s throat as he breached her; her hands spasmed on the planter’s lip, but his grip on her shoulder forbade her to move. “Good girl,” he said. “Now, open to me. Swift as you can.” And he began to push.

Her anguished moans began to echo throughout the atrium as two long fingers slid inexorably up her bottom. “You’ve done this before,” he said lowly. “To yourself, in the night. You thought no one would ever know, but I can feel it…a certain supple quality in your anus. But your little fingers, your improvised toys, none of it was never enough. How you longed to be used deeply. To be sodomized. Violated for all to see. Yes.”

The girl’s eyes flew wide, and she opened her mouth, only to be gently hushed by the Grand Master as he continued to push into her behind, widening her tiny ring. “There, there, little one. A girl such as you has no secrets at the Temple. Here, we know all.”

He reached down to open his robes, revealing a rampant cock, heavy and thick with lust. This, too, he anointed with the vial’s slippery fluid. “You’ll serve your first Master now, little one. I’ve no illusions as to your skill, of course. I do this merely to commence your education.”

And with that, the Grand Master set the slick head of his cock against the girl’s anus and pressed, and pressed, and pressed, until the girl cried aloud. “Open your hole like a good girl,” he groaned, then exhaled hard as the head popped inside her. “Gods above. This one is rather tight,” he said to a hovering functionary.

Eyes half lidded, the Grand Master eased his cock deeper, breaching the girl’s poor rectum a finger’s width at a time. All the while he held her down among the flowers, where her tears began to fall upon the soft white petals.

Halfway through her impalement, she gave a great shudder and made to struggle against him, but the Grand Master stroked her skin, soothing her once more into panting quiet. “I know it hurts, little one. Never doubt that your bottom was made for sex. For pleasure and pain in one. Feel it, feel both. In your true sexual opening. Yes, good.”

And at last, at last, her pink anus was stretched around the thick root of his cock, his hips pressed against her pert behind. Gently, he drew her upright again and turned her a little away from the planter. She sobbed, forced to perch on her toes, half-hoisted by his jutting cock.

“You’re beautiful like this, you know,” he said against her cheek, looking along with her out at the atrium, where a small gathering had accrued to enjoy the breaking of a new supplicant. “Naked and weeping. Your bottom crammed full of cock.” He tugged at her nipples, twisted them slowly until she shrieked. “Do you truly desire this, every day of your life? The pain, the humiliation? You crave this shameful treatment in your soul? Answer me.” And he gripped her jaw, tugged her wet face back toward his own.

“Yes! Master, Grand Master. Yes, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I do. Please.”

He closed his eyes in pleasure. “What a sweet voice you have, little one.” She moaned in return, pressing back against him. She slid one hand toward her pussy, which by now was drooling her arousal down her thighs.

But swift as a striking snake, the Grand Master seized that questing hand and pulled it back. “No. You won’t touch that place. It is no longer for your pleasure. You’ll learn,” he went on, beginning a slow thrusting in her bottom, “to feel your truest pleasure right here. You’ll grow to need it, thirst for it. Yes.”

At these words, the girl’s brows drew together in a sort of frown. Her eyes rounded as, surely, she began to understand the full meaning of Temple service. But then her eyes slid closed, her head tilted back to rest upon his shoulder, and she seemed to give herself over to the moment, to this strange new feeling of his use of her willing body.

Still standing on the atrium floor, expertly braced to bear the girl’s weight, the Grand Master thrust his cock up her behind without hurry, clearly enjoying the clasping tightness of her anus, the silken heat of her rectum. “Does it still hurt, little one?” he asked presently, stroking her throat, her breasts.

“Not so much,” she breathed, utterly surrendered.

His mouth twisted, and he gave her a sudden, vicious thrust, forcing out a little scream. “And now?”

From that moment, he gave her no mercy, his hips setting a cruel tempo as he began to rut in her sore bottom, taking his pleasure freely and seeming to savour her cries. He worked her for an excruciatingly long time, never seeming to tire, always holding the girl upright so the crowd could enjoy the sight of her smooth skin washed with color from above, her bouncing breasts, her slow-falling tears.

“Ah,” said one of the onlookers knowingly, raising a finger. “Look.”

For the girl was flushing bright red all over, her mouth spread helplessly open; as the whole room watched, she began to writhe in unmistakable climax. “Filthy girl. To come so hard from a cock up your tail,” said the Grand Master, panting with exertion as she continued to shudder. “You do belong here.” And with that, he unleashed his passion, spearing hard into her bowels, spending his seed deep in her bottom.

At last, the Grand Master bore the supplicant to the floor, slipped out of her body, and stood to adjust his robes. With a nod to his functionaries, he bent to the girl’s limp form once more to give her an approving pat. “A promising recruit. Report to the second floor, where the High Trainer will arrange all.” He paused. “I will enjoy you again in one year’s time, when you are ready to be tested as a full anal concubine–if you persevere in your training, that is.”

Weary after her sexual ordeal, the girl raised her head and gave him a beatific smile. “I surely will,” she replied.

The Grand Master’s stern face broke into a wolfish grin. “So you say. Welcome to the Temple,” he said, then swept out.

At this point I confess I withdrew, rather overtaken; I repaired with haste to my study to contemplate all I had witnessed in the Temple. Nevertheless, fellow scholars, I did return in good time to witness a great deal more of this supplicant’s training. In fact, if my colleagues deem the pursuit a worthy one, I shall willingly undertake to follow this particular supplicant throughout her adventures and, of course, report my findings regularly. Until such time, I remain, as ever, your obedient servant,

Madame A.

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