Old Man Discovers… Ch. 56

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Last chapter??…I’m sure everyone is bored with my life.

Sitting at the kitchen table with Fred and a spread of lunch meats, bread, condiments etc. Fred says “I think we should wake up Bud after we eat, relax in the spa and discuss the future, in regards to the three of us.”

I make no immediate comment but am turning over in my mind all of our meetings including those of just me and Fred, Fred myself and Bud? What possibilities am I interested in, if any? Me and Fred? Me and Bud? The 3 of us? Fred said he was interested in possibly moving in with Bud. That’s not for me as I do enjoy my alone time. If he did move in with Bud I could have my alone time and visit when ever I was horny. After all, they would only be 10 miles away.

Fred says, “Your awfully quiet. No comment on what I said?”

“Well, I guess I could say something. But I’m still running scenario’s around in my mind,” I said.

Fred gives a quizzical look and says, “Scenario’s such as you and I? sakarya escort You, Fred and me? Or any others?”

“I guess. But also, I’m horny for a female body. I realize that in reality it’s out of the question at my age. Most women in our age bracket just want companionship with out sex. But I still have thoughts of breasts, eating pussy, getting sucked and maybe on occasion a fuck. If the old member gets stiff enough,” I said.

“Well, maybe I can peak your interests and help you make a decision.(He got up),I want you in bed,” Fred says.

I sat on the bed and he knelt between my legs and went to work on my cock. God I wanted him so bad. I was hard as a rock and I could see he was even harder. He pushed me down on the bed and got me to scoot up so I was on my back. He got between my legs and licked and sucked me. He pushed my legs up and farther apart as he licked under my balls. He pushed my legs higher and licked at my tight asshole.

He kissed my samsun escort cock and licked it. I moaned and brought my hands to his head clutching him tenderly. Leaving my cock Fred moved up to my face. He traced a line from my mouth to my neck down to my left nipple. He licked it then pulled it between his teeth. As he slid his tongue to the other nipple I felt his hand slide down my belly and rest on my cock. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh as he gently began to jerk me off.

I spread my legs to give him better access as he massaged my balls. I felt his tongue slide down my belly to my navel. My body tensed in eagerness waiting for him to take me in his mouth again. I felt his warm breath on the end of my cock, he licked the head sending shivers down my spine. His mouth encircled the head as his tongue flicked the end. Slowly his mouth slid down the shaft as he gently deep throats to the base. I had to stop myself from cumming at that instant. He slid his mouth urfa escort back to the head, sucked on it then took more of my hard cock into his mouth.

I could feel my balls tighten as he took me deep into his mouth. His cock began to jerk also. I tensed up as my cum gushed into his waiting mouth, he was sucking harder as I came. He kept licking and sucking the head as my cock grew limp.

Laying there with Fred nestled on my groin all I can think is, AHH SHIT! Forget women, I got 2 guys that are willing to make me cum any way I want and no reciprocation is required.

Fred clears his throat and says, “I hope that session helps you in any decision you make.”

“I suppose I should just give up any thoughts of ever having a female and just be happy with what I do have in my life. Cumming is great no matter how it happens and I have 2 friends willing to make that happen,” I said.

Fred moves up beside me and says, “Well I hope you remember my last dress up scenario. Maybe I should concentrate on becoming more of a gurl, if that would be of any help. Although I think Bud would really like to fill that role and he already has a good start in the tit department. Plus with his small cock his tuck is a perfect,” Fred says.

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