Orgasm Therapy Ch. 05

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This continues this series of Anita Tremblay, 62, and her young physical therapist. This chapter contains scenes of playful female domination, lesbian sex, creampie eating, snowballing, golden showers and strap-on use.


I was missing Juan. A lot.

The 25-year-old muscular, dark-skinned and incredibly handsome and well-endowed Latino physical therapist had been my constant for months. At 62, after enduring years of grinding bone-on-bone hip pain, I finally underwent successful hip-replacement surgery – and very successful and beautifully satisfying physical therapy with Juan, the most gracious, thoughtful and proficient lover a woman could hope for. He would come to my house regularly and service me in ways far beyond ordinary therapeutic methods.

We’d done things, so, so many things that I’d hardly ever dreamed about, or dared to, things that took me to sexual heights I never thought possible. He used his incredible oral skills, that magic tongue, lips and mouth bringing me to thigh-quivering orgasm, his fingers, long and slender, flicking their way into my sexual soul, engaging in anal sex – his and mine – and naughtier things like golden showers.

It was all so raw yet romantic, powerful yet gentle, animalistic yet loving. Juan made me better. And made me a better lover as well. How I missed him.

After years of being ignored by my executive husband, and sleeping in separate rooms, Juan’s entry into my life, and other parts of me, was a blessing. But now it appeared to be over. My treatment was complete, the insurance benefits dried up, my heart breaking as I watched him leave that last, lustful day we were together. He promised he would be back, free of charge, as a friend, not a vendor of medical services. But it had been a week since then. A long week, that stretched into a seeming forever.

Then one day, he called.

“Where have you been?” I demanded, regretting the tone of desperation, then tempering it with “I mean…how have you been?”

He laughed, that lovely, light, lilting laugh that always put me at ease. I could almost see his dark eyes flashing.

“My friend, my dear Mrs. Tremblay, I’ve been very, very busy!”

“With…other female clients?” I said with a bitter tentativeness.

“My, Mrs. Tremblay, jealousy isn’t a pretty emotion ordinarily,” he said. “But on you, it’s quite, quite sexy. On you, everything is quite, quite sexy.”

I sighed, smiling. The boy knew how to charm, that’s for sure.

“I’ve left my physical therapy group, and have formed my own,” he said. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s been in the works for many months.”

“Really?” I asked. “I didn’t…why didn’t you tell me? Not that it’s any of my business, of course…”

“Well it is, actually, but I wanted to make sure I got it off the ground first,” he said. “And one of my first orders of business is getting new clients, clients I’ve been seeing for awhile. And you, lovely lady, you are my first potential new client!”

“Potential?” I laughed, relaxed now. “No potential, dear boy, it is a reality!”

We talked easily and fluidly, as always, Juan filling me in on what he’s been doing, trying to grow the business before it started, lining up clients, making appointments and hiring other therapists.

“I’ve hired a few select ones, very well trained, very skilled,” he said. “One in particular I would like to bring with me, to see you!”

“Oh my,” I said. “Is he anything like you?”

“No, not at all, in fact she is quite different from me!” he laughed.

My jaw dropped.

“She? It’s a..she’s a …” I stammered. “Juan, you naughty boy! You were toying with me weren’t you?”

“A little,” he laughed. “Her name is Svetlana, a Russian woman, a young woman,

very good at what she does.”

“Is she as good as you?” I growled.

“Oh my, Mrs. Tremblay, in what way do you mean?” he laughed.

I froze, realizing what I’d just said made it sound like I wanted to be with a woman. Which in reality, was something I’d always fantasized about but never had the courage to act upon.

“Oh, no…no not…well, I didn’t mean in THAT way, Juan, I meant, honestly I meant as a therapist, I…” I blabbered. “I didn’t mean…”

“Hmm, didn’t you?” he asked softly, voice thick and sexy and low. “Mrs. Tremblay, I am learning more about you all the time…you like the idea of a female therapist working on you, perhaps a female therapist and…myself, working on you…”

I gulped. Again, he read me perfectly.

“Uh, Juan, I…ummm, I mean…I don’t…”

“Mrs. Tremblay, we’ve always been wonderfully honest with one another,” that sexy voice continued. “Why stop now? I think we’ve opened the door to sexual adventure with you, and this…Svetlana and I, well that’s just another logical step, isn’t it? You strike me as a woman who likes to explore new things, at least that’s been my wonderful experience with you…”

I blushed, smiling shyly, holding the phone away and manisa escort looking at it, shaking my head. And knowing he was right.

