One Last Hurrah Before College

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[All characters depicted are above the age of 18. This is a work of fiction for the purpose of fantasy, and should not be attempted in real life.]

Liam sips his beer from the couch and watches the last people stream out of the living room into the entrance hall. Owen’s going away party had really been one to remember. Beer bottles and solo cups lay strewn around the living room, and party popper strings hang from the furniture. The layout of the room is a familiar one to Liam, with two large couches that Nova used to chase Liam and Owen around as kids, and the framed images of Owen’s school pictures over the years on the wall. Liam tries to memorize every detail of Owen’s parents home, as he is unlikely to ever see the inside again for at least a year, or perhaps never again, if Owen decided to find an apartment near his college.

Something about that realization hits Liam hard. He sighs heavily, leaning his head against the back of the sofa and closing his eyes. In the entrance hall he can hear Nova saying her goodbyes to the last guests, as the evening comes to a close.


Liam groggily opens his eyes, not bothering to lift his head from where it lays against the backrest. Owen stands above Liam. On his annoyingly handsome face dances an amused smile. Liam grunts in response, which only makes Owen smile wider, revealing white teeth with a chip in one of the canines. A feature that Liam had teased him about when he was younger, but only because it gave him an excuse to unabashedly stare at Owen’s mouth when they were alone.

“You’re not about to pass out on me are you? Because you promised you’d stay up with us until at least 2.”

Liam snorts, and pulls his head off of the couch, which takes more willpower than he’d like to admit. “As if you’re not drunk too. I think I saw you holding three beers at one point.”

Owen rolls his eyes, and walks around the coffee table to flop down onto the couch opposite Liam. “At least I can hold my alcohol. That was the second time you threw up in my pool you know.”

Liam chuckles, shifting on the couch to put his beer on the coffee table between them. “Well the good news about that is it was probably my last.”

Owen’s smile drops and he averts his gaze from Liam.

Liam realizes his mistake. “Sorry I shouldn’t have brought that up. I know tonight was- is supposed to be about having fun not… you leaving.”

Owen swallows and looks back at Liam. “No it’s ok, really.” he pauses, studying Owen. Liam shifts uncomfortably under Owen’s scrutiny. But then Owen blinks, and smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes.

“It’s just…” Owen trails off. His brows knit together in that all too familiar and endearing way that meant he wants to say something, but doesn’t know how to say it.

“I’m going to miss you, Liam.”

Liam blinks. “Duh, I’m going to miss you too. But we’ll see each other during the holidays when we come back from college.” he says, not liking Owen’s solemn expression.

“No I mean, like, I’m really going to miss you.” Owen looks down and runs a hand through his unkempt hair. God, even his after pool hair is hot.

“I know.” Liam said it before his brain had time to think about the implications of his statement.

Owen’s eyes snap up to meet Liam’s, hazel curiosity flickering behind thick eyelashes. Liam stares back, his heart leaping. Is Owen saying what Liam thinks he’s saying?

Mirages of the last couple hours waver into Liam’s vision. Owen’s hands brushing his when he handed Liam his beer. Owen’s smile when he beckoned Liam into the pool before being tackled by a giggling Nova. Owen’s concern when Liam istanbul travesti then was sick into the pool. And then when he stayed with Liam after the other guests left to grab towels for themselves.

All those times Liam stopped himself from saying something that might alert Owen to his feelings for him, was that all for nothing? Does Owen feel… the same way?

Liam searches his face for any hint of a joke, the cracking of sincerity to reveal that Owen is messing with him. But instead, Owen flicks his eyes to Liam’s mouth, and after a pause, his gaze continues to roam. Downward.

A sharp clatter breaks the tension, and both men turn towards the culprit of the noise. Nova stands in the doorway to the entrance hall, her beer bottle, rolling away from her feet. “Oops” she giggles, bending down and trying to pick up the bottle, but instead nearly falls over.

“Jesus Nova, you’re pissed.” Liam states.

Nova stands up again, and leans against the door frame, the bottle forgotten on the ground.

“Naaahhh, I’m fine.” She pushes herself off the doorframe and walks over to them like she just got off the Howling Monkey carnival ride that they used to spend all their allowance money on in the summers.

“Some party huh?” She half sits, half falls onto Owen’s sofa, bumping shoulders with him in the process.

Owen clears his throat avoiding looking at Liam. “Yeah, it was cool seeing everyone.” Nova leans against Owen, sighing. Her slight figure curls into his side. “I can’t believe today’s your last day here.”

