Office Remodel and Piss Sex

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A story written by a girl with a pee fetish to her online friend, a person that she can honestly tell her desires to.

It is after work and I come to visit you at the office before we go out to dinner. I am wearing a skirt and a nice top, you are still dressed up nice for work. The building is starting to go through renovations, so you are showing me what the place looks like before they tear it apart. We walk around the building some and sit down in your boss’s office. The building is pretty deserted, since it is late, and the cleaning staff will be there within the hour.

You sit in the big chair behind the desk, and I sit on your lap as we start to make out. I few minutes in, I decide to surprise you, peeing just a bit. The piss seeps through my panties and you feel the warm liquid on your pants, warming your cock. This is all too arousing, so we decide to have sex in the chair. If anyone passes by, they will see our bodies moving, but would not see us having sex.

I slip off my underwear and you open the flap in your pants, and I sit back down on top of you. You reach around and grab my breasts as we bounce up and down. Just before you are about to cum, I suggest we switch positions. You oblige.

“Is there a bathroom?” I ask.

You nod your head no. Instead, you bend me over the desk so that my ass is sticking out and my pussy is visible between my legs. You stick your face in and rim me as I moan, your hands playing with my pussy. I start to pee, and you pull away, allowing yourself to Escort Bayan have a look at the sight before you: the piss falling from my pussy, tickling my legs and falling on the plastic rug below, pooling at my feet.

You wank yourself subconsciously and then penetrate me from behind. I stop the stream of piss and concentrate on the sex. Bending me over the table, you penetrate me over and over again. As you are about to climax, you pull out and spurt after spurt of your cum covers my ass. It’s beautiful, you comment to yourself.

I sit down in the big chair and continue playing with myself, touching my clit as you watch me. “Are they getting rid of the chair?” I ask.

“Ya, this entire place is being cleaned out tomorrow.”

I give you a devilish smile and spread my legs wide, then I begin to pee into the chair. First, it saturates the material, but eventually, the piss trickles onto the floor.

You don’t want to miss out on the fun, so you join me, pointing your stream of piss on my clit, the piss still seeping into the chair. I am violently wanking myself now, and I cum as you continue to piss on me. I grind my pussy into the chair, smiling at you.

This chair now has some of your cum (that was on my ass), my cum (from my orgasm), and both of our piss. I get up and find my underwear, putting it back on. “Anything else we can do to this office?” I ask.

“We still haven’t touched the carpet,” you observe.

With that, I lower myself to the ground, panty Bayan Escort clad, and pee through my panties onto the carpet. After watching, mesmerized for a few seconds, you grab me, press me against the wall, and begin making out with me, a hand settled on my wet panties.

Then, we head out of the office for dinner. We eat at a nice place, having several glasses of water with the meal.

A few hours later, things are getting frisky and you are ready to smell my pussy. You place your hands on my thighs and inhale deeply into my underwear. You can see the spots where the drops of piss dried. You can also see a new wet patch that is excitement.

You rub my pussy through the underwear and lick it a little, tasting my pussy juice. Then, you ask for me to squirt one squirt of piss into my panties so that you can see my pussy lips outlined by my pissy panties. You are rubbing my clit through my panties when I let the one squirt of piss go, and you can feel the warmth on your hand. You rub me all around, all the way from my mound to my ass, feeling the wet fabric as it clings to my skin. You squeeze my ass cheeks. Then, you ask me to turn around and you pee onto my ass cheeks, allowing the underwear to saturate further.

You pull the panties down, fingering my clit. You take off your shirt and then you position your body in front of my pussy and tell me to pee again. The stream gushes out of me and you catch some of it in your mouth, drinking my sweet pee. As the stream becomes too fast, Escort the pee falls out of your mouth and hits your chest, falling into your lap where it warms up your stiff cock, tickling your balls. As the stream subsides, you lower your head to my pussy and begin eating me out.

You are eating my pissy pussy and loving the taste of my sweet juices mixed together. As you continue working, I begin to taste less like piss and more like pussy juice, as excitement takes over my pussy. You lick me happily. As I get close to climax, you remind me that I should let go and try to ride through the waves of the orgasm. So, as you lick my clit one final time, my body convulses in orgasm, releasing female ejaculate, which is no doubt a mixture of pee and ejaculate. You lap up every drop on my pussy, thighs, and stomach.

My body is heaving a little, but you take no time to rest, and flip me over doggy style, sticking your cock deep inside me. Then, you ask me if I have any pee left, and I pee just a bit, the warm fluid coating your balls. With this, you begin fucking me animalisticly.

When I suggest we switch positions, you take the opportunity to pee on me. You point your stream on my clit, my plump 34DDD breasts, my stomach, my legs. You give me a golden shower and eventually you stick your peeing cock inside of me and finish the job inside my pussy. Then, you finger me for a little while, letting the piss slowly drip out. I get on my knees and felate you, a puddle of your piss forming under my pussy and saturating the carpet. I piss a little more myself, loving the heat of the wet carpet under my pussy.

You are very hard, and you push me back on the bed to finish the job. After some more thrusts, you cum deep inside of me. A shower with more piss play follows 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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