“Juan, Juan, my Juan, you understand me so well,” I laughed. “Honestly, I…I have always…”

“But never have,” he finished for me. “Until now. Until tomorrow at 1 p.m.”

“Which is…”

“…our first appointment under my new company, free of charge,” he said. “With Svetlana as my assistant. I trust that will be to your satisfaction, Mrs. Tremblay?”

“Oh,” I said, my voice warbling weakly at the thought of Juan and a beautiful young woman teaming up on me. “Oh my…I imagine it will be…yes…yes of course! 1 p.m. is just…just perfect!”

“We will see you then, lovely woman,” he laughed.

I hardly slept a wink that night, counting the hours until my appointment.

I was fully functional by now, not needing crutches or a cane, just walking slightly unsteadily as my new hip got used to my body, so gone was the need to dress in baggy, dowdy sweat clothes I’d once worn for therapy. I showered, put on a little makeup and slipped into a light dress, baby-blue in color, cut above the knees, spaghetti-strap shoulders and low cut in front – and wearing no panties. I pulled my silvery hair into a pony tail and waited, nervously, like a teenage girl waiting for her first date.

I heard the car pull in and looked out, and Juan, as usual, was dressed in sinfully tight white t-shirt and pants. From the other side emerged one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen, the lovely and lithe Svetlana, tall, six-feet it seemed, willowy but strong, dressed the same as Juan, the tight-fitting top accentuating perfect if not smallish boobs, but wearing a white skirt, short that accentuated her long, very long legs, lean and muscular and smooth.

My pussy tingled at the site of the two of them, and the thought of what the two of them could – and would do.

I raced to the door before they could knock, pulling it open. Juan beamed at me, those brilliant white teeth flashing, his handsome dark face lighting up.

“So good to see you again, Mrs. Tremblay!” he said, turning to the blonde. “May I present my assistant and new therapist, Svetlana!”

“My dear girl, how very nice to meet you,” I said, extending a hand to the smiling beauty, her eyes light green, hypnotic, drawing me in. “Please, come in, come in…”

They did, and I noticed how even more beautiful Svetlana was. She walked by, my eyes drawn to her amazing legs.

“My goodness, Svetlana, you’re so…statuesque!” I blurted. “And your legs, my God, they’re so…stunning!”

“Sank you Meesus Tremblay,” she said in a thick, incredibly sexy Russian accent.

“She is something, is she not?” Juan laughed as we stood in the kitchen. “And yes, her legs…she was a gymnast, and is in fantastic shape!”

“I’ll say,” I said with a leering tone, eyeing her up and down. “Well now…”

I suddenly felt awkward. When Juan had come before, it was under at least the pretense of physical therapy, which he did perform on the way to far more sexual exercises. Now, with the blatant promise of sex between the three of us, it felt a bit tense, at least to me.

And as usual, Juan read my every emotion. He stepped up to me, taking me in his arms and melting my apprehension with a long, romantic kiss. He stepped away, holding my waist, staring at me as I felt the air escape my lungs in a long sigh. Svetlana watched, smiling.

“Oh my goodness, Juan,” I giggled, melting in his arms.

“No need to be nervous, Mrs. Tremblay,” he smiled, as I noticed Svetlana looking on appreciatively, a smile on her own pretty face. “We are here to please you…”

“I’ll bet…but where?” I asked softly.

He led me to the living room, and with a sweep of his arm said, “This should suffice nicely, and provide a nice break from the bedroom, where it may be too crowded for the three of us!”

The three of us. How naughty that sounded as I watched Svetlana spread out a very large quilted blanket on the floor that she’d had rolled up under her arm. She bent to straighten it out, her skirt riding up, revealing the bunched tight muscles of her hamstrings.

I groaned. Juan noticed.

“Beautiful aren’t they..isn’t she?” he asked, arm around me. “She’s very flexible, too. Svetlana, show Mrs. Tremblay, would you?”

“Pleasure all mine,” Svetlana said.

My eyes bulged as she stood on one foot and extended the other leg, that impossibly long, smooth, muscular and stunning leg, up, holding it in two hands, a perfect standing split – which not only revealed every inch of those luscious limbs but the tiniest white thong panty between them, barely covering what appeared to be a smoothly shaven pussy.

“Wow,” I hissed. “That’s…so…sexy…”

She smiled and dropped the leg down and slowly spread both, executing another perfect split, flat on the blanket, facing away, affording me the incredible view of not just those legs, but the most perfect, the most round, the most smooth, the most shapely ass I have ever seen.

“Oh my goodness,” I groaned. “She’s…incredible…”

“And a pretty good therapist, too!” Juan laughed. Now, shall we get you more comfortable?”

