Online Becomes Real World

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The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the parties involved. This is a true story of two teenagers (both over the age of consent).The characters in my story have been altered and any resemblance in personality or appearance they may have to anyone is purely coincidental. You’ll have to scroll a bit to find the sex, but I promise not to leave any details out. Enjoy and drop some feedback for me!


I stood in front of my mirror that morning, quivering. My black hair fell to my slim waist. I brushed it out of my bright green eyes and stared at myself. He was finally going to see me. My lips were full and pink, curving into a nervous smile. I wasn’t very curvy. My breasts were only a 34B; really only a handful of perky fat, with small pink nipples. They were hard and pointed in anticipation.

I was tall, with long slender legs and a small toned ass. I examined every inch of myself to make sure I was as hairless as could be. I slid a hand down my stomach and to my pussy. My fingers came away slick. I blushed as I imagined him touching me instead, smelling me, tasting me… I glanced at my phone and blanched.

“Shit! He’s landing in an hour!”

I hurried into my shorts that barely covered anything and a tight tank top. Then I rushed out to the airport, nervous. I was finally going to meet my first boyfriend, who lived 2,000 miles away. We had said that we wouldn’t have sex if we weren’t ready, but I knew I was ready. I was 18, and finally ready to lose my virginity. I loved him, and he loved me. It would be perfect.

The drive to the airport stretched out forever and wasn’t long enough all at once. When I got there, he was waiting in passenger pick up. My eyes landed on him almost immediately, even though I’d never seen him in person, I think my soul called out to his. Or something.

He was taller than me! I breathed a sigh of relief. He strode confidently to my car with a crooked smile on his face. When he sat in the passenger seat I stared at him. I think I was trying to soak in his features.

“So uh… hi Michael,” I smiled.

“Hi,” he laughed. “Are you going to hold up traffic forever, Kris?”

“Oh—right, right. Sorry,” my cheeks heated. I pulled through the lane to the relief of the cars behind me. I couldn’t help but sneak glances at the boy beside me whenever I could.

He was just… perfect. I knew he would be, but deep down I had feared he wouldn’t be. Don’t we all when we date online? His light brown hair fell into his warm hazel eyes, those eyes that had gazed at my every message. He wore a tight fitting white T shirt, and black skinny jeans. I usually hated them on boys, but on him they were just right.

“You keep looking at me,” he said.

“I can’t help it.” I said as we passed through another intersection. “You’re here Michael! You’re in my fucking car! I can’t believe it. Did you have a good flight?”

“See, I told you you’d talk my ear off in ten minutes. Yes, I’m here. Yes, the flight was fine.”

“You’re the one who said you like when I talk your ear off,” I said. We’d spent so many hours on the phone, talking about nothing and everything all at once. My heart felt like it would break out of my chest with happiness. “But you’re here!”

“Yes,” Michael laughed again. “I am.”

“Aren’t you amazed?”

“No. I promised you that I would come didn’t I?” He paused. “But oh, that’s right. A certain sexy someone didn’t believe me.”

Sexy? I could feel my cheeks heat. Did he think that I was really…?

“To be honest Kris… I am really glad to see you. You’re really pretty you know.”

“No, you’re pretty.” I said dumbly.

Luckily, that was a dumb joke between us and he didn’t take it offensively. “Thanks.”

He wasn’t, though. He was fucking gorgeous. His lips looked soft, and curved in the most beautiful smile that made me forget how to breathe. His body was long even when he sat in my small car, and I couldn’t wait to finally hug him and feel his arms around me. And more, of course… My cheeks heated again.

“Now what are Kadıköy Escort you all red for?”

“Nothing!” I’m sure I blushed harder.

“Nothing huh?”

“Yep,” I squeaked.

“Fucking adorable,” he breathed as he reached over and grasped my hand.

My skin tingled where he touched me. I’d had boyfriends before, and held hands before but… it didn’t affect me like this. Did he feel it too? I looked over at him, but his face hadn’t changed. Maybe it was all me.

“So, this is it.” I said as we pulled into the driveway.

The complex was small in general, and my apartment wasn’t any exception. Just a one bedroom, one bathroom place. I had gotten it cheap, which was a blessing. I was blowing through my savings struggling to find another job after my last one didn’t go so great.

“This is it,” he echoed.

“Sorry it’s kind of small. I know you’re used to a house with your family,” I babbled as he followed me up the stairs. I turned around to face him and found that he was crotch level with me on the stairs. “Oh! Uh. Right. Let’s keep going.”

“Nice view here,” he joked with me.

I ignored that remark and hurried to unlock the door. As soon as we were in, I dropped my purse and turned back to him. His dark eyebrow rose at me.


“I’m so glad you’re here,” I whispered. I found myself in his arms, my cheek resting on his chest. The moment felt exactly as perfect as I had wanted it to. We held onto each other for a long time. Just… finally touching each other. It was nice.