“Ugh, enough of that.” Owen says, playfully shoving her off him. Nova pouts in mock hurt, her pretty features scrunching up before shifting into one of contemplation.

“How come we never hooked up?” she says, her tone innocent like she just asked Owen about the weather.

“What?’ Owen laughs in surprise.

“You know what I mean.” she whines. “You like girls, I like guys. We’re young, we’re supposed to be having fun.” she tosses her hair off her shoulder to emphasize her point.

“Uh, I don’t know. You haven’t slept with Liam either though, right?” he glances at Liam.

Nova drunkenly waves his question off. “I wish.” Then she turns to Liam, her large brown eyes appear even larger with her winged eyeliner and blown out pupils. “No offense.” She hiccups.

“None taken?” Liam isn’t sure what he should have been offended by. It was true, despite Nova being one of the prettiest women he knows, he never considered trying to fuck her. Not that he ever considered trying to sleep with other women either.

Nova already turned her attention back to Owen. Liam watches as the pair stare at each other, substance muddled lust clear on Nova’s face. She reaches a hand out and splays it on Owen’s chest, stroking his masculine frame. She leans in and Owen’s eyes widen as she presses her lips against his, moving her other hand to pull his jaw towards her.

Owen freezes in her embrace. Nova sloppily kisses him and slides a leg over his lap so that she is straddling him from the side, her body turned toward his. Owen’s eye’s flutter shut, and after a moment he returns her kiss, grabbing her waist.

Liam watches, unsure of what to do. Unsure of what he wants to do. Nova breaks the kiss to bury her face in Owen’s neck, kissing and biting the skin. Owen inhales sharply, shifting his eyes to meet Liam’s. They stare at each other, and Liam is reminded of the moment before Nova interrupted them, and yet somehow this moment is even more intimate.

Nova is pulling her pants off, but Owen watches Liam, his breath quickening. Owen doesn’t break eye contact with Liam when he istanbul travestileri pulls Nova back into a kiss. Liam’s heart beat is everywhere, the caged bird in his chest flutters against its bars, and it’s rhythm beats in his ears. His pants feel like they suddenly shrank.

Nova tosses her pants on the ground blindly, climbing onto Owen’s lap, her back to Liam. Nova humps Owen, only underwear between her and his jeans, causing the man to let out a soft groan, his eyelids lowering in arousal.

Liam feels like he is processing things in slow motion, Whatever this is, it’s happening, and Liam doesn’t care to question it. Not when Owen looks at him like that over Nova’s shoulder. Not when his late night fantasies of seeing his best friend come undone before him are coming true.

Liam plunges his hand down his pants, gasping as he grasps himself. That was apparently the confirmation Owen needed, he breaks eye contact to clumsily pull down his pants and underwear. Nova giggles and shifts to give him room and breathe into Owen’s neck.

Everything is happening so fast, and Liam visually consumes the sight of Owen’s naked erection. Sure, he had seen it before in the locker room, or that time Owen cut his hip trying to beat Liam in a race through the bramble behind Liam’s house. Liam had to convince Owen to let him bandage it despite Owen’s insistence that he was fine.

But this was different. They are no longer kids, and the scar on Owen’s hip is a pale ghost of the past. Right now, at this moment, Owen’s cock stands between his legs, in a glory so masculine and so very Owen, that Liam’s own cock twitches under his grip.

Owen strokes his cock, letting it fully stiffen before pushing Nova’s underwear aside and positioning his manhood at her entrance.

Liam tears his gaze away from Owen’s crotch to look at his face, their eyes catch, and Owen places both hands on Nova’s hips and pulls her down, his cock sliding into her sex, earning a gasp from Nova.

“Fuck, that feels good.” Owen groans.

Nova tries to rock her hips, but Owen holds her in place.

“Come one, get moving. I’ve been waiting years to do this.” Nova slurs.

“Just- hold on a second.” Owen says firmly keeping her in place. “It feels REALLY good.”

“Just pullout before finishing. Not *hic* on pill.”

Owen bottoms out with a groan, his balls pulling themselves up against Nova. Liam wastes no time in waiting to stroke himself, he moves his hand in time with Owen’s thrust, flicking his gaze between and Owen and where the man’s cock is sheathed inside Nova, wishing he had two sets of eyes so as never to miss either one.