Delicately, he peeled down the straps of my dress, gently shucking it from me, dropping it to the floor and standing back to admire me, the way he always did, the way I always loved. Svetlana stood, nodding her approval, smiling as she looked into the thick thatch of my unshaven pussy.

Self-consciously, I covered it with my hands. Svetlana walked to me, smiling, looking into my eyes and gently pulling my hands away. She ran her long fingers through my pubic hair, making my entire body shudder, my eyelids fluttering.

“Beautiful, Meesus Tremblay,” she hissed, kissing me ever-so-gently on the lips, a teasing first kiss, a flicker of tongue over them. “So natural, so lovely…”

She ran them deeper, and my body shook. She fingered me briefly, lifting them to our faces, licking them, letting me lick them, and smelling my scent, fresh and bright.

“So lovely,” she cooed, stepping away.

“Now, let us get you stretched a bit, shall we?” Juan laughed.

They both stripped as I lay back, legs spread, waiting and marveling at their tight, young, beautiful bodies, Svetlana’s lean and sinewy, Juan’s muscular and thick. Between her legs was the loveliest trimmed bush, and between Juan’s a hanging rope of soft flesh, long and snaked with a thick vein.

They knelt at my feet and slowly pushed my legs up, stretching them, holding them against their naked bodies, pressing into my thighs. I felt my slit open wantonly, the cool rush of air a contrast with the moist heat of my pussy.

“Very good, Meesus Tremblay,” Svetlana said in that increasingly sexy accent, smiling at me. “You are coming along quite well.”

“Isn’t she, though?” Juan said as they both pushed into my legs a bit harder, my pussy widening, aching for touch.

And it came, both their hands dipping between my thighs, stroking my slit, Juan’s nimble fingers entering me as Svetlana expertly clenched my engorge clit between her thumb and forefinger, gently and insistently, in a circular pattern on the oily nub.

“Oh…oh my God…you two…fantastic…just fantastic!” I growled.

With their other hands, they reached for my tits, tweaking and twisting my thick brown nipples with just enough force to border on hurting, that delicious demarcation between pain and pleasure, and soon, with the efforts of their four hands magically working me, and Juan’s now rock-hard cock pressing against my thigh, I came. A gentle, but forceful orgasm swept over me, and I grunted, eyes closed, biting my upper lip as they worked me.

“Beautiful,” Svetlana sighed, as she and Juan let my legs drop and she lay beside me, caressing my legs and pussy, licking the tit closest to her, closing her lips around the nipple to suckle.

“I think I will let Svetlana take over for awhile, Mrs. Tremblay, is that all right?” Juan said, sitting on the nearby couch, his long cock drooping between his young thighs.

“Oh…oh yes…Juan, of course, of course,” I giggled.

Svetlana continued to nurse at my old breast, ignoring the sagging and slightly wrinkled flesh I had so long despised, as I looked down at hers, so firm, supple, smooth. She ran her fingers into my sex again, making me shudder, now mouthing the meaty flesh of my boobs, lapping them, devouring them, moving between and over to the other. And in the process, lying completely atop me, head bent to suckle my boobs, her shaven pussy mashed firmly against mine.

“OH MY GOD!” I shrieked, as she pumped her hips slowly, gyrating, her clit on mine, the pleasure decidedly different than anything I’d ever felt, and out-of-this-world wonderful.

I felt electric jolts course through my body as Svetlana worked her hips in circles, pumping her clit against mine. She slipped her left thigh to the outside of my right, and ground harder, more insistently, now licking up my chest to suck the warm fleshy folds of my neck, another area of my body I didn’t like but which Juan had adored as well. She nibbled the meat of my throat, tongue washing over it, up and over my chin and into my waiting, moaning mouth.

My eyes were open, wide and wanting, locked onto her sultry ones. Our lips together, I felt hers twist into a small smile as she kissed me.

“This is known as tribbing, Mrs. Tremblay, when one woman presses her sex into another’s,” Juan said, his voice distant to me now as Svetlana continued to work me. “And this position, this is a scissors, legs entwined, and provides a good stretch as well.”

It was, as Svetlana, my beautiful young Russian blonde therapist, pressed into me, my right thigh bending up, stretching, relaxing. She continued to kiss me for long, sexy moments, groaning into my mouth, chewing playfully at my tongue, thrusting her long one deeper and harder. She finally broke the kiss, leaning up but continuing to press down with her pussy into mine, pumping. My right leg was stretched up against her lithe body as she tribbed me, making me crazy with lust and need. She ran her tongue up my calf to the wrinkled sole of that foot.

