One Man’s Fantasies.

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Paul woke up three days running and wondered if maybe he was a little old for erotic dreams. -Wasn’t it more of a teenage thing? But then, what could he do about it? He couldn’t control his dreams after all. By the time he opened his eyes and forced his sorry head off the pillow most of whatever he’d dreamt was gone anyway. He sat on the edge of the bed in the dark with a vague memory of a throbbing erection sometime in the night. Did he stroke it in his sleep? He remembered it stiff and aching, he might have snuck a hand down there. People sleep walked, did they dream masturbate? He guessed it could happen if the dream was vivid enough. He checked his shorts for damp patches and found nothing. It was probably just as well, how would he explain that to his wife? She was still fast asleep beside him. -I was dreaming about you, honey, honest. He could imagine the look of doubt in her eyes.

Snatches of his dreams came back to him as he dressed; a woman smiling, a large bare breast with distended nipple, a stiff cock, (his he wondered, or someone’s else’s. And what was that all about anyway?) -and one particularly clear and striking memory that floated whole from the mess of shattered dreams, a woman with her back to him hoiking her white panties out of the crack between her delectable cheeks. That wasn’t something you saw every day.

His cock stirred lazily as he went downstairs. Whatever else he dreamt faded a little more with each step he took. It was all confusing and disjointed like a porn film played fast forward. He could only remember little pieces. It must have been some dream though he thought, as he switched on the kitchen light. He gave his half hard cock one last rueful squeeze of commiseration.

It was no wonder he dreamed about sex because it occupied his mind so much in his waking hours. He was almost always thinking about it, there was nearly always some little dark fantasy being played out in his mind. It didn’t take much to start the ball rolling (or the cock stiffening), and he had never been able to decide if he was blessed or cursed by his powers of imagination. It was entertaining and distracting at the same time.

Sometimes he wondered if he was quite normal. He might be walking along a street and see a young mother before him with a pushchair pause and bend over it to do something. Instantly his eyes would focus on her denim clad ass. Zero in. Ooh mama, he’d think, eighty quid for a pair of jeans and twenty five quids worth was jammed into the crack of her ass. -Fucking beautiful. If she started walking again he’d find himself almost hypnotised watching the way her cheeks moved. He’d imagine casually walking up behind güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her as she waited to cross the road and copping a feel. In fantasy mode she wouldn’t even mind. In fantasy mode anything could happen. She’d invite him home and next scene he’d be holding her legs wide and kissing her cunt through tight denim. He’d be like an animal, a ravenous, pussy hungry fuck machine. He’d rip her jeans off with his teeth and spit out the pieces.

Then he’d turn a corner and see a housewife with wide hips and heavy breasts, loaded down with carrier bags bulging with shopping, and coming his way. Another woman, another fantasy. Her big tits trembled a little with every step she took. -Hey, he’d say, can I help you with those? She’d think he meant the bags of shopping and smile gratefully. Of course he’d go for her tits instead, two handfuls, more than he could hold; big and heavy, warm and soft, a bra that could deflect bullets. At that point her smile would get even wider and she’d invite him home. What the hell, the old mans at work she’d say, and I could do with a good hard shag after the morning I’ve had.

Curse or blessing, he never quite figured it out.

He fantasised about his wife too. It was something to stroke to. He had that private little porno flick tucked away in the shadowy regions of his mind. It played out in different ways but his wife was almost always getting it on with another woman, sometimes a friend of hers (he fantasised about her friends too)(no one was really safe), and sometimes the other woman came to the door selling insurance or something and seduced his wife while he was at work.

The two of them would be sitting on the couch and somehow this woman’s hand would come to rest on his wife’s leg. It just sat there slender and manicured, red finger nails, no rings. His wife would be shocked, she’d blush a little, but she’d also be a little bit excited. His wife was always getting excited in his fantasies and wondering- half afraid to even let herself think it- if maybe she’d been missing out on anything over the years. She was forever parading around the house in black lace underwear too, resting her cunt on the corner of the washing machine when it was on spin cycle or humping the soft arm of the couch.

The lady caller had beautiful clear eyes his wife thought, (and tits to die for) but then she’d shake her head, embarrassed, -I’m sorry, I’m happily married. She’d show her wedding ring and retreat an inch for every inch the hot caller advanced smiling understandingly with a knowing look in her eyes. But it was only a small couch and there was only so far his wife could retreat and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that was when the other woman kissed her. A light, tender kiss but with more than a hint of passion. A lingering kiss that made his wife blush even more and got her even more excited and confused.

-Please, I don’t know about this, she’d say but the woman knew what she really wanted and she’d start sliding her hand under his wife’s skirt. His wife would be saying, no, no and all the time her pussy would be getting wetter and her nipples harder and her heart beating faster.

-Please don’t, she’d say, excited, wondering and confused, but starting to get into the swing of things by then. Then the woman’s slender fingers would glide over his wife’s wet panties and she’d moan softly, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself. She’d be breathing quickly and thinking, I can’t believe I’m doing this, and at the same time she’d open her legs a little wider, accommodatingly. Before too long the two of them would be almost naked, boobs showing, kissing deeply, hands grabbing, fingers exploring, writhing against each other, both of them incredibly aroused, articles of clothing strewn everywhere and his wife would be thinking, I wonder what it’s like to be kissed down there by another woman?

…she lay back on the couch and smiled gently as the caller carefully eased down her wet panties. She rolled them down her legs. I shouldn’t be doing this she thought but even then the woman was kneeling beside the couch and smiling, lipstick gleaming and easing her legs wider, preparing to go down on her. She stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and leaned close to place an exciting kiss delicately between her legs. I’m going to eat your cunt, she said, and she let her dark hair down before she got started. When she shook it out she looked like a vampire. She lay back, watching open mouthed, her heart thumping. Slowly she reached out with trembling hands. She held the other woman’s head and looked hungrily into her shining eyes… fuck me she whispered, give me the biggest, thigh shaking, hip thrusting, cunt sapping orgasm I’ve ever had… and I’ll buy all the fucking insurance in your briefcase…

Paul’s fantasies almost always contained an element of humour.

Spanking was good, Paul enjoyed masturbating to a good spank fest; the pretty secretary head down and ass up over her females boss’s lap was one of his favourites. It would never happen in the real world, but what the fuck, no harm in dreaming…

“Miss Smith,” the boss said, “-you are without doubt the worst PA I’ve ever had.” At which point she lifts the poor girls skirt to expose güvenilir bahis şirketleri tight lace panties stretched over a beautiful ass. The girl struggles ineffectually and pouts and tries to look back over her shoulder, “Oh please Mrs Such and Such, I’ll work harder, I promise.”

“I’m afraid it’s too late to apologise Miss Smith. This is only what you deserve.”

She raises her hand and brings it down on her bottom. Miss Smith yelps in surprise and her bottom trembles delightfully. Miss Smith is of course, over the age of consent. She’s dreadfully embarrassed and slightly aroused. Her boss, late thities, who wears pearls and sensible clothes is also aroused.

She spanks her again but now she lets her hand linger on her PA’s ass, so soft and pert and sexy. Her own pussy responds and she spanks her a few more times, not very hard, just enough to see the flesh tremble each time. She’s thinking of sliding two fingers between her PA’s legs, to check for damp spots, but just as Miss Smith obligingly parts her legs Vanda from Accounts barges in with her enormous cleavage…

Paul usually ejaculates at this point.

Fragments of his dream still linger in Paul’s mind. He strokes his cock absently it aches and strains, touch me, take me out and beat me, it whispers, we’ll go to paradise together. His mind conjures erotic images, a woman smiling with semen on her chin, his wife being seduced, a PA being chastised, a large bare breast with distended nipple, a young mother in tight jeans, a housewife smiling at him, an erect penis… A cock? What’s all that about? He rubs the tip of his penis and it thickens a little more.

He sees a man lying naked on a bed, a woman – it could be his wife – straddling his face. The woman is writhing her hips and the guy is grabbing her ass, plunging his tongue into her pussy as she grabs the headboard and moans. The guy’s cock is standing up like a flagpole, thick and stiff… In the kitchen Paul releases his own cock and grabs a piece of kitchen towel. In fantasy mode he approaches the bed where the couple are still going at it.

His own cock is exposed now and he strokes it gently. He can see the other guy’s cock, see it up close, as if he’s looking down on it from only a few inches away. Now he’s holding it, his fingers are wrapped around it. The woman (his wife?) is still moaning. He opens his mouth wondering how it’ll taste or if he can open his mouth that wide. He closes his eyes and the tip of the cock brushes his lips. He’s planning to suck it like it’s made of candy.

…his hand is moving more urgently on his own cock, he can feel his approaching climax, he lowers his head and takes the cock into his mouth, holds the balls… Paul, the guy on the bed, his wife, they’re all moaning… everyone climaxing at the same time… tongue thrusting, hips grinding, hand stroking, cock swelling, semen exploding…

-Paul catches it in the kitchen towel… and sighs contentedly.

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