“Uh… I’m sorry.” He suddenly said.

“For what?” I asked.

“What, you can’t feel it?”


He shifted a little closer to me, and that’s when I felt it press against me. I giggled as I realized he had a hard bulge in his pants.

“Let’s sit down,” I offered. We settled on the couch and talked like we always did. Of everything and nothing. We didn’t bring up his boner again, even though I wanted to. I was just too shy. Eventually I lifted my head off his shoulder to look at him, and found my face inches from his.

Whatever I was going to say disappeared right off of my brain. His eyes dropped down to my lips briefly and back up to me.

Please kiss me! I begged in my head.

“I’ve never kissed a girl before,” he said. His breath rubbed across my lips. “It might be kinda bad…”

“Shut up,” I smiled. Somehow I found the courage to put my hands on his cheeks and pull him to me. His arms went around my waist. The kiss was soft and curious at first, but quickly it became something more. Hungry. Powerful. The kind of kiss that they write songs about or start wars over. I found myself in his lap, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths with more passion than I had ever felt.

His cock was awake again, and I could feel it pressing against his jeans into my crotch. My pussy ached in response, wanting it. I wanted it. I pulled away from him to catch my breath and smiled seductively.

“Let’s move to the bed?” I suggested.

He nodded wordlessly. Where had this girl come from? I wondered to myself. This girl that can kiss a guy like that—this girl that’s going to fuck him!

I was definitely not seductive, or sexy, or a temptress. But when he touched me, kissed me, I felt like maybe I was to him. I led him to the bedroom and we started kissing frantically before we even made it to the bed. We fell onto it together, laughing at ourselves.

“You know we don’t have to do anything, right?” He asked me sweetly. I could see in his eyes that he really, truly wanted to. But he meant it. He cared enough to stop with just making out if I wasn’t comfortable.

“I want more,” I said honestly. “Do you?”

“Hell yes,” he growled as he pinned me down. He kissed my mouth, and then down to my neck. My eyes fluttered closed as I trailed my hands down his hard chest, his stomach, and finally caught the edge of his shirt. I started pushing it up. “And just what do you think you’re doing, little girl?”

“I’m getting you naked,” I said.

“Oh, well Ataşehir Escort that’s okay then.” He laughed, and pulled his shirt off of him.

I stared in amazement and lust. His chest wasn’t well defined or anything. He worked out, so he was toned, but God. I had never, in my life, seen a more beautiful body. I helped him get me out of my shirt, and his soft large hands found my breasts.

I let out a moan as they passed over my nipples. He smiled that crooked smile and pinched them, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs. I moaned louder as the pleasure went through my body and down into my pussy, melting me. He kissed my neck again, and then down to one breast. He sucked the nipple into his mouth, making me arch up into him while he played with the other.

“Yes Michael,” I moaned.

His hand found the button on my shorts, and quickly snapped it. Before I could blink, my shorts and thong were off of me and on the floor.

“Did you like the thong?” I whispered.

“I loved the thong,” he said between kisses down my chest and stomach.

I laughed. “You didn’t even look.”

He paused to look over the bed at them on the floor. “Black is a good color.”

“Stop being a smart ass and lick my pussy,” I said. A thrill went through me. The cold air against my wet and swollen lips was a weird feeling that I definitely wasn’t used to.

Michael patiently situated himself between my legs, and spread my naked lips in front of him. I watched him as he studied me. I’d sent him pictures, of course, but it’s not the same. He slid the tip of his finger from my clit down to the hole. I shivered and let out a small moan. His finger dipped in, slowly, until he found the resistance he was looking for.

“See? I told you,” I muttered.

“I believed you,” he said simply, as he kissed up my thigh. I tingled and ached with each kiss until he finally reached my pussy. But instead of kissing me there, or licking me, or anything, he simply traced his tongue outside my lips. I waited curiously to see what he was doing, but he just kept doing that!

Then I got it. “Stop teasing me!”

“What? I’m licking your pussy.”

“You’re licking around it!”

“I’m sorry if your directions were unclear, I’m only trying to please you.” This fucking smartass.

“Eat me out!” I begged. “Lick my clit, finger me, make me cum Michael. Please. I need to.”

Without another word, he swirled his tongue over my clit. I gasped and my hips jerked on their own in response. He wound his arms around my thighs to keep me still while he explored me with his mouth. His long tongue slipped into my pussy, making me moan as he tasted my juices. He groaned in response, and found my clit again.

I threw my head back and moaned at the intense pleasure—it was almost too intense. He rubbed his tongue flat against it, swirled his tongue around, and switched to tonguing my pussy itself when I was getting close.

“Damn you, make me cum!” I shouted.