“HOLY SHIT!” I screamed, pumping up into her as she pumped down into me, our cunts, one hairy, one silky smooth, grinding, soaking wet, squishing noisily together.

She lapped at my heel, sucking it, licking up and between my toes, holding that foot in both hands, worshipping it with her mouth and lips and tongue, running it over each toe, then sucking each one like a small cock. It was pleasure like I’d never felt it before. I found myself screaming in one giant orgasm as she now slammed her pussy into mine, fucking me, harder and faster, cumming herself. Finally, it was over and she slowed her thrusts until our pussies, soaking and hot, lay flush against the other.

She pulled her mouth off my foot, gently laying my leg down, then lying atop me.

“Was zat good?” she giggled, kissing me.

“Soooooo good, Svetlana,” I laughed, wrapping my legs around her, holding her close, feeling her pussy drip her fluids onto mine.

We kissed for a moment longer, then I looked at Juan sitting on the couch, that gorgeous young cock throbbing, rock hard and ready. I curled a finger at him and he laughed, shuffling toward me on his knees.

“I’ve never sucked a man’s cock with another woman’s help,” I snarled, grabbing his and lapping the wet tip. “It’s time.”

Svetlana and I worked him, Juan’s cock between our lips, fucking them, stroking back and forth, the back of his shaft thrusting against my puckered lips, the top against hers. We both lapped and nibbled that enormous meaty pole, down to his massive balls, each of us taking one in our mouths, sucking, licking, feasting on their fleshiness.

“Oh my God…Mrs. Tremblay…Svetlana…” he groaned.

“Not yet, young man,” I warned, biting his ball until he winced.

I pushed Svetlana away and moved to grab Juan’s hips, pulling him over my face. I was a woman possessed by now. In our previous sessions, I’d licked Juan’s tasty ass and fucked him with a strap on he’d brought along. It was now time to do it all again.

“Oh my GOD, Mrs. Tremblay!” Juan roared as he sat firmly on my face, my tongue instantly skewering his beautiful, tight young asshole, devouring it, twisting my head around to drill him deeper and wetter and faster.

I screamed with pleasure myself as now Svetlana nestled her face between my spread thighs, diving in, stabbing my wet cunt with that impossibly long, talented tongue, moaning as she pressed her nose into my clit. It was sensory overload as her beautiful mouth worked me, and mine sucked and devoured Juan’s asshole, his long cock thrusting between my tits as I held them together.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK!!” I screamed, Svetlana’s superb tongue lashing me deeper and harder, now flickering up my lips, hers attaching to my clit, sucking it inside where her tongue lashed it. “FUCK!!”

I came hard against her munching mouth, squeezing my thighs shut on her ears, pressing my gushing sex into her, filling her with my juices, Juan’s asshole pressed into my mouth, my tongue plunging wetly in and out of it, his cock thrusting between my tits. I finally relaxed my scissoring legs, releasing Svetlana’s head and I felt her licking up my belly and attach her mouth to Juan’s wet cock.

He leaned up a bit to allow Svetlana to blow him, pulling his ass off my face. I circled his hips with my hands and lifted my head up, spreading his cheeks and burying my mouth inside to continue feasting on his delicious young asshole.

“OH GOD!” he bellowed.

I heard Svetlana’s low growl as she took his cum into her mouth, slurping, sucking, swallowing, the sexy obscene sounds triggering my own mini orgasm as the Russian blonde snaked a hand between my thighs, frigging my cunt. I screamed a muffled scream into Juan’s muscular, smooth ass, licking and fucking his hole with my tongue, until we all went slack. Juan lifted his sexy butt off my face and I looked down to Svetlana’s bulging with his seed, some oozing out the corners of her smiling mouth. A trail of cum traced down my tits to my belly, evidence of some she’d missed capturing.

I sat up, cupping the beautiful girl’s young face, kissing her. She moaned, opened her mouth and let the thick wad of Juan’s sperm sheet off her tongue, into my mouth. We kissed, deeply and wetly, sharing his load, shooting it between our mouths in a sloppy game of give and take until thick strands of goo hung from our faces. And Juan was right there, lapping up the residue, licking my face and chin and then hers, dipping his face to my belly and tits to clean up the rest and returning to our mouths to continue the gooey snowballing frenzy.

“Well now, that was interesting,” I giggled, as the three of us kissed, kneeling on my living room floor.

“And now YOU, dear girl,” I growled, pushing Svetlana to her back and kneeling between her spread young thighs, eyeing her juicy slit and the puffy, eager lips. “Time to return the favor!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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