Looping his arms around the pliable girl’s waist Owen starts thrusting. Nova relaxes into him.

“Ahh- fuck yes.” Nova moans softly into his shoulder.

Liam keeps pace with the pair, gripping and twisting his cock, in an effort to recreate them.

The thrusting of Owen’s hips is hypnotizing. And Liam can’t help but marvel at Owen’s perfect dick disappearing into Nova before sliding out halfway, while Nova’s pussy grips onto it like it can’t bear not being filled. Liam holds back a moan as he watches the event unfold. Afraid any sound he makes will cover the occasional quiet gasp, or deep groan from Owen.

Soon, Nova’s moans stop, her body laying flush against her partner’s. Owen slows down his pumping. Liam can’t help but let out a whimper at the loss of friction as he mimics him, leaving both men breathing hard.

Vulnerability is written in Owen’s body language. His eyes are half lidded, face beautifully flushed, and mouth a slash of crimson. Liam craves his lips, but travesti istanbul he doesn’t dare move.

“I think she fell asleep.” Owen says after a moment, breaking the silence

Liam clenches his hand around his member, and whispers, “Don’t stop- please.”

Owen looks at Liam’s crotch, where his hand bulges his pants from underneath.

“Pull it out. I want to see it.”

Liam’s heart rate picks up to an impossible pace. He stares at Owen who has his gaze glued to Liam’s crotch. Slowly, Owen pulls out his cock, slick with pre-cum.

Owen lets out a breath, his perfect pink lips parting in a way that makes Liam’s cock ache.

Owen starts thrusting into Nova again, easily holding up her petite body which lays slumped across him. Own locks his eyes on Liam’s groin, and Liam pumps his cock in pace with him.

Owen’s breathing quickly becomes ragged, and Liam doesn’t know how much longer he can watch Owen unravel before Liam is forced to give in and cum.

“I’m close.” Liam whispers between breaths. Owen’s eyes flick to Liam’s face, their eyes meet. Owen’s eyes are tide pools of lust, washing Liam out to sea.

“Should I- pull out?” There is uncertainty in his voice, but he doesn’t slow down or break eye contact.

The thought of Owen knocking up Nova hits Liam like the crest of a wave as he’s pulled into Owen’s gaze, ravenging any sane thoughts Liam might have had in that moment. He revels in letting himself drown in Owen’s depths, as he gulps down the image of Owen desperately fucking Nova.

“I don’t care. She won’t know.” Liam finds himself saying through breathless exhales.

Owen speeds up his thrust as they become erratic. “But, what if- pregnant?” he gasps, and squeezes his eyes shut as his mouth drops open in pleasure, his balls slap into Nova with each deep thrusts.

“Look at me.” Liam chokes out between strokes. Even he can hear the raw want in his voice.

Owen opens his eyes, unfocused, but fixed on Liam’s face. Owen grinds the base of his cock into Nova, impaling himself as far as possible into her. His balls tense up, and he curls around her. The man’s balls contract, pumping their load deep into Nova’s young physique, just as Liam cums hard, shooting ropes of white cum, and convulsing uncontrollably. He bucks into his hand, the image of Owen losing the battle to his own primal needs plastered onto Liam’s vision.

The two lay in silence panting, letting their orgasm pass. Liam blinks. Owen looks angelic in his post nut haze. His face flushed bright, and clothes tangled around his limbs. Nova hangs across his form, past out. Owen lazily grins at Liam, sleepily gyrating inside Nova, unconsciously ensuring that his virility is pushed further inside her.

“What just happened?” Liam asks, his head swimming and he’s out of breath.

“I don’t -ghhh.” Owen spasms, constricting around Nova and pulling her fully onto his dick again. His balls ride up and pulse repeatedly pumping even more cum than before, directly into Nova’s cervix. After a moment, his body relaxes, and he flops back onto the sofa. Nova slumping on top of him, unaware of what just occurred, and what might yet happen after such a gamble.

“Did you just cum again?”

Owen smirks. “Yeah, I did.”

Authors note:

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to publish more short stories here! If you continue to enjoy them, I will continue to write them.

Hopefully this story is of noticeably better quality than my first, as this one is actually edited rather than published without even looking over my writing for mistakes. (Though it is still far from my best work, as it was written in one sitting.)

Also, I intend to write stories with a wider range of fetishes, and character identities. My first two stories are not representative of ALL that I am interested in writing, though I will continue to also write stories similar to them.

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