I saw the amusement in his eyes just before he sucked my clit into his mouth. I exploded. My thighs broke free of his grip as I bucked, crying out. “Michael, fuck. Yes! Yes! Right fucking there!”

When I finally calmed down, he kissed my sensitive cunt gently and sat back. He looked extremely pleased.

“Wow,” I whispered. My body was still trembling. “That was…”

“See? Teasing can be good.”

“Oh shut up.”

I scrambled up and pushed him down until he was the one laying on his back. I struggled with his belt until he laughed at me and undid it himself. Then I happily pulled his pants off for him, and gazed at the tent in his boxers with fascination.

“You know it looks different when I’m not wearing clothes,” Michael hinted.

“I know, I’m not dumb.” I pretended to roll my eyes at him, “I’m just letting you prepare is all.”

“You don’t have to…”

“I want to,” I told him. My hands grasped his boxers and I pulled them off of him slowly.

He had sent me pictures too, but I was definitely not prepared for the sight in Maltepe Escort front of me.

“Holy fuck,” I breathed.

He blushed. “What?”

“You’re—you’re really big,” I giggled. His cock twitched as I dragged a finger along the head, soaking the tip of my finger in his precum. He watched me like a hawk as I sucked my finger clean. “There’s not really a taste to it.”

“Well that’s only precum,” he grinned.

“Shut up this is my first time with a dick,” I said self-consciously.

“Take your time.”

As much as I wanted to touch it, taste it, and figure out everything about it, there was an ache between my thighs that would not be denied. I crawled on top of him and rubbed my cunt against him.

“I really want to taste your cum sometime,” I whispered in his ear, “but right now I want your cock inside of me.”

I felt him shudder against me, before he rolled us so he was on top.

“You can ride me another time,” he said. “I want to fuck you this time.”

“Fine with me,” I blushed. He settled between my legs, and I felt his thick dick against my entrance. Both of us hesitated. I was wondering if he was going to fit.

“Should we… go get condoms?” He asked. I could tell he really didn’t want to, but he would.

I shook my head. “I’m on the pill and I trust you.”

I wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled him until his tip was pressing into me. I moaned as he pushed his hips forward and the tip slipped inside. It hurt, but it also felt kind of good.

“How should I do this?” He asked me.

“Slow,” I panted. “Go slow.”

He put another inch in, and I winced. He waited for me to accommodate him before moving another inch. Both of us felt the tear inside of me. I cried out and he covered my face in kisses.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he kept saying. “I’ll make it better.”

“Just do it,” I gasped.

He surged, and I groaned as his hips pressed up against mine and his balls caressed my ass.

“Oh my god,” I looked down at where we were joined. “Michael—we’re not virgins anymore.”

“Sure aren’t,” he smiled.

“Now what?” I asked uncertainly.

“Now, I do this…” He pulled out slowly. I gasped in surprise at the feelings going through me. I masturbate, of course, but that’s so different. He almost pulled entirely out, before he slowly slid back in.

“Yes,” I moaned. “You feel so fucking good.”

“God you’re so fucking tight.” Michael growled. “Mine. You’re mine.”

“Yours,” I agreed breathlessly. “Fuck me like I’m yours!”

He didn’t need any more encouragement. He went slow at first, building the tension between us. He was hitting that spot inside me, the spot that I had heard of but didn’t think existed. With every thrust I was moaning loudly. My legs went around him, pulling him even deeper.

“Fuck, Michael.” I gasped.

“Kris,” he said as he picked up the pace.

“Yes! Fuck me harder!” My head fell back, and he kissed my neck almost frantically as he thrust deeper, harder, and faster inside of me.

“Ohhh my fucking God,” I cried out, “I’m going to cum! Michael, fuck!”

“Cum on my cock,” he gasped. “Cum all over me Kris.”

Well, that pushed me right over the edge. I almost screamed as the pleasure ripped through me and I clamped down on his cock. With a grunt, he shoved as deep inside of me as he could go and I felt his cock spasm and twitch.

“I’m cumming,” he said, “Fuck!”

“Michael,” I cried, “I’m cumming, oh I’m cumming. Cum inside me, oh please. Please.”

I felt him filling me up with his cum, until finally his balls emptied out inside of me. He collapsed onto me, and I put my arms around him. His softening cock was still inside me. I covered his face in kisses, thanking him between each one.

“Can I say ‘it’ now?” I asked him.

“Say what?” He pretended not to know.

“That I love you.” I confessed.

“Yes, you can say that now.”

“I love you Michael,” I kissed him long and soft.

“I love you, too.” He gave me that crooked smile again.

When he was getting hard inside of me again, I smiled sheepishly at him. “Ready for round two?”

“My arms are way too sore,” he whined.

I pushed him off of me, ignoring the cum that leaked out of me and onto the bed. “That’s okay, I’m ready to ride you now